XHub Premium Review (2020)

XHub Premium

XHubs consists of a huge collection of hot videos comprising of more than 40 categories with the hottest of the videos to have fun in your alone and horny nights.


  • One of the best things to look out for on this site is its diverse variety and originality to keep you off your feet.
  • XHubs is completely safe and works well on all platforms with the exceptional navigation options to give you a hassle free experience.


  • The interface is quite laggy.
  • The quality of some of the videos is not up to the mark.

This review is all about covering a detailed analytics as well as highlighting its unique features embedded with pros and cons followed by our recommendation of the website.

This review will help in knowing the website a lot better.

Porn is a part of every youth’s life at one point or the other. We all have grown up watching them at night and under the sheets, and we still watch these hot videos. These horny videos have satisfied us beyond an extent.

The role-plays and the sexy actions always succeed in arousing us and have always led us to a perfect orgasm. It will be unfair if we credit porn videos just for orgasm. We should also thank these sexy videos for teaching us the perfect moves and activities to try in our beds with our partners.

These have given us so many dark fantasies we want to try in our real lives to get the satisfaction we have always craved for.

Numerous porn sites have helped us to arouse and feel horny. But there are not just the sites that have made us experience a great orgasm, but also some best porn apps that gave us some dirty desires. To talk about one such adult app, here is Xhubs, which is making rounds on the internet.

Just like other porn apps, this  too has  a big collection of porn videos under different categories. Apart from providing some sexy hot videos, it also offers porn games on its app to double your enjoyment.

Such games are quite a company when one is horny and alone and want to be high on testosterone ride.

The app makes sure that you don’t get bore and provide you with numerous hot videos with different storylines where cousins are fucking each other, or stepmom is having some fun time with her son when the husband is out for work.

Before you decide to have this app on your device, let us help you with its detailed review to clear your view about Xhubs.

How is Xhubs different from other adult apps?

The desire to have sex is more than any other desires in our life. For this, we can do anything because we want ourselves to be satisfied and to fulfill those kinky desires have come to this sizzling porn site. The hot chicks blow our minds, and the big cocks make all the ladies go crazy.

Xhubs is that one adult app that you might need to try. It is having a big collection of hot videos under more than 40 categories. And with so many categories and a big collection, one thing is confirmed that you are going to have fun in your alone and horny nights.

The different storylines might be the thing you had been  craving for this all the time. You can also download the videos you love and enjoy them later.

One thing that is different about this site than others is that it allows you to have a privacy lock, which means that no one else can access the app except you. All your desires and choices remain with you only and not shared with anyone else, which makes the app safe to use for everyone.

One more thing that is different about the Xhubs app is that it allows you to change the icon of the app so that no one knows what app you are using, making it impossible for others to know what you are up to. This is one of the features that no other adult app provides to its users.

Apart from this, the users can also hide the app if they wish to. Since now a days, our mobile phone are not just limited to ourselves thus such a feature provide safe and private access to the app users. These are some of the features that make Xhubs app different from most of the other adult apps.

Site Performance Review



User Experience

7 / 10

 Member Satisfaction

8 / 10

User-Friendly Features

6 / 10

Customer Service

7 / 10

Availability of Options

7 / 10

Site Statistics

  • It has a well-performing search box.
  • It is a mobile-friendly app for porn lovers.
  • The app is available in most of the countries.
  • Both the male and female users can enjoy the videos on the platform.
  • Most of the users are between the age groups of 18-25.


There is only one thing that can fulfill all your naughty desires, and that is a perfect collection of porn videos, where the baby dolls are craving for a big dick, and hot guys are dying to feel the pussy along with those pleasing voices.

The videos with perfect storylines can make your day even better.

You can find such content on all the porn sites and adult apps, but here we are not going to talk about every adult site but only about Xhubs. 


It is an app that assures the sex lovers providing hot videos featuring big booties and stiff dicks. The app  also offers some of the best adult games to enhance your experience.. IThe mobile version of Xhubs has been designed, keeping target audience in mind.

You won’t face any problem using the app on your phone. It works at a good speed, and things go smoothly on any device. The app claims to be different from most of the other adult apps by allowing users to put a privacy lock so that no one other than you can see what you have been doing on it.

This feature has been brought by the developers to assure you that there is going to be no compromise with the privacy of your content on the app. Others are going to see your stuff only when you wish to show them, so relax and enjoy the videos and do not worry  about privacy.

