Twoo Review


Twoo is one of the largest matchmakers and dating platform that encourages the singles to mingle with preferable partners.

Twoo is spread over 200 countries. It was started in 2011, and soon it gained popularity due to its exciting features. 


  • Twoo registration is based on strict verification. Hence you won't be facing fake accounts. 
  • Apart from this, Twoo supports 38 languages.


  • While compared with other websites, Twoo is a bit expensive. If you are registered with Twoo then you should not expect an automatic match.
  • You need to search for the events.

From this article, you will have a clear idea about Twoo dating's online website. 

Further, you can figure out whether Twoo meets your satisfaction level or not.

If you are looking for someone to talk to, someone to share a laugh and stories with, or even share a lifetime with, then this site is for you. Started in 2011, Twoo has been one of the most promising chat service providers in more than 200 countries.

Apart from its availability to people who want to chat and meet new friends, this site is also for people who have lost hope in finding love. Although it does not have the usual “matchmaking” feature that  other dating sites have,

Twoo uses an algorithm which connects the members to everyone on the site who share the same interests as theirs. This being the case, if you are not lucky in love, you sure will be lucky in finding friends from different parts of the world.

The site is available in more than 200 countries and 38 languages, Twoo can be considered one of the most trusted and liked sites since their launch. Signing up will never disappoint anyone as the experience is extraordinary and magical, indeed.   

What Makes Twoo So Popular?

The reason is obvious; Twoo is popular because it connects people from different parts of the world. No drama, no hesitations, all fun and entertainment. If you are up for something that can lift your spirits high, joining Twoo should not be delayed.

There are so many good things about Twoo that you can never see in any other chat services around. And mind you, this is not only offering chat services but the opportunity to land on a perfect date. The algorithm it uses makes people interested in joining and get introduced to people sharing the same interests with them in different parts of the globe.

The site has no restriction for any nationality or races as everyone is free to join and use their chat services. This is evident from the fact that the site is available  in 36 different languages. Hence, you must not worry about the language barrier, as it is will never happen here.

Looking for love, friendship or any other encounters, you will never get disappointed if you decide to try your luck in Twoo.


Website address:

Estimated Visits Last Month: 20.59 Milion

Single, happily married or anyone in between, you are free to take part in this craze.

They open their site to cross the gap between different nationalities, and they have never failed to do so with the number of members happily enjoying connecting with different people across over 200 countries.

Joining this site is very easy but you have to be prepared with some strict verification process which makes the site more favourable.

twoo LP 2-min

You need either a valid email or Facebook account to proceed with your registration. You will be asked to provide your name, gender, city, birthday and your purpose of using and joining the site. Once your email is verified, you will be prompted to upload a photo immediately.

This is done to authenticate their member’s identity. Do not upload just any photos, your photo must have your face or else it might get disapproved.

If you are in a hurry and want to get into the site sooner quickly, then use can your Facebook account to register. Some may not be convinced about this option as they feel shy telling the public their interest in participating in such “dating sites”.

Twoo will not post any information about their site unless you permit them to, so feel free to use your Facebook account for faster and easier registration.

Photos to be uploaded must abide by their mechanics, 400x400 pixels, absolutely no nudity and face must be highly recognizable.

You have the following options, first is that you can take photos from your Instagram or Facebook account or second, you can take a photo using your webcam and upload it for approval, choose the way which is most comfortable for you.

Feel free to upload as many photos and videos as you want as it is endless hence make sure to always update your account and post your best shot, for higher chances of getting new leads.

Meet New People with TWOO~

And just to show their gratitude for the fact that you are a part of Twoo you will also receive 50 bonus credits which you can use freely on their paid services, such as the super like an option, which can give you a higher opportunity of being noticed by someone who really attracted you.

You have the option on who you want to share your profile with and it is not public unless you choose to do so. Unlocking photos and profiles requires account verification.

To verify your account, you are given three options, one is by uploading a photo while doing the V sign, make sure that your face can be seen clearly, two is by being a premium member of Two and lastly, by linking your account to any three of these sites: Instagram, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Windows Live.

Verification is essential on Twoo as it will limit you from doing a lot if you failed to verify your account. Verification is just natural, though. Hence there is no excuse why would you not do it.

This site is a chat service provider. Hence the primary communication medium to connect with the site’s membership is through chatting. To draw the difference between premium and essential, it is important to knowbasic cannot chat with everyone or choose who to chat with.

Basic members can only send chat messages to people that were delegated to them by the site.

So, when you find no interest in people that the site delegates you on that day, you have no choice but to wait for tomorrow.

Those who like blogging are free to post their blogs on the site, but wait, just before you get too excited, only premium members can post blogs, but everyone can read them anyway.

People browsing on the go should celebrate, as there is an app version you can download both on iTunes and Google Play. 

twoo banner

Talking about chatting convenience, there is no other way to stay convenient than having a chat service available right at your fingertips.

Sounds fantastic, right? The web, the app and the mobile version functionalities and usability are identical, so the fun will never stop whichever device you prefer to access your account.


As discussed, the app is free to download same as with registering. They offer basic membership, although they can provide limited functionalities, it still helps you find love, friendship and other encounters.

But, if you have extra dollars to spare, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your basic membership to premium. You will never regret sure, as the site offers tons of possibilities, no other site can offer.

