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Sex is an important and necessary part of a human’s life. Many people wonder about how their sex life will be.

Whether they will be able to meet the expectations of their partner or not? What are the important things that they should know about sex? All these questions come to the mind of a newly married couple or couples who have entered into a relationship.

While discussing sex, huge research and debates are done about women. Very less discussion is done about men. A man is also required to be understood; what they feel, what they want, and so on. If the partner knows it; the sex life will become bliss.

The article will explore the feelings of men while having sex.

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What does sex feel like for men (2022): Complete Guide for guys


It depends upon the individual. For men, sex can have a lot of meanings but majorly it is about love and care. Men are usually involved in outdoor activities, and dealing with different people in different circumstances makes men frustrated and tired.

After all, if a man gets love from his partner in the form of sex, it’s relaxing for him. While making love to their partner some men also feel masculine and dominating. They feel empowered at the same time giving care and protection to their woman partner.

It is also seen that if a man can satisfy his partner; he feels like becoming a complete man. It is almost like getting validation of being a man. 


Sex is a part of all the creatures of the earth but it is not pleasurable for all. Many species on this earth do sex only for reproduction so that they can continue living on this earth.

But for humans, it is considered pleasurable. Men and women do not make love only to get a child; they are involved in sexual activities because they find pleasure in it. The brain of humans works differently, it interprets the signals of sex as pleasure.

While having sex, the reproductive organs of a human body send signals to the brain and the brain considers it a pleasure. Some hormones are generated in the body that creates sexual sensation such as oxytocin, dopamine, and prolactin.

These hormones are the reason behind the feeling of pleasure, love, and care. A man’s organs are grown in such a manner that at the time of intercourse, it gives him great excitement. The penis head is very important in this activity.

The foreskin covers the penis head and at the time of erection, the foreskin is rolled below the head. Not only glans but also the foreskin plays an important role in pleasure-giving sex.


This question comes to mind because sex is a little painful for women during first intercourse. This is the reason behind huge excitement about being a virgin and having sex for the first time as the man feels like he is the first one to enter into that vagina.

However, this pain is not unbearable but certainly gives a great feeling to men of being the first one. In this process of the first interaction with the penis, women also face minor bleeding. This is the reason women often think about whether men also feel pain for the first time or not? 

Well, for men the pain is not at that level that it will feel, but yeah if the foreskin is too tight that it is difficult for the penis head to come out of it; at times it can be a little painful for some men. If they take proper care of lubrication before entering the vagina; this can be avoided.

Apart from this, if the man is having any other physical problem like pain in the waist, or thighs or any kind of infection; that will certainly be painful. 


Now, since we have understood that sex is a pleasure for men and they feel masculine while having sex; let’s look at the different stages of the sex when a man can have different feelings:

  1. Arousal

The first feeling that a man has is being aroused. When a man knows that someone is interested in him or when he decides to have sex, he starts fantasizing about his sexual activity.

This fantasy becomes responsible for the high speed of blood in his veins that finally erects his penis. The erected penis is a feeling and it says that I am ready boss, bring me my food! Arousal can happen with men at any time, even during work. If a man is in the office but thinking about sex tonight; he can get aroused.

That is why it is said that sex starts from the time you start thinking about it.

  1. Plateau

Plateau is the state just before the orgasm. A man can feel that he is going to cum. This feeling stays for around thirty seconds to three minutes. It also depends on the stamina of the man and how long he can survive.

This feeling of knowing that he is going to ejaculate gives a sensation to the men and their heartbeat goes higher. The frequency of pumping the vagina also gets increased this time. At times this feeling of plateau creates pressure too on men who want to stay longer. A pre-ejaculatory liquid is released during plateau and it gives a strong feeling of upcoming orgasm. 

  1. Emission

Emission is the first stage of orgasm; it is the feeling that finally, you have reached your goal. As said in the previous point the plateau is the stage before orgasm, after the plateau, the next stage is Orgasm which is divided into two sub-stages.

At a plateau, you can control and can go longer if you are good with your mind. Sex is about the mind, it’s not only about the penis and vagina. One who can control his mind can control his penis too. Once the plateau is over, the emission starts and from here you cannot go back. Emission is the feeling of being ready to ejaculate.  

  1. Ejaculate

This is the main feeling that a man wants. This is the goal that a man wants to achieve. However, before achieving this goal the man also wants that his woman has also reached this feeling of orgasm.

The sperm comes out of the veins and gives a great feeling of delight and happiness. Some men are also concerned about their ejaculation and whether the ejaculation is perfect or not. Some men are found concerned about low sperm count which is a weak point for fertilization.

