Virtual Taboo Review (2020)

Virtual Taboo

Taboo Porn is not a taboo anymore as people from across the globe seem to prefer this niche these days.

However, not many sites dedicate themselves entirely to the kinky storylines that include sex relations with step-siblings, stepmom, and stepdad.

Virtual Taboo is a site that specializes in this niche.

Moreover, it adds the effect of virtual reality which makes the scenes even more steamy and suggestive.

These scenes provide an immersive porn watching experience with the help of a 180-degree viewing angle to the users.

It has an extensive collection of non-incest hardcore scenes as well if you do not prefer incest porn. The best thing about this site is the fantastic video and audio quality. Almost every video is uploaded in 4K or 5K resolution. You will be tempted to watch the high-resolution images as well.

Most of the scenes involve a seductive taboo theme that will get you horny in seconds. For example, a lady who plays the role of your stepsister will be showering in the bathroom. At first, her assets and nude body will be shown to seduce the viewers, and then the real action will start.

You will have to imagine yourself as her stepbrother, and the camera (POV) angles help you in doing so. After exchanging some horny dialogues, the babe will allow her stepbrother to step-in the shower.

The great proximity between the characters will result in sexual tension, and they both will start making out with each other. Soon you will see her giving head and then the scene will end with some extreme pussy or anal session.

The simulating virtual and 3D effects provide a touch of reality to these clips and elevate your porn-watching experience. It is a premium porn site with no bonuses, and even the collection is also not quite huge yet.

However, with regular weekly updates, you won't have much problem in finding fresh stuff to beat your meat!

Extraordinary Features of Virtual Taboo

Virtual Taboo seems to have a precise yet straightforward name because of the type of content it offers. Most people will think that 360-degree videos are the best for virtual reality scenes. However, we beg to differ on this.

360-degree angles are ideal for getting a total view of the ambience, but it does not look real sometimes. The 180-degree viewing angle that Virtual Taboo provides is more than enough for bringing the scenes closer to reality.

The scenes of this site are compatible with most of the VR headsets. This means that you can sync the videos with VR headsets of Oculus, HTC, Samsung, or any other brand with ease.

Initially, users faced few issues while exploring this site via their smartphones, but those issues have been cleared now. Therefore, you can explore its content via any smartphone or tablet without any difficulty. They are even providing free samples to new users.

These samples contain a small section of the VR scenes, but they are good enough to give a glimpse of the dripping hot that you will find inside. Since the site is mobile-responsive, you can download the VR scenes directly on your mobile.

Therefore, you don't need to download the views on your desktop and then transfer it on your smartphones. Also, you can either subscribe to a premium plan to get complete access to its content, or you can purchase the videos individually.

However, we would suggest you go for the premium membership as purchasing videos separately can prove to be quite expensive. It also offers a lifetime membership at a reasonable price. This plan does not have any expiry date and provides unrestricted access to all its features!

The VR porn videos are exclusive and the site claims to upload up to 3 scenes per week. The models are hot enough to complement the roles of stepdaughters and stepsister step sisters perfectly. Most of the chicks are white, but you will also find some ebony babes here.

The models are mostly petite, but you will also see some voluptuous and busty milfs, especially when you watch stepmom-stepson clips. The videos are long enough to provide a satiating experience to the users.

The average length of the scenes is 35 minutes which is more than enough to kindle your lustful wishes. It also has a model index that enables you to explore the scenes model-wise. You won't find any established or popular models on this site because the focus is on making the scenes look real.

There are 187 models on the roster right now, and the numbers keep growing with every passing week. Users will find multiple ways to sort the scenes, and even tags are provided to improve their browsing experience. Users can now rate, comment, and like the videos.

A primary search option is provided to facilitate easy and smooth browsing of scenes. Each scene comes with an arousing description that informs you about its proceedings. This helps you to decide whether you need to watch it or not.

The language of the site can be changed from English to Japanese if required. They have also provided a separate page that describes how to watch the VR videos in case you are not accustomed to using VR devices.

You can also seek help from their support team in case you are facing any issue while streaming or downloading the scenes. All these features make Virtual Taboo a powerful contender when it comes to watching VR ready taboo scenes.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular categories – Anal, Taboo, Voyeur scenes
  • Total number of scenes – 250+
  • The average length of videos – 35 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 5K
  • Download limit – No
  • Are photosets available? – Yes
  • Photo slideshows – Yes
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 1920 * 1080p
  • DRM protection – No
  • Bonus content – Yes (Live XXX Cams)
  • Bonus sites - Yes
  • Model index – Yes but without bios and details
  • Updates – Weekly

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

10 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Quality Of Videos

10 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Exclusivity Of Videos

10 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

10 / 10

Overall Score

97 / 100

Website Overview

Website address

Average visits per month – 615.80K

A neat and eye-pleasing website welcomes you to the world of incest or taboo scenes.

The homepage has huge sliding banners of the hottest adult scenes of the site. These images are hot enough to catch your attention.

virtual taboo-min

After that, you will see a section devoted to the top-rated scenes of Virtual Taboo. The thumbnails are quite large and are uploaded with information such as upload date, pornstar, length of the video, downloading option, etc.

Visitors can download sample videos to see if they are compatible with their VR devices. A distinct file needs to be downloaded as per your VR device. To access the full video, you will have to purchase a premium plan.

Right now, they are promoting a bumper offer in which you can avail a monthly plan at a nominal price. After the top-rated scenes, you can see a section devoted to the recently uploaded videos. Below this section, you will find details about some of its features and advantages.

