Complete Guide on Types of Dildos (2020)

You are a connoisseur of remarkable sexual experiences, and you can't wait to get your hands on the latest and the greatest sex toys.

However, the choices in the market can overwhelm even the best of the fans.

That is why we thought of making your sexual life a bit easier by bringing you the complete guide on types of dildos.

First, we are going to cover some necessary information on dildos that will let you pick the right one for your sexual fantasy, followed by the best dildos that are available in the market.

Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo-min

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Dildos are the best and are designed in a way that hits all the right chords once you start using them. But to let them work just the way you want it; you first need to understand what you are seeking from the dildo.

  • Do you focus more on the G-spot?
  • Do you want your dildo to give you an experience of a lifetime?
  • Do you want to feel firm and want a dildo that is made of soft material?

So these were few questions that one should ask themselves before purchasing a dildo. Now, let's get into real stuff needed to focus while buying a dildo.

Picking the right texture and Size

If you are a beginner, you may want to go with a small and simple dildo. You can always proceed with the twisted designs once you are ready for the multiple options. A smooth dildo will give you a real-life experience.

If you are one of those women who want a real sensual experience with their sex toy, you should better go with a dildo that looks exactly like a penis. However, if you have had sex with multiple partners, we bet you already know what dildo size would be best for you.


There is a myriad of options available for you in the market. Let's say, you like G-spot stimulation, then you have to choose a dildo accordingly that will hit the right spot. The dildos that hit your G-spot will be labeled as such. These dildos generally have a curved shape.

These are designed in this shape to make sure that the dildo hits the G-spot effortlessly and efficiently. Then, there are some women who prefer anal pleasure. For anal sex, the shape of the dildo will also matter. Choose one that comes with a flared base or a handle.

Vibration or non-vibrating dildos

Another feature that you may want to look while buying dildo is vibrating dildos. If you want to have a real sexual experience, vibrator toys might not be that important. However, some women love the sensation they get from a vibrating sex toy.

You need to decide which one works for you because you know it better. The vibrator dildo gives you the best of both world experience because you have the option to let the toy vibrate while its inside. But the best part of these vibrating dildos, you ask? Super and extreme orgasms.

Types of Dildos Available in the Market

Realistic dildos

Our pick: The RealDoll Real Cock 2

Price: $499.00

A realistic dildo is exactly what you think it will be like. It resembles a penis shape.

The touch and feel of realistic dildos are almost the same as the real one. It has the veins and the ridges that you can expect in a real penis.

The good news is, realistic dildos are available in different sizes and shapes.

You can pick the one that you want and which meets your expectations.

Realistic dildos are ideal for those who are interested in having actual sex like experience and not just penetration. 

realdoll real dick 2 - 2

Married or not, if you live far away from your partner, a realistic dildo will serve your needs well. If you want a cock that looks real and gives you real-life experience, look nowhere else  and buy the Real Cock 2.

It is a bit expensive but built with medical-grade silicone that is safe to use in intimate parts. The color, feel, and look of this sex toy looks amazingly real.

Double-ended dildos

Our pick: The Ice Gem Realistic Double-Ended Dildo

Price: $34.99

When it comes to double the fun, double-ended dildos are the best. They are generally long and very flexible.

Most of the double-ended dildos will be long enough and flexible to give you amazing double penetration.

You can use it all alone or go for twice the fun. Double-ended dildos are also available in different shapes and styles.

If you and your partner like to have fun with sex toys together, this one could be the best choice.

This sex toy can be used by two men, two women, or a man and a woman.

Ice Gem Realistic Double-Ended Dildo

This double-ended sex toy is 18-inch long and made with realistic texture. It is large enough to penetrate both the holes. The dildo is very flexible, making it easy for you to try it in different positions. The color is clear and is versatile to use irregardless of your gender.

Squirting Dildo

Our pick: The Big Shot Squirting Vibrating Dildo

Price: $129.95

If you like to have the feeling of ejaculation inside you, you can think about buying squirting dildos.

It is super realistic and does the job perfectly. The purpose of squirting dildos is to mimic ejaculation.

They look real, and they take realistic sex experiences one-step further. These dildos include fake ejaculation.

The kit will consist of a pump, fill it up with the liquid, and once you are fully satisfied with the experience, let the real-life penis toy ejaculate inside you, just like your partner does.

