Complete Guide to Underwater Sex – Sex in the Pool

For most people, having sex in a pool or underwater is one experience to have in their bucket list.

During those hot and sultry summer months, spending time in the pool is like heaven.

So, why not add that dash of sexual pleasure to it to lift up the sensual feel?

If it is hot outside and there’s no one to share the pool except you and your partner, why not indulge in underwater sex!

If you are too bored of having sex within the vicinity of your room, why not lift up the scene a bit with some water arrangement to go with it? 

underwater sex

If you are in a rush and want to enjoy sexual pleasure while taking a dip in the pool, underwater sex is the way you might not have tried yet but should.

Sex in water will always feel adventurous and a great way to mix up and break out of a rut. In an ocean or lake, there is always a sign of exhibitionism and the risk of getting caught by strangers. You can’t say that if you have a private pool right in your backyard.

So, are you trying to enjoy some sex in a pool or hot tub? If yes, then it is always better to keep some point handy:

Try Taking the Help of Lube Always

It may sound a bit counter-intuitive, but you must know that underwater rubbing can actually reduce the natural lubrication of your body. That is enough to make sex less enjoyable. It is too common during shower sex as well. 

As your body’s natural fluids are being washed off, it is time to get hands-on the best lube. Always try out the silicone-based lube as that helps in avoiding chafing. Don’t go for the water-based ones as that get washed away very soon.

Try to be Creative Positions Underwater

Those old and lame missionary positions won’t work a bit if you are underwater. In its place, it is time to work on a vertical approach. The standing position will easily take advantage of that natural buoyancy when you are actually in the water.

You just have to wrap legs around the waist of the partner or can try out the position from behind. If you are looking for some other options, there are plenty of other points available.

Have to be Sure of the Infections

Spending a few minutes underwater won’t make you sick, but spending hours will surely do! There are some water-borne bacterial diseases and infections that are quite prevalent. However, you won’t get those infections through the penis, rectum, or vagina.

Most of the time, these infections are transferred through skin or mouth.

There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to too much pollution. Sometimes, you are caught up in the moment to have underwater sex, only to realize later the un-sanitized condition of the water. Fortunately, you will always be in the clear water.

underwater sex 2

That being said, you still need to keep a close watch on yeast infections or UTI. As it has been mentioned already, water always reduces the natural lubrication of your vagina, it might irritate your skin during sex and can further change the balance of good bacteria on the skin and vagina.

Such scenarios can easily lead to vaginal bacteria or overgrowth yeast infections. Some symptoms of it are itching and abnormal discharge. Even though it has not been proven to get UTI from underwater sex, in case the urethra remains irritated, you might get more vulnerable..

Are there any chances of getting pregnant?

Just because you have sex underwater doesn’t mean there is a lesser chance of you getting pregnant. The hot water in Jacuzzi or the chlorine in pool water won’t kill the sperm. So, safer sex rules are always applicable even if you are planning to have sex inside the swimming pool.

It helps in preventing not just pregnancy but STIs as well. If you are trying to use a condom on land, then get one to be used inside water as well.

The only issue is that having sex underwater means higher chances of the condom getting ripped off. Sometimes, it might just slip right off the penis and into water. So, you have to be very careful while thrusting into your partner. Moreover, be extra careful while taking this action in hot tubs.

A condom can also tear in a case of excessive heat.

Sex Toys Can Bring in the Glam as Well

So what if you are planning to have sex underwater? That doesn’t mean that sex toys are forbidden. In fact, the market houses some specified sex toys, designed to be used mostly underwater. For example, try out the Waterdancer Vibrator, which is a great invention.

You can even go for the Fin Finger Vibe, as another noteworthy option to consider. These products are pretty small in size and easier to carry.

Not only that, but these items can be easily manoeuvred underwater. The male partner can try out the vibrating cock ring for a change, it helps in spicing up the sexual pleasure to a whole new level! Another interesting sex toy with loads of possibilities will be the Tenga SVR Cock Ring.

Remember About the physical limitations too

It is mandatory for you to note that underwater sex is proven to be quite slippery in nature, and can easily lead to some disastrous injuries.

So, to avoid being a victim while enjoying sex in the pool, you have to have a good grip on the ground and should not lose your footing. 

