YouPorn Premium Review (2020)

YouPorn Premium

YouPorn Premium offers top quality videos for its subscribers and gives them a lot of extra benefits as compared to the free porn viewers.


  • The website is among the top charts in the adult industry.
  • YouPorn Premium comprises a lot of categories of different types of porn in the premium version, and you can fulfill all your fantasies by watching them live here.


  • The website is very similar to PornHub, so identical that you can use your You Porn entering details and visit PornHub with full access.
  • The content on the premium website is too much, and sometimes it becomes challenging to select porn and stick by it.

In this review, we will cover a lot of things regarding the site’s features, performance scores, site statistics, pros as well as cons and more options.

Our valuable recommendation guide will help you demonstrate whether the site will be a perfect fit for you or not.

YouPorn Premium Review

Whenever you hear the word porn, the first name that strikes to your mind is Porn Hub. Porn Hub and You Porn fall under the same company which goes by the name of MindGeek.

These are two different websites with different names but almost the same content.

There is not much difference between the Porn Hub Premium and You Porn Premium. Users can even log in to any of these sites by using their Porn Hub or You Porn account details.

YouPorn Premium

These are the two major porn brands in the world, which are known by almost everyone and have the most significant porn fan base in the world.

However, the premium membership of Porn Hub is a little better than that of You Porn; although there is not much difference in both the websites, there are some marginal or minute differences that set them apart.

You Porn was first launched in 2006, and the website has now gained millions of fan following.  The reason behind it is that the premium account of this website is worth the money spent.

 In its early years, You Porn provided free porn content for everyone, but slowly over time, they started to charge a subscription fee for premium porn accounts. There are different subscription fee modes such as a free trial, one month, three months, and yearly subscription.

 The users can select any pack they like and pay for the account accordingly.

Why is YouPorn Popular?

You Porn is a product of the biggest conglomerate in the porn industry called MindGeek, Porn Hub is also the product of Mind Geek, and hence, these two websites top the porn ranking chart.

 It is loved by millions of porn fanatics, and that is why it is one of the most-watched porn websites, the reason behind it is so famous and great is that it provides better quality content compared to other sites.

 All the videos of the website are of high HD quality and provide a better viewing experience to all the users. The  website also offers free videos that are of good quality.

The premium version of the site has only the top quality videos for its subscribers and gives them a lot of extra benefits as compared to the free porn viewers. 

There are a lot of categories of different types of porn in the premium version, and you can fulfill all your fantasies by watching them live at the premium You Porn version. The video file size of this website is most probably large because they have high-quality videos, which tend to take up more space. 

You can watch different types of fetishes and enjoy them anytime you like.  The website also has different cosplay characters and some lengthy XXX parodies to offer, which sometimes involves your favorite childhood superheroes. 

The premium members are leveraged to  download their favorite porn which comes with the benefit of streaming ad-free content with no download limit.


Website Address:

Estimated Visits Last Month: 1085.859K

With a global rank of 3,717, a good website rank, You Porn holds an excellent market place and value. A bounce rate of 49.54% with 6.019 pages per visit ensures the users  that the website is working perfectly alright and has better hopes for future growth.

The average visit duration per person comes out to be 00:06:16, which means that the site does have better and engaging content.

YouPorn Premium

The highest number of porn lovers of You Porn is from India, and India generates around 96.61% of the total website traffic that means it’s the lusty Indian guys who made this website what it is today.

The traffic from other countries is as mentioned here, such as the next country after India in this list is the Russian Federation with only 0.83% of the traffic, another one is China followed by The Unites States of America, then Norway and others.

The traffic generated from the website is mostly based on different ways; the first is the organic search which gathers 65.87% traffic, next is the social media handles, which account for 1.14% traffic generated.

Through referrals, it can gather almost around 13.72% of traffic and referral ads are also responsible for 0.06% of traffic.

Social media accounts are the most significant source of gathering the traffic for any website. Sharing the website information through social portals increases its reach. Youtube is the social media platform that generates the highest traffic for You Porn i.e.  63.54% .

Another app is Reddit with 25.43% of the total traffic, and other social media websites and applications that help in gathering the traffic are Facebook and Twitter. YouPorn website has around 50,000 total videos and 15,000 DVDs, and the premium subscribers can access  all these content.

It contains videos only from the most trusted and famous websites such as Brazzers, Naughty America, Fake Taxi, kink, and digital playground, etc.

Good websites produce good content, and the main focus of You Porn is on the quality of the videos on the website, the videos are generally larger in size and the HD quality range goes from 144p – 1080p.

The users can choose from thousands of videos from enormous porn library. YouPorn uploads a lot of its videos from the already established porn giants in the market like Pornhub, Brazzers, and Naughty America, etc.

They also provide an option for its users to post their homemade amateur videos so  one can also find some never seen videos from different places. To get the subscription, the users should enter their email address and other details carefully.

Then after choosing a suitable plan, the users can enjoy the fruits of the premium account.

Women Watch Porn with Porn Stars


The YouPorn premium version does not come for free, and the users have to pay some really hefty amount to  get the premium version. The customers can get the paid subscription by choosing a suitable plan for their account, and registering their information and email address details.

It, however, has some good points to itself, like a free trial for seven days, where the users can experience the premium account for free. If they are satisfied with it, they can also extend their subscription further by paying the required fee.

After the free trial expires, the users can switch to the one month trial, which costs around $9.99/ month, this cost is very reasonable as compared to other websites.

The yearly subscription will decrease the cost per month, so for example, if a person pays $9.99 for a one-month subscription, then they only need to pay $7.99/month, which totals around $95.88/ year.

