YNC Website Review (2020)


YNC is a very bizarre site, catering to the viewers who like to watch some of the most gruesome videos there can ever be.

This is absolutely not for the faint-hearted, and if violence is not your cup of tea- we suggest you steer clear of this website.

There is a wide plethora of creepy and horrible videos that a viewer might take pleasure in. It also contains some porn scenes as well.


  • The YNC contains a wide plethora of perverse videos enough to keep the audience of this genre satisfied.
  • You can also choose from a decent number of sex scenes if you are looking for some adult content.


  • This website is not for the faint-hearted. If you can’t stand graphical violence, we suggest you not to watch the content of this website, ever.
  • “The YNC” is not a site catering to the viewers who enjoy professional porn content.

If you are into watching brutal and gruesome videos, this website provides you with just that.

However, we recommend you to stay away from this website if you can’t deal with graphic violence or gruesomeness.

All of us have come across random videos on YouTube or any other social media channels that feature horrible accidents, murders, mass murders, girls tearing each other apart, and such other weird shit. Some people like such shitty videos.

They like watching people getting brutally assaulted in a fight, or drunken women pissing over each other in a bar or any random video like car accidents. 'The YNC' is a site that hosts some of the most gruesome and horrible videos of the internet.

It also features quite a few porn scenes, but strangely, the focus seems to be on the twisted and creepy videos. Therefore, if violence is not your cup of tea, then we suggest you skip this site entirely.

People with weak hearts and those who hate bloodshed and twisted clips must avoid such sites because it may be detrimental to their mental health. However, there are lots of people who are actually perverted or loose enough to enjoy such scenes.

A good thing about YNC is that it is completely free. You won't have to lose even a penny from your pocket to access its features. Believe us when we tell you that some people would have even purchased a premium plan to watch all these clips filled with perverse desires and kinky stuff.

Thankfully, there is a separate section dedicated to porn videos. Therefore, you can skip all the weird clips and jump directly on this section if you are ready to watch some extreme and hardcore porn action. Surprisingly, several porn clips are available in HD quality.

Even the porn videos do feature some twisted and kinky stuff now and then. So, you must be mentally prepared to watch or skip some crazy stuff while exploring the porn section of 'The YNC'. There is much more to talk about this site, but we will hold ourselves from spilling all the beans just yet.

Go through the below sections and find out whether you can tolerate this adult portal or not!

What are the unique features of 'The YNC'?

'The YNC' is a unique site out there. We have witnessed lots of crazy and bizarre sites till now but believe us when we say that we haven't seen anything like this site.

Normal people do love to watch fights and people behaving like mad on videos, but only a few like to watch gory videos filled with filth and violence. So, if you too are among those selected perverts, then 'The YNC' might not be a bad choice for you.

Users can create a free account on this adult portal. A free account allows you to upload videos, stream live sex cams, watch clips, and explore all the content that it has to offer. You can also rate, comment, and mark the videos as a favourite.

Users can even flag videos that they feel violating or disturbing. However, we recommend you to avoid doing that because you might end up flagging everything that is uploaded on this portal. It has several amateur porn clips and daily updates ensure that you have enough content to beat your erection.

There is a separate section devoted to the HD clips on this site. You can use it to watch high-quality porn. However, it directs you to another site named as Faapy, and you have to purchase a premium plan to watch full-length HD scenes on that particular site.

'The YNC' redirects you to other sites whenever you try to check out the bonus stuff. Some of these sites are free, whereas some of these are paid porn sites. Some sections are reserved for the banned clips of United Kingdom whereas some sections are reserved for celebrity nude and sex videos.

'The YNC' promotes free sex sites that feature rape clips, gang rape videos, incest videos, crime clips, and a lot more. Therefore, you might find a lot more options here than on a regular porn site.

The creators of this adult portal seem to be crazy over sex, crime, and violence because they have also featured a blog section dedicated to criminal activities and violence.

This blog redirects you towards another site named as Busted locals where you find crazy blogs about twisted people who try to kill people, want to have sex with their children, etc.

We would suggest this blog only for people who are mentally solid because normal people might feel offended after reading some of these blogs. The creators of this site have provided some exclusive porn scenes for the users in a section named 'Underground'.

Here you will find raw sex scenes that are unscripted and kinky — the makers of this site claim that their members secretly make these videos. We would recommend you to check this section because it is filled with raw and sexy amateur stuff. 

It provides some basic search and sorting options to the members which they can use to explore the content according to their porn tastes. 'The YNC' also has its community which is filled with strange and weird people.

You can even search for these members and interact with them by commenting on the photos and videos that are uploaded on their profile. Members who want to enjoy an ad-free experience can purchase a premium plan at a minimal price.

Moreover, they can even pay a nominal amount for a one-time pass that provides access to all the features of 'The YNC' for 24 hours. It provides plenty of other features which make it quite interesting for some people.

Pricing & Membership Fees

It is a free adult site and therefore, you don't have to pay for utilizing most of its options. However, certain features and options are reserved only for the premium members. The monthly premium plan is priced at just $9.99, and it recurs at the same rate until you cancel it.

Premium members get access to the 'Underground' section and can collect badges, participate in contests, win prizes, and do lots of other stuff. If you want to check the premium features, you can even buy a one-time pack for just $1.99 that is valid till 24 hours. The one-time plan is of non-recurring type, but you can purchase it as many times as you want.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

10 / 10

Quality Of Videos

8 / 10


10 / 10


7 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Exclusivity Of Videos

8 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

8 / 10

Overall Score

89 / 100

Site Statistics 

  • Most popular pages – Porn, Underground, HD videos
  • Total number of scenes – 5K + videos
  • The average length of videos – 15 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 720p
  • Is there a download limit? – No downloading option
  • Are photosets available? – Yes
  • Photo slideshows – No
  • Watermarks on photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 750x563 pixels
  • DRM protection – No
  • Bonus content – Yes
  • Bonus sites - No
  • Model index – No
  • Updates – Daily

Website Overview

Website address – https://theync.com

Average visits per month – 7 million

The website of 'The YNC' is quite advanced despite being a free adult portal.

