Tinder Review (2020)


There’s no denying that Tinder has taken the entire dating sphere by storm.

Redefining the world of dating and casual hookups, it has made online dating customary. It has created social acceptability and normality in this case.

It has numerous users, and you’ve people viewing daily profiles more than 2 billion times, resulting in 26 million-plus matches.

The most compelling aspect of Tinder is that it makes all single moments count.

It breaks the cliché of a dating app and is much more than the apparent mechanism. It’s a cultural and neo-modernist movement.

Nothing defines the art of swiping to find a match better than Tinder.

So, if you’re into #swipelife, you are game for Tinder. It provides a simple platform to meet folks online. Signing up is ease. You do it with your FB account or phone numbers to ensure a standard of identity confidentiality and verification. It doesn’t announce your entry to your Facebook pals via feed or page.

Hovering on your location specifics, it pairs you with other Tinder togglers in your vicinity, regardless of whether you’re at a bar, work, home, or on vacation. On hindsight, you have just two choices. You can swipe left or right.

The hype and hullabaloo are worth experiencing as you learn how to go forward with its swipe life. You can like or dislike a profile with its smooth swipe feature. Member count runs into millions, and you can check out anyone. LGBTQ members can register as well.

Tinder also connects you to other apps like Snapchat, Spotify, etc. However, it’s security deficiency in terms of a profile’s authenticity is a sure negative. The available profile information is also limited.

Your swipe decisions and directives are based on photos, and it only takes a few seconds, which makes Tinder a tad superficial.

What makes Tinder so popular? 

Quintessentially, Tinder is a shoot-to-kill or miss game on anabolics. Just like other online dating mediums, members swipe right to express interest. You swipe left to transfer the pack of cards like profile stacks.

Tinder has managed to integrate extra features with time, enhancing its conventional hot or not ballgame. Members can ‘super like’ some profiles while boosting their own. The fulcrum remains the same, a casual, gamified, online dating platform.

However, the site’s natural characteristics are not necessarily a hiccup because if there were a crown for the best hookup application, Tinder would certainly adorn it.

You can be unabashed in saying that it’s where people go to find casual sex. Inevitably, despite all its notoriety doing the rounds, you can still find Tinder biographies, requesting only serious profiles.

Since most users are open enough to acknowledge it as a hookup app, you can drop those niceties and sobrieties while interacting with fellow members, allowing you to touch more and type less. It offers various features to bolster the swiping game.

Adulting Can Wait! | Tinder India

They are exciting and easy and come with paid membership only. However, they will surely deliver results. The Boost feature gives you more opportunities to find a match to boost your profile. You can stay atop the line for 30 minutes and let other members swipe right on your Tinder profile.

Super Like icon is the blue start of Tinder. By clicking on it, you can stand out as a member. Swipe around the globe or Passport is another stellar feature. Your location has an impact on your matches. You can use it to change your preferred location and find members from other countries.

If you accidentally swipe left or change your mind, you can use the Rewind feature to undo your swipe. Top Picks is a special feature, showing the best profiles the app picks for you. It can take a lot of time to find a perfect date because the app filters top candidates for members.

It’s an indicator to be honest while setting your profile and criteria to make accurate Top Picks. Once two persons ‘like’ each other or swipe right, it creates a match and the scope for a personal chat conversation becomes readily available on Tinder.

Since swiping tends to accelerate the dating process, Tinder focuses a lot on its visuals, propelling others to use it as chick-flick encounters and casual hookups. Tinder has revolutionized the online dating ambit with its fantastic swipe function.

It has emerged as a role model for a cluster of other apps. Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble is one such app that seeks inspiration from Tinder.

Website Overview

Website Address: https://tinder.com/

Estimated Views Last Month: 74.13M

Signing up is breezy as you only require a Facebook account along with some taps.

To register, you just need to authorize Tinder to connect with your FB account and accept it’s usage terms, which allows Tinder to access your current location. 

tinder page

Tinder uses your FB details to underline your name, profile photo, age, and geo-locate you to complete your profile automatically. After registering, you can choose your primary profile snap and customize your age range, gender, and distance settings.