You can follow Virtual Taboo's pages on Twitter and Instagram as they have provided links at the bottom of the site. A page named 'How to Watch VR Porn' can be found at the bottom of the homepage. This page can be visited if you face some error in playing the scenes through a VR device or browser.

Stepwise instructions are provided for VR devices such as Google Cardboard, Samsung, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, etc. Visit the 'VR Videos' page if you want to surf through the entire collection of VR scenes. Here, the latest videos of the site are uploaded by default.

The videos are bifurcated in dozens of pages, and each page contains only a few scenes. You can also sort the scenes as per their ratings. To explore the best views of the site, you will have to visit the 'Best Scenes' page. Here you can surf the top-rated scenes as per its current month or year.

All-time best scenes can also be viewed using the 'All Time' filter. Members can streamline their searches by using the tags. For exploring the cards, they will have to visit the 'Tags' page. It comprises 92 tags at present, and this number can grow in the future.

All the hardcore categories such as anal sex, anal creampie, foursome, etc. are mentioned in these tags. You will also find many tickets dedicated to lesbian, threesome, and masturbation scenes.

Some tags such as twin sisters, taboo sex, stepdad, stepdaughter, stepmom, etc. are also available for those who love to watch incest sex scenes. Individuals who love to watch voyeur porn scenes can use the 'Spying' tag. To explore the model index, you will have to click on the 'Pornstars' page.

By default, famous pornstars are showcased on this page. You can browse them alphabetically as well. Sadly, you will not find any details and information about particular models. When you click on a specific model, you will only find the scenes in which she is performing.

The number of scenes in which a particular pornstar is performing is mentioned below the thumbnail of each model. The photo sets are provided alongside the videos. You will not find any other bonus content apart from the live VR cams.

For accessing the live cams, you will have to visit the 'Live VR Cams' page. However, it redirects you to another porn site called Super Chat live. You will find the primary search tool alongside this page. The joining and login pages are provided at the top right corner of the site.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Virtual Porn does not provide a trial plan to the users. However, the monthly plan can be purchased at $9.99 only, and it gives total access to all the features. The quarterly and six-monthly plans are not available, but you can directly purchase the yearly plan that is offered at just $99.99.

Pay $250 and get lifetime membership of this site. The payment for the paid packages can be processed via credit card or PayPal.


  • All types of taboo scenes are uploaded on this site. It includes stepsister, stepbrother, stepmom, stepdad, and all other types of incest porn videos.
  • The payment gateway is secure and contains no hidden fees or pre-checked offers.
  • Members do not have to struggle with advertisements while navigating through the various pages and also while watching the scenes.
  • The content of Virtual Taboo is entirely exclusive. As a result, it provides full value for your money.
  • Members can stream and download unlimited scenes and photosets every day. The photo sets can be downloaded in a zip file.
  • The layout of Virtual Taboo is clean, and navigation is hassle-free. Even the interface looks quite impressive. All these aspects enhance the user-experience by many folds.
  • Members can cancel their premium membership any time without any charges.
  • The VR scenes of this site are compatible with most of the android phones and tablets. These scenes are also compatible with almost all the VR headsets and devices.
  • All the videos are uploaded in high-quality. You can stream and download the scenes in 5K quality, and the binaural audio enables you to enjoy an immersive experience.
  • A dozen new scenes are uploaded every month. Though it is not huge, the length of the videos is sufficient enough to satisfy your sexual urges.


  • You won't get any bonus sites or free bonus content even if you are a premium user. This can upset some people as most of the premium porn sites offer access to several bonus sites along with their premium plan.
  • It provides limited searching and sorting options to the users. Even the advanced search option is not available, and the users have to rely entirely on the tags and a basic search engine.
  • This site provides limited options when it comes to support services. It doesn't even have a dedicated page for support services and FAQs. Also, you need to visit the sites of their billing partners to resolve billing queries and issues.
  • Pages like blogs, forums, and communities are not present. Therefore, there is little scope as far as user interaction is concerned.
  • Virtual Taboo has limited video collection as of now. It contains around 250 VR scenes as of today which is not huge at all especially if we compare it with the selection of other porn sites.

Competitors of Virtual Taboo

VR Bangers also has a fair amount of taboo scenes, and it provides both 360 and 180-degree VR videos. You will also see some of the hottest pornstars on this site, and the fresh ones are absolutely a treat to watch.

You also get a free VR headset if you purchase their quarterly or yearly plans. However, it does have a fair share of flaws as well. Users cannot comment and rate the clips. Its collection is also quite small, and you don't even get a search engine for exploring the scenes.

Naughty America VR also has a decent amount of stepsister and stepmom VR videos. It also provides up to 47 bonus sites which makes it worth every penny you pay for. Moreover, it can be accessed via mobiles and tablets smoothly.

However, it does not provide the option of streaming videos and only delivers 180-degree VR porn scenes as of now. These sites are on par with Virtual Taboo, but somehow Virtual Taboo seems to be a better option due to its excellent quality and steamy adult content.

Customer Support 

Virtual Taboo has limited options when it comes to support services. Users will be sad to know that they have neither provided FAQs nor will they find any opportunity to register their queries and complaints.

However, you can write an email to their support team if you are facing any issues or errors. You can use this email address to connect with their customer support executives -

Final Verdict 

The video collection of Virtual Taboo might hardly last a couple of months if you are an avid porn lover. However, you can think of subscribing to this porn portal with a lifetime plan that will not make you worried about the limited validity that the other programs have.

Parting words

Virtual Taboo is undoubtedly a hot site that hits the target with its hot babes and amazingly captured VR scenes. However, it needs to provide some bonus content and websites to entice its audience.

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