Trueswingers Review (2020)


Founded in 2009, is a sporadic kind of dating website.

This dating website is made for people who are oriented towards straight, gay and lesbian sex. is an excellent place for swingers looking to meet like-minded people, planning to date some, or interested in other more exciting stuff like hookups.

The members can get access to a variety of fun options here, be it enjoying photos of other swingers at their best form, literal meetings for fun, and whatnot, all for free. Yes, you read that right. This swinger website lets you make use of all these perks for free.

Therefore, if you haven't had this experience of hunting down other swingers in your locality or your city, this place could work as a magic for you. Let us dig deeper into this world of swingers’ dating and find out whether you should go for trueswingers or not.

What made different from others?

We are already aware of many dating websites in existence, for a particular category or community. But, trueswingers is a fun and dating website which is especially for those with mixed interests, that is, for swingers.

It is a perfect place for a swinger to look for people with the same interests, connect with them and have enjoyment without being worried about getting judged or opposed for having a different kind of feelings and thus, in trueswingers one can freely search for or approach the like-minded people with the same purpose.

Frankly speaking, Trueswingers doesn’t have porn in it, but you can find photos of swingers at their best form to have fun browsing and to get an idea about the real fun that you can expect using trueswingers. There are a good number of photos of sexy members from swingers’ community.

Thus, even the homepage would feel personal, attractive and fun for swingers out there craving for such jaw-dropping experiences. All such exciting experiences serving for free is another strong reason to prefer for swingers to fulfil their hidden desires and unavoidable needs.

With the swingers’ community growing with time, the content and options also keep on increasing, and thus trueswingers' irresistible features have made it popular over the years.

Website Overview

Website address:

Estimated visits last month- 469.8K

Trueswingers is now 11 years old with a network of over 130,000 swingers from the swingers community. And still, all its services for free.

You will thus find ample of fun opportunities in this enjoyable website by seeking more swingers like you, that is as fun and desirous as you. 

trueswingers lp

As you can begin your search online through, there is thus no chance of prejudice and the other person being judgmental about your wants and needs as s/he would be on the same page as that of yours.

Swingers of all type upload their photos so that you can get an idea and thirst to know them even better. There is a free online video chat feature where you can have a conversation with other swingers, have fun, make plans, and whatnot.

Moreover, if you visit the website, you would find another interesting feature of the location. Some places welcome swingers community for a fun stay and where other people are also comfortable with such stuff. These places could be a resort, a private property, or even an entire village.

These places and their details are mentioned in the site. You can also search for the upcoming or ongoing events in the swingers community and could be a part of all such events easily. There are mentioned a few numbers of swingers group that may organize meetups and have fun together.

Thus, if you are or you want to be one of them, you can have endless exciting opportunities in Although trueswingers is open for the entire world, this swingers’ site is used mostly by Americans.

Therefore, if you are in America, just know that with trueswingers, there’s no place very far from you to find hot and sexy swingers to get down and dirty with. There are indeed a few loopholes with the trueswingers as well and Talking about the website design and user interface.

There seems to be the scope for a lot more improvement and up-gradation to serve a more amazing user experience. Also, if some work could be done on improving the content quality and the picture quality of photos uploaded, the homepage would appeal even more aptly.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Though trueswingers give you access to most of its amazing services, you need to pay a little amount for a premium membership to get access to every feature of the website and the upgraded version of some other features.

Free of charge, you can create an account, can have access to the chat room for messaging and online video chat purposes, and you get access to the gallery, and events as well. Indeed, such services for free is quite attractive.

But there might be a need to upgrade into premium membership if you really love the site and you are a little impatient person. You can get a premium membership with a 20% discount when you sign in as a new member on the platform, and it will be a one-time proposal.

Therefore, after a 20% discount, you could be a premium member for 19.94 USD for three months, getting access to every photo, message, and profile on the website.

With a free account, you would have limited access to 5 messages per hour chatting via private messages, whereas if you are a premium member, you will have access to 60 messages in an hour.

You can also get a better plan for one at the cost of 41.94 USD only, whereas the lifetime membership is available for just 99.99 USD. Well, for access to such amazing, this small price would be worth spending if you love this dating place. It's not very expensive.

We would recommend that if you plan to become a premium member, buy the plan according to your purpose for using the site.

For example, if you are in search of fun and casual sex, you might need it anytime you wish to experiment with your sex life, and thus either one year or a lifetime membership plan would be best for you.

On the other hand, if you are seeking something serious, maybe you can start with 3- month plan, and if your search doesn't end within that time, but you still like the options available, then you can continue with your search renewing your plan to a 3-month or yearly membership.

They even have a good refund policy through which you can get a full refund if requested within 14 days of the subscription payment. Your subscription should be the one requested within 24 hours of signup to claim for a refund.

Site Statistics

  • Total number of registered members: - 120,000+
  • Total number of unique visitors- 1600 per day
  • Geography: - USA, International
  • Free version- Yes
  • Gender ratio: - 60% Males, 40% Females
  • Most active age category: - 28-35 years
  • Total number of posts: - 31K+
  • Mobile-friendly site- Yes
  • Room time restriction- No
  • Free photos browsing- Yes
  • Payment options: - Debit/Credit card

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

8 / 10

Quality Of Photos

8 / 10


10 / 10

User Interface

8 / 10

Security And Privacy

9 / 10

Meetup Chances

9 / 10

Audience Quality

9 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10

Overall Score

90 / 100

Competitors of Trueswingers

Trueswingers is not the only adult dating site that provides a platform for doing dating experiments with more swingers and curious minds like you.