The reigning king of casual hookup apps has just removed the lingering restriction of uploading only FB pictures to your Tinder profile. You can now also upload photos from your mobile phone. The settings section entails Discovery tool, which you can turn on and off.

It allows new users to see your profile and add Tinder Social users to groups. From claiming a username to using notifications, such as in-app matches and vibrations, it’s a smooth ride. The profile section gives you the option to open a short bio and select your present occupation.

Write your educational credentials, and you can change your gender if you want. You can connect to Instagram to showcase your IG posts on your Tinder profile. The app doesn’t entail a typical login procedure.

If you’re plugged in with FB, it won’t prompt you to log in, until you decide to log out from the screen that displays account settings. Its member-interactions are very noteworthy. The phenomenon of swiping has kept many people hooked to the system.

When two members swipe left to move across a profile or right to like it, it automatically leads to messaging. But before this mechanism, you’ve limited communication options. Matches happen instantaneously when you swipe right or at any time when another user swiped right on your profile.

Tinder only notifies you of matches, not the users passing on you. For the immediate matches, you’ll get a full-screen intimation that enables you to message that user or continue swiping. If you match randomly, the banner notifications will be less intrusive.

To restart a conversation, just locate the member in your match segment and start typing. The app recently teamed up with GIPHY, allowing you to like something by merely tapping a heart (green) appearing adjacent to the texts you receive. The chat area stores all message threads and matches.

When you get a new match but are yet to get a notification, or you have a new message which you’re yet to open, you will come across a badge icon over that chat icon. It’s not a numerical icon.

How to "Tinder" - Tinder Basics

Tinder displays one account at a time and showcases at least 200 profile views every 12 hours. It installed a 200 cap for impeding users from liking every profile in a quest to match with the most users.

It doesn’t have any clear-cut matching algorithm but instead implements location-centric data to help you meet your preferred partner. Beyond the fundamental features, the app has a plethora of additional tools that make it more compelling.

Revisiting the users, you pass on necessitates a paid subscription, TinderPlus. It also grants interminable links and Tinder use. Passport feature allows you to browse profiles near you and match with those that come in your next trip or travel location.

Tinder selects them before you arrive at your destination. Tinder started experimenting with its push notifications in early 2018, which reflect a significant engagement spike on the platform. It enhances your chance to meet and greet a person.

Putting your profile in the frontline for 30 minutes, Tinder Boost reportedly delivers 10x more views on your profile. Esteemed members of TinderPlus get a free boost every month. They can buy extra boosts anytime. Free users have to pay for this service.

Tinder is one of the most celebrated dating apps with its website version. Legally adults, regardless of region or generation, are free to experience the Tinder journey. It lets you unleash your wild, romantic instincts to find a match.

Two persons, who have a momentary knock of fascination, can connect and meet through Tinder. The watchword is to keep swiping until you find your special one. Now, you need to define your special one. There are two types of people here.

One opens Tinder to find close mates and acquaintances, while the other lot seeks true love. Okay, enough of ostensible wonderings. Most just come here for hookups and midnight escapades. Long-term bond seekers are most likely to settle with peanuts!

Pricing & Membership Fees

Tinder provides a feature-rich, free membership, which entails messaging. It also offers two primary options for paid subscriptions, Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus. A Tinder Select package is for celebrities and any other elite members.

Do note that prices may vary as per your device, time of purchase, and location. For TinderGold under 28, the package is $9.99/month, $8.83/month, and $6.92/month for one, six and twelve months respectively.

For Gold package over 28, it’s $19.99/month, $15.00/month, and $10.00 for one, six and twelve months respectively. For the same month range, it is $14.99/month, $10.00/month and $6.67/month.

The free services include app download, registration, left swipe, profile picture upload, and find members in your vicinity and one super like every day.

Paid memberships allow you to see those who like you, instant matches, unlimited right swipes and likes, top-of-the-line presence, rewinding your swipe and finding folks from around the world. The payment options are direct debit, credit card and mobile banking.

For a better fragmentation of the costs, you can chip into https://tinder.com.

