Top 30 Absolutely Amazzzzzzing Best Sexy Stories Sites (cum in 7 sec 2020

Though most of the porn lovers like to watch porn videos, some of them also take a keen interest in reading sex stories. A sex story is like that perfect tale which always has a happy ending!

Like porn videos and movies, sex stories to come in different categories which usually are quite similar like the categories we see in the sex videos.

Some of the stories are really interesting and sometimes prove to be more fun than watching videos due to the perfect articulation of seductive words and exciting and breathtaking scenes that are created by the author.

Today we are discussing the best sex story sites that have kindled the fire of passion in us through their steamy and sexy stories. Here are the sex story sites for all the literature-loving porn lovers out there:

Sex Stories Site

Top 30 Best Sex Story sites

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#1. Literotica

Estimated visits last month – 51.2million. Literotica is by far one of the most read and followed sex sites in the world.

With millions of new visitors each year, this site has a massive catalogue of dripping wet stories. 


  • Quality content – The content of the stories is interesting and good enough to continuereading.
  • Lots of categories – A large number of categories make it easier for users.
  • All types of literature – In Literotica, you will find all the types of porn literature includingstories, poems, series of stories, and much more.
  • Feasible – Reading stories of Literotica is much easier than waiting for an HD movie tobuffer or download.


  • Old design – The design and feel of the website is traditional.
  • Ads – unnecessary ads can irritate you.
  • Sign-up required – A free sign-up is required to start reading the sex stories.
  • Confusing – The categories could have been more defined.

#2. Sexstories

Estimated visits last month – 21.6 million. If you want to read some fresh stories every day, then Sexstories can be the perfect site for you.

The stories here get updated every day which are mostly written by the writers on


  • Colossal collection – More than 50k videos to choose from!
  • Top rated stories – The top-rated stories appear on the homepage itself which is a greatbonus.
  • Suggestions – They allow you to make some suggestions for their site.
  • Free – All the erotic, fantasy and taboo stories are entirely free.


  • No images – The website consists of only text which can be a bit of an issue for those wholike to get visually aroused as well.
  • Boring themes – The site comes in two themes Xnxx blue and Black & White both of whichare visually unappealing.
  • Uneven archives – The story archives are uneven, i.e. some categories are overloaded whereassome consist of few stories.
  • Mix bag – Some stories are excellent whereas some can be ordinary as well.

#3. A Porn Stories

Estimated visits last month – 13.5 million. Another sex story site with a silly name, A Porn Stories has a collection of some erotic and sensual stories. You may also submit your own story to them.


  • Endless categories – The stories are categorised alphabetically from A to W.
  • Porn videos – If you feel like watching a sex scene after reading a story, you can do it throughtheir video tube.
  • Register to comment – If you want to comment on a particular story or even want to submitone, you can register on this site.
  • Colossal collection – They have an extensive collection of over 2000 stories.


  • Simple design – Like many other sex story sites, this too is visually unappealing.
  • Ads – Ads can be a hindrance sometimes.
  • Cookies – You will have to accept the cookies if you want the experience to be smooth.
  • Bad name – The name of this site is nothing but bad.


Estimated visits last month – 8.6million. Filled with erotic porn literature, ASSTR is quite a famous story site among avid porn readers.

The collection of stories is so vast that it could suffice your needs for a lifetime.


  • Vast collection – The collection of stories is vast.
  • Readable – Most of the stories are readable and provide great entertainment.
  • Lots of categories – There are lots of categories to choose from.
  • No ads – It does not endorse ads which are good news for people who get irritated by them.


  • Ancient – The font size and type are too lacklustre and straightforward.
  • Poor design – This site is poorly designed, and all you can see is plain text.
  • Just Erotic text – If you are a reader who needs a little stimulation through arousing graphicsthen finds another site.
  • FTP required – Some stories need FTP to be read.

#5. Nifty

Estimated visits last month – 8.2million. Nifty is an old and reliable site that comprises thousands of authors and tens of thousands of stories.

This site mainly focuses on readers who love to read gay and lesbian-themed stories.


  • Colossal collection – Nifty has a massive collection of stories.
  • Categorised – All the stories are well-categorised according to their niches.
  • Regular updates – Fresh stories enter this site every day!
  • Stimulating – The stories are arousing and sexually stimulating.


