Top 20 Twitch Cam Girls (2022)

Men had been dominating the gaming world for a long now until a massive number of women gamers started taking their passion seriously and combined it with creativity.

We are talking about the twitch cam girls who are gaining fame and earning a considerable amount of money too

If you are interested to know about the top 20 twitch cam girls and understand why you should know about them, then keep on reading to find everything about them.

If you didn't know already, the gaming world is filled with 45% of women gamers, now that's a huge number.


The women that we are going to talk about here play different games. From card games to shooting games. You just name it and you will find someone who is already earning money by broadcasting themselves live playing all sorts of games.

These ladies might not have as many followers as that of the gamers who upload their feed on YouTube; still, these Twitch cam girls are worth taking note of. Twitch gives you the option to broadcast your live gaming video experience with your followers, and that's why this platform is preferred by many gamers.

Now, let's not waste any more of your time, and give you the list of top 20 twitch cam girls that are leading the scoreboard.

Top 20 Twitch cam girls (2022)

1. Pokimane

Followers: 3. 4 million

Twitch account link:

The first on our list is Pokimane, an avid gaming lover who is famous for her League of Legends and Fortnite streams.

This good-looking gamer has 3.4 million followers on Twitch. You can follow her on her YouTube channel as well.

She was born on 14th May 1996, and her real name is Imane Anys. She is associated with the Twitch platform since the year 2013.

She hails from Moroccan; however, she is currently residing in Los Angeles, California.


2. Amouranth

Followers: 1. 5 million

Twitch account link:

In the second place, we have Amouranth, who is an active member of the Twitch platform and is also famous for her ASMR, cosplaying talents, as well as IRL streams.

She started her Twitch account in the year 2016. Amouranth is a 25 years old talented girl who hails from America.


Most of the content that you will find of Amouranth is actually NSFW. Some of her top Twitch categories that are very popular are ASMR, IRL, Creative, and the last one Just Chatting. Her real name is Kaitlyn, and she has travelled around the world as a cosplay guest.

3. LoserFruit

Followers: 1.1 Million

Twitch account:

This Australian based Twitch member is top-rated in both the gaming world as well as in  Twitch platform.

She plays a whole lot of games, such as League of Legends, Fortnite, and you will also get to see her playing Overwatch which is her favourite game.

She comes online almost daily.

Her fan followers have increased tremendously, and this lovely looking girl inspires everyone else to join Twitch and try live streaming. Apart from her gaming content, Loserfruit is quite famous for her creative content as well. Her fun personality can be clearly seen via her live feed.


4. KittyPlaysGames

Followers: 1 million

Twitch account:

With one million followers, in the fourth place is KittyPlaysGames. She  is a 28 years old Twitch cam girl.

This bombshell's real name is Kristen, and she is from Canada; however, she is currently located in Los Angeles.

She is one twitching girl that everyone dies to meet. She plays a ton of games, like Overwatch and PUBG.


She makes sure that she keeps her viewers entertained by playing different genre games. She enjoys chatting with her followers, and she wants everyone to chat with her in English only. Other than playing games and broadcasting live feeds, she also enjoys cooking and traveling.

5. Loeya

Followers: 953K

Twitch account:

Loeya is the Twitch account name of  Liah, who is a 21 years old young girl, and her nationality is Swedish.

Loeya has always enjoyed playing simulation and action games.


During her childhood, she grew up playing games like League of Legends, and The Sims.

It was one of her friends who introduced her to the Twitch platform.


Her first live game streaming was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Soon she was recognized by the Twitch community, and as of today, she has 953k followers. Currently, she can be seen playing Fortnite.

6. ItsHAFU

Followers: 774K

Twitch account:

ItsHAFU is a Twitch member with 774K followers. She is currently located in Texas, and she is 28 years old.

Her real name is Rumay Wang, and she is considered to be one of the top players on the Twitch platform.

