Underhentai Review (2020)


Under Hentai has only Hentai porn content and the site was launched  seven years back.

Since then, the site has uploaded many Hentai porn videos, along with exceptional picture galleries.

Even though the videos are only available in Japanese language, but we didn’t mind it at all because the plot is not  difficult to understand though there are no subtitles. 

However, English subtitles would have made us give this site a full ten on ten.

Under Hentai follows DMCA guidelines strictly, and the regular content update has made us extremely happy.

We get to see some grade A anime content for free with just one membership.

With the galore of adult sites readily available on  internet, there is one particular genre that is making its rounds around the corner, and that is Hentai porn. It is quite surprising to think why would anyone be interested in cartoon/animated porn when there are real people making porn content in every nook and corner of this world.

But we guess, that’s what people are interested in; availing more and more genres to get their hands dirty on.

Talking about Hentai, we have reviewed Under Hentai, checked the website, its pros and cons, how the navigation of the website is, and a lot more so that we can give you a detailed depiction of this site.

Under Hentai is a dedicated and premium Hentai porn site created by some of the top Japanese professional studios. Studios like Pink Pineapple and Antechinus are some of the names which produce these vibrant and exceptional Hentai content, which are way better than what you get to see in some of the amateur Hentai porn sites and trust us on this, the site offers an array of adult content that you cannot handle.

Under Hentai website is genuinely one of the internet’s largest repositories with a massive collection of Hentai porn videos and photo galleries. The site will give you a taste of some of the bizarre porn fetish, that you might not even think of.

The moment we landed on Under Hentai, we were welcomed with more than ten porn videos. Even Live action porn can’t come close to this site because there  is a ton of porn content available here.

If you have a thing for fantasies and love watching weird porn content, then Under Hentai is your go-to place. You will get to see demons groping a schoolgirl with its tentacles on a train and more, only if that suits your fetish.

The content is simply mind-blowing, and we can only imagine how creative  rest of the porn content will get. There  is a dime a dozen situations, which will get you hooked to your seat and you will feel like coming back to Under Hentai again and again.

And when we say that the content is vast, we mean it.

What makes Under Hentai popular?

There are many reasons why Under Hentai is so popular. First of all, no other Hentai porn site has as many collections as Under Hentai. There are close to  thousand adult videos and photo galleries on the site. The website looks neat and sleek. Each of these videos will yet again have multiple episodes.

Some of the episodes are broken down into seasons as well. Remember Netflix series; it is almost the same; the only difference is that Under Hentai has only porn content. The content is of high-quality and  cartoons are drawn by professional artists making it even more eye-pleasing.

To sum up in one sentence, everything is good about Under Hentai. Under Hentai keeps uploading fresh content regularly. For a few people, regular updates might not seem to be a problem, but those who are  hardcore fans of Under Hentai will tell you that daily updates are  must.

The site uploads new content in every few days, and if you get completely hooked to the site, then you can take a look at the upcoming releases as well to break your anticipation.

Yet again, be careful where you watch these upcoming releases because you won’t be able to control your hands, rubbing your cock. Once you visit the site, you will see an ocean full of huge tits all over the place.

If you don’t understand Japanese, then you might run into some problems, because none of the episodes  are in  English language,  not even the titles. That’s the only problem we encountered with this website. You  need to depend on the thumbnails. ​

If you like what you see, then go on and click on it to watch the full episode. But, if you enjoy surprises, then yes, Under Hentai has a lot of things that will indeed surprise you for better. One thing that captured our attention is the category page.

So, instead of teens, the site has loli as a category, and instead of MILFs or mature, the standard categories that you will find in most of the porn websites, you will see, demon, succubi, elves, and vampires here. The category page is enticing.

Other than that, you can sort out the porn content by month, most popular stuff of the week or even year. If you are a newbie to Hentai porn, then you should start with Under Hentai.

We will recommend you to take a look at the home page, click on a few videos, watch them and if you like what you see, proceed with  different categories. Don’t worry, categories are mentioned in  English language.

Eventually, when you get the hang of the site, you will find yourself investing a lot of time on Under Hentai, that you will not feel like leaving your bedroom at all. That’s what this site does to you. You will end up looking for more and more categories to please yourself.

The website can be viewed on the mobile phone as well. You  won’t have any difficulty in browsing the site on the mobile phone.

Website Overview

Website Address: https://www.underhentai.net/

Estimated last month visit: 4.8M

Under Hentai site is genuinely the best place to watch Hentai comic porn.

The site offers a massive photo-collection along with high-quality Hentai porn videos.

The site has kept everything very simple and straightforward, making it easier for visitors to find what they wish to see.

Under Hentai has kept its website very clean and straightforward. The navigation is easy breezy. 

underhentai lp

However, for those who are new to the site, it could be too bare-bones, mainly because there are too many videos. The site doesn’t have any community forum, and the main page doesn’t show you any pictures, as well. There will be thumbnails about the scenes you will get to watch.

Once you enter the site, you will be bombarded with lots of video galleries. Each video gallery has the name of the video. Right on top of the site, you will see three bars, click on that to open the category page.

The significant categories Under Hentai have are genres, new release, uncensored gallery, random videos, and the top videos.

You can click on any of them to view their content. If you are looking for no-nonsense content, then you  must click on uncensored gallery, and if you are someone who always likes to check out the most popular content first, then “Top” category will be the right choice for you.

After you are done searching for the right video, and you  got what you like, go on and click on that. The video will have information such as the title,  studio,  box art, and also which genre the video belongs to. Along with all that you can enter your vote as well.