  • Old school – The website was designed in 1992, so you can imagine its design.
  • Gay stories – Most of them are gay and lesbian stories so if you like to read straight storiesfind another site.
  • Limited – The categories are limited when you consider such a massive bundle of stories.
  • Random stuff – You may hit a random piece of a poorly written story sometimes.

#6. A Sex Stories

Estimated visits last month – 7.8 million. Some people might wonder about the actual meaning of its name but it is quite a good site, and you will understand that when you start reading.

There are thousands of stories here which are neatly categorised.


  • Quality stories – The quality of the content is excellent.
  • Different niches – The stories are classified into different niches.
  • The author based – The stories can also be searched as per the author name.
  • Naughty content – The content is arousing and manages to create explicit sex visuals in yourmind.


  • Ordinary name – The name of this site is quite ordinary.
  • Simple design – The design of this website can be better.
  • Flashy ads – Flashy ads can create some nuisance.
  • Lacklustre visuals – The overall appeal of this site is lacklustre regarding visual aesthetics.

#7. Storiesonline

Estimated visits last month – 6.7 million

Storiesonline is an exciting website that provides numerous search and sorting options to the visitors. You can start reading a story without even logging in which is a good thing.


  • An overview – Every story has a brief overview which gives you a fair idea about the story.
  • Advanced – You can choose an advanced search with a lot of options like author name, date,title, etc.
  • Category search – Category search gives you the option to choose a story based on yourpreferences.
  • Alphabetical search – The stories are categorised alphabetically from A to Z.


  • Outdated design – the design of this site looks quite outdated.
  • Free account – The registration is free but its only use is when you need to comment or submit your story.
  • Slow – the site can be a little slow sometimes
  • No pictures – Lack of pictures make it a little boring.

#8. Indian Sex Stories

Estimated visits last month – 4.2million. It is a pretty old Indian site that features thousands of sex stories which are divided into their respective categories.

This site is a heaven for those readers who understand both English and Hindi language.


  • Vast collection – They have around 20k stories on the site.
  • Adequately categorized – The stories are appropriately categorized into their respective niches.
  • Natural filters – You can customise your search by using the filters like the latest stories,favourite stories, etc.
  • Editor's pick – You get a separate section called Editor's pick where you will find some hotsex stories.


  • Uneven archives – Some categories are loaded with lots of stories whereas some of them have tiny stories in them.
  • Chance of infection – There is quite a possibility that this site is infected.
  • Ads – There can be quite some ads and diverts on this site.
  • Outdated design – The overall look and design of this site seems outdated.

#9. Lush Stories

Estimated visits last month – 3.7 million. Lush Stories is among the most popular sex story sites and enjoys a lot of attention and love of its massive community of members.

It also contains love poems on exciting topics.


  • Smart design – The design of this site is smart and user-friendly.
  • No sign-ups – No join-ups or sign-ins required to read stories!
  • Frequent updates – New stories are updated daily.
  • Great content – The content is readable and enjoyable.


  • Ads – Unnecessary ads can get you bored quickly.
  • Short stories – Lengthy stories have always been missing on this site.
  • Categorization – The categorization of the stories could have been better.
  • Unnecessary tabs – Video tubes and other tabs can be distracting.

#10. Chyoa

Estimated visits last month – 2.5million. Chyoa is yet another storytelling site which supports interactive stories to its users. The content is meaningful and written to please the avid story readers.


  • Plot control – By choosing to read interactive stories, you can control the plot and outcome!
  • Different niches – It has quite a lot of niches which excites sex story lovers.
  • Quality content – The content of the stories is original and provides interesting reading.
  • Great platform – Chyoa is an excellent platform for both budding erotic fiction writers andreaders.


  • Limited stock – The story stock is limited.
  • Mix quality – Once in a while you may find a story which is poorly written.
  • Chaotic users – Some users of this site prefer creating chaos and trolling which can beappalling.
  • Mediocre design – The design of this site is mediocre.

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#11. MC Stories

Estimated visits last month – 1.6million. MC stories have a massive collection of stories, and even some of the categories have hundreds or thousands of stories.

The stories are written well, and they manage to create arousing scenes for the readers.


  • Huge collection – The collection of stories is huge.
  • Categories – The categories are carefully picked and make sorting easier.
  • Exclusive – The content of this site is exclusive and explicit.
  • Stimulates mind – The stories are carefully woven by words which stimulates your mindsexually.


