YouKandy Review and Analysis(2019)

NOTICE: Youkandy has currently SHUT DOWN and has also not paid any money to the models and affiliates. After being offline for some days, they finally made an official twitter announcement, and now the website is showing a 404 error, which means it is completely shut down.

So kindly check out sites like  manyvids , mygirlvidssidedaddy or iwantclips . These are the best alternative for YouKandy. YouKandy is a site that every camgirl, porn producer or anyone selling adult content must be on. Why?

Let me give you a complete Youkandy review on how you can make easy money on


What Is YouKandy?

YouKandy is an adult marketing site, where different affiliates and porn models can make money. They offer their services, and if the offer is interested in watching that, the models are paid incentives. There is a list of things that the models can offer, such as adult photos, adult videos, nudes, camming shows, which are highly in demand, nudes, etc.

The percentage of the incentives given varies with the service provided. Camming shows are highly in demand, and the models get 100% incentives in this. To give you an idea about what kind of services you can sell on YouKandy I have made this list:

  • Sell Adult Photos
  • Sell Adult Videos
  • Start Your Own Camming Show and Make Money
  • Accept Custom Content Request (Highly Recommended)
  • Sell Access to Snapchat and Kik to sell nudes 

How To Register As A Model?

Registration on YouKandy is straightforward, all you need is a computer to work on, and provide the website with your details, proof of identity would be necessary also to verify your age. They will ask you about the content that you want to sell. As people will buy your content, you will get the money. 

Moreover, there is no registration fee, it's free to use. This means money is not a burden, and no prior investment is required, you can quickly join in.

But for now, YouKandy has been SHUT DOWN, and you won't be able to register anymore.

How To Sell Content on YouKandy

All you have to do is create you content and people will start buying it. One promotional strategy is to offer free promotional content (like free photo set) to get people to buy your other main content

You set the amount of token that you need to unlock you content.

TIP: Tease your audience with free stuff where you are looking sexy and hot in the pictures. You can even do topless photos and for the hardcore stuff you can unlock it for token amounts. The key to success is teasing and then making them pay for the sweet stuff

Youkandy camming: Although now more and more models have started camming on Youkandy, i will still ask you to use this platform as soon as possible. There is much less competition and making money through camming on youkandy will be much more easier now compared to later when the competition increases.

Features of YouKandy

YouKandy was gradually establishing itself and used to get around 400,000 users per month. Models also found their way to this website, and the traffic increased was pretty good.

You did not have to worry about this site, as the privacy policies were excellent, and your privacy was always protected.

The best thing about the website is that it was well developed with proper back end and settings; the design of the site and layout was pretty decent and straightforward, not to cause any problem to users in finding what they want.

For the models, uploading the content was also a natural part, as it was simple and easy to use. The videos also played without any problems and buffering.

  • Traffic. Youkandy is slowly establishing itself as one of the leader in its niche. It gets approximately 400,000 visitors/month (data from similarweb) The number of models on the platform is also growing steadily.
  • The design is simple and elegant to use and its an amazing platform for models to make extra cash. Uploading videos and pics is simple. The layout has modern design and is attractive. The live camming also works fantastic without any glitches or problems.
  • Your privacy is protected , just like on any good quality site. They also have the feature for regional and geo-blocking on their site.
  • The backend and server of the website are top knotch and you wont find any issues with that. Also the customer support department are quick to reply and take care of your query with professionalism.

YouKandy Payouts: How Can I Withdraw Money and What Percentage Do I Make?

  • Camming: You keep 100% of profits
  • Users referred by you and who buy your stuff: 80%
  • Normal youkandy user: 60%

You can withdraw your earnings using FirstChoicePay, Direct bank transfer, Wire transfer etc. Minimum payout is $100.

I Dont Like YouKandy, What Are My Alternatives?

There are many established websites like YouLandy that offer similar features and ability to sell your content to the audience. Although YouKandy is primarily known for selling photo and video content on its platform, so first I will give you YouKandy alternatives for that and then we will go into camming.

  • ManyVidsYou can offer a range of services on Manyvids, from phone sex, video sales, skype shows , custom content request and much more. I will highly recommend you to sign up on Manyvids, as it is one of the earlier and more established site.
  • Customs4uCustoms4u is primarily for selling custom clip request. Its a great platform for getting custom content request. I love custom content request because first of all you can charge more for it and then you can sell the same clip on all the platforms you are signed up on. Another great network and highly recommended.
  • ExtraLunchMoneyYou might already have heard the name of this company. Its a very popular adult marketplace for selling services just like Youkandy. Here you can also do sexting and make money through that.