Our favorite pick for squirting dildo is ‘The Big Shot Squirting Vibrating’ Dildo.

big shot squirting vibrating dildo

It is easy to use and ejaculates inside you in just three seconds. The suction cup that comes along lets you enjoy the hands-free play. There are different vibration settings as well that will enable you to pick the right vibration to satisfy your need.

Strap-on dildos

Our pick: The Life like Lover Realistic Pleasures Dildo Kit

Price: $70.11

Dildos are essential not just for women but for men too, who like to add some fun to their lives.

The good part about these strap-on dildos is that they come in different types.

If you like the idea of roleplaying, strap-on dildos can be the best thing to go for.

Some will come in an underwear shape, while others have straps.

No matter what type of style you pick for yourself, you need to strap them on to your body by a harness. 

Life like Lover Realistic Pleasures Dildo Kit

This way, the dildo will be attached to your body. Strap-on dildos are best for role reversal play and pegging. If you are curious about how your sexual partner will feel during penetration, strap-on dildo will give you a chance to experience that feeling.

If you have a female partner, have fun with her by penetrating both her vagina and anal. Just like any other sex toy, the only limit here is the imagination. The Life like Lover Realistic Pleasures Dildo Kit will come with three dildos, each with a different size.

One is 8-inch long and gives you a realistic sexual experience, while the next is a 6-inch vibrating toy and comes with three different speeds for better penetration.

Anal dildos

Our pick: The Jollipops Smooth Anal Dildo

Price: $24.95

Even though dildos are meant for both anus and vagina, it is essential to choose the right sex toy, particularly for your anus.

The anal canal is different than the vagina, and that's why you must select the right anal sex toy.

Also, if you are not used to anal play, it can become quite intimidating.

The sensation you will get through anal penetration will be completely different.

Many people are even scared to try anal penetration. That's why we recommend anal dildo.

Jollipops Smooth Anal Dildo

Even if you have never had anal sex before, the pleasure you will get from anal penetration will give you immense pleasure. Most of the anal sex toys will come with a flared base. This way, you will have full control over how much you would like the dildo to get inside.

If you want to have a safe anal penetration, try ‘The Jollipops Smooth Anal’ Dildo. The material used in this toy is TPE material, and it is 6-inch long. It has a curved shaft that comes with  a base and is designed to hit the prostate.

Vibrating dildo

Our pick: The Life-like Lover Classic Realistic Dildo Vibrator

Price: $41.98

Vibrating dildos comes with a battery attached to it.

Vibrating dildos give you an altogether different experience, and it makes your overall sexual adventure more intense.

They are very popular mainly because they take the climax to an entirely new level.

Some will come with the vibrating mechanism attached inside the toy, while the others will come with remote control.

These vibrating toys can be used with and without the vibration as per your needs.

Life-like Lover Classic Realistic Dildo Vibrator 2

The Life-like Lover Classic Realistic Dildo Vibrator gives you a realistic feeling and is quite flexible. The toy has ten different vibration settings. You can set it up as per your satisfaction. The length is perfect for every woman and will let you enjoy your session just the way you want it.

Large dildos

Our pick: The King Cock Extra Girthy Ultra Realistic Dildo

Price: $56.98

Large dildos are best for those ladies for whom size does matter.

These dildos will be six to nine-inch long, and these sex toys are best for those who are used to enjoy long penises.

These dildos promise you to give extreme orgasms and they are known for their girth and length.

The only downside that you might face is that your male partner might get jealous.

If you are looking for a long dildo, then buy ‘The King Cock Extra Girthy Ultra Realistic Dildo’, which is 9.5-inch long. 

King Cock Extra Girthy Ultra Realistic Dildo

It gives you a realistic sexual experience. This dildo has life-like veins as well. You can attach the strong suction cup on any smooth surface that you want and have fun with it.

Glass dildo

Our pick: The Adam & Eve Twisted Love Glass Dildo

Price: $21.75

Glass dildos come with a glass body and are designed to give you a pleasurable penetration.

Many women wonder why they should opt a glass material when there are real life-like dildos available in the market.

The main reason why you should go for a glass dildo is that they give you a firm feel and looks really attractive.