  • Boring design – The design and overall look of this website can be quite annoying for some people.
  • Limited sorting – You cannot customise your search based upon ratings which are quite a sadthing.
  • No search – Unavailability of search bar makes it hard to search the desired stories.
  • No search – Unavailability of search bar makes it hard to search the desired stories.

#12. Juicy sex stories

Estimated visits last month – 1million. If you love to read a creative play of seductive words, then you must read the top ten stories of this site that gets updated now and then.


  • A lot of categories – With lots of sex categories, this site is fit to be termed as a one-stopsolution for all the sex story lovers.
  • Submit a story – If you have your own sex story and want to tell it to the world, you can submit it here.
  • Free membership – The membership for this site is free.
  • Secrecy – Even if you join them, they only display your username, and the rest is kept as asecret.


  • Ads – The ads can be disturbing sometimes.
  • Lacks of pictures – The stories are not sizzled with revealing images.
  • Simple – Some of the stories lack in generating enough interest to read till the end.
  • Too simple – The design of this website is too simple.

#13. BDSM Library

Estimated visits last month – 1million. BDSM Library is a collection of hot stories for those are into different types of fetish stories.

The story collection consists of slavery, bondage, and other types of extreme sex stories that are presented in a readable format.


  • Colossal collection – Their story collection is enormous.
  • Natural search – The search option enables you to find stories more easily.
  • Sorting options – The stories can be filtered by the latest stories, most read, longest, etc.which make sorting easier.
  • Erotic – The stories on this site are quite erotic and make great reading.


  • Average design – The overall design of the website is average.
  • Complex categories – You do not have simple categories as all of them are extreme.
  • Nasty Ads – The homepage is full of ads.
  • Too many redirects – This site has many redirects to other sites.

#14. Read Indian Sex Stories

Estimated visits last month – 865k. Indians are passionate about sex, and so they are about sex stories.

With numerous categories featuring Indian themed stories, this site has a lot to offer rather than just stories.


  • Videos – If you do not mind some sex videos along with spicy stories then RISS can be theideal site for you.
  • Nice collection – It has a collection of about 2000 stories which is not bad at all.
  • English stories – Most of the stories featured here are in English but there a few Hindi textsas well.
  • User-friendly – The site is pretty simple to use.


  • Poor design – The website is not great concerning its design.
  • No filters – The stories cannot be filtered as per the most popular, most read categories.
  • Ads – Ads can be a nuisance sometimes.
  • Mixed quality – Some stories are outstanding whereas some can be quite bad as well.

#15. Solo Touch

Estimated visits last month – 733k. Solo Touch is a premium site where you get a vast number of sex stories and erotica which are carefully categorised into exciting niches.

The quality of the stories is excellent which make it an excellent option for the people who wouldn't mind spending some pennies to get their hands on fresh and exclusive erotic literature.


  • Interesting – The plot ideas and categories are interesting.
  • Multiple categories – Multiple categories make story finding easier.
  • Quality – The content of the stories is quite good.
  • Free stories – There are quite a few stories which can be read for free.


  • Paid content – Most of the sex stories can be read only by those who have premium accounts.
  • Controversial – Some of the stories involve sex with minors, and such type of content isbanned in some countries.
  • Ads – Flashy pop-up ads spoil the experience sometimes.
  • Sign-in – You will have to sign-in to get access to different features.

#16. Mr Racy

Estimated visits last month – 341k. Mr Racy is a website meant for selling of sex toys. However, it has quite a collection of erotic stories as well.


  • Beautiful design – It is one of the few sex story sites that have a good design.
  • Short stories – Most of them are short stories which are of excellent quality as well.
  • Preview – Each story has a short preview which gives a fair idea about the story.
  • Image – Each story has a unique picture which relates to the theme and content of the story.


  • Short stories – Most stories are of short and medium length.
  • Average quality – There is nothing exceptional about the quality of the stories listed here.
  • Font – The font style could have been better.
  • Ads – There are quite a few ads on this site.

#17. Hyper Dreams

Estimated visits last month – 213k. If you like to read erotic fiction, then Hyper Dreams can be the perfect site for you.

It has a good collection of nicely woven sex stories which makes it an excellent site for sex story lovers.


