Wire Club Review

Wire Club

Wireclub is a fantastic platform that provides multiple chat rooms with ultimate privacy.

If you want to chat with random strangers, then this is the ultimate platform that offers you the opportunity to make new friends. 


  • The best part of the website is that you can add details to your profile if you wish. It is not mandatory to provide details if you are worried about privacy. 
  • The membership charges are also not expensive. 


  • However, it is tough to find a constant companion over this website. 
  • There are several fake profiles on this platform. 

From this article, you will get to know more about the Wireclub website. 

Further, you can also determine whether to choose Wireclub for dating or not. 

Wireclub is a dating platform that provides multiple chat rooms to their users through which they can connect with strangers.

We, as human beings, need connections and someone close to be with but in the 21st century, we all are so busy that it is becoming difficult for us to find the time to connect with people of our choice.

Dating sites have become the ultimate solution these days through which people can connect with strangers to increase their social circles and also, improve their love life. But is Wireclub any good as a dating site? Is it better than other dating sites and worth investing your time in? Let’s find out!

What makes Wireclub popular?

Wireclub is especially popular because it has multiple chat rooms which can be joined by several users and can be used to connect with people who have similar mindsets as them.

Users can create such chat rooms on their own and define the various rules that they wish to apply to the chatroom and its users.

Apart from the chatrooms, Wireclub also has some other features that make it popular amongst its audience. The site allows users to hide their profiles as per their wish. Also, there are a large number of users on the site which means that the users have a lot of choices while interacting with others.

The chat rooms are mostly active and users spend a lot of time chatting with each other. There are multiple categories and names of these chatrooms, such as Rock Music, Politics, Philosophy, Gaming, etc.


Website link – https://www.wireclub.com/login

Estimated Messages Shared Daily – 1.1 million

Wireclub is a dating site that is claimed to be managed by only three staff members who are working on the website full time, along with some volunteers.

The site provides a platform to its users where they can chat with strangers and meet new people, who they otherwise wouldn’t in the modern-day lives because of several reasons. 

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The platform currently caters to 7.2 million users who exchange about 1.1 million texts and messages on the chats daily over the platform. It has been realized that each user of Wireclub spends about 20 minutes daily on the platform on an average.

One of the main highlight features of Wireclub is access to chat rooms that are created by users and can be joined by other users to get in contact with new people. These chat rooms can be fun to be in and have exciting conversations in.

The users can themselves create such chat rooms and at the same time, also put out specific rules and regulations that are expected to be followed by the members while being in the chatroom.

The process of registration at Wireclub is relatively simple, an email ID and password is required to be entered by the user along with providing some necessary details about themselves. The users are required to verify their email addresses to gain access to the different chat rooms on Wireclub.

The profiles that can be created on Wireclub are averagely detailed. The users can add one picture at the time of registering themselves on the site. More photos can be added later to their profiles, and all such pictures are available and visible to other users, even without matching with them.

WireClub.Com Review

Wireclub has been created is to social media platforms, because the users have the options to post different pictures or videos, and even comment on the profiles of different users.

The users can choose whether or not to make their profiles anonymous by hiding them, making them visible to all or making them visible to only the friends that they have made over the platform.

The users can create contact with other users by sending messages privately or even creating their chat rooms. Though, such messages can be sent only by users who have a gold membership on Wireclub. The users can also send ‘badges’ to the other profiles, which requires them to pay through credits.

The search tool at Wireclub can be used to look for matches of one’s own choice. A user can also create a list of friends by adding such profiles to the list that they like and are in constant touch with.

The chatrooms can be accessed by any user to share his opinion and feelings and interact with other members in such chat rooms. These chat rooms are often related to specific topics and areas of interest such as politics, philosophy, etc.

Wireclub does have a mobile app that is solely available for iPhone users as of now. Using such an app, users can continue using the features of the site remotely. The site has a simple layout and has several features including a game section.

But specific to dating, there is only a chat room available for the people to enter into and find matches for themselves. The platform is more like a social media site and less of a dating site because there is no specific focus on making people meet for dating purposes on Wireclub.

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Wireclub is also one of the dating platforms where the users are required to pay for a membership to gain access to the services and features being provided by them. The pricing system at Wireclub is a tad bit complicated.

The plans at Wireclub are not divided based on time and the cost for each month. Instead, the site mostly operates based on credits, which are required to be paid for and which can be used by users to pay for the different services available on the site.

The smallest pack of credits available on the website is costed at $20 and contains 3400 credits, out of which 1200 credits are given as a bonus to the members. 

Further, the cost keeps increasing as does the number of credits that are available in each pack. For an amount of $50, users can get 8550 credits to be used on the site. They can pay $100 to get about 18,400 credits and lastly, $200 can be paid by them to get 38,500 credits. 

WireClub - Free Online Chat Rooms~

While the plan costing $200 has the best value, the most popular plan amongst the users is of $50. These credits can be bought by the users using either a Credit Card or PayPal. The services have been divided into free and paid services by Wireclub.

The services that can be accessed by the users for free include signing-up to create an account over the site, viewing the different profiles as well as chat rooms existing on the platform, conducting a search using filters to find people of their choice and preference as well as reading the forums on the site.

