Top 5 Tightest Fleshlight (2020) – Reviews and Comparisons

Masturbation is natural! And we are happy that we have finally reached a stage where we can all agree on that.

Masturbation is a personal thing, and believe us or not; it helps you clear your mind and relax for some time!

But what you may be unaware of is that using your hands to masturbate may not provide you the ecstasy that you are looking for.

We are living in the 21st century; there has to be a better way to feel the oomph factor. 

So, get over the stone age technique and take a look at these top five tightest fleshlights.

Top 5 Tightest Fleshlight

How to choose the right fleshlight?

There is a mammoth of fleshlights available on the internet. Each one of them has different characteristics, but the end purpose is to let you masturbate. If you have never tried a fleshlight yet, then you are in for a treat. They are designed to give you the sensation of sex and can do that effectively.

They might not be as good as the real vagina, but is a thousand times better than masturbating with your bare hands. There are different models available in the product that come with different tightness and textures.

Once you know what characteristics you should be looking for, things will become easier.

Texture and tightness

Picking a fleshlight texture is the trickiest part. You will find various texture patterns, as well as intensity levels. Look for a fleshlight having multiple touchpoints, fingers, nodules, and more nubs. They are the best and provide intense sensations.


Thankfully some fleshlights suit your kink. The available styles are- vaginal, anal, oral, non-anatomical, and exotic. The most popular ones are anal and vaginal. The opening of these devices has an appearance of a juicy lip, and some even replicate the feel of a tongue perfectly.

The interesting part is that some of the models are the exact replicas of assholes and vaginas of your preferred porn stars.


Stay away from cheap fleshlight, no matter how tempting they look like. You never know what kind of cheap materials is used in the fleshlight. Unsafe chemicals can harm your penis, and that won't be a very good idea.

Plus, you may end up hurting your cock too while stroking it through these cheap fleshlights. Go with the brands that we have mentioned here because they are made of high-grade materials.


The next thing to keep in mind before buying fleshlight is the price. On an average, the fleshlight should cost you somewhere between $40-$70. However, some of them can turn towards a pricier part. If you don't mind paying a bit extra, you can go for them too, provided they are made of A-grade material.

Now let us get on with the main deal and know about the five best tightest fleshlights of 2020 that you must buy!

1. Stoya Destroya

Price: $79.95

If you didn't know already, Stoya Destroya is extraordinary. It has been voted as the number one fleshlight in the market. It is perfect for your cock.

A ball inside draining and the tightness of the fleshlight gripping your cock makes you feel great with each thrust. If you don't know Stoya, you must Google her right away!

She is a phenomenal porn star, and she is the owner of Fleshlight Girl. Stoya is famous for her unique style and fetish roles. Just like her, her fleshlight is unique too.

Once you put your penis inside the destroya, it won't actually destroy it but will give you a "wow" factor.

The inside of destroya has three small rings of bumps that will hold your cock tightly.

Stoya Destroya

Once you are done with the first phase, comes the next part where a small row of teeth and fans will rub your cock delightfully. It surely knows how to make you cum fast.

You have to try this product to feel something that you have never experienced before. Isn't that what you are looking for?

  • It comes with a 9-inch deep canal for the best and the deepest thrusting.
  • Lots of features, for instance, ribs, bumps, tight passages, etc. have been provided for the ultimate experience.
  • It looks like the real lips of a vagina.
  • Stoya Destroya gives you the best ever fleshlight experience.
  • The various textures of the Stoya Destroya offer are truly impressive. The pointy heads with the odd-shaped bumps make you feel ecstatic.
  • The material used in making Stoya Destroya is of high-grade quality super skin. The fleshlight makes you feel like you are entering the real thing.
  • The chambers of Stoya Destroya narrow down slowly, giving you the best orgasm ever.
  • The biggest drawback of Stoya Destroya is that it is darn heavy! It is gigantic, and we don't think it is travel-friendly either.
  • Because the chambers are intricately designed, cleaning up could become a little tricky.

2. Fleshlight Launch

Price: $221.95

Even though it is called fleshlight launch, it is more like an accessory than an actual fleshlight.

Fleshlight launch is a new thing in the market and has surprisingly become very popular in the industry.

How does it work, you ask? You need to put the fleshlight sleeve that you like, set the speed you want, and let the fleshlight launch do the rest for you.

That's right. Sit back, relax, enjoy, and the launch will do the thrusting for you.

It does look like a sex toy robot, though. If you are a newbie, we recommend you to go with the lowest speed. Get used to the new toy.

The launch is perfect at hitting the right speeds, spots, and angles.

Fleshlight Launch

The only issue that we have with the fleshlight launch is that it is not at all affordable. If you are ready to shed out $200, go for it. Plus, you need to have a lubricant and sleeve ready too. Overall a pretty expensive deal.

However, if you are into trying something new, go for it. Also, it is just a onetime purchase, and it comes with a warranty too!

  • It gives you fast strokes that are smooth.
  • Fully automated male masturbator.
  • The Fleshlight Launch comes with two modes-manual and interactive.
  • It gives you 250 strokes in a minute. We don't think your hands will be able to go that fast.
  • There are different controls available, for example, stroke speed, position, and length.
  • You can choose from three pleasure zones that are base, shaft, and head.
  • You can charge the fleshlight launch using the power outlet, and you can also use it while it is plugged in for charging.
  • Fleshlight launch gives you a real blowjob experience, which is another add-on.
  • Fleshlight launch is costly, plus it is bulky as well.
  • The fastest setting can be noisy.
  • If you decide to stroke for a longer time, the speed may lower down a bit.

3. Stamina Training Unit

Price: $69.95

Stamina Training Unit will surely make your female partner jealous because this male toy is meant for enjoyment.

The gorgeous lifelike design of the Stamina Training Unit is bound to make any man excited. It is easy to clean, waterproof, and perfect for beginners.

The lady lips of the Stamina Training Unit actually look like pussy lips. Try putting your finger inside the fleshlight, and you will find it even better than the actual vaginas.

Better luck next time, ladies!

Stamina Training Unit

This strategically designed Stamina Training Unit will keep the men stay longer in bed. There is something special about the Stamina Training Unit. Millions of men, unfortunately, suffer from a problem called premature ejaculation.

Practicing sex with the Stamina Training Unit will increase your endurance and stamina.

Overall this product is impressive and made of high-quality material. It easily replicates real pussy and is much