The layout is clean, and the navigation is good enough to provide a mess-free experience to the users. 

ync lp

The best videos of the week are presented in a moving slider on the top of the homepage. It contains some ads, but they do not trouble you much.  You can even purchase a premium plan to avoid the ads. The homepage starts with the top posts of the day.

Most of these posts are gory videos that contain violence, nudity, and explicit content. After that, you will encounter the site's featured videos and picture sets. This covers the entire content of 'The YNC' and is carefully divided into pages. Below that, you will find the latest uploads updated by its users.

It is followed by a section that provides additional content to the users. Here you will find individual pages for HD content, celebrity sex, Snapchat videos, banned clips, etc. Most of these options will redirect you to other sites. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the additional stuff will always be free.

The bottom section has video categories. These categories are quite different from the regular porn sites because of the unique content of this site. The categories allow you to sort funny videos, fight videos, gross videos, murder clips, accidents, etc.

A couple of categories are reserved for adult content as well. 'The YNC' also has a forum that allows users to chat and interact with other members. Members can post individual threads to initiate chats with other members using this forum.

Users can also discuss their queries about the features and technical issues of the site on this forum. Moreover, they can also convey their feedback and opinion about its content. There is a page called User Uploads which takes the members to the user-uploaded content.

The most recent videos will be featured on the top. Sadly, there is no option to sort the videos on this page. After that, you will see a webpage called 'Porn' that features the most impressive adult content that comes free of charge.

Here, you can sort the videos as per their views, rating, length and newest videos can be sorted distinctly as well. Users can only watch the videos in a media player, and there is no option for downloading videos or pictures.

A web page named as 'Gore' takes you to the brutal and most gory videos of 'The YNC'.  It has many violent and disturbing clips. Therefore, you can check this page only if you like to watch such content. The 'Underground' page has some unique and interesting amateur porn clips.

However, you would require a premium plan to access the content of this page. After that, you will find the blogs section that specializes in crime events and news. Towards the right corner of the site, the users will find options to upload their videos and photos.

At the top right corner, you will find options to login and sign-up.


  • 'The YNC' has many full-length videos. The database of videos and pictures is huge enough to quench your perverse desires.
  • It gets daily updated with fresh user uploads. It has some exclusive clips as well that are uploaded for the premium users of this site.
  • Some categories and search filters are provided to provide convenience to users.
  • Users can access most of the content and options for free.
  • It will provide great entertainment for those individuals who like to watch gory sex scenes.
  • If you love voyeur sex scenes, then you can explore this site as it contains many of those.
  • The overall layout and design of 'The YNC' are quite impressive, despite being a free site.
  • Some of the videos feature extreme porn actions, whereas there is a separate section meant for taboo and incest sex scenes.
  • Users who like to see UFO and alien clips can visit a page called 'UFO'.
  • It provides extra content like blogs, live cams, community, forums, etc. Therefore, we can say that the site provides many options for interaction and entertainment to the users.


  • It does not have a model index, i.e. separate page for viewing models.
  • 'The YNC' is not a site for you if you like to watch only professional porn scenes.
  • If you cannot withstand graphical violence like stabbing, people caught in fire, men firing bullets at each other, etc. then we would suggest you use this site carefully because it is filled with such content.
  • Most of the videos are not available in HD quality because they are mere accidents and violence caught on CCTV cameras. Even the porn videos are not up to the mark because they have been captured by members using low-quality cameras.
  • There are multiple ads to divert your attention on this portal.
  • Many options are mere redirects that can waste your time or irritate you.
  • Though it is a free site, certain sections can only be accessed by premium account holders.
  • The advanced search engine seems to be missing.

Competitors of The YNC

The content offered by 'The YNC' is unique by itself, and therefore, you will find very few sites like it. However, some sites produce equally disturbing and gross videos on the internet. Goregrish.com is one such site that specializes in suicide, murder, rape videos, executions clips, etc.

It also offers adult content, but they also contain violence and disturbing scenes at times.

Ogrish.com is another controversial site that has many videos featuring execution, suicide, and live murder scenes. It is banned in many countries because of its graphical violence and weird content. These are some sites that can be deemed as competitors of 'The YNC'.

Customer support 

'The YNC' does not offer any kind of special customer services, and therefore, you will not find the customer support page on this adult portal. However, you can contact the administrator if you have any issue or concern.

On the 'Contact Us' page, you will see a form in which you need to enter the details of your issue, your email id, and name. Once you send the message, the administrator will connect with you through email. For more details, please click on this link - https://theync.com/contact

Final Verdict 

If you are capable of digesting some horrible and gruesome scenes, then you can visit this site. However, we recommend you to stay away from it if you cannot bear such stuff.

The sex videos that are featured on 'The YNC' are regular porn videos, and they hardly match the level of violence and weird things that you see in other clips. Therefore, you can check the porn sections of this site for sure.

The 'Underground' section has some kinky stuff that you would want to see. Therefore, you can purchase a premium plan to explore this section.

Parting words

If you are feeling wild and horny today, then please do check 'The YNC'.

We are pretty sure that you would be amazed and even horrified to some extent to see that such sites exist. The summary is that you can ignore the filth and concentrate on the sex scenes if you want to access high-quality porn clips without spending anything!

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