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10 Hot Things to Try to Have Even More Sensational Oral Sex!

Oral sex is, according to many, the most important part of every amorous congress! There is a lot of truth here. Oral sex has an immense number of benefits, from greater intimacy to much more powerful Os.

There are so many ways you can do it – sensually, passionately, lustfully, vivaciously… And they are all fun and super sexy! And let’s face it – the Best Porn content is the one that includes blowjobs and pussy eating, too! In the porn world, oral sex is probably the most important act.

It is also one of the top searches on most porn tubes and pay sites, which is definitely for a good reason. If you don’t do it often yourself, this is a mistake! Maybe knowing about all the benefits of this act will make you feel more enthusiastic about it!

Every True Oral Sex Connoisseur Knows the Importance of Good Nose Play!

When we talk about blowjobs and pussy sucking, most people praise tongues and focus on their roles here!

Tongues are the most important to make your sex partner scream. And then people also mention lips because let’s face it – tongue and lips combined give even bigger orgasms!

But why do people always forget how essential your nose also is in this case??

The nose work can do so much work on its own, too! Caressing your partner’s private part with your nose is probably the most sensual dirty thing you can do!

You can smell your partner real good, which will turn you on even more. To some people, the scent of their fuck mate can be even more mind-blowing than most things in the sack. And when you are all sexed up from this beautiful smell, you will be ready to drive your babe crazy even more!

So, touching the most intimate part of your significant other with your nose is definitely something that brings both of you out-of-this-world sensations.

You enjoy their unique smell, and they will enjoy two things – being touched erotically by you, and being enjoyed and completely savored by you! What drives them crazy more? The fact you want to completely breathe them in, or the fact you are so sensual, giving, and skilled?

If they enjoy your touch, it doesn’t matter which part of you does it! Your fingers, feet, mouth, or nose – they will love it all! But the nose is something that can look and feel so intimate, sensual, gentle, and extremely erotic at the same time.

It’s very simple and everyone is talented at nose play, but the effects are mind-blowing! It’s a small trick to sex up your person even more, to the point of exploding later!

Think Of Your Partner’s Genitalia as A Delicious Meal, And You’re a Serious Foodie!

You know how foodies indulge in their meals? Slowly, committedly, and everything is so savory to them?

They try to think of every tiny bite and celebrate it in their mouths. No rush – it is all about feeling the taste, observing the structure with your tongue, and playing with it while it is in your mouth by moving it all around to taste it fully from all sides…

And you even let yourself a few sighs of pleasure now and then. It’s just so good! Only true foodies will understand this simile. Those who like to eat and enjoy various dishes with every fiber of their beings are also probably excellent and very giving during oral sex.

Because to them, a dick or a pussy is something you should devote yourself to during those X minutes the oral sex lasts. They are first-class beej and cunnilingus givers!

Touching Yourself During the Process Is Even More Effective

Let your special friend see you touch yourself, please yourself, and indulge in your own body! Nothing is sexier than seeing someone we like enjoying their own body in the bedroom.

So, imagine oral sex with someone who is pleasing you, and at the same time, they are also stimulating themselves at the same time! Stuff like that can fuck with your mind, but in the best and sexiest way possible!

What if your partner in the sack is someone who is a very generous and giving lover themselves? Maybe seeing you have so much fun will do even more work for them!

You have so many people who get even hornier from seeing someone else pleased than feeling pleasure themselves!

No matter how giving your suckee is, they definitely want to see you touch yourself. If anything, it’s always a great way to tease, and teasing can also be a big part of an epic sexcapade!

You will bend their mind, make them want to destroy you from fucking, both of you will moan even louder, want each other even more, and be even greedier! Imagine how fiery that fuck must be!

And if you show them you know how to treat your own body, you will seem confident, which will make you even more attractive! Basically, you win whatever happens!

Mix Slow and Quick Movements – Don’t Stick to Just One Mode

To finish them up, quick and energetic movements are always recommended, but it’s better if you start slow. And if you really like the action to last longer, you can mix slow and quick mouth and tongue play all the time!

Men like it when you go slowly from base to tip when you start the blowjob, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can always try that first, and your partner will tell you if they find something else more appealing.

Women like different things, too. But moving all over their penis or vagina both slowly and fast respectively can give them all the sensations they need! And your sex is going to be legendary!

When your movements are slow, this is called a slow job, did you know it? Maybe it should be a porn category on its own!