Her most streamed game is Arena.  She is of Chinese origin. Currently, you will see her streaming Teamfight tactics.

She carries a tremendously positive attitude while streaming, and she is very strict when it comes to following Twitch rules. 


ItsHAFU basically plays almost everything. From DOTA II, League of Legends, to World of Warcraft, you will see her broadcasting live streams of every game.

7. LilyPichu

Followers: 734K

Twitch account:

LilyPichu always has fun when she interacts with her followers on the Twitch platform.

She is best known for her live streams playing League of Legends.

She also hosts  one of the popular channels called Just Chatting on the same platform.


From her childhood, she has always had an artistic and creative mind, and that made her grew a passion for drawing and playing the piano. 

She teaches her fan how to draw, how to play the piano, and also how to dominate the League of Legends game. This clearly shows why she has these many followers. She has an Instagram account, too; you can follow her on Instagram if you wish so.

8. LegendaryLea

Followers: 647K

Twitch account:

LegendaryLea comes online on her Twitch platform regularly to make sure that her followers never miss out on any of her live streams.

She currently has 647K followers and she loves playing Hearthstone.

Apart from that, she sometimes can also be seen playing The Sims, just to keep the variety.


As per Lea May Currier, she has played games in super Nintendo since she was only four years old. She used to play games with her elder brothers and neighbours’ kids. Soon after she found the Twitch platform, she started sharing her passion for games with the rest of the world.

9. AnneMunition

Followers: 569K

Twitch account:

AnneMunition belongs to Southern California, and she is 29 years old. She comes online twice a day.

AnneMunition also has an Instagram account just in case if you would like to follow her there.

Her Instagram is loaded with her stream photos, and she hardly posts any selfies. Now that's what we call a real gamer.


She has fantastic gaming skills, and she fights against inequality against the LGBT community. Apart from this, she also speaks out loud against sexism. Currently, AnneMunition has 569K, and she is active on YouTube as well.

10. DizzyKitten

Followers: 563K

Twitch account:

DizzyKitten requests her fan to call her Dizzy when they communicate with her online. She has 563K followers on Twitch.

She is from Arkansas and is 5'6" tall. DizzyKitten comes online on Twitch every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Her new streams are mostly of PUBG, but her latest interest is ASMR. You can find her ASMR videos on Twitch as well... 


She started her streaming career in September 2013. Dizzy currently has 563K, and the numbers are only growing every day.

11. Kaceytron

Followers: 492K

Twitch account:

Kaceytron has been around for a long time now.

She was born in the year 1992, and soon after her streaming career rise to fame, she faced many criticisms, mainly because of the way she dresses up.

Kacey firmly believes that no women should feel threatened to wear revealing clothes or whatever they wish to when they go for streaming.


The best part about this buxom lady is that she can play a huge variety of games. However, League of Legends stream made her very popular among her followers. She comes from a very humble family, and it was her dream to become famous one day, well, she has fulfilled her dream.

You can watch Kacey playing Grand Theft Auto, Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch. She loves humor, and she often communicates with her followers via chat.

12. xChocoBars

Followers: 492K

Twitch account:

xChocoBars is a 25 years old gamer whose real name is Janet. She lives in Toronto, Canada and she is 5'7" tall.

She is a Chinese girl and loves playing games in her free time. That's how she got to know about Twitch.

Janet has a soft personality, and you will see her interacting with her followers often. She left education to proceed as a full-time streamer. 


She has 492k followers currently, and it is increasing every day. What made her really famous was her League of Legends stream. She is active on Instagram, as well. You can follow her there as well.

13. sweet_anita

Followers: 491K

Twitch account:

Anita is from the UK, and she goes by the name Sweet_anita on Twitch.

Even though this gamer has Tourette's, she has never let that overpower her life.

If you hear her making strange sounds, don't forget that it's her Tourette's that's making her do that. 

sweet anita

She loves her mom, and she enjoys playing with her pet animals. Anita currently has 491K followers. She is 28 years old, and she has been homeschooled all her life. With almost half a billion fans, Anita surely is one of the favorites among the many Twitch members.

