True Amateur Review (2020)

True Amateur

One of the beauties of the True Amateur is that it offers high quality orgasmic porn videos which can be enjoyed by you in any of the devices.

The site has real-life action videos comprising of hardcore fucking in different places like bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and many more.

The site is quite popular among the porn fans out there and offers truly unbelievable features.

This review will give you everything that you need to know while choosing the best porn site for yourself.

You want to see some sex in action and are ready to watch it on your mobile phone, the orgasm part has already started seeping in your brain and you are ready for sexual activity. You need a spark to get yourself aroused. Getting ready to engage in sex with your partner? Watch some porn right away!

All the videos on this site are filmed by a professional filming them and are available in full HD. You can enjoy your porn anywhere you want. This site has been around since 2017 which  almost two years ago. However, things are different now in 2019 as everything seems to have a different system.

People are adding something new and different now and then and the collection doesn't seem to be growing at all. There are various scenes compared to the older videos, making it only not the same.

If you want to assess old content, they are still there, but we need to make sure that our new content has viewers as well.

What Makes Trueamateur Popular?

There are different videos, from naked girls to masturbating ones, but most end up in blowjobs and sex. You also see some handjobs or footjobs to spice things up in an erotic manner. The real-life action happens all over the place, like, in the bedroom, bathroom, or on the kitchen table.

This makes this homemade video full of drama, even if the video is not in full HD quality.

Soon you will get high and have an orgasm just by watching the videos. TrueAmateur has sorting options and different category sections where you can search for a specific keyword to get to the video that you want to watch.

There are categories like gay, lesbian, blowjobs, white chicks, black chicks, and many more, so you don't have to worry – the site has it all. After picking the category that you want, you can add them to your favorites list. There is also a "watch later" list where you can easily watch all your saved videos later.

Furthermore, some features allow you to witness hundreds of different scenes from GF Revenge for a bonus item. These scenes have the same theme as cute girl amateurs that can catch the eye of the horny male.

Website Overview

Website Link:

Estimated Visits Last Month: 1.08 Million

The website interface has changed, but the members' comment section and FAQ section has not changed a bit.

It is still as sleek and easy to access as before.

However, there aren't any nude photos of young girls, but there is one section containing about 20 videos.

true amateurs lp

You can no longer download your porn videos, but you get full HD streaming videos where you can watch them live on your mobile phone or your laptop.

It would be a lie to say that no guy has any porn on his phone, but you might have viruses as while downloading porn, you should watch it online with your antivirus program on it. That is why TrueAmateurs is one of the best adult sites that you can get online.

Some parts look blurry or strange. Still, there are transitions between the videos that have been covered up by the site's professional videographer and make the video as smooth as it has been edited by a real professional.

This site is small and compact and might not reach everyone's ideal adult site, but if you want amateur porn, you can always try out this website. For other people, as the site produces high-definition videos, they always come back to this site to watch and re-watch their favorite adult content.

It is an advantage that covers up the downsides of lacking a lot of adult content. Real Amateurs have only 23 videos. It is not a lot but you can still opt for membership, let us tell you why. To start with, the content is exclusive, so it means that not many people have shared it across the internet.

It has homemade amateur porn, but it has better quality than other adult amateur sites. Time to check-in and get a membership!

Next, the site has a great bold design. It has large buttons across the webpage, making it damn easy to navigate around the place. Viewers that have a short-sighted problem can quickly move from one place to another.

Although you don't need to squint to pop around the web page, you can quickly move from one part of the page to another. This means that it is easy to navigate when you want to find a specific video. Another reason that it is so easy to navigate is that the webpage is minimal.

There isn't a lot of messy content to confuse you when browsing the adult site.

The content isn't vast, but since early 2017 they started adding one new content every week. Moreover, there is a section that lets you see what is coming up soon, and updates that are lining up for goodies that are yet to come.

One part of the section hosts 18 videos about amateur couples doing sex, but these videos do not contain any storyline. One of the videos is the girl taking a shower. Her boyfriend then clicks open the door and joins her in the bathroom.

They waste no precious time in getting high and getting down to some serious foreplay before she makes him get hard and the guy starts getting blowjobs while blowing down hot kisses under the hot steaming water.

The camera is positioned at an angle that you can see what is going on and amidst the heat, everyone gets high with orgasm when they watch the video with a pounding heart.

The  girl's cry as she has an orgasm are super high, and the person hearing it gets real high as well.

Another video is a girl on the bed dressed up in black, sexy lingerie while a muscular guy comes in, half-dressed.

They soon get naked, and after 15 minutes of foreplay, they get down the real business.

As the camera positions in a way that you get to see her tits bouncing up and down as she rides a guy's cock, she soon screams with orgasm, and the guy follows as they both reach climax.

Each of the videos looks like amateur videos, but live streaming is excellent. Most of the videos only last for 20 minutes.

true amateurs gallery

The videos on the internet can be streamed in HD or SD, depending on the options available. You might want a full HD option for streaming blowjobw, or just a standard SD of a young school girl masturbating.

The best videos should be downloaded on full HD, but there are other download options if you want to save space. All video formats are in MP4 sizes so that you can download these videos on the phone, and it downloads fast too. The quality is standard, and the images are sharp.

However, there are no galleries on the website, at least. The site creators have not added that functionality to the site yet. However, you can still browse the site for more curated content. You can't to other members using this site, apart from leaving comments.

There is a section where you can upload your videos, but this section is different from the members' section and is not in your account area as well. The website curators have focused on community features, but  they have not created a function that does the job.