Each video comes with a video download link. You will see the number of videos, the format of the video and also the size of the video. If you wish to download the video, you mayon the “Watch” option to start streaming the content.

Even if you don’t pay for the exclusive Under Hentai offer, you can watch some of the videos for free. However, not every video is free to view or download. The video will be available in MP4 and MKV formats for downloading.

If you have a torrent on your computer, then our recommendation is to go with the torrent option to download the content.

The videos are 100% dedicated to Hentai porn only, so don’t expect to see real people banging one another. Speaking about different categories, Under Hentai will not disappoint you at all. When we clicked on genre category, we saw a myriad of genres.

Some of the genres that you would be interested in are large breasts, maids, demons, bondage, anal, footjob, loli, masturbation, nurses, students, vampires, teachers, yuri, and more. The site was launched in 2012, so some of the Hentai porn content will be old as well.

Even though the site offers a massive amount of content, you  need to accept a few drawbacks too. One thing that bothered us after a while is that none of the videos are available in  English language.

This might be a little turn off for those who want to understand what the characters are saying to get into the mood. Other than that, we don’t have any issue with Under Hentai.

Pricing & Membership Fees 

Most of the content here at Under Hentai is free to watch.

If you are interested in watching some of its exclusive content, then you can register yourself with just $1.00. What is interesting about the site is that  it is sleek, and  offers frequent releases, the quality is fantastic, and you can stream all the content within just a few seconds.

The anime porn content that you get to watch on other adult sites is nothing in comparison to Under Hentai. Most of the materials that you will find here are high-quality professional anime porn videos. Some of the videos do come along with English subtitles, but not all  the videos have it.

So, you are on your own. Then downloading and streaming is smooth too. The site is also free from unnecessary ads. Unless you are a genuine anime porn fan, then you might not want to check it out, however, if you are, then Under Hentai is going to be a paradise for you.

At just $1.00, you get access to unlimited porn content and bonus sites as well, which is an add-on. The site offers a massive range of categories to choose from, which means you are not going to have any trouble switching from one genre to another.

The high-quality porn is going to get you hooked to your seats, for sure. To subscribe, you need to click on the subscribe page, which is on the bottom of the website. You can register through your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. Or else, you can enter your email ID and password to register.

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Models: There are no models as such because Under Hentai has Hentai porn only, and the site displays cartoon characters
  • Models: 100% Hentai characters
  • Body Type: Most of the Hentai characters are fair, and they have massive breasts and asses
  • Total number of videos: More than 5000
  • Average Length of videos: 30 minutes
  • Bandwidth: Many
  • Image Quality: All the videos are available in high definition
  • File size: 255 to 300 MB
  • Buffer: 1-2 seconds
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Website Performance Scores



Image Quality

9 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10

Content Amount

10 / 10


7 / 10

Download/ Streaming

10 / 10


7 / 10

Competitors of UnderHentai

Just like Under Hentai, the internet is loaded with many Hentai dedicated porn sites as well.

Since this niche is quite popular; it is evident that there will be sites as good as Under Hentai. Talking about the competitors of Under Hentai, we think there are three Hentai dedicated sites, which are giving a fierce competition to Under Hentai.

The sites that we feel are equally performing well are Naughty Machinima, ZZCartoon, and Hentai Fox. These three sites also have a good number of fan followers.

Naughty Machinima currently stands at 11,652 at global ranking, and the site had 3.7M visitors last month.

For those who love to watch anime porn, Naughty Machinima is a paradise. The site is capable enough to lure you because it offers a massive collection of porn videos and mostly in 3D. There are over 18000 clips to choose from and around 2000 pictures.

The site offers free downloading in different formats, and the mobile site is available also.

Next on our list is ZZCartoon, which has 4.8 M visitors last month and the site is ideal for those who are into Hentai and Futanari anime porn. The site offers a lot of categories and the thumbnails are enough to lure you into clicking on them.

The  site has a lot of verities, and the quality of each video is even better. There are some fantastic filter options, as well.

Finally, let’s talk about Hentai Fox. The site had 7.7M visitors last month.

Now, that’s a lot. The site offers comic series porn and videos, and this is one of the best anime porn sites. The content of Hentai Fox is quite steamy, and  it is a reliable site as well. The site has a massive and enjoyable collection.


  • The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Under Hentai has a lot of genres to choose from
  • All the contents are available in high-definition
  • The website can also be viewed on the mobile phone as well
  • Under Hentai is a dedicated hentai porn site
  • The site contains over 5000 videos and many photo galleries
  • Viewers can stream and download unlimited contents


  • Some videos do contain ads, which can be disturbing
  • The videos are available in only Japanese language
  • The games of Under Hentai can take a lot of time to load

Customer Support

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any dedicated support page for Under Hentai. There are no additional tabs for support.

We don’t think you will face any problems in viewing the site, also if you would want to try the exclusive content, then you only need to pay $1.00. Otherwise, the contents are free to watch and download.


We recommend Under Hentai to everyone who enjoys anime porn. Under Hentai has a massive collection of Hentai porn content to make your hands dirty. You can surf the website on your mobile phone too, and the loading speed is fast as well.

The site is easy to understand, and you can filter the content. Anyone who is into anime porn should try Under Hentai.

Parting words

This is our review on Under Hentai. Do give it a try if you love anime porn and for more adult sites review, keep coming back to us because we review adult sites regularly. Until our next review, have fun with Under Hentai.

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