And we almost forgot to mention that this animal lover has 35 pets.

14. Jessica Blevins

Followers: 468K

Twitch account:

If you didn't know already, Jessica Blevins is actually the wife of a millionaire gamer named Tyler.

With over 20 million followers, Tyler has been ruling Twitch for quite some time now, and now we have his wife, Jessica, with 468k followers.

jessica blevins

Jessica initially started her career as Tyler's manager, and now she can be seen playing games like Minecraft and others online. She is someone who can also be seen doing non-gaming activities. You will also see her streaming cooking shows and playing Dead by Daylight as well.

16. DingleDerper

Followers: 415K

Twitch account:

DingleDerper is a gorgeous lady whose real name is Tory.

She calls herself crazy but going by her fan following numbers; we surely think her craziness worked.

She is 24 years old and  adores her three dogs. You can follow her on Instagram too.

She is on the 15th place of our list with 415k followers.


She vlogs frequently, and what made her famous on Twitch was her PUBG content, as well as Global Offensive. DingleDerper can also be seen wearing sexy attires in most of her online streams. She likes to keep her followers up-to-date about what she is up to.

16. ChicaLive

Followers: 414K

Twitch account:

With 414K followers, we have ChicaLive in the 16th position.

She is a lively girl and has participated in many tournaments, which also includes Keemstar's Friday Fortnight and Summer Kirmish.

You can find her streaming often for 7-8 hours.

She is very active on Twitter, and you can follow her on Twitter to get regular updates from her. 


She frequently posts updates on Twitter about her recent stream.

17. Miss_Rage

Followers: 359k

Twitch account:

Julia is a 29 years old gamer who is very active on the Twitch platform.

She is from Australia, and you can become her follower to watch her online streams.

Julia doesn't have any fixed schedule to come online on Twitch. 

miss rage

You can follow her on Twitter, though, to know when she would be streaming and to know more about her. She became famous for her streams that include World of Warcraft, Overwatch, League of Legend, and Global Offensive. Miss_Rage is her Twitch account name.

She currently boasts 359K followers.

18. Djarii

Followers: 342K

Twitch account:

Djarii, aka Sophia White, is on Twitch since 2014 and currently has 342K followers which keep increasing.

She is from England, the United Kingdom, and she loves playing a variety of games. Djarii is a huge fan of World of Warcraft.

You will see her wearing makeup in all of her streams. She is at present dating Methodsco, who is also a very popular gamer. 


Apart from her gaming skills, her makeup skills have made her extremely popular as well. We recommend following her on Instagram.

19. Ms_Vixen

Followers: 331k

Twitch account:

Lanai, who goes by her Twitch name Ms_Vixen is another famous streamer.

She is known for playing different types of games, such as Destiny, Mario Kart, Brawlhalla, Call of Duty, and many more. She currently boasts 331K followers.

ms vixen

You might not know this, but she was the first rank holder in the game Call of Duty for the years 2008-2009. Now, isn't that a good reason to follow her on Twitch and learn from her gaming skills.

20. AlexiaRaye

Followers: 322K

Twitch account:

Here comes our last contender of top 20 Twitch cam girls, AlexiaRaye, with 322k followers.

Alexia Raye is not just a good player, but also a  woman with beauty and brains. She completed her graduation in Biochemistry.

However, her  passion for gaming made her famous among her fans.

She also has Instagram and YouTube accounts. 

ms vixen

She is very active on social media platforms, and if you would like to know more about her daily life, we recommend following her on social media platforms.

Parting words

So that was it. These are our top 20 Twitch cam girls that we think everyone should know about. Also,  if you are a fan of Twitch cam girls, you should definitely go and follow them. Along with being a good sportsperson, these girls are very humble towards their fans as well.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about these amazing Twitch cam girls.

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