  • Quality – They prefer quality over quantity, and it is quite evident once you start reading thestories available on this site.
  • Interactive – This site has interactive features which allow you to control the flow and plot ofthe story.
  • Fresh – All the stories here are fresh and exclusive.
  • Appealing yet straightforward – The design of the website is simple yet appealing.


  • Limited – The story collection is limited.
  • Bothersome features – The interactive features can be blissful for some, but it also can bebothersome for others who want to start reading without any hindrance.
  • Old school – The website has a traditional website looks which were made in the 2000's.
  • Fewer categories – The categories are limited which makes sorting harder.

#18. Novel Trove

Estimated visits last month – 125k. Novel Trove does not have an amazingly long list of sex stories, but whatever collection it has is worth reading.

With around 200 story titles, this site gets millions of visitors every month.


  • Smart design – The website design is smart and pleases our eyes.
  • Lengthy books – You will find lengthy erotic books archive that makes good reading.
  • Free – The site is free.
  • BDSM – The stories are categorised into different niches, and there is a good collection ofBDSM sex stories on this site.


  • Limited – The story collection is limited.
  • Smaller collections – The categories are limited, and the archives are much smaller.
  • New – This is a relatively new site.
  • Hard for commoners – The stories can sometimes be too rich in literature, but that alsomeans that people with an average intellect can find them hard to understand.

#19. Sex, Life & Everything

Estimated visits last month – 94k. If you want to some explicit sex details shared mostly by a couple, then this site is worth visiting.

It is run by a couple who blog about sex, life and other aspects that relate to them.


  • Erotic – The sex blogs are erotic and sensuous.
  • Great design – Finally a site with great design and layout.
  • Adding value – These sex memoirs and details add value to your lives apart from the pureentertainment they provide to the readers.
  • Unique categories – Their categories are unique and not like those that feature on a regularsex story site.


  • Too long – Some of the blogs and stories can be too long.
  • Dirty sex – If you are not happy reading filthy sex memoirs then maybe this site is not foryou.
  • A bit confusing – The categories are a bit hard to understand for the commoners.
  • Font – The font of this site could be better.

#20. Adult Erotica Stories

Estimated visits last month – 53k. With free registration and some steamy stories, Adult Erotica Stories is a site to vouch for.

They update the stories regularly to provide you with fresh content every day.


  • Awards – A monthly award is reserved for the hottest story.
  • Numerous categories – You can select the stories from the full range of categories.
  • Submit your story – You get to story your story.
  • Free registration – Access to this site is entirely free after registration.


  • Ads – Too many ads can be a mood spoiler.
  • Poor design – The design and layout need to be improved.
  • Not secure – This site is not secured by https://
  • E-books – If you want to download an E-book you will have to register first.

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#21. Bellesa

Bellesa is an adult site that mostly emphasizes on adult videos and stories that are written from a woman's point of view.

Also, you do not have to pay anything for reading erotic stories of this site.


  • You will find many stories that contain interesting characters and fun-filled encounters here.
  • The articles that promote sex positivity can also be found here.
  • The quality of both videos and stories is exceptional on Bellesa.
  • The characters of the story are well-written and the central character is mostly a woman.


  • It is not a dedicated site for adult stories.
  • You won't find many real-life stories on this site as it focuses mostly on adult fiction and fantasies.

#22. AdultFanFiction

AdultFanFiction is a fun place to be in for those who are into adult e-books, fiction, and anime. It also has many adult comics and erotic tales are nicely archived into their respective categories.


  • Users who are into lengthy stories that develop slowly can read the erotic series and e-books.
  • It also has an active community and forum through which you can find people who have similar interests and preferences when it comes to adult fiction and stories.
  • It is a free site but you can donate to support this site especially since it provides an ad-free interface to the users.
  • Adult Fan Fiction has a huge collection of BDSM and fetish stories.


  • Most of the stories are written by novice writers. Therefore, you might find some lapses in the sequences and plots.
  • The website lacks a modern and appealing design. The layout is also not very impressive.

#23. True Dirty Stories

If you are into dirty stories that are submitted by real users then you should read True Dirty Stories.

Moreover, you do not have to spend a penny for reading all the erotic stuff that is uploaded on this site.


  • The stories are divided into their respective categories. For example, you will find a separate section reserved for anal sex, college sex, first-time sex stories, and much more.
  • This site does not contain any banners and pop-ups. Therefore, you can read the stories without any hustles.
  • A short part of each story is provided below the titles so that you can start reading a story that seems to be interesting.