Xhubs also came up with one more impressive feature which allows the users to change the icon of the app.

By this feature, no one will know that you are having a porn app on your phone because you know how the situations can become when your parents catch you with some explicit content on your devices. So, thanks to the naughty brains of the developers for this safety feature.

Then you are also allowed to hide the app as if it never existed on your device. If your phone is used by others as well, then this feature will  come to your rescue because others will never find out that you have an adult app on the phone for your dirty and dark desire.

Now talking about the interface of the app, you might find it a bit difficult to use it.

Though there is a well-performing search box inside the app to make your hunt easy. You  might not be able to find a support section in the app if you would want to complain about any of your problems regarding the app.

Xhubs offers more than 40 categories to the users to enjoy the videos according to their mood. The app  presents the hot videos from other sites, which means that most of the content the app is serving is not exclusive, but this doesn’t mean that you are not going to enjoy the ride.

The good thing about this app is that you can easily download the videos you loved on the platform to enjoy them later, as well. So, if you love watching the stepmother forcefully being fucked by her son, then you can download it for later and enjoy it even when you do not have an internet connection.

XHub App Download for Android (.apk)

Now in case you want to leave a comment on any of its videos, then you might face some problems because the comments section doesn’t load easily, making it a bit difficult to leave your comments on the app.

As the videos are being uploaded from different sites, it means that all the videos are not going to be of high quality, that means, users have to  compromise on this aspect of the app.. Apart from this, you may also feel that some of the videos are lacking a good storyline.

If you love watching porn videos with good stories, then you might not like this app much. Now when it comes to installing the app on your device, it is easy. All you need to do is to download the Xhubs apk and then install the app successfully to enjoy all the horny videos along with the adult games.

You can search for the Xhubs apk on your browser and go ahead with the process of downloading the app on your mobile. Once you are done with installing it, you are all set to go through more than 40 categories as per your horny mood.

Overall your experience on the app can be 50-50, you might like the collection of videos along with different categories, but you might not like the quality of the videos. You may also not like the fact of being unable to leave your comments under the videos.

The user interface may also piss you at times, but undoubtedly you are going to be satisfied with the search box, which allows you to search for anything you wish to. So, you can install the app and decide if you want to keep it anymore or not after reading the whole review.


  • The app is offering a wide collection of porn videos for your enjoyment.
  • It has more than 40 categories to offer its users.
  • You can download the videos you love to watch again.
  • Xhubs allows users to put a privacy lock on their app to protect their stuff.
  • It also allows the users to change the icon of the app on their mobile so that no one can recognize it.
  • You are allowed to hide the app if you don’t want to let anyone know how much you are into the adult stuff.


  • Sometimes you might face problems with the interface.
  • It is problematic to leave comments on the videos.
  • Contacting the customer support team in times of problem is complicated.
  • The quality of some of the videos is not up to the mark.
  • You might face issues with the gaming section on the app.

Competitors of XHub Premium

No company is serving alone. There are always other companies as well who are willing to serve people with the same thing as you do and even better than you. And therefore,  Xhubs also has competitors in the market. 

Planet Porn, PornHub, and PornTime are some of the adult apps that are similar to Xhubs and are offering the most sizzling porn videos along with some entertaining adult games to entice the users. These apps assure you of the high quality and satisfying content, just like Xhubs.

Customer Support

In case you are facing any problems with the app and its content, you can contact their customer service team. The contact support team is always there to help you in resolving your issues on priority. They usually get back to you in 3-4 working days with resolution.

You can leave an email at ID, or you can also call them.

Final Verdict

Xhubs is one of the best porn apps when it comes to a huge collection of hot videos with hot babes and guys fucking each other. Apart from the videos, the app is also having some of the best adult games to offer.

So, when you are bored with the videos, you can play  some amazing adult games on the app itself. However, you might face a problem with the user interface. But this doesn’t mean you can’t install the app and enjoy the sexy videos and sexy girls.

Without wasting much of your time, install the app now and satisfy yourself in the horny nights.

Parting Words

The app has many features that are not offered by most of the adult apps.

It is also having a good and huge collection of porn videos along with some amazing adult games. This gives you all the reasons to install the app and entertain yourself, ignoring the quality of some of the videos on the app as the content is taken from different porn sites.

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