The site was only several weeks old when our reviewer went through it, and it only lasted for 20 minutes. Although it was short, the video was excellent, and the content was good, as well. These are pretty steady adult content of high quality, despite no storyline, it was easy to understand.

Most started with foreplay, then blowjobs, ending with orgasm. Some were just masturbation, but the young girls were adorable and attractive. The home page showed what the following video content would be like. Future content was in a section where you can view what's coming up next.

As there is homemade amateur adult content, the quality of the adult content is actually up to standard. It is not studio made, but it still has a professional edge to it. However, these full HD videos are made out of quality cameras, great lighting, and excellent crisp sound – with the standard video quality.

The site looks great too and is colorful to look at. The site also has an interactive edge to it.

The site has a bold design, and the text, as well as the screen, is more significant than life. This makes the screen easy to find what you are searching for. The top part of the site has videos, promotions, and your account area where you can comment on videos and get a stable membership.

There are areas on the site where you get to see the rates of membership and page viewing. It is excellent stuf, and you have a good rating for buttons that allow you to navigate through the page quickly. The index pages also have different filter options that become more useful as the website expands.

The top menu has filter content and there is an index page of over 20 young girls. There are also no statistics or a place for you to post your comments. It is simple to use, and there are a few advertisements at the end of the page.

You don't get to have any additional features apart from sections to join the sites for a discounted rate.

There is no gallery on the site, and the site is small. Some extra features will probably make it a better adult site to scroll around and explore. It needs more tweaks and unique features. Hopefully, there will be some to go around with in the future.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The price is relatively reasonable, and the site has a unique pricing structure. You can have a two-day trial, and if you are not happy with the website, you can tell the customer service that you do not want to buy the membership package.

However, if you do not ask the customer service, you might be liable to incur an automatic payment of a recurring monthly fee debited from your credit card. You can also have an option to pay week by week.

These prices are low at the moment, so it might be a good time to hit the iron when it is hot and buy a membership before the price increases. It comes with a six months membership plan of $9.95 per month billed at a single payment.

You also get the seven days free trial membership and post that $14.99 billed until cancellation.

Site Performance Scores



Image Quality

10 / 10


9 / 10


7 / 10

Content Amount

6 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10

Download/ Streaming

8 / 10


9 / 10

Competitors of TrueAmateur

You can get amateur porn anywhere, but if you want to get the real high-quality videos with HD quality along with the best content you should go on TrueAmateur.

You don't need to have a storyline for adult content, but at the very least, you can view the main focus of the adult content, meaning that it should be at least something that people watch and understand. Other sites have beginner young teenage girls that pop in and do porn.

However, the site is not like that, as the site has the professionals creating amateur adult content for people to view.

The True Amateur has great videos filmed by professionals but if you want to get something even better, you might need to visit other sites. But bear in mind that True Amateurs has its benefits, you might feel sorry to leave this site in search of other sites that do not provide similar advantages.

The place has a lot of high-quality videos and content for you the browse, despite lacking certain features. Additional competitions for this site would be Karup Hometown Amateurs, which has a genuine amateur feeling to it. Critics have stated that it is a great site as well.

Another excellent recommendation is that Czech AV as it has lots of European babes on them. European girls are prettier than Asian girls and have bigger bodies as well. The site produces mature content, and they're a lot of hot boys and hot girls for you to view discreetly when you are alone at home.

They are also filmed in a very professional manner, so you don't get a simple homemade video but a better quality one. Next, we will look at the pros and cons of the website.


  • The adult content streamlines on hot women of different physical bodies and different personalities. They have all the hot babes at one place, and that is what the site is genuinely concerned with.
  • The movies are shot in bedrooms and hotel suites, as well as steamy bathrooms, to produce the most erotic videos you can find on the internet. There are also many videos starring hot girls and guys romping on the sofas and having sex on the kitchen table, while others tease and flirte on the way to the sweet bedroom bed.
  • Their sex models are the top-rated models that you see on the internet that have contributed to the site.
  • You get to see sexy girls all around the place, and these sexy girls already have a famous name between them — time to get hot, real hot, with these sexy celebrities.
  • All the movies are shot in full HD, so you don't have to complain about blurry scenes, especially when the video reaches its primary focus, whether it is a blowjob or an orgasm. It can be equally frustrating when you reach the climax of the video, and you get high by the sound of it – but you cant view the orgasm. Now that's an epic tale – especially if you were talking to your guy friends about the video and then boom – the climax is blurry! Luckily that is not the case for these videos hosted on True Amateur.


  • Some of the porn stars in the adult site seems to have been outsourced from other adult channels. If you want a famous porn star celebrity, you can google Kelsi Monroe, and it hops into True Amateur, but it wasn't created initially from True Amateur. One of the setbacks of lacking originality.
  • There are only a few updates every week, and each member is dying to view more sex tapes. That makes the whole waiting period a mundane thing. However, if you are patient enough, you can sit and wait. 

Customer Support & Other Services

You can get some advice from customer service, and you can also get your answers from other external sites. The customer support of this site is very friendly and you can get your queries resolved in no time. Just visit their support page here and learn more.

You can reach their toll-free customer care number at +1-8777-271-6422 for all your billing questions 24 x 7 and reach their skype at tel:+18557165889. You can also visit their support page thru this link:


The site has streaming content from other adult sites, and it has few updates on its own each week. However, if you still want amateur girls and you value the quality of the video, you can always opt to try out the site for a short period, which is a free trial. It is still a new website that needs some tweaks.

Parting Words

If you want to join and become a member, you can get one as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of the discounts. Also, bear in mind that there is not a lot of new content all the time. If you want to join then you need to be quick as now, and they have discounts.

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