Many other websites are as good as this site when it comes to the swingers dating for those who are willing to show their naughtier side and are interested in casual sex and fun activities.

One of the trueswingers is Alt Playground which has managed a good reputation in the world of swingers dating. promotes many swinger groups and communities that explore endless fun experimenting with their sex life.

These groups organise events and parties for curious swingers out there but ensure the privacy of members at the same time.

Most of the profiles are verified and real. Thus, Alt Playground has maintained a good image in its category. It had around 60.2K site visits last month. Trueswingers has a lot to learn from its biggest rivalry to keep growing in its market.

Mixxxer is another competitor of trueswingers when it comes to adult dating site for swingers. has a good number of registered swingers, and they also allow free access to all its users.

Besides, Mixxxer also has its mobile app to help its users stay connected from anywhere at any point in time.

With approximately 450K site visits last month, Mixxxer is considerably giving competition to trueswingers and compelling it to maintain the pace and constantly upgrading if trueswingers want to stay ahead.

Apart from this, there are a few more competitors of trueswingers like Swinging Local and Swinger Seek.

Swinging Local is a free international dating site for swingers that provide a good option of swingers’ events for local couples or swingers, but it lacks premium features and has a low range of members relatively.

As of Swinger Seek, it has a good connection with Swingers hotels and resorts for ensuring their members' comfort, but the site needs a good amount of improvement in terms of looks and content.

Thus, surrounded by a good number of competitors, trueswingers id performing quite well but still has a long way to go by working more on fixing its loopholes.


  • Trueswingers is an adult dating site for swingers, and thus, you don’t have to worry about getting awkward approaching others while revealing your interests and tastes and willingness to do some experiments and fun activities.
  • A huge number of swinger profiles registered and get added with time on the site opens the gate of immense fun for the members of the site.
  • Members get access to most of the features of the site are entirely free.
  • Easy registration with the help of a Facebook account is also possible.
  • The site is user-friendly and filled with hundreds of seductive photos of swingers from different places that are enough to turn you on as soon as you open the website.
  • Account creation is effortless and not at all time-consuming.
  • The site is all mobile devices compatible, so you can stay connected from anywhere at any time.
  • The Swingers registered here are for the similar fun and casual sexual activities, interested and willing to give their time for sexual experiments with the connection made on the site, so you won't have to deal with any embarrassment for your different interests and fantasies.
  • One of the fascinating features of this site, that is, video chat option, is completely free, enabling you to have fun online if you are quite far from a swinger partner.
  • You can find a significant number of members from different places with different ideas and fantasies online on the site so you can approach them in the chat room or request video chat anytime, flirt with them and have fun very easily.
  • There are many swingers’ groups listed on the site, so you can choose to join with any of them according to your preference and convenience and have fun exploring and experimenting together.
  • They also have connections with a few places, be it hotels, resorts, villages, beaches, etc. where you can find hot swingers seeking someone like you for having fun without any restriction from the outer surrounding.
  • The premium membership is not pocket-burning and gives access to all more upgraded features of the site.
  • You can search and select to connect with swinger singles or couples as per your sexual preferences, age, locations, and much more.


  • The site looks a bit plain and ordinary.
  • A significant proportion of the members of the site is from the United States, and therefore the people from the outside USA have quite less chance of finding the swinger match to have fun within their locality.
  • The homepage lacks a good layout.
  • The chat room limits messaging to 5 messages per hour for members with the free membership, so with the free membership, at times you might feel stuck in the middle of something exciting.
  • The site does not have a smooth navigational feature.
  • It is not for everyone, but only those people who like to interchange their partners once in a while to have sex, that is, swinger singles or couples, therefore not everyone could find this site as the best place for them to satiate their casual sexual needs.

Customer Support & Other Details

Trueswingers provide online support for all kinds of support, be it related to billing, technical issues, reporting or complaining and other such issues. You can contact them or file your issue only by filling the form and creating the ticket in their "How can we help" section.

They usually respond within 24 hours or less.

  • Their voicemail number is 602-456-2533
  • Their skype address is trueswingers

Their postal address is:

SocialCO Media, LLC

13026 N Cave Creek Rd.

Phoenix, AZ 85022

For more information on online customer support and service, please click on the link below:

Final Verdict is an excellent place for those true swingers who are willingly looking for trying new things with new people in new ways, in their dating and sex life.

With over 120,000+, you can find immense options for expressing your naughtier side by getting connected with people matching your frequency, curious to explore just like you. Trueswingers give you access to almost every such an exciting experience for free.

You just need to be extra open, extra naughtier, extra daring and should love enjoying with a diversity of people. If you ignore a few things like not plain layout and rough navigation, this place could be magical for you.

So, if you are still filled with doubts and haven’t done this before, but always wanted to, you better go for it now with trueswingers.

We recommend you to start with a 3-month premium membership. There are excellent chances you would love to do so. So, have fun testing yourself and tasting others with trueswingers.

Parting words

I hope that you liked the detailed and comprehensive review of Trueswingers. You can connect with us if you wish to get a particular dating or porn site reviewed and we would be delighted to help you with that. Stay glued for more such content and have fun exploring this exciting adult dating website.

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