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If you are bored with the same cliché type of relationships, then here are some exciting things from you.

WellHello is one of the most dynamic dating platforms that run on laptops, desktops and even on mobile phones.

On this website, you will find some like-minded people who take things lightly.

It is the perfect platform where you can approach for hookups or causal relationships. However, the website is a paid website.

There are limited features for free. If you become a member of WellHello then be prepared, you are going to get lots of emails, spam on your mail ID.

From this article, you will get clarification about the WellHello dating website.

Further, you will also get to know about some amazing features of this website. 


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Dating apps are more about casual dating and hook-ups these days. Therefore, if you are into casual dating or fun dating, then you have a lot of choices such as Tinder, AFF, PlentyOfFish, etc.

However, there are millions of users already on these sites, and if you don’t want to be part of a crowd, then you can opt for dating apps like WellHello.

WellHello works on your laptop, desktop, and mobile devices as well. This app is meant for singles and couples who are interested in having sex with other couples or singles. Therefore, it can prove to be useful for swingers as well.

If you are not into one night stands, casual encounters, or sex chats, then probably you shouldn’t download this app.

This app is known for providing a personalized dating experience to the users and can be registered on for free. It also allows you to send friend requests to other members, and once they accept your request, you could view their profile on your friend list.

Also, you can upload your happening photos and selfies in private galleries, and the site allows you to provide their access to only certain people or profiles. You can also lure your friends into seeing your private photos by inviting them to your galleries.

Verified users have a 'V' icon on their profiles which help you to stay away from the fake profiles. All you need to do is connect your account with your Facebook profile, and the ‘V’ badge or icon will appear automatically.

There is no stringent profile verification process, and we know that there are countless fake profiles on Facebook as well. Therefore, the profile with the 'V' icon need not be genuine, and therefore, you must be careful while interacting with any individual on this site. 

There have been some fraudulent cases in the past as well where the users have been scammed on this site. Therefore, you must be careful before providing any personal or bank account information here. However, some nice features make this site happening.

We will see these features in the below sections in detail.

Which are the remarkable features of WellHello?

The account creation process does not charge you for anything, and you also get to use plenty of features as a free user. You can create your profile, add profile photos, and do lots of other things as a free user.

However, for unlimited messages and other premium features, you will have to subscribe to a premium plan.

The site also offers a trial plan at minimal cost that lets you access all the features of the site for one day. This gives you a fair idea about the working and usability of the site after which you can opt for a periodic premium plan.

Moreover, the sign-up process is simple and takes only a couple of minutes to complete. The site allows you to find and interact with people who live nearby you. The site is mobile-responsive as well, and therefore you will not encounter any issues while using the site on your android phone or tablet.

The search option is perfect as it allows you to play with many filters such as age, location, sexual orientation, race, and much more.

wellhello long LP-min

The profiles of the members also have useful data, such as their body stats, location, interests, hobbies, and much more. You can also mention what exactly you are looking for on this website to make it easy for you.

Whenever you like a profile, you can send flirts to them that will inform them that you find them attractive. However, this feature can be accessed by only premium users. You can also find the metropolitan cities by clicking on the ‘top cities’ webpage.

Here you will find the profiles of members who live in the top cities of the world. This provides convenience to users, especially those who live in big and popular cities. This is a secure site that uses standard encryption to ensure data security.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your information. Moreover, there are lots of couples who seem to be interested in swinging lifestyle. Therefore, you can try your luck there as well.

WellHello is a cool site to hang on because it provides some of the best dating features at the most affordable rates. It does not require a lot of effort to find potential hook-ups and dates on this site, and therefore you won’t regret after registering on this site.

Site Statistics 

  • Most popular features – Flirts, Video chat, private galleries
  • The average number of users at a time – 5K
  • The average monthly visitors on the site – 7.9 million
  • Is video uploading possible? – Yes
  • Transgender profiles - No
  • Bisexual profiles – Yes
  • Gay & lesbian profiles - Yes
  • Gay & lesbian profiles - Yes

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Ease of use


Quality of members


Customer satisfaction


Bonus options


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Value for Money


Real members


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score



Website addresshttps://wellhello.com

Estimated visits per month – 7.90 million

WellHello is a site dedicated to singles and swinging couples who like to have casual encounters and fun. The online dating community of this site is huge, but you cannot compare it with sites like PlentyOfFish, especially when it comes to the average number of users that use the site every day.

Therefore, you might not find tons of online users here, but the numbers will be sufficient for you to enjoy your time here. After registering on the site, we noticed that there were many fake profiles of single men and women.

These are not real people but bots with attractive profile pictures that are used to attract the new visitors on this site.

Those who are into dating websites might have noticed these bots in other dating sites as well. However, the good thing is that there is a 'green heart' icon on these profiles which means that they are fake profiles. Also, the site sends too many newsletters and emails to the inbox after registering.

This can be irritating at times since the emails keep coming until you block them or avail of a premium plan.

wellhello LP 2-min

We also recommend you to avoid interacting with the chatbots as they might lure you into buying something such as a premium plan. The website looks pretty decent, and there aren't many ads to disturb you if you are a premium member.

However, the premium plans are a bit pricey considering the overall features and member base of WellHello.

Premium members can also chat via video as there are many video chat options available for them. This site is not meant for those who are looking for serious friendships and long-term relationships.

