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What is Breeding Fetish and what else do you need to know about it? 

Every individual has a kink or a fetish that would love to explore if given a chance. There are many types of fetishes and kinks in this world that are quite common among people.

As in the vast world of kinks, there are many different terms, sometimes people tend to get confused. Today, we are discussing such fetish that is quite misunderstood- Breeding Fetish. 

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What is Breeding Fetish (2022): COMPLETE GUIDE

What is a Breeding Fetish?

Yes, a breeding fetish is a thing. When I first heard about it, I was terrified as I couldn’t believe that such type of kink existed. 

A breeding fetish is like a strong attraction to the idea of getting or getting someone else pregnant. For most people, the breeding fetish is more about role-play and fantasy and hence, they make sure they use contraception during the act.

However, for others, it is actually about the exchange of body fluids. In this, there is a high chance of getting infected with STDs in addition to a potentially unwanted pregnancy. 

This type of fetish is more appealing to men cause they can only make breeding possible. However, breeding fetish in females, surprisingly to some extent, do exist.

They love to be bred by someone and want to feel their cum inside themselves. 

What are the different forms of fetish that are often confused with the Breeding fetish?

The world of kinks is very vast and is known to have different terms. Hence, no matter, how different they are from each other, people tend to mix these kinks with each other.

There are many forms of fetish that are often confused with the Breeding Fetish. 

Breeding Fetish

Breeding fetish refers to getting sexually aroused with the risk of getting or getting someone else pregnant. Mostly men get attracted to this fetish.

However, there can be some females also who have this fetish of getting bred by someone else.

Breeding Kink

Now with sex, there are both kinks and fetishes. The difference between the two is- a kink refers to simply being aroused by the act in question whereas a fetish refers to getting aroused unless and until that specific thing is present or included in the sex.

Impregnation Fetish

Impregnation fetish is appealing to both men and women. A female can have the desire to be bred by their sexual partner and want to feel their cum inside themselves.

Whereas a male can have the desire to breed their sexual partner. Basically, it is the fetish that is more about the exchange of body fluids. 

Pregnancy Fetish

Pregnancy fetish is quite different from breeding or impregnation fetish. In pregnancy fetish, you get aroused by pregnant women and not the idea of getting someone pregnant.

 A pregnancy fetish includes attraction toward the changes in the bodies of a pregnant woman.

Cum Kinks

A cum kink refers to the attraction toward the idea of cum. The arousal can be from anything related to cum, its texture, its taste, its feel, or even just the plain idea of it dripping on you.

Cum kinks are mostly common among females who have a breeding fetish. 

Risky Play Kink

Other than all these kinks, there is one more kink that is very common and explains why you and your partner are obsessed with all the other kinks.

Risky Play Kink refers to being turned on by the risk and danger. This is one very common kink that majorly involves dangerous or risky plays.

Many examples of risky play kinks include knife play, public sex, breathplay, and many other dangerous sex acts. With breeding kinks, the risk is getting pregnant or the transmission of STIs.

What are the causes of breeding fetish and why does it occur?

For Male

When it comes to breeding fetish, it generally involves a male who gets aroused by the idea of getting someone pregnant and he only has the stuff to make breeding possible. That is why this breeding fetish is more appealing to men.

There are many other reasons also:

Act of Dominance

In the vast world of BDSM, there are many facets and among all of them, the most important is Dominance. There are endless ways to show dominance over your submissive partner.

 Out of all the ways, the most powerful way to prove dominance is to breed your partner. 

The root of dominance is mostly in ownership and territory and breeding someone with their will or against their will let men enjoy two forms of fantasies in one single act.

Risk involved

The thrill of risk involved in a sexual act is the biggest adrenalin rush for some. Many people feel satisfied with the “near miss” that could happen during unprotected sex.

 However, getting her pregnant is not a win for those men, it’s like losing the game. 


For some, the real thing is when they can prove their ownership over their partner. For this, the act of dominance is not enough, they have to breed with her for real pleasure.

Act as a Marker

There are people for whom breeding kinks and impregnation fetish go hand in hand. For them, to procreate something is a very strong and primal desire.

In this case, if the two people involved are attempting to have a child together, then, marking her with his genes and semen is extremely exotic. 

For Female

It is quite surprising but yet, females do have a breeding fetish. They like to be bred by someone, want to be marked by men, and feel their cum inside themselves.

Here are the possible causes of why do women like breeding fetish:


The dominant part of the sexual act is quite appealing to most females. What it is like to be dominant by your partner? This feeling is the biggest reason why women have a great appeal toward breeding fetish.

Idea of Family

Most women are trying to have children and start their own families. Hence, every time they do sex with their partner, they see it as an opportunity and the game of “did we” or “didn’t we” appeal to them a lot.