Slipping and hitting something is too common while having sex underwater. 

underwater sex positions

It will be better if most of your sex activity is restricted to the bedroom. Even though some people might be against this norm, you might need to wear gripped shoes while planning to have sex underwater. 

Moreover, try to keep a safe distance from the deeper areas of swimming pools. If you are trying sexual activity in a swimming pool, then you might have to get hold of the rails located beside the ring. Hold onto it and maintain your balance for a steady sexual feel underwater.

In case you have that modernized swimming pool with an in-built heater, be sure to keep a check on the temperature.

A complete no-no to public sex

You should practice underwater sex only if you have a private swimming pool, Jacuzzi, or hot tub under your name. Public sex is an illegal offence and might land you in jail and may lead to hefty fines as punishment.

So, try out this only when you possess a swimming pool in your backyard and are pretty sure that no one will see you in action. In case you don’t have one such pool and desperately want to try underwater sex, try booking a villa or condo with a private swimming pool.

This way, you can satisfy your craving for having sex underwater and don’t have to bother about what others will say.

Try out underwater foreplay for a Change

Even though underwater sex is exciting and adventurous, it has its share of limitations as well. So, why not try out underwater foreplay by chance? Take complete advantage of this amazing playful environment and tease your partner with prolonged caresses inside the swimming pool.

Hold onto each other tightly and start kissing your partner when both of you are underwater. Submerge your body in the cool water, and start caressing one another completely. It will be conducive to move the area of your activity to the nearest bedroom as things get spicier.

What to expect as the first-timers?

If you haven’t been part of underwater sex before, then this method is relatively new no matter how many times you have been into a physical relationship. It is common for you to be nervous. Just because the water is wet, that doesn’t mean you will have the same feel.

  • One big misconception among people is that since it is the water body you are dealing with; everything might be sliding together smoothly. The reality is somewhat quite the opposite.
  • Water makes it really hard to penetrate if the vagina isn’t wet. Water will wash off your natural lubricant easily.

Ways to make underwater sex pretty fun

The only art to enjoy underwater sex is by compromising. Just being in the water isn’t that much fun unless you add sex in the scene. So, always be sure to keep some towels handy if you are too hot to keep the action underwater anymore.

Place the dry towel at the side of the pool and then slide out of the water to reach on top of the dry land for taking sex to the next level.

If you are 100% sure to keep the sex act restricted underwater, only then, make sure to improve the sexual experience. You can make it more enjoyable by introducing some of the best underwater sex toys to try out with, use of silicone-based lubes is a must.

Columbia Sex Pool Party

Keep the things really clean down there

Some people are petrified of catching water diseases by exposing their private parts underwater. There are some steps that will help keep things really clean down there. First of all, just make it a golden thumb rule to not have sex in public water bodies.

If you have a swimming pool at your place or a hot water Jacuzzi, then underwater sex is should be on your wish-list.

  • Your shower and even your bathtubs are probably safe when it comes to water-borne illnesses. However, for that, you have to maintain the cleanliness of the pool or bathtub at a regular interval.
  • Even if you have a private pool at your backyard but never got the chance to clean it up, then having sex in that swimming pool is equivalent to using a public water body.

Even though using the private swimming pool is safe, that doesn’t lower the chances of catching UTI mainly because of vaginal dryness. In case the penis is thrusting in and out of your vagina, and there’s no lube to make this process easier, you will feel slight dryness over there.

Ignoring that dryness for too long will result in vaginal tears, yeast infections, or even bacterial vaginosis. Therefore it won’t matter when do you plan to have sex underwater, keeping a lube handy should be your first priority.

Some promising sex toys for your underwater venture

This isn’t the first time you have heard of underwater sex. It has been a dream of yours and now, with your own swimming pool, this dream is about to turn into reality. You and your partner stark naked and underwater are enough to heat up the sensations.

But, if you are trying to spice things up a bit, why not implement some underwater sex toys into action? The market houses some of the best sex toys, most of which are designed to improve your underwater sex experience.

