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What Percentage Of Girls Actually Use Free Fuck Apps? (New Study)

The rise of dating apps - also called as free fuck apps have completely revolutionized the way men and women mingle with each other. 

For the most part, people use platforms such as this app to find themselves a new person to call their significant other. Others? They use it to find some quick action online.

What’s great about such apps is that they help women go above and beyond society’s standards of a “prim and proper” woman.

They don’t have to feel judged after using such apps because everything happens online. They can hide behind the guise of anonymity while exploring their sexuality.

If you tune in to these apps, you’ll see that most of the users are actually guys who are looking for a quick fling.

However, there are other platforms that focus more on the ladies. How many women are open to using these free fuck apps or dating apps anyway? Are guys left to spend their days looking for women in apps that are mostly used by men?

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

A study released last year focused on asking about the preference of women when it comes to dating apps. The study featured responses from over 130,000 women from 191 countries. It’s a good look at how girls use dating and sex-related mobile apps not just to get into flings, but also to improve their sexual lives.

According to the results of the study, 21.8% of the global sample use mobile apps to find sexual partners. The amount of users varies depending on the region of the respondents. In Asia and Africa, one in five women reports using these apps. In Europe and in America, one in four women uses it. In Oceania, one in three women uses it.

There are a lot of ways to process the data. One is that women are more open to exploring their options online. It is much easier to find a match online after all because apps let us set our likes, dislikes, and hobbies so that we can easily match with people we have something in common with.

As compared to actually going out and meeting people, it’s much tougher finding someone with who you have something in common. It’s also worth noting that women use these dating apps and free fuck apps for various reasons. The study also looked into what these reasons are.

The results show that of the respondents, 9.0% of women used dating apps to look for short-term partners, 8.7% used it to find chatting/sexting partners, 8.6% used it to find long-term partners, and lastly, 6.2% used the apps to find one-night stands/hook-ups. The least common reason is that women used it to find friends-with-benefits which is at 5.2%.

In the last years, the most common reason women use these apps is that they are looking for long-term relationships. The shift in reasons is surprising, to say the least.

The number of women using free fuck apps has been growing consistently in the past years. It might be because there are more and better apps to use nowadays than they used to. As more and more women continue to be more open about exploring their options, apps will start to get more matches between gals and guys.

Perhaps another reason for the trend is that women are more empowered. Society used to look down on women that initiate relationships or “the action” first. Now, women fight for what they want, and what they want is the same opportunities as men when it comes to finding hook-ups and relationships online.

It’s very good that more women are using free fuck apps. Currently, it’s tougher for guys to find the right partners because there are only a few women using the apps. You have to consider that guys have to fight for that small population too.

Apps Over Meeting Personally?

People disagree that dating apps should be accepted because they believe it kills romance. The truth is that free fuck apps and dating apps don’t kill the romance in any way. Instead, they revolutionize the concept by making it easier for people to find the right matches.

Nobody wants to meet up with someone, getting interested in them, and then later on finding out that you don’t have anything in common with them. Dating apps establish the necessary connections between men and women. Whether you’re looking for a one-night stand or a long-term relationship, establishing initial connections are a must.

Precautions When Meeting With Someone

It’s easy to be enamored by someone’s profile that you see online but it pays to stay safe. Creating a free profile on these apps is easy which is why more developers continue to add precautionary measures that can protect you and others from harm. Aside from those precautionary measures, here are some steps you can take to ensure your safety.

  • Meet In Public - before you meet someone for a night of intimate fun, it would be better if you first meet them in public first. This will give you time to assess the person much better.
  • Sleuth A Bit - Dating apps mostly come with integrations with other social media platforms. If the one you are using has that, then make sure to go through your target’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts first. You’ll at least be able to judge their character better.
  • Social Distancing Protocols - We are still in a Covid-19 world after all. It pays to be safer than sorry. Ask the person you are going to meet if they’ve experienced any symptoms of the virus the past couple of days first. When you do meet, make sure to wear your masks in public.

Online dating is becoming the norm and that isn’t entirely bad. It gives everyone the chance to have fun every once in a while. As more and more women are embracing these fuck free apps and dating apps, it will be much easier to find flings and connections online too.

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