And then there is the relief of not worrying or stopping in between for condom or birth control is in itself a sense of enjoyment.

Being Forced 

Being forced or consensual non-consent is another fantasy of most women. Combining CNC with being bred is very common as it ramps up the risk thrill level. 

Risk associated 

There are many times when women think of breeding fantasy because of the level of risk it involves. There is a very big risk of getting pregnant in the act and that is what pushes them hard.

Coupled with another risk behavior infidelity, now, the breeding fetish involves a new level of risk. 

What role does the porn industry play in highlighting such fetishes?

I guess many of the kinks and fetishes we have witnessed or know about are only from porn. There is a very big hand of porn in popularizing breeding fetish so much and making it so erotic. 

Here’s why:

Making unprotected sex look more attractive

Unlike amateur porn these days, where a lot more condom usage can be seen, in earlier times, all the sex protections were not visible as they did not appeal to the audience. And all this led to a notion that having unprotected sex is a lot more attractive than stopping out in the middle of the act for a condom.

If it is a mess, it is the best

The more the mess is, the better the feeling is- this is the ultimate truth of every porn. Most people prefer when cum gets messy be it in squirting scenes, cumshots, or creampie videos. All these cum scenes reinforce the idea of breeding and cum as sexy and attractive. 

There is no talk of birth control plans

On one side there is porn without condoms and on the other side, there is just no focus on the birth control plans. There is no porn where it is mentioned if the woman featuring in the video is on some form of birth control plan. There is just plain breeding for us. Hence, a hard opinion forms in our minds that cum is essential for pleasure. 

The climax is the cum shots

All the porn movie makers use many different camera angles just to show how sexy it is to finish inside your partner and that is why it is really not surprising why people think breeding is exotic and hot. Dedicating the entire climax to a cum shot makes the appeal of breeding even more intense. 

Safety measures for practicing Breeding fetish without risk?

A fetish is not a fetish if it does not involve some risks and fear. However, a breeding fetish might involve some major risks of getting pregnant or transmitting STIs.

However, practicing some safety measures can zero down the risks involved in breeding fetish.

Here are some safety measures:

Try birth control options

Birth control options are the safest things that you can explore to enjoy your breeding fetish without any risk. Today, many different options for birth control are available on the market.

With the birth control measure, you can enjoy the perks of having unprotected sex without actually having unprotected sex literally. 

There are injections, patches, and birth control pills. You can even go for more permanent solutions like vasectomy to make this safe for everyone. 

Use your imagination

Imagination is the most powerful thing in this world and you can imagine anything. Listen to some erotica and audio porn and visualize everything you want to like you are breeding your partner without actually taking the risk.


There are many ways to incorporate the idea of breeding into your sexual life without actually doing it, roleplay it out. We know that roleplaying a breeding kink is a difficult and tricky thing to do as you are either protected or not in the act. 

To avoid this uncertainty, you can try Dirty Talk. Talk to your partner in detail about your breeding fetish and how you want to breed them and mark them as your own.

 If you are a female you can similarly talk to your partner that how exactly you want to be bred by them. In this way, you can thrive off of each other’s arousal. 

Study your menstruation cycle

If there is nothing working and you really want to have unprotected sex without getting pregnant, then do it on the days when you are least likely to become pregnant.

You can consider a mobile app to track your monthly cycle. Make sure you study your body in depth to plan things as this is not a fool-proof idea.

Always have a plan B

It should be the last thing to incorporate into your risk-free breeding fetish as it is not so healthy. Plan B is the emergency contraceptive pill.

It is not as effective as regular birth control, hence it should be only used in case of emergency only when your condom was forgotten or broken.

If you want to have unprotected sex with your partner to indulge in your breeding kink, you can go for this Plan B. 


eve n the first thought of breeding is exotic and hot and there is no second thought about it. Men and women both love it as it is thrilling and fun.

Just being responsible, you can have a lot of fun indulging in your breeding fetish without any risk.

You just need to remember that there is a chance of pregnancy or infection happening from unprotected sex, so just plan accordingly and prevent it to have a great time. 


What is the difference between a Breeding fetish and a Pregnancy fetish?

A breeding fetish is quite different from a pregnancy fetish. Pregnancy fetish focuses more on the pregnancy itself rather than the act of breeding.

 It also refers to being sexually aroused by pregnant women. People who are into pregnancy fetish get attracted to the body structure of pregnant women.

While in a breeding fetish, it is the idea of someone or getting someone pregnant in the sexual act that turns on people. 

Is having a breeding fetish normal?

It is quite common and normal to have a breeding fetish. It is a kind of risk play fetish. In a breeding fetish, the biggest fear and risk that arouses people are becoming or getting someone pregnant or the risk of STIs.

It is also quite common that people with cum kink can have a breeding fetish as in both the fetishes, the climax involves the same thing.

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