The Help of Oral Sex Toys Sounds Like an Excellent Idea!

Today we have luxurious sex shops with so many gadgets and toys that can really make our sex life dreamy! They have a little bit of something for everyone!

For everyone’s taste, every sexual act, every kink, every body type, this and that and the list is never-ending! You don’t even have to be too creative - you just have to be willing to try something new and maybe spend a buck or two. Of course, there is a variety of oral sex toys, too!

This is a wonderful thing to know because you can always try all these toys to improve your sex life, make things even more exciting! To find a list of all these toys, go to any sex shop. And since not all sex shops are the same, the more of them you try, the cooler toys you will find!

The whole point of sex toys is to explore your sexuality even further, experiment, get acquainted with your body even more! Maybe in ways you didn’t even think were possible!

Trying sex toys with someone else is even more fun! It can build your intimacy, help you get to know each other even better… Not to mention toys add more exciting diversity to your banging sessions.

Reaching a climax today should be easier than ever, no matter if you are a man or a woman. And we can actually thank sex toys for that! So, to have even more amazing oral sex, you should give a chance to all the oral sex toys out there you find enticing!

Don’t be shy to try and discover new stuff, broaden your horizons and get even more sexually open! Things are about to get so interesting!

Eye Contact Is a Must If You Want to Be Their Best!

Probably nothing can turn someone on as much as that naughty eye contact you give them during sex! It’s also a perfect way to connect!

No matter how much we are close to someone, new experiences bring even more connection! You connect in a much deeper way every day, and yes, eyes can sometimes be enough.

Many women think they look ugly during blowjobs when they are looking at their partners. This is far from the truth!

Men love it when women do it, the way they tease them with their eyes. Even if you are a man, going down on your girl, know that she’ll love looking at your eyes watching her. 

This will make her feel safer, and show her that you really care about her. If you find this whole eye contact thing a bit unpleasant, maybe it’s worth getting out of your comfort zone for it.

Make Some Noise, Don’t Be Shy and Embarrassed About It

Just like eye contact, making noise to show your partner how you are feeling can connect you to them big time. You are revealing a part of yourself, another actually, and it’s quite a sexy part!

We all like to hear our sex partners moan from pleasure, even scream if they are really feeling it! Don’t be shy about it because, here’s the thing – hearing your own moans can actually make you more aroused as well!

Especially if you are a woman. It’s scientifically proven that women feel even better during sex when they hear themselves moan. It relaxes them even more, helps them to focus on what they like, and show their partners dos and don’ts with more confidence.

There are many benefits of moaning! Do it no matter if you are the one giving or receiving. Both parties should moan as much as they like.

Go Deep, Then Try to Go Even Deeper If You Can Handle It

This one’s actually about giving blowjobs. If you are a lady pleasuring your man, you can always try to use your throat, too! As much as possible for the best results. Of course, this is very important to remember – do it only if you like it!

If you are motivated, curious, open about it, sexually free, and ready to see where your limits are! Just because you see porn stars do it in sex scenes, it doesn’t mean all women should do it, you know?

Deep-throat sex can be very fun and gratifying, but only if you already find it worth trying. Not everyone will be drawn to this kink, and you should never only do things because they are expected.

When you follow your own desires and respect your boundaries, you will be the best lover you can be! You must be pleased, too, not pushed to do stuff.

Different Positions Can Do a Lot for Your Oral Sex, too!

Some folks only stick to the basics in life most of the time, and they miss a lot of beauty in the world. For instance, many sexually active people always have oral sex in the missionary position, but that’s a bad idea because you can enjoy it in the doggy pose, or pretty much any other pose there is!

Just like penetration can be done in so many poses, oral sex can, too! In fact, some will prefer doggy, cowgirl, 69, whatever there is. A good idea is to always try something new and different, spice it up a little, mix and combine, explore, experiment, give a chance to things you didn’t even consider before.

Flavored Condoms, A Lot of Breath, And Maybe Sexy Undies?

This could serve as the conclusion as well. The last piece of advice is to try some condoms with flavors for women who give blowies to their men, and both men and women givers can try using a lot of breath during the process.

You would be surprised to learn how much feeling the warm breath of your partner on your private part can spice it up! And before we definitely finish, you can always make the action sexier with some nice-looking lingerie and underwear.

Of course, if you have even more ideas, try them all! The more you experiment, the more you will enjoy your oral sex life and your partner. Hopefully, these suggestions will come in handy, too!

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