YoloSelfie Review (2020)


We are living in a time when the entire world is crazy about selfies.

Often we see strange, funny, candid, and stunning selfies of boys and girls spread across the internet, social media platforms, etc.

but have you ever dared to click a nude selfie of yourself. We bet you did, but you did not have the guts to show it to someone, right?

However, not everyone thinks the way you do. Many people around the world believe in the concept of Yolo, i.e. (You Only Live Once).

Therefore, they do not mind uploading nude and seductive selfies on the internet.

YoloSelfie is one such adult site that is dedicated to naked, arousing, and sexy selfies clicked by hot babes and sexy milfs from across the world. This site is entirely free to use, and you might see tons of hot girls flashing their perky boobs and stunning curves on it.

If you are lonely and want to see some bare flesh that looks real and makes you horny enough so that you could help and relax, then YoloSelfie is the perfect site for you. Here you will find hundreds of amateur, real teens and milfs who do not mind showing their real site to you!

What makes YoloSelfie a perfect adult site?

We all love to see nude selfies, don’t we? However, it is not easy to find them as there are very few places on the internet that offer them and even if you search for nude selfies in Google images, you will find the same redundant pictures which aren’t that sexy.

YoloSelfie gathers hot and kinky selfies from around the world and organizes them into different categories so that you find a hot new click every time. The unique thing about this site is that you see new faces and bodies that you haven't seen anywhere before.

Moreover, most of the clicks are of good quality which means that you get appealing content good enough to masturbate yourself whenever you feel like. The site is simple to use and user-friendly as well. Therefore, you don’t have to scratch your heads to use the features of this site.

The site is dedicated to teens, lesbians, milfs, etc. and occasionally you might also see  blowjob photos of nude babes. There are thousands of pictures on this site, and therefore, you will find new hotties and fresh cunts every time you visit this site!

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website design


Content updates


Quality of selfies










Value for money

10/10 (free site)

Exclusivity of images




Overall Score


Site Statistics

  • Most popular Nude selfie categories – Amateur, Real Girls, Legal teens
  • Total number of videos – No videos
  • Download limit – No limit
  • Total number of photosets – 10K+
  • Photo slideshows – None
  • Watermarks on Photos – None
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 720 pixels
  • DRM protection – NO


Website address – http://www.yoloselfie.com/

Average visits per month – 267.10 K

When we landed on the homepage of this site we weren't pretty much impressed because of the ordinary design and look of the website.

Also, at the top of the website, we found ads that keep on changing. So that doesn't look too great as well.

Then they have given some popular categories of nude selfies that new visitors can use to start their journey on YoloSelfie.

Also, there is a change category menu beside a big button right at the top of popular categories.


Here you will find different categories of pictures and selfies.

Below the categories, you will find some ads mostly of the PornHub or MFC (My Free Cams). Also, they give you a list of the best porn sites below that might help you to find high-quality porn videos and movies for free.

We guess that YoloSelfie knows that you will get horny after seeing the nude selfies and you might be tempted to try new porn stuff which is why they are advertising other porn sites on their web pages.

Also, they can be just paid ads since it is a free site, and the founders of the site would want to earn something from it.

One thing we observed was that all of them are not selfies. Some of them are just photos that have been clicked to raise the steam and hotness quotient of the babes. We would recommend you to check out the category called ‘casual nudity’ in the detailed categories section.

It has pictures of some really hot babes flashing their nude bodies in a bar or at a pub casually. There are many more categories to try out. If you are bored of seeing nude pictures, then you can take a look at the category named as ‘funny'.

It also has random funny pictures that are good enough to put a smile across your face.

The lesbian category has some kinky and seductive pictures that can turn you on seamlessly. Also, you would notice that each category has four distinct filters viz. what's hot, controversial, new, and top.

The categories which have few pictures will show the same photos even when you change the filters as these filters work for you only when the categories have several pictures in them.

There are also few gifs scattered here and there, and you won't mind them after seeing a lot of motionless selfies and pictures.

The layout and design of the site are pretty lacklustre, but it shouldn't bother you much since most of the free sites do not have stellar layout and design for website. Moreover, the site is user-friendly with good navigation which elevates your experience while you get lost in the beauty of the pictures.