These sex toys must be the best choice for lesbians who like penetration, but don't like the idea of a penis getting inside them. Plus, glass dildos are easy to clean as well.

adam & eve twisted love glass dildo

The Adam & Eve Twisted Love Glass Dildo looks sleek, and the size is right. The ribbed design will tantalize your sensations. It is designed to hit your G-spot. The other end of this dildo can be used for butt play.

Tips for using your dildo

Once you pick the right dildo for yourself, it is time for you to ensure that you have the best experience using it. Here are some useful tips:

Go solo first

If you are new to dildos, you better start solo to avoid any embarrassment unless your partner wants to try it with you. It is better to learn before trying anything with someone else. Here's the thing, when you will use the dildo alone, you will feel less conscious about yourself.

You can use this time to see what makes you happy, what kind of sensation do you like the most. You must know what makes you feel the best so that you can keep trying that again and again.

Be ready

If you think that just because you have a dildo now, you can penetrate whenever you want, you would be surprised to know that things may not be that easy. It's the same as having sex with your partner. You need to be turned on, only then you will get to enjoy dildo penetration.

Try masturbating as you usually do before you put it inside. Be in a relaxed mood and be in a comfortable position. We recommend using a lubricant before entering the dildo inside you. That would be safe.

Go slow

If you are a newbie, you need to go slow with your dildo. No matter what type of dildo you have, rushing will do no favor. Start penetrating it gently and experiment with slow strokes. Increase the speed with time only when you are ready for the climax.


Once you become used to the feel of the dildo, you can try using different dildos that are available in the market. The dildo that you will buy is here to give you pleasure, and you can try rubbing it inside you the way you want it. The only thing to remember here is to be gentle.

You can try mild and slow strokes, then proceed with more prolonged and deeper thrusts. Try everything to have the best experience. And if you would like to include your partner, you can talk to your partner about the same.

Try different positions

The usual way to use the dildo is to lie on your back and gently insert the dildo inside your vagina. However, there are experimental women who like to try different sexual positions. Don't shy away when you play with your sex toy.

If you have a lesbian partner, you can ask her to wear the strap-on dildo to try doggy style. You can also go more in-depth with the dildo if you wish. There is a lot to try. In case there is a suction cup attached with the dildo, put it anywhere on a flat surface, and enjoy the ride.

Try different positions

The usual way to use the dildo is to lie on your back and gently insert the dildo inside your vagina. However, there are experimental women who like to try different sexual positions. Don't shy away when you play with your sex toy.

If you have a lesbian partner, you can ask her to wear the strap-on dildo to try doggy style. You can also go more in-depth with the dildo if you wish. There is a lot to try. In case there is a suction cup attached with the dildo, put it anywhere on a flat surface, and enjoy the ride.

How to maintain your dildo?

The vagina is a sensitive area, and we recommend cleaning the dildo properly every time you use it. Vaginal infection is not uncommon, and a dirty dildo can cause vaginal infection easily. Try not to take any risk. Taking care of your sex toys will let you enjoy sexual penetration securely and for the long term.

Always clean the dildo before using it

Once you buy your favorite dildo, don't use it right away. Give it a good rinse. Ensure that the dildo is safe to use even if it is brand-new. After you are done using it, you should make sure to rewash it. You can use soap and water, or else there are sex toy cleaners available.

Lube material

It is always recommended to use lubricant on the dildo so that it gets inside the vagina easily. Use a lube that is compatible with the sex toy you are using. Also, don't interchange the sex toy from the vagina to anus while using it. It is not hygienic.

Don't let your vaginal toys touch your anal toys because it can spread contaminants. Have safe sex, and be careful.

Store them properly

Always keep your sex toys free from dust and lint. Have a proper storage space for them where the dildos will be safe.

Also, keep them in the storage box only after washing them properly. Some dildos will come with their storage bag. You can keep them in those bags. This way, you will be able to keep them safe, hygienic, and also clean.

Plus, since they come in a storage box or packet, it makes them travel-friendly as well.

Last Piece of Advice

Whenever you use a dildo, never forget to lubricate it properly. If you are engaging in an anal play, a lubricant is a must. There are different types of lubes available; we recommend water-based lubes. They go well with all kinds of dildos.

There are silicon-based lubes available as well, make sure that the material of silicon-based lubes goes well with the dildo you are using. If you want to try anal penetration, go for thick lubricant. We hope our guide on dildos will help you find the best pick for you.

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