Top Face Review (2020)


TopFace is a dating and a mobile dating app connecting users and allowing them to send out messages for free.

This site was started in the year 2011, and within a short period of time, this site has gone on to gain 120 million users at a global level.

The member base is diverse about age and ethnicity. Since the features of the site are enhancing so to the number of visitors to this site.

This site has a significant customer base. Nearly 30 % of the members are from Russia, the country of origin. The remaining 70 % comprises people from different countries of the world. Most of the members here are on the lookout for casual fun and dating.

Some fake profiles are also part of the platform. A tip to figure them out is that they post celebrity photos as part of their profile page. There could be some users of this app who are cam models. They could be sending out links for their private cam shows.

Undoubtedly, you have to be careful once you deal with such members as they could turn out to be scammers.

What makes Topface Popular?

An initial glance at the site would showcase the reasons behind the popularity of the website. A point to consider is that only the premium members have access to all the features. Being a standard member, your choices are limited. If you wish it is possible to purchase and use coins.

Purchasing coins would enable access to private shows though for a limited period.

  • Mutual Attraction - By mutual attraction, all potential matches are listed. The profiles about whom you liked on the dating app are illustrated and whom you loved in turn.
  • Guests - Guests, according to the site, means profiles who visited your details. You can view them for free
  • Likes - Specifies all the patterns that have been liked on the dating feature. But to view the list ceases to be a paid feature.
  • Fans - Fans, according to place, is a list of members who have put you on their favourite list. Once again, to view this is a paid feature.
  • Gifts - They are available in the form of stickers which can be dished out to other members for a fee. The rewards that you receive are specified on the user profile.
  • Bomb feature - This is a paid feature of the site. With a single click, the same message can be sent to millions of profiles
  • Admirations - On the top page of the main matching feature, there is an admiration icon. This works out to be the next level and is a paid feature. Free members could view the profiles who have dished out admirations.

Website Overview


Estimated number of visitors- 1.81 million

To register on this site is a two-way process. Firstly you have to choose the gender and then the location if your dating site can detect it.

In case the recognized place is wrong, you can always change it by entering the correct details.

Then this is to be followed by the next step where you have to enter your name, birthday along with your email.

topface lp

There is a need to nominate a password. Once you have filled in the above details, a verification link would be sent out to your email address. This link is going to provide you access to the dating site.

If you are planning a quick registration, then try a Facebook sign up. For residents of Russia, they can use Vk or Another top feature of this site is dating that is on similar lines as matching making activity of Tinder.

A profile will be displayed in front of you where you have an option of skip or like if you choose like you have a choice of a successful match with the user. Choosing a skip is going to take you to the next profile. This makes it a fair game as the standard members are expected to gain something from the app.

Being a free member, you can like the matches or even the members who have liked your profile while dating. On the other hand, there are no restrictions for a paid member to be sending out messages. The profile of the members goes on to reveal limited information about a user.

They are one-liners depicting the appearance and lifestyle of a person. There are even several paragraphs where various personality questions are answered. But most of the members end up leaving the personality questions blank.

Besides the photo albums are left blank which is going to show up on the profile of the member decides to upload the photo for a particular reason. Of late, the site had incorporated an app version. This is an ideal bet for users who are always on the move.

In a lot of ways, the features are the same as the website counterpart. All the icons are placed on the bottom part and that makes viewing a pleasant experience. For users on the go, the usability feature is something to consider seriously.

The only loophole is the disruptive pop-ups that keep on emerging from time to time. As far as the design of this site evolves it is simple and straightforward. On a webpage, it might seem that an app is embedded.

The menu at the side is static, and when you are going to click on any of the features, a main section on the right would be the one to load and change. This same logic exists once you click on the user name.

The profile is going to load on the same section where the entire webpage does not need to pack. Once you are trying to access a paid feature, a pop up would emerge. So the navigation is quick and easy. You can access the desktop version or even the Android or IOS platforms on your mobile device.

For an individual who is using a piece of older equipment, it is possible to access the site from your mobile browser. When you encounter the performance, both the desktop and mobile version performs exceedingly well. No issues would emerge with navigation or be it speed.

How to Use the TopFace Dating App

A vast majority of the profiles on the site were rated to be popular. For this reason, a pop-up window appears once you click on the profile of the person. This showcases the fact that the person is famous and to send out messages to them you need to have a VIP membership.

At the same time, VIP membership is called to have consistency in terms of user experience. Relying on the free version would be a significant bargain as it would be shooting in the dark. The target audience, as far as the site is concerned, is all in the early ’20s.

It also points to the fact that the cost of the subscription is not high. The trend of people in the first part of the 20s is to socialize with each other, and they are not earning a lot of money.

The career of most people tends to take off in the period of ’30s as this is the time they are keen to join social networking sites like Bumble. Even the site looks a lot attractive. If you think that good looks mean attractiveness, then the people who are part of this site tend to be beautiful and hot.

At the same time, casual dating apps tend to be sustainable. You can keep the customers glued for an extended period if they are looking for casual encounters. They need to be looking out for fun, along with excitement, and this means they are not even going to leave the app rather quickly.