  • 3-speed massager vibrator - An amazing product from Lovehoney, this $30 3-speed massager vibrator comes with the three-speed motor. It will surely make those pool times more fun and interesting, especially with the dotted sides for that extra texture.
  • Bumpy Vibe - If you are looking for a vibrator with little texture on its sides, this Bumby Vibe is one for you to watch out for. This motor comes with multiple speeds, which makes the final result powerful. So, there’s no need to worry about anyone hearing you while having sex underwater, using this tool. This product is just $20!
  • Couple’s Pleasure Cage - A sex toy within your budget $30, Couple’s Pleasure Cage comes with three built-in rings for penises and a vibrating bullet to complete the package. Hence you can use it during any of your underwater activities in future.
  • Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator - An ultimate product from Lovehoney costing at $50, Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator is another amazing partner to help your underwater sex life shine to it’s fullest. You can trigger any one of the six different patterns or speeds, just to match your flexible needs. This pocket-sized sex toy is perfect for your clitoral sensation, giving you that “ah” factor you have been focusing at.
  • Nirvana 350 Triple Stimulator - Another interesting item from Adam & Eve, Nirvana 350 Triple Stimulator, will cost you just $45, but the experience is worth thousands of dollars, to say the least. It is a vibrator powerhouse which comes handy with three different stimulators just at once.
  • Silicone Finger Vibe - A small and cheap sex toy for your underwater venture, this Silicone Finger Vibe from Too Timid is just $17. Fingering while you are in the pool is a soothing experience always, but adding a bit of vibration to it will increase the pulse to a whole new level.
  • Extra Quiet Clitoral Vibrator - Lovehoney is known to house some of the best masterpieces in terms of sex toys, and the same rule is applicable to Extra Quiet Clitoral Vibrator. Available at $25, this vibrator is known for its super quiet nature of work. This clitoral vibrator is surely going to look like a vagina and will fit the tightness of your clitoral wall well.
  • A&E Love Bullet - If you have just $10 in your pocket and want to have a blast with the best underwater sex toy within that budget, A&E Love Bullet from Adam & Eve is the finest choice to make. This petite looking millennial pink bullet is not just cute to look at but extremely powerful.
  • Womanizer Plus - If you do have some big bucks to spare, then go for the Womanizer Plus from Adam & Eve now. Yes, it is true that it costs you a whopping $209, but every single penny is worth the service you will get from this item. Not just while inside the swimming pool, but this item is great to use while taking a shower. Who needs a partner for some sensual fun when you got this device by your side? This device is all you need.
  • Tongue Vibe - Costing you a mere 6 bucks, Tongue Vibe is easily available from Amazon and can be purchased by anyone. As understood from the name itself, it is a tongue vibrator, which will make those swimming pool sessions even more promising and fun. You can’t wait to jump straight into the pool all over again with this vibrating tongue by your side.
  • Waterproof silicone anal beads - Want to have that amazing anal fun while taking a shower or in the pool? If so, then this stunning anal bead set is the one for you. It is not just waterproof in nature but comes with a silicone base, making it easier to enter that hole. This toy is for everyone and is available at the cost of just $23!
  • Realistic vibrator - Everyone loves a good big penis with maximum girth as that helps to feel the presence. How about trying out the realistic 8-inch vibrator from Lovehoney? Costing you at just $25, this vibrator is not just waterproof but will give you the exact girth you want in a penis. This lavender penis is strong and durable. The only issue is that it isn’t discreet enough. Due to its big 8-inch size, it is hard to transport this item discreetly.
  • Vibrating Multi-stage penis ring - A promising item from Adam & Eve, this Multi-stage Vibrating Penis Ring is a perfect gift for your man to spice up his underwater sex life. If he is a die-hard fan of a penis ring, this product is a one that he should try working out on. It won’t cost you more than just $20.
  • Clit suction vibe silicone - Another interesting item from Too Timid, the silicone-based Clit Suction Vibe is a bit costly when compared to other products but worth the choice. It is a perfect item to use and show some love to your clitoris. This erotic suction stimulator is amazing for anyone to use, and the result are beyond explanations.
  • Vibrating wireless nipple clamps - Why should only your vaginas have all the fun? What about those rock hard nipples? Don’t they need some love and attention from you as well? So, let’s think about those two points, and it will lead you towards Wireless Vibrating Nipple Cramps from Adam & Eve, at $30. You can use it with the vibrating penis and your entire body will vibrate with the speed and change in charges. Due to their wireless nature, you can use them anytime anywhere you desire.

Pros associated with underwater sex

This isn’t your first time when you are trying to enjoy underwater sex with your partner. With so many thoughts and advice, it is really hard to determine if underwater sex is exactly what you need to focus on. Well, you don’t need to worry about that much, as underwater sex has its own share of pros to it.