Site Statistics

  • Global Ranking: Its global rank is 423, Country Rank is 524 and Category Rank is 2.
  • Ratings: Tinder ranks in the lifestyle category. The rank is the same in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, getting 4 star and 4.5-star ratings respectively.
  • Duration: On average, its members spend 30-35 minutes on the app every day, completing 140 odd swipes.
  • Traffic overview: The most active members come from the US, Brazil, Poland, UK and Germany.

Website Performance Score



Website Features

9.5 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Ease of Use

9 / 10

Customer Service

9.5 / 10

Search Operations

9 / 10

Matching system

8 / 10

Customer service

9 / 10

Overall Performance

9.5 / 10

Competitors of Tinder

FriendFinder-X is the most commonly noted competitor. You can easily confuse it with a porn site with countless member profiles. It provides an explicit and raw experience that’s visible in everything, videos, pictures and content and the way the website illustrates its hottest members.

Another sexually-focussed and driven site is AdultFriendFinder. It’s a virtual playground of sexual and dating adventures. Other common names are Elite Singles and XMatch.


  • It’s freely downloadable for both Android and iPhone. You can access the service from its website.
  • Getting started is comfortable with the requirement for minimal profile information.
  • Easy usability.
  • You can swipe right or left to approve or reject a match. Swipe up to get a Super Like.
  • The social situations with pals are exhilarating.
  •  Can start connecting with folks faster than traditional and clichéd dating sites.
  • It consistently matches you with new people on the basis of your location.
  • Low investment for the ones eager to hook up. It has a desirable platform. You don’t need money, as most things are accessible.
  • The Tinder Lite app is for those who want to minimize data usage.


  • It doesn’t have a photo verification mechanism.
  • Doesn’t consider your relationship status on FB for using it. You could be single, married, or in a relationship.
  • It doesn’t provide sufficient information about the match before you actually meet him/her.
  • Sometimes, Tinder doesn’t provide anything.
  • You can’t search for matches with shared interests. You have to scroll through every match.
  • Free members cannot look back or reconsider anyone because you only have two options. You either like to get the candidate or reject.
  • Membership upgrades integrate an age-based costing. For older singles, the app becomes much pricier.

Customer Support

Tinder has a compact mechanism to avoid bots and fake profiles. Profiles with little to no biography or just one image are either inactive or fake. When you match with somebody, you shouldn’t click on external links they send you through messages.

If you feel like you’re conversing with a bot, it’s better to shift to the next profile and continue swiping. You need to upload a minimum 4--5 pictures, which assure your visitors about your authenticity. Dump its filters. Horsehair isn’t majestic, and you are not a manga character.

Your eyes reveal your persona, so don’t post pictures where you’re wearing shades.


If you seek one-night stand, Tinder is barren land, well almost. It’s a no-brainer for those seeking instant bedtime delights. Although, it doesn’t report building desirability and compatibility for each member, you will not see your labour coming to fruit.

People still assume the app to be a matchmaking haven that works on your location. Whether you’re pushing off from a lounge at 3 am on a wild Saturday night or just taking a break from your office grind at 3 pm on a busy and drab Wednesday,

Tinder makes the matching ballgame more transparent and accessible than any other platform of its like.

Parting Words

Using Tinder for serious relationships only is an aberration, and I can certainly tell it’s not at all bogus. Statistics state that only 13% of members reported stitching relationships on Tinder that lasted beyond one month. Some say it’s a rip-off for male folks.

I noticed that as soon as I registered with Tinder, visibility was a cakewalk. Receiving a lot of matches is fun, but what you do with them or how you concretize them is what matters in the end.

To see the likes and matches go downhill after a week or two was really disheartening, but that’s how its algorithm is. The very need to buy costly membership or those goddamn boosts to retain my cherished visibility, or even enhance it, was a pain in the ass.

It was an eyesore, but it’s the only alternative to find matches. I am insight observant and found that most women flock to Tinder to find relationships. Men, on the other hand, scout women for fun.

Well, that’s obvious, and although they have sex, the females hope that it might snowball to a relationship. I find almost all men here and there despising women that are easy to get laid with.

The push and pull workout continue unabated, women knowingly getting into the snare only for ego pumps online. Keeping that aside, I am game for this lit and no-nonsense app.

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