The price of the membership depends on how long would you like to be part of Twoo. Some consider the one-week membership of $7.99, to test the waters. If they see it interesting, then that is the time they will extend their membership. 

Fee for a monthly membership is $12.99, while if you will consider the three-month membership, the fee is $12.99 a month, six-month membership is $7.83, while the one-year membership is $6.49. Moving on, they also sell credits to their members. 

As discussed, these credits can be used to access their unique features like the “Super Like” where the person you send this to will feel how much you like to know him/her more. If you decide to buy 550 credits, you have to pay $9.99, 900 credits, $14.99, 1250 credits are $19.99 and 2750 credits is $39.99.

Any centavo you spent on this site will never be wasted, imagine the number of people you can reach and the number of people that can be part of your life forever. Do not think twice and be a premium member, few dollars and voila a new friend to meet.

Also, you must not worry about the safety features of their payment processing as your information is encrypted when making a payment.

Site Statistics

  • Number of Members: 181 Million
  • Number of Monthly Active Members: 13 Million
  • Number of Conversations That Happened On Twoo: 1.790 Billion
  • Number Of Countries That Twoo Is Available In: 200 Countries
  • Number of Languages Available: 38 Languages

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Overall Score


Competitors of Twoo

Twoo is one of the most in-demand and highly usable chat services as of date. But, just like any other sites, they also have competitors. Their competitors may offer the same service as theirs but may not provide the range and reach Twoo can provide its members.

Some of their competitors are MeowChat, Anomo, Path Talk and Nearby. But, once you have Twoo, there is no reason why would you need to introduce yourself to any other sites. This is not just a dating site but a site to meet new people and make your life more worthwhile.


  • One of the things that made this site idea for almost everyone is its strict verification. The strict verification enables people to become a member of the site without any chances of talking to a bogus or intruder. Although, it is still recommended that you keep your fences up high until you know the true intent of the person you are talking on the other line.
  • Has 38 available languages, so you are guaranteed that your language is covered. No need to think about the language barrier in case you find a Latina to talk to as language translation is possible on this site.
  • Can be accessed in over 200 countries, so wherever you are, you know that you can access your account. And also, this can give you more extensive options for meeting other people from different countries. You never know, your dream girl is just anywhere on the other side of the earth.
  • Has many members to chat with, and that you know you will never get bored or lose the option of fish to choose from. They are too popular hence expect tons of possible chances of meeting new friends or even love.
  • It is free to become a member, and with that, you do not need to spend a centavo to meet your dream girl or find someone to share your interest with, and besides, anything that is free is advantageous, right?
  • There is an available app to download. People on the go will find it easy to access the site as it is available right on their phones. Few clicks and voila, a new lead will come your way.
  • Allows you to speak to anyone in real-time, it is chatting, so what do you expect?
  • There is a one-week premium membership to try so you do not need to gamble on a one-year membership immediately. If you are not too sure yet, try the one-week membership first and see if it is the site for you or you need to look somewhere else (which is impossible).
  • The site’s interface is straightforward and easy to navigate hence you do not need to worry about not being able to stay connected and speak to someone, whether you are using your mobile or computer.


  • Some of the members do not specify what they are looking for, and to that, you may not know whether they are looking for love until you ask.
  • The site does not offer match proposals. Hence you would never know who among the members are matching what you are looking for.
  • The membership fee compared to other websites is a little more expensive, but considering all the benefits and the opportunities you can get from using it, there is absolutely no reason why would you not consider getting their premium membership.


Just like any dating sites, Twoo also has an FAQ tab that can be accessed by members and non-members.

On the FAQ tab, you can see almost everything you need to know about the site. But for your reference, below is Twoo’s contact information:

twoo search peopel-min


This is, without a doubt, a perfect site to consider by anyone who is looking for not just love but friendship and other encounters.

This site will never fail you at all in  finding what you are looking for. With its current number of members, plus the number of countries it can reach, there is absolutely no reason why would you not find what you are looking for in Twoo.

In terms of the price, there is no reason why would you not consider their premium membership. Although it is a bit more expensive than other sites, the benefits, the opportunities and the fulfilment you can get when you join here is outstanding.

The site is not all about finding love but finding friends, acquaintances and other relationships you want to build.

Downloading the app is highly recommended for people on the go as it can give you the freedom to access your account anytime and anywhere you are. With more than 200 countries to reach and 38 languages to choose from, there is absolutely no reason to not consider creating an account with Twoo.

The app can be downloaded on iTunes or Google Play, and with that you know it is compatible with almost all phones.

Although the verification process of Twoo compared to its counterparts is stricter, it made the site best for anyone serious about meeting true leads and accounts. Their strict verification have made it hard for intruders to penetrate the site and do bad deeds.

But needless to say, whether you are looking for love or someone to talk to and share confidential information with, you have to be very careful on who to trust. This is still a free site where everyone is free to access and create an account, so you better be carefully entrusting your heart.

Final words

Looking for love, acquaintance, friendship or someone to talk to for just a couple of minutes to breathe, Twoo is without a doubt a good site to consider. Although this site is not concentrated on finding you true love, it is serious in connecting people from different parts of the world.

You are not limited to the people you will meet as there are tons to consider. But needless to say, if you want to get the most out of this site, it is highly recommended that you consider their premium membership. It is not expensive hence considering it is highly recommended.

Just to be on the safer side, you can try their one-week membership first to test how well the site suits your needs.

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