  • It is not hard to state that your body is way more buoyant when you are having sex underwater. It becomes easier for you to wind legs around your partner’s body easily that you couldn’t get a grip of while on land.
  • Privacy is another major factor to consider. If you own a private pool, then that’s a great way to start playing underwater with one another. Most of the time, there are partitions or walls to protect your private property from that of neighbours. So, try to position your swimming pool accordingly, just to help you enjoy ultimate privacy.
  • You have the entire right to stretch out freely and explore the swimming pool entirely while trying to stimulate and arouse one another. Whether you are trying hands on the smaller pool or a larger one, you will have enough space to move around and enjoy your share ofsex underwater.

Always be sure to address underwater sex in a private swimming pool and not associate it with a public pool.

Even though it might be exciting to avoid getting caught in this action, but having sex in a public place is completely illegal. Your entire sexual experience will come to a sudden halt if you get arrested for  public sex which is also considered as an act of indecency!

Cons revolving the World of underwater sex

Well, you are super pumped and excited to try out swimming pool sex after checking out the advantages.

However, there are some legitimate cons available when it comes to having sex in water. Just like presenting you with some reasons to try this method once in life, there are some points you need to be cautious about. The swimming pool sex is not always romantic.

Waterproof Sex Toys

  • Even though most people think about it otherwise, water is not exactly the right kind of lube you need for sexual activity. Contradictory enough, it might wick away the natural lubricant that you possess along with oil, making the vagina quite dry. Don’t live under a misconception that sex underwater doesn’t cause rashes and dryness.
  • It is really hard to come across any swimming pool water, which is a spermicide. Not even hot tub or chlorinated pool water can kill sperm and save you from pregnancy. Some people might think that they don’t need protection as the pool will kill the sperm residue, but that’s the worst myth you could have possibly come across. Unprotected sex underwater can also lead to pregnancy.
  • If you are planning to have sex underwater, it is exposing you and even your partner to the unwanted world of infections by parasites and bacteria which might enter the vagina during sex.
  • What most people don’t know is that the chlorine in the pool will weaken the material used for manufacturing condoms. So, the chances of breakage while having sex underwater are too common. It further increases the chances of transmitting STDs too, apart from making a woman pregnant.
  • If you are trying to use a water-based lubricant in the pool, it will easily wash away when it comes in contact with water. That can easily result in pain and dryness, which you don’t want to encounter.

Even though there are fair shares of cons to underwater sex, multiple solutions are also there.

If you can follow the norms as mentioned already, it will lead to happy sex all the way. There won’t be any condom breakage or chances of you getting infected at all! For this, you just have to follow certain steps:

Swimming pool sex positions

With summer months approaching, the chances are high that you will be spending most of your time underwater.

With a private swimming pool in your backyard, nothing seems more pleasant than spending hours in the pool. If you have your partner in town, why not take the sexual actions underwater? Here are some of the common pool positions that you must try:

Tawdry Tube

In this position, let your guy sit with his legs hanging from the side of the edge and in an inner tube.

Straddle on his lap then and slowly make a move by sliding through his penis after facing him.

Use his shoulder for support, and when he is completely inside you, just push him away and bring him back forth!

As per his choice, the intensity and hotness may increase by just holding your waist and adjusting onto further.

tawdry tube

The Randy Raft

Here, you need to make a climb onto an imaginary raft first and always head for shallow water for this position.

Lie on stomach with legs and butt hanging by the side. It is time for your man to pick up your thighs and then push you from behind.

This position is more or less comparable to the doggy style and allows for an extremely deep penetration.

randy raft

Hot Tub Hug

Here, let your guy sit on something (maybe a chair) with his legs spread slightly.

Then he needs to lean back and stretch out his arms as he is taking some rest on the tub’s edge.

Now, it is time for you to straddle him and face him with feet on the exact same position and thrust his penis by pushing yourself in.

You can hold his shoulder for keeping support.

hot tub sex

Enjoy a unique experience

So, next time you are making plans to enjoy underwater sex, keeping these points in mind will immensely help you. Right from the precautionary measures, you need to take note of some of the sexual positions to consider, you have to follow all these points well.

Just take some time to go through the myths and invite others to understand more about underwater sex. This will be a new arena of enjoyment for you and you must research more in order to have more fun.

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