Another advantage of YouPorn is that if you have a YouPorn or Porn Hub subscription, then you can easily get the premium version of either one from the same email address and password. This means that you can use only a single email and password to access both the premium websites.

The  reason behind this is because both the sites belong to a single company. YouPorn comes with exceptional customer support services.  The customer support executives will help you in tackling all your problems and will guide you step by step until your issue is not resolved .

YouPorn Premium version has many benefits such as it is ad-free, so no more random fapping girls on your screen side.

The premium users get special Virtual Reality porn, it is only for the paid subscribers, and it is the latest thing in technology right now that lets you experience the untraveled part of the porn industry, i.e  VR porn.

For premium members, the quality of the videos is unlocked, and they can watch the videos in full HD, even 4K,. The site is secure, and the payment gateway does not perform any mishaps or deduct the unnecessary charge from the user card.

So, you can easily use your card to get the paid subscription and choose your payment type fast, although it is advised to have  the yearly pack where the users can also save a lot of money.

All in all, paying for the premium account is worthy, and the customers of the website are always happy due to the quality and the reasonable rates that they have been charged for that. You can also visit the standard website directly, and this will help you in understanding the website and the features it provides.

You  also get the premium subscription link in the official website, the URL of which is Visit this link and explore the site if you are a porn lover and want to bring some excitement to your life.

What are The World's Top Porn Search Terms?

Performance Score: (Out of 10):



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Bonus Score


Site Statistics:

  • Most Popular Models: Nanami Komachi, Mina Lordanidou, Diamond Jackson, Madison Ivy, Jessa Rhodes, Katana Kombat, Abella Danger, Autumn Falls. The premium version contains a lot of models, more than 500 in total. The list  includes all the important and old porn stars and there is always new casting to the team of stars.
  • Models: 500 Models, Based in the USA, Ages ranging from 18-50.
  • Model Appearance: A mixture of White, Latino, Black and Asian, amateur, semi-pros, and pros.
  • Body Types: Fit, slim, thick, busty, fat.
  • Total Number of Videos: It has around 50000+ videos and 15000+ DVDs, which includes short videos, long videos, movies and interviews and behind the scene footage.
  • Average Length of Videos: 20-30 minutes short videos and 1:30 – 2:00 hrs long movies.
  • Format: MP4 (1920x1080p HD; 4000 kbps), MP4 (720p HD; 2500 kbps).
  • Bandwidths: Various bandwidths available.
  • Image Quality: High Dimensions with 1280 x 1920, 1600 x 2345, and low quality with 475 x 267 and mostly in portrait.
  • Live Cam: Available
  • File Size: 1GB – 5GB in HQ.
  • Buffer: 1 - 2 seconds.
  • Download Limit: No limit for premium members
  • High Resolution: Yes.

Competitors of You Porn 

You Porn premium is a very famous porn video website, and the reason behind it is the quality content that the website provides.

However, it  doesn't matter how much improvement you bring on the site, the competing rivals are always there, which is somewhere  important because it is the only thing that keeps you growing and makes you stand out of the crowd.

YouPorn is a high ranking website, and the competitors of the site are always big names in the industry, such as Pornhub. However, PornHub is no different than YouPorn.

YouPorn Premium

The reason is both belonging to the same company, so the competition is not there, but it is said that the porn hub premium is a little better than YouPorn Premium.

Other competitors are Porntv,, 24 porn, etc. these websites, although they do not cause many problems to the competition of You Porn, all these websites have the potential to rise and be on a higher level than today.


The premium version of You Porn has many advantages of its own, the paid website has its benefits, and the customers get everything that they want in there.

So, let us have a look at some of these positive outcomes of You Porn Premium.

  • The website does not charge unnecessarily from the users, and the prices of the premium subscription are appropriate and affordable.
  • This website can hide your porn suggestion from the search bar..
  • The HD video quality of the premium pack is far better than that of the free website.
  • The premium version has a massive collection of porn videos, images, and other fun stuff.
  • The premium version of YouPorn is ad-free with no pop-ups.
  • The premium subscribers can now enjoy their porn with the new VR experience.


The website does not have any problems, but there are still some things that need to get changed which are as below

  • The website is very similar to PornHub, so identical that you can use your You Porn entering details and visit PornHub with full access. Pornhub has some extra features than YouPorn.
  • The content on the premium website is too much, and sometimes it becomes challenging to select porn and stick by it.

The above two mentioned cons are not actual cons. They are just some pros with  little discomfort.

Youporn XSS Bug Bounty by Hackers Hub


The premium version of the website has a customer support team that is available 24 hours. The users can contact the support team for all their queries The contact information for the customer care executive is given on the homepage of the website only. 

Just enter your details and enter your concerned message in the box and get the reply in a few days, or the users can contact them on their contact number and email address. The social media handles of these websites are also a great way to connect with the customers.

Final Verdict

If you love porn and are ready to spend some money on it to get better quality content, then YouPorn premium is the best thing your money can buy.

The website contains a lot of new and improved features, which will add more fun to the premium account usage; the users will get the best porn videos with the best video and sound quality.

The premium account has a different charisma, and you can also watch movies in 4K and experience the Virtual Reality porn on your mobile devices or systems.

YouPorn Premium

Parting Words

YouPorn Premium is one of the best premium porn websites, and after a lot of research and thorough detailing of the site, it has been observed that YouPorn Premium has passed in almost all the tests it was put into.

We have provided you with the guided review of YouPorn premium website. ; However, if you are still unhappy or unsatisfied with something, then do write to us.

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