  • This site does not have a modern interface. The overall look of the site is quite frustrating as they have used vibrant colors and a dark theme that might hurt the eyes especially while reading lengthy stories.

#24. Remittance Girl

Remittance Girl is a site that features adult fiction written by a writer who mentions herself as Remittance Girl.

A wide range of categories such as bondage, rape, BDSM, etc. can be found on this portal.


  • Apart from stories, you will also find blogs related to recipes, travel, lifestyle, etc. here.
  • The website looks quite decent and the layout is perfect as well
  • Blogs, erotic stories, and series are uploaded in their respective sections.
  • You can also follow the author through Twitter, Tumblr, email, and other social media channels.


  • You will not find sex stories that start and end with a sex scene. The stories here are meaningful and written to impress a certain section of society which we refer to as 'classy audience'. Therefore, if such stories appeal to you then this site is not for you.

#25. Sugar Butch Chronicles

Sugar Butch Chronicles is a sex story site that dedicates itself to various types of kinks like BDSM, bondage, etc.

If you are into roleplay and fetishes then you will find many appealing stories on this portal.


  • It has a modern interface with a sleek design and excellent layout.
  • Subtle colors are chosen for the fonts so that your eyes don’t hurt even if you read multiple stories one after another.
  • Apart from adult stories, you will also find essays and erotic poetry here.
  • It has a huge collection of taboo stories as well.
  • No premium subscription is required for reading the stories here.


  • None

#26. Alt Sex Story Repository

Alt Sex Story Repository is a sex story site that has thousands of well-written erotic fiction and short stories.

It is a free site that doesn’t sell premium subscriptions for accessing its content.


  • The stories of new authors are provided in a separate section.
  • It is a mobile-responsive site and therefore, you can read stories from your smartphones as well.
  • Over 1000 writers have submitted their work on this portal till now.


  • The design of the website is old fashioned and boring.

#27. Erotic Review

It is an old sex site that has been serving readers since 1995.

However, the site has been updated with a fresh design and layout to provide a user-friendly interface to the readers.


  • You will also find articles related to sex and lifestyle here.
  • Fictional and love stories have been presented in separate pages on this site.
  • A whole team of editors and writers work for presenting interesting and error-free content to the users.


  • You will find some paid ads on this site.

#28. Girl on the Net

Girl on the Net is an ideal place for readers who want to read kinky and appealing blogs on adultery and sex.

Along with the seductive stories, you will also find raunchy illustrations and titillating photos on this site.


  • It is a completely free site.
  • The website looks neat and usable. It has a good layout and smooth navigation as well.
  • The stories are quite appealing and have been written to erase the stigma that hovers around the subject of sex in our society.


  • None

#29. Libida

Apart from selling sex toys, Libida also uploads different types of sex stories on its portal. Moreover, you will also find advice on sex and related matters on this site.


  • Blogs that talk about sexual health in length are uploaded on this site.
  • The sleek and clean interface of this site permits you to read the stories without any issues.
  • Stories come with amazing illustrations and seductive photos on this site.


  • This site can confuse new visitors as it has sex toys, articles, and other products that are added on a single platform.

#30. Fiction Mania

If fictional stories are your type of adult stories then you must go through the stories of Fiction Mania.

It has a huge collection of over 35K fictional stories that mostly caters to the reading preferences of transgender fiction.


  • Along with stories, you will also find some sexy photos on this portal.
  • Most of the stories revolve around BDSM, fetishes, and other sexually explicit acts that can arouse you easily.


  • There is no much scope for readers who want to read stories that are based on characters who have a straight sexual orientation.

Awkward Sex Stories

Final Verdict

These were some sites that you can visit whenever you feel the urge to traverse erotic literature. Most of these sites offer their content for free but some sites also charge a subscription fee especially if they are providing other stuff like porn videos.

Also, some of these portals cover a wide range of topics and niches that are related to sex. Therefore, you can easily find a site that suits your reading preferences by exploring the above sites.

Parting Words

There is no need to be ashamed if you love to read stories as it is a far subtle way to satiate your sexual urges and fantasies. Therefore, make a cup of coffee, choose your favorite place on the balcony, and peep into the sexual life and stories of kinky strangers!

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