VRCosplayX Review (2020)


You have always wanted to dress up with your partner for a steaming night! Cosplay is not an option now.

For some people, it is a necessity to enjoy a night full of vigorous lovemaking.

Oh well, now you have pornographic sites, ready to fuel up your cosplay dream to yet another level through some of the hot and imaginative videos for you.

Check out VRCosplayX, and enjoy Cosplay fetishes with some of the fantastic videos by your side.

With first content uploaded in December 2016, this site now has over 110 videos in here.

Well, no doubt to state that these videos are specialty ones and not just your regular porn.

The costumes, sexy women, lighting and perfect filming angles make every video quite memorable remember. Not only that, but some videos in here are amazing with parodies like Kill Bill, Catwoman, X-Men, Supergirl and more.

Each video has its title and sample shot, which is the perfect spoof of the real movie! Millions of sex lovers and addicts are already in love with this porn site, and this popularity is likely to grow to the next level.

The average length of the videos are of 20 minutes and mostly available in higher resolutions of 23000 Kbps, 16000 kbps, 11000 kbps, 10000 kbps and 6000 kbps MP4. So, let’s delve right into details before jumping for a subscription.

What makes VRCosplayX popular?

Right from its inception in 2016, VRCosplayX gave the idea of cosplay to a whole new level. With around 110 videos in higher resolutions, this porn site is turning all your cosplay related dreams into reality. Just like any other pornographic sites, this site has its own VR files.

You have six sections to choose from. For all the mobile videos, the file sizes are big. The smallest one is of 2GB for mobile with lower quality versions. The highest one comprises of 5.6GB for Oculus or Vive with high quality.

In between, you have other options too like Daydream VR, Gear VR, PlayStation VR and more. All you need are appropriate goggles to run them on and some time to download the entire video. You even have the liberty to stream the videos online and check out 2D versions.

You will have some of the mind-boggling videos of sexy girls in amazing costumes, all waiting to fuel up your wild fantasies. Some videos will have great hardcore moments of high quality, directed proficiently. If that wasn’t enough, the videos have binaural sound with the 180-degree turnaround.

To top it all, VRCosplayX has POV movies with comic book heroines and their sexual encounters for at least 20 minutes! The best part is that the site gets updated every week. Not only that, but you have a portion where you get to see what’s coming up next!

So, with passing time, this site is likely to grow with new cosplay movies waiting for a click!

Website Overview

Website Address: https://vrcosplayx.com/cosplaygirls

Estimated Visits Last Month: 573.02K

With 3.67 pages per visit and 52.32% bounce rate, VRCosplayX is one growing pornographic site among those who love women in their costumes.

For such people, sex is like a story which they want to delve right in.

With sexy women and their great revealing costumes, your testosterone level is surely going to hike up in no time. 

vr cosplay x lp

The average visit duration of this site is at 2 minutes 8 seconds. In terms of traffic by countries, China ranks at the top with 26.31%, followed by the USA at 22.60% and Germany at 5.49%. If you have a soft corner for comic or sci-fi characters, then VRCosplayX is one site you can never miss out.

In these hardcore porn scenes, everything from video game properties to different costumes, all are well produced for some good time alone. Even if you are with your partner and want to spice up your sex life a bit, only one video from 110 videos, will do the trick.

The limited trial for a day will cost you around $1.00, and it will rebill at $29.95. Among all the videos available on this pornographic site, around 72 of them are in 180 degrees with 60fps. Each one has 4K resolution and binaural sound.

You will come across multiple files, designed for various devices like Cardboard, PlayStation VR, Vive, Oculus and Gear VR. Each one of the videos comprises of an accompanying photo of high resolution, giving you just a glimpse of what’s waiting for you inside. 

If you want, you can easily stream directly from the site. For the novices out there, visiting the site just once, you will find a “help” section, where you will come to learn various uses of headsets. For the USA customers only, there is a free Cardboard option to sign up for as well.

The point that makes VRCosplayX completely different from the other pornographic sites has to be the inclusion of virtual reality experience, which is not just immersive but excellent at the same time!