However, considering the feeling, the feeling is great without any doubt.

  1. Refraction

Once the job is done, you need to come back to your home. Similarly, once the penis has completed its job, it goes back to its normal position. This period of allowing it to come to its normal position is called refraction.

It is advised that men should not run to clean things and wear their underwear. Once you have delivered the semen just sit back and relax. Just like giving some time of relaxation to the muscles after a workout; you should give some time to relax the organs. 


Sex is not only about pleasure, it’s about performance too. And when you know that you are going to perform you have so many things going on in your mind. Let’s see how men take this act:

  1. Performance pressure

It is found in the studies that many men feel pressure while having sex. This pressure is to perform better and ensure that their partner is satisfied. It also depends upon the individual.

Porn has also increased the expectations of men and women; matching the expectations creates a huge pressure on men.

  1. Validation

Since men are under pressure to make the woman satisfied, at times they need to validate whether the act is making her feel good or not.

Let’s say a woman wants you to lick her vagina first before you start the penetration, but if you do not know about it; it will be tough for you to make her happy. 

  1. Waiting is not for everyone

It is also seen that some women keep their men waiting for the final scene. It creates curiosity and excitement for them but it is not necessary that the man also enjoys it.

During the sex too, some men are in hurry, they do not want to get involved in different types of games. 

  1. Dominance and Power

There is no doubt that sex gives a strong feeling of dominance and power to men. Some men are introverts in the outside world and therefore they get their dominance while penetrating the pussy. BDSM sex is also a great example of dominance and power. 

  1. Emotions

Apart from feeling powerful and dominating; emotions also play an important role in a man’s sex life. Sex is a way of representing love and affection toward the female partner. It proves that he cares and protects her as it gives them a feeling of being complete. 

  1. Testosterone drive

A high level of testosterone is important for men. People with a low level of testosterone may feel depressed and have low energy. Sex is an act of high energy and men need to feel that energy inside them. It helps them in longer performance and better orgasms. 

  1. Monogamy and Man

It is considered that a man needs more variety in sex and that is why it is almost impossible for a man to have sex with only one partner. These days, wife swapping and contract marriages are also coming into the picture.

The need for a variety of sex is one reason behind such requirements.

  1. Affirmation

Affirmation is another feeling that a man gets out of sex. It gives them a feeling of achievement that they deserve the girl and that is why she is with him. It gives them validation too about their physical appearance. 

  1. Hide feelings but care at the core

It is also seen that some men do not express their sexual desire and they accept whatever they get. However, they care a lot about their partner. You may feel that he is being distant but he cares about you. 

  1. Men do not want sex all the time

It is a popular belief that men always want sex, but it’s incorrect. A man doesn’t need to make love to any girl he sees. A man also gets attracted to some specific girl of his choice.

He can get attracted to a guy too; in any case, he does not want sex all the time. 


We talked about the feeling during sex and before sex, but it is also important to know how the men feel after sex. Usually, the feeling after sex is the same for men and women. They feel love, care, satisfaction, and relaxation.

A man will not feel good after sex in only those scenarios where he was not completely involved; he just did it for the sake of his partner’s will. Some men also suffer from issues like post-coital dysphoria, due to which they feel irritable and sad after sex.


There is no one answer to this question. There are some men for whom sex is the start of the day and the end of the day. For some men, sex is not even important.

For a healthy sex life, it is suggested that you can have sex 4 – 5 times a week. On average a man thinks about sex at least once a day. It is also seen that women are not that frequent thinkers about sex.

There are other factors as well that decide the frequency of the sex for men; for example desire of the partner; hectic schedule, health issues, and so on.


Yes! Why not? But before that, we need to understand the meaning of falling in love. You can fall in love with someone without having sex too. Sex is an act of showing love and care to your partner.

Even if you are having great sex with your office colleague; it does not mean that you will fall in love with her. It’s about physical attraction and mental relaxation too. I believe that falling in love is a big picture, and having good sex or bad sex cannot decide to fall in love.

Some people may fall in love even after having a bad sexual experience. They can improve their experience later on.


A man is a living creature just like any other creature on the earth and he has his sexual needs. He has different feelings while having sex and after sex.

A man feels empowered and masculine while having sex and it gives him a feeling of validation and affirmation. At times men are also found under pressure while having sex as they are required to perform to satisfy their partner. If the man knows about the desires of his partner and the partner knows about the man’s willingness the sex between them becomes heaven.

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