YouKandy Alternatives for Camming

  • Chaturbate: The big daddy of camming. The biggest camming site and also one of my favorite and recommended cam site. It offers all functionalities like selling photos, videos, fanclub, snapchat and so much more.
  • Ifriends:  Another hugely popular camming site. The range of service you can offer on ifriends is unmatchable. So if you are into making money through various categories then iFriends is your best youkandy alternative

Make 100% Profit from Camming on YouKandy

Now you might be surprised after reading the title right. How can any network give 100% of tips directly to the model. But this is true. I am not sure how long this promotion will last, but right now you will get 100% of the profits you make from live camming on YouKandy.

YouKandy knows that camming is the future and one way to keep their model on their platform is to offer this highly lucrative deal, and models are loving it.

youkandy model of the month

YouKandy Model of the Month Competition

Every month Youkandy gives each of it model a chance to compete with each other a win prizes.

A list of top 10 models is given out and the winner get $1500. Apart from $1500 you also get to show that you are one of the premium youkandy model and hence you will get even more customers and free promotion on YouKandy homepage

To register for model of the month content all you have to do is register on youkandy and you are a participant. Now all you have to do is to get sales and stand a chance to win $1500.

YouKandy Has Gone Offline

FirstChoice Pay went down, and because of it, Youkandy's business got shut immediately. Without any prior notice, the website went offline. People just freaked out, and models also complained about not being paid any money. 

Youkandy made an official announcement addressing their business shut down and the loss they had to go through, they are trying to pay from some other sources, but nothing has been cleared as yet.

YouKandy Stopped Responding

Amidst the scenario, YouKandy stopped responding to any emails and their support system is also not working. It is doubtful that they will send any information anytime soon!

Models Freaked Out

All the models working on Youkandy freaked out even before the site went down, they were in doubt that they would get paid, and still, they have not found any other source. 

Some of them also removed their clips and started promoting their other accounts to avoid the risks. Many of them had enough balance saved in their Youkandy account as they send you the transfer money only after it gets up to 100$. 

Some models denied working with the website even before this happened and said they wouldn't come back also after it was sorted.

Alternatives For Models

The shutting of the website has caused problems for both models and the affiliates, firstly with the money and then with the job being just stopped. Here are some alternatives that work in the same manner as YouKandy and can be a perfect place to continue your work.

You can register at any of these websites and keep uploading your content and make a good income.

  • ExtraLunchMoney: It is a trendy digital porn marketplace, where dealers or buyers directly interact with the adult content creators. The services related to porn and amateur adult content are bought and sold. There is no third party system, which makes it more suitable to work and trustworthy. Moreover, they provide you transparency and integrity.
  • ManyVids: This is a Canada based adult content marketing company. Here you are given full credit for your work and allow you to promote and sell your content. You are also entitled to sexting, run your online shop, and phone call services are also available.
  • Customs4u: You can create your personal customized videos for your fans and buyers on this platform. This is a London, England based company that was established in 2013. You are allowed to control your own profits here. Many other companies are working in partnership with Customs4u, which gives more chances of gathering more customers.
  • Chaturbate: Chat and Masturbate, that's what the name of the website signifies. Couples or singles both can work here as webcam models and earn good amounts of money. Everyone can work in the category according to their preference, they have made separate categories to reduce the unnecessary confusion, such as female cams, male cams, transgender cams, spy cams, and couple cams. As a model, you need to get $50.00 in your account to receive the website's payment.
  • IFriends: You can roleplay and interact with your customers and get a stable platform to upload your content, and it is up to you, set a work from home, and select hours according to you that you like and charge for your content much you want. It's simple!

The Final Verdict

As seen from the above analysis, YouKandy initially started as a great platform for adult content. But with time, the website incurred losses and had to give in eventually. Models suffered a lot due to this since it is not easy to earn money through adult content.

It takes time and effort to create, promote, and sell pictures and videos. Please go through the alternatives mentioned in the article. All of them are legitimate and trustworthy sites with a well-developed audience.

Also, make sure you go through the terms and conditions well before indulging in any website.

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