The site could have offered more filters, but we feel that anyways they are unnecessary because you would rather prefer to see the selfies that are appearing randomly on sites like this.

There are some nude pictures of celebrities in the ‘celebnsfw’ section and here you might see the naked celebrities that you might have a crush on.

This is pretty much everything about this site. This site is straightforward and provides you with what you need, i.e. nude selfies. There are few ads placed in between the pages, but they are limited in number and therefore won’t jeopardize your experience on the site.

Also, you would feel pretty lucky after finding this site since it has some really hot and gorgeous bodies to ogle at.

Pricing & Membership Fee

The site is free to use as it does not charge you for using any of its features.


  • Whenever you visit this site, girls posing nude and seductively will make your day.
  • Most of the babes here are amateur and fresh. Therefore, you would enjoy the rawness in the pictures, especially when they pose their private parts for you.
  • A lack of professional photos works for this site. Professional nude photos are mostly boring because they are quite predictable. However, most of the nude selfies and images on this site are completely candid, and some pictures give you the feeling that they have been captured secretly.
  • There are numerous categories to play with on this site. Therefore, you can explore the categories according to your mood and preferences. The babes and milfs on this site are nothing, but pure hotness served to you without any clothes on!
  • If you love to watch naked pussies, assholes, and aroused nipples, then this site is perfect for you. It has got skinny, petite, and chubby ladies who hail from different backgrounds and ethnicities.
  • There is a category dedicated to redheaded teens and women. Therefore, if you are into redheads, then the site category would turn you on.
  • If you only see naked selfies and photos then after a while, they will seem redundant and unappealing. The creators of this site know this well, and therefore they have blended nude pictures and non-nude photos nicely. As a result, there will be pictures of hot girls posing in bikinis or small shorts and on the very next page, you will find completely naked babes!
  • The selfies and nude pictures are of exceptional quality, and you can directly download them on your computer. You don’t have to create an account on this site to use its features. As a result, you can enter this site and start browsing the pictures directly without any obstructions.


  • There are speculations that this site was abandoned by its creators a couple of years ago. It can be true because the site does not update its galleries anymore. Therefore, there will be no point in visiting the site again once you have gone through most of its pictures and nude photos.
  • The site name suggests that it is meant only for selfies. However, numerous pictures are just clicked by someone else, and technically they aren't selfies. This would dishearten the people who visit this site only for nude selfies.
  • The overall look and appeal of the site are not up to the mark. The layout is also pretty simple and does not impress you.
  • There are very few filters (four to be precise) on this site. Therefore, there aren’t many options when it comes to sorting the pictures and selfies.
  • Many posts and pop-up ads might divert your attention to this site. The ads can also be annoying at times which can deteriorate your overall experience.
  • The categories are limited, and they aren’t uploading new selfies anymore. Therefore, you might feel the content insufficient at times.


YoloSelfie has already stopped uploading fresh content, and it seems that they have abandoned it. Therefore, there is no point in discussing the competition now, but still, we will inform you about the sites that are similar to YoloSelfie.

If you want to explore nude pictures and selfies of both amateur models and professionals, then you can try ImageFap. It also has an impressive website with cool features and a user-friendly interface. Moreover, the image collection of this site is huge, and it offers a lot of categories and filters.

Erotic beauties is a stunning website with aesthetically captured nude and erotic pictures, but you will not find amateur stuff on this site, and there are some disturbing ads as well. However, the site updates regularly with fresh content and has an appealing website as well.

Customer Support

There is no customer support interface on this site. However, you won't need it anyway, so there is no point in cribbing for it.

Final Verdict

It is not a hard decision when it comes to choosing a site that provides nude selfies and kinky pictures. When you go through few images and a couple of categories, you will yourself come to know whether you should be using this site further or not.

Moreover, the site is not secured by HTTPS encryption. Therefore, we suggest you to be careful before clicking on the ads posted on this site. The ads don't disturb you, and the selfies are hot enough to make you hard in seconds.

As a result, this time, we would leave the decision to our readers as there is not much to praise or criticize YoloSelfie.

Parting words

There are many sites on the internet that provide free nude images and hot selfies. However, if you want to enjoy hot amateur and real ladies, then you will have to visit YoloSelfie at least once.

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