It is perfect for those who want to meet new strangers and have sex and fun with them after a couple of dates. Therefore, you must also be ready for bold chatting and flirting when you interact with other people on the site.

Moreover, you can either register as a single or as a couple provided that you and your partner are more than 18 years old. You don’t need to create a comprehensive profile for connecting with like-minded individuals.

You can create a profile with minimum details and choose to update the other details later on.

You will have to verify your account through the email verification link that the site sends in your inbox after signing up. The site will provide a long list of your potential matches after registration. You can filter these matches based on their age, location, and few other filters.

You can also add a member to your favourite list so that you can look at his/her profile later on. The free users cannot send messages directly, but they can convey their interest by liking the photos of their crushes. 

You can also invite them to take a look at their private photos. If the other person is interested in you and is a premium user, then he/she will connect to you via message as premium members can message both free and premium account holders.

Also, there is a special feature called ‘WellHello Survey’ in which you will be asked some personal questions regarding your sex life. You also get to choose one offrom the three awards after answering all the questions which are precisely twenty in number.

Introducing: WellHello.Com - How Does it Work?

Premium users can send a kiss or flirt to the profiles that they find hot and attractive. There are many hot singles and couples here but do not forget to check the green heart icon as they might be bots as well. The premium plans can be purchased with the help of a credit card or debit card.

Premium members can also upload their favourite or private videos in their galleries.

The 'Contact Us' page has all the information related to your queries and issues as they have listed out several questions in their FAQ section. Also, there isn't any dedicated customer support service on this site apart from a couple of email addressess, which we will mention later.

Also, there are a lot of other factors that make it better to read the privacy policies of the site, especially before subscribing to a premium plan.


The trial pack is available for just $1. However, it ends in just one day, so you have to go through all the options in just 24 hours before the pack expires. The monthly premium plan is available at $30

The yearly plan is priced at $120, which seems to be far more financially feasible as it costs you only $10 per month.


  • The site allows both singles and couples to register. Therefore, it is suitable for both casual date seekers and swingers.
  • Many real profiles consist of hot men and sexy women. Also, there are a lot of bisexuals, gays, and lesbians on the site, which makes it suitable for individuals of different sexual orientations.
  • WellHello provides numerous sorting and filtering options to users. Therefore, exploring matching profiles and finding hot dates is not a challenge here.
  • The trial plan is offered at just $1. Also, the trial offer provides access to all the premium features of the site.
  • The site is compatible with smartphones and tablets.
  • You can bookmark all your favourite people and friends by adding them to your favourite list.
  • You can send a friend request to profiles that seem to be fun and interesting. Once they accept your request, you both will be visible on each other's friend's list.
  • On WellHello, access to private galleries is available but only for the selected individuals.
  • The premium users can check the people who have viewed their profile.
  • Premium members can chat with any user through messaging or video chats.
  • There are only a few details and information about each profile. Therefore, users need not provide a lot of information and personal details.


  • There are many hot and seductive men and women on this site who are bots. Therefore, if you engage with them, you need to be careful because you cannot expect anything in return. Also, these bots behave fishy at times.
  • WellHello provides only a limited number of features in the free plan.
  • The site bombards your spam and inbox with promotional emails that almost seem to be forcing you to subscribe for a premium plan. It can be quite frustrating, especially for new users.
  • There aren’t a lot of people active on the site due to its limited database of users.
  • The premium plans of other premium sites are much affordable than the premium plans of WellHello.


There are many dating apps and sites that dedicate themselves to casual fun and dating. WellHello claims itself to be a swinger club, but it is not as good and features packed with SDC (Swinger Dating Club). 

Moreover, sites like AdultFriendFinder, PlentyOfFish, etc. are more convenient for casual dating and hook-ups. Therefore, WellHello needs to up its game if it has to outperform its competitors that seem to be way ahead so far.

Customer Support

If you want to convey your issues and queries through email, then you can send an email to - [email protected]. You can also connect with the customer support executives through this email id - [email protected]

There is a form that you can fill and send to convey your issues and queries to the support team. You will find this form on the 'Contact Us' page. 

In this form, you will have to enter your username, email, and after that, you need to select the category of the issue, i.e. whether it is billing, technical or any other issue. You can also describe the issue, and after entering the Captcha code, you can submit the form.

The telephone number is 1-888-414-3752 but use this number only when you have tried all the other options.

Detailed Review on WellHello.Com~

Final Verdict

It is an excellent dating site with many features and options. However, it's premium packages are expensive and the site has itself created many bot profiles that divert your attention unnecessarily so that you get coaxed into purchasing a premium plan.

The search feature of this site works well, and you can also get a verified badge for your profile by connecting it with your Facebook profile. The site sends a lot of advertising emails as well. Apart from this, there aren't many bugs on this site, and the ads get reduced after subscribing to a paid plan.

Therefore, we would recommend this site to someone who needs to have some fun, but we also advise you to be cautious from the fake profiles. 

Parting words

There are many sites on the internet that are dedicated to casual dating and hook-ups, and WellHello is one of them. The overall reputation of the site is dicey and makes it look like a spam site. However, if you be a little careful, then nothing needs to be worried about.

You can opt for the one-day trial plan to check if WellHello is working for you or not.

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