Star Wars - A VR Porn Parody by VRCosplayX

The 3D effects of these videos are just impeccable, making you feel like you are a part of this steamy experience. You can, in the most literal sense, feel like touching that girl right in front of you. So, this kind of pornographic experience is something you have not quite experienced before!

There are separate portions allotted for memberships only. They can gain access to BaDoink VIP, where thousands of videos are available from a non-VR site like BaDoink. You will be bombarded with new videos daily! To help you find some specific videos, there you have some sorting options too.

Unfortunately, you don’t have the liberty to save favourites as there is no search engine involved. The types of content you will receive from VRCosplayX will look amazing, and everything is pretty exclusive. Well, there is no doubt that the site is regularly growing!

Right from the obscure characters to popular cosplay, all kinds of videos are readily available and are in high resolutions only.

The VRCosplayX index comprises of 90 featured girls, and they have proper introductory notes about them. To match up with the introductory points, they have amazing images. But, you might face some trouble while searching for the links or stats, or even actual gallery.

But apart from that, VRCosplayX comprises of a simplistic and excellent navigation style.

Pricing & Membership Fees

VRCosplayX comprises of a rather simplistic pricing structure that comes with one trial offer. There are two plans available; one monthly and an annual membership plan . The last monthly scheme was at $5.95 per month. The contents are quite exclusive and well made.

However, you won’t get the liberty to enjoy bonuses or extras. For the trial run, there is $1.00 limited access for a day, which recurs at $29.95 per month. There is one free download available. The monthly recurring range will be $24.95, and the yearly recurring rate is at $71.40.

You can make the payments through VISA or MasterCard. VRCosplayX does not have any independent merchant. However, you should be aware of the pre-checked cross-sells. If none required, you should check added offers to some other sites while inputting credit card information.

VRCosplayX consists of 68+ scenes with around 30 minutes approximate time. The videos are available in multiple formats, just like MP4, 15000K+, and more. The resolution is at 3840x2160, be it download or stream.

vr cosplay x banner

The best part is that you can use the videos through multiple platforms like HTV Vive, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, PSVR and Oculus Rift. All video contents from this source are exclusive, and there is no download limit as well .

There are around 62 models available on this site. For the registered members, there you have social media feeds, discounts and video captions too. The site always keeps on getting updated with new videos since videos are being added on daily basis.

So, for all your cosplay related needs, make sure to visit this pornographic site, and you need not have to choose any other name here. With new videos streaming daily and in HD quality, the numbers of users keep on growing here at VRCosplayX.

Other than video, you have 72+ picture sets, with five pictures in every set. The picture resolution is at 1600x1200, and all of them are in high resolutions. Apart from the listed points, there are added user features available from the same source.

Once you have gone through the videos, you have the liberty to rate it. Not just that but you can leave some comments too. Furthermore, you will receive some sorting options and a few tags, which will help you to find anything specific to match your mood.

But, unluckily for you, you can’t save any of your favourites. For some more details on the payments and other features of this pornographic site, don’t forget to click at https://vrcosplayx.com/ now.

Site Statistics

Most popular models: Marilyn Sugar, Jill Kassidy, Bunny Colby, Polly Pons, Emily Cutie, Hazel Moore, Kira Noir, Cherry Kiss, leyla Fiore, Lacy Lennon, Shona River, Kaisa Nord, Alyssa Reece, Zazie Skymm, Katy Rose, Jennifer White, Alex Coal, Angela White, Stacy Cruz, Sasha Sparrow, Gia Milana, Anna Polina, Kate Kennedy and more.

  • Models: 62 models, primarily USA based, ages from 18 to 30
  • Model Appearance: Mixture of black, white, Latin and Asian models, from semi-pros to pros
  • Body Types: Thin to Curvy
  • Total number of videos: 110
  • Average length of videos: 20 to 35 minutes
  • Format#1: MP4 (3840x1920; 22000k), MP4 (3840x1920; 22000k; streaming)
  • Bandwidth: Various Bandwidths available
  • Image Quantity: High Dimensions with 1500 x 1000 and mostly in portrait
  • Live Cam: Yes
  • File Size: MP4 = ~1GB-5GB in average size and HQ
  • Buffer: Around 1 to 3 seconds
  • Download limit: None
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Website Performance Scores



Image Quality

10 / 10


8 / 10


5 / 10

Content Amount

8 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10

Streaming Or Download

10 / 10


10 / 10

Bonus Score

7 / 10

Competitors of VRCosplayX

Right from 2016, VRCosplayX has been one popular name among the porn lovers, especially with a soft corner towards cosplays. This site will not just entertain you with amazing pornographic stories but will help you enjoy VR experience in the best possible manner.