None of the essential services are available to be used for free by the users. The paid services include such essential features, such as being able to send messages to other users privately and to reply to the messages received by them.

Further, paid members can gain access to join different chat rooms of their choice. Paid members can also reply on forums and add different people as friends on the site. Hence, the users at Wireclub are required to pay for the services to gain the maximum experience of the website.

Site Statistics

  • More than 7.2 million registered users
  • On an average, each user spends 20 minutes each day on the site
  • An average of 1.1 million messages are shared on a daily basis
  • Large number of chat rooms, most of which are active

Performance Score (Out of 10)

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Overall Score


Competitors of Wireclub 

Wireclub is a generic dating site with no focus on a specific niche. There are a lot of other dating sites, providing similar services and the same platform to their users as Wireclub.

A few popular dating sites that have a neck to neck competition with Wireclub are Tinder, Bumble, eharmony and Adult Friend Finder. 

While Bumble and Tinder are excessively popular across the globe, Eharmony and Adult Friend Finder are also extremely popular dating sites amongst their users for different reasons. For example, eharmony allows its users to find partners who are looking for serious relationships.

In other words, it is a dating site solely for users looking for serious, meaningful relationships. Bumble and Tinder, on the other hand, keep the options open for their users to choose from.


  • Wireclub is an exciting platform with several chat rooms that can be accessed by the users
  • The profiles can be created in detail or by adding no details at all, based on the convenience of the members
  • The cost charged for credits and membership is not very high
  • Different chat rooms can be entered by the users, based on different interests, ranging from music, philosophy, mental health, dating, politics, gaming, etc.
  • Most chat rooms are active, and the users are polite and cordial to others.
  • The registration process is quick and straightforward. It is necessary to verify the email before sending a message to another user.
  • The number of members available on the platform is high, which means there are more options for people to interact with.
  • The satisfaction amongst users with regards to the platform is high and not many complaints can be seen.
  • The site and the application are easy to navigate through


  • The site claims to be a dating site but does not have any specific focus on ensuring that people can interact with each other for dating.
  • It is rare to find people who may be flirting with each other or may be interested in dating over the site
  • The chat rooms dedicated to dating are usually not much active and it is hard to find a partner that may be interested in you
  • There are no dedicated filters or an algorithm through which profiles can be matched with each other to connect for dating or relationships
  • The site allows members to operate anonymously which has significantly increased the number of spam and fake profiles over the platform.
  • Most services of the platform are not free. A user can browse through the platform to see the chat rooms and different profiles but will have to become a paid member to start any conversation or initiate any contact with them.
  • The payment system at Wireclub is rather complex because all transactions are made through credits, which are required to be bought by paying a certain amount such as $20, $50, $100 or $200.
  • Customer service is not a strength of Wireclub because the site can be contacted through emails with queries and issues that the users may have. No customer care number has been provided for the users which makes the process of receiving assistance rather slow.
  • The mobile app is only available for iPhone users and not Android users.


Providing support to its users is mandatory for any dating site that wishes to succeed in the industry.

Wireclub does not offer support through a dedicated customer care number.

The only manner in which Wireclub can gain help and support is through the email that has been provided at the Contact Us page of the site.

Contact Us - https://www.wireclub.com/about/contact

We feel that the site should have a dedicated customer care number where the users can call with their various queries and issues. 

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Emails are a slower process of receiving support and can be rather annoying for the users to wait for, in case they want help urgently. Also, Wireclub is not available or active on different social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. Twitter - https://twitter.com/wireclub?lang=en

Final Verdict

Wireclub is a dating site and is primarily marketed as one which has a social media site like the layout. The site is exciting and is an excellent platform for connecting people from all parts of life based on different interests and preferences.

But to think of it, Wireclub is not exactly a dating site as there is barely any focus on allowing people to meet for dating purposes. The chat rooms are mostly used by the users to have friendly chats and conversations on topics of their choice and preference. This might or might not result in dating per se.

Not all users might even join the platform to date or to look for a partner through Wireclub. Surprisingly, dating chat rooms at Wireclub were found to be not much active, whereas other chat rooms related to gaming or music were much more active.

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Also, the system of payments is somewhat confusing and complex at Wireclub because they do not charge the users monthly or yearly. Instead, they charge the customers for credits that can be bought by them in any quantity, choosing from the multiple options available on the site.

These credits can be used to gain access to different services, which is essential for the experience of using the website and are not available to users who are using the site for free.

All in all, we suggest you to sign-up on Wireclub if you wish to have exciting chats and conversations with other users on the platform. If you are looking for a serious relationship or love,

Wireclub may not be the ultimate destination for you because not many prospects for dating can be found on the site to match and chat with.

Parting Words

Wireclub is one of the most popular dating sites that many people are skeptical about joining because they need to pay for it to gain several services.

We hope that we answered many of your queries and questions about this platform and you will now be able to make a better choice about joining the platform by investing your time and money on it. For more such reviews about different dating sites, stay connected with us!

We ensure that we navigate you through the multiple services and features that different dating sites provide and help you to choose one that suits your preferences the most.

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