For this reason, the niche works out to be a lot more profitable as compared to others.

Site Statistics

  • Meeting up with people aligning with your interests
  • Constant updates
  • Compatible with Android and IOS features
  • Available in numerous languages
  • 60% male users and 40% female users.
  • The members are mostly from Russia.
  • The signup process is easy.
  • The total number of members is over one million.

Website Performance Scores



Quality of Members

8 / 10


8 / 10


6 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

8 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


7 / 10

Bonus features

5 / 10

Overall Score

83 / 100

Competitors of TopFace

The main competitor of TopFace is another Russian site of the name Badoo. They aim to provide a new meaning to the concept of dating and pride themselves on being a social media network. This app is one for the young generation as the focus is more towards mobile dating.

At the same time, this site has users over the age of 35 who are exploring possibilities of a serious relationship. To register on the site, you have to incorporate a few essential details and upload a photo of yours.

But in case you are planning to hop on to the site, there is no point in uploading your photo. Once you upload the picture, you can expect the site to flag you and ask for verification. The photo verification of the site seems to be strict, and if you do not comply with it, you are shown the door.

For a lot of people, the confirmation method may sound simple. You are given poses of both male and female members, and you have to upload images in those poses. But if you are a new user and thinking of what to do then posting an image would already be a step way ahead.

Since it is a free messaging service to message others is possible even when you are not playing to avail the premium services. The only point of consideration is that you need to upload a photo of your choice. Once you do that people are bound to trust you.

But a catch is that you can only go on to send two messages at a single time. Out of the two, one of the users has to respond. Strictly come in heels is another competitor termed as eharmony. You can say that it is a dating site for people who are on the lookout for serious relationships.

A significant chunk of the members is in the age group of 25 to 34 years as it has gone on to claim that this is one of the best dating sites of the world.

In fact, on the site, an equal population of male and female users exist. Most of the members are active and are determined to find the lover of their lives.

In terms of profile building, it does take some thought at your end. On the other hand, if you are into small talks you would not go to that level to set up a profile on a dating site.

To use the website efficiently, a suggestion is to opt for the premium version. However,it can turn out to be costly as there is a strong possibility of matching with someone stable. 

topface logo

At the same time, the registration process associated with this site takes a bit longer as compared to the others in the business. The entire process of registration is hardly going to take 10 minutes to complete, and then your photo can be uploaded easily.


  • Using this app does not cost any money
  • The process of registration is easy. In less than 5 minutes you will get 50 odd admirers
  • Free version available
  • This app is not going to crash
  • The site is streamlined and user-friendly
  • Being an international dating platform, it caters to a host of languages


  • Plenty of fake profiles
  • Mainly the search results are loaded with people from Russia
  • Random ads are sent across to your Facebook friends
  • Possibility of inactive profiles also occurs
  • If you use swearing words on the platform, your account would be blocked.

The app does not open your location information and is used to reduce battery life. Yes, Instagram might end up doing the same thing, but it is better if you could unlock from your social media accounts and rely on dating apps on what we are looking online.

Pricing & Membership Fees

  • For a week $ 5.00
  • For a month $ 9.32
  • For three months $ 7.48


  • 6 coins- 0.17 $ per coin
  • 40 coins- 0.13$ per coin
  • 100 coins- 0.10 $ per coin
  • 500 coins- 0.06 $ per coin

To send out messages is free on this app till the point you are sending it to someone whom you I liked dating. This is the matchmaking network of the site. But by opting for a premium membership, you touch base with members who have not glanced at your profile.

You can also figure out the members who have put you in their favourite list; this would point to the users who are interested in you. 

Customer Support

Just like any other site, TopFace is not entirely safe. As a user, you are expected to adopt a cautious approach and solely responsible for all actions within the app. To protect the users, there are privacy policies along with terms and conditions illustrated on the site itself.

If you find a user to be abusive, you can block them by clicking on the hand icon on the matching feature found in his or her profile. Suppose if you want to report a suspected scammer you have to click on the caution icon. For any other query, you can always get in touch with the customer care team.

They are available round the clock for any form of assistance.


Topface has been designed for people to catch up with new friends or be it finding a date online. Since it is internationally well known already there are millions of member’s part of its roster. But what would be a matter of surprise is that the app has not found a lot of reviews on the web.

Still, if you want to make full use of the app trust me, the battery life of your app would be reduced. For some experts, this app might seem to be a bit confusing as it is rated to be an international dating app.

Parting words

For a perfect date, you would be looking to succeed. A suggestion is to hook up with TopFace coupons when an opportunity arises. This site has been of immense help to people who are interested in marriage or be it the algorithm dating.

A lot of people have given their thumbs up to this app as they have found it attractive. It is a lot better than the casual hook up apps. You are provided with an opportunity to locate friends without actually feeling the pressure to be hooking up with them. ​

Some people resort to the use of the app when they are travelling. A lot of them have made high-quality friends via this app. Though some might argue it is an app like Bumble, it is a lot different.

With the former, it is about establishing business connections, but TopFace matches you with people who share similar interests as you.

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