You will feel like touching the woman you are watching through the monitor. But, there are some other competitive sites available as well, which are giving one tough competition. Some of those are BaDoinkVR, TMW VR Net, and VR Bangers.

With more than 365 videos already with two new releases every week, BaDoinkVR is one of the leading pornographic sites and a direct competitor to VRCosplayX. This site comprises of 1 free bonus score from network sites.

You get the opportunity to start streaming immediately with your smartphone. Unlimited downloads are now available and made compatible with major VR devices like Vive, Oculus, PSVR, Gear VR and Daydream. TMW VR Net is yet another name to rely on while enjoying virtual reality porn.

Some of the gadgets used for a full-on experience got to be Gear VR, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus, Vive, Oculus Go, Daydream, PlayStation VR and more. In case you have ever fantasized about getting surprised by your girlfriend and her other four friends in an orgy, then VR Bangers is right for you.

Here, you will enjoy the finest orgy experience with Virtual Reality to make it happen. With 6000 videos and free, easy usable desktop app, you will receive quality help from this source.


  • New and exclusive videos added daily.
  • It comprises of 110 videos, each of high-quality definition.
  • The site is rather simple and created in a neat design.
  • If needed, the users can receive support systems from the site itself.
  • The members will receive free Goggles once they have signed up the page for details.
  • The high-quality contents come with lower quality mobile files as well, which are still a large size, and each one is properly filmed.
  • The costumes used by the models are rather imaginative and will fuel up new ideas for viewers.


  • It is hard to come across free live cams, and the site had been last updated on January 2018.
  • There are no galleries available but just a few HD quality screencaps for every movie and few model shots in the index.
  • Some of the downloadable files are over 5GB in size, making them difficult to download for the slow connections.
  • There are no bonuses or extras available with this pornographic site.

Customer Support & Other Services

Not just presenting you with HD quality experiences, VRCosplayX has 24 x 7 support systems for the first-timers. Right from answering some general questions to queries related to other devices, mobile and Google Cardboard, this site has it all.

Based on the kind of device you are trying to use, the centre will help you with the setup well. If you want, you can press enquiries about the site and get a suitable answer from the site itself. For some major details on the support category, you need to click at https://vrcosplayx.com/support/.

Fill up the given online form and submit it for answers.


When it comes to cosplay porn with virtual reality experience, VRCosplayX is always the primary name popping right in your mind. With a huge collection of sexy women in their costumes, you will always have new videos to check it out.

Moreover, the VR setting will address all kinds of VR mechanisms like Oculus, Google Cardboard free of cost, Vive, Gear VR, PlayStation, Daydream and Windows Mixed reality. Once you have registered with the site, you can easily claim your free goggles.

You get the opportunity to fuck some of the cosplay girls through VR section. Some of the hottest women in the field of Cosplay porn are here, and all set to bring the legendary characters to life.

If you have a fantasy towards a comic book character, anime, or anyone from your favourite games, now you get to have a sexual encounter through VRCosplayX. These women are not just hot, but they have dressed up to kill!

You have the liberty to choose your character for a full-on fun time! With 110 videos and 72+ pictures, all in high quality, you will never get bored to use this site. Just pay for the monthly or yearly membership price, and you are all covered for some intimate time.

Parting words

Going through the details will help you to know everything about VRCosplayX in details. It will surely help you to make up your mind on its membership. If you think cosplay is your cup of tea and this site has it all for you, then best of luck for some great time ahead!

If you are quite happy with this review, keep a close watch for some more. We work hard to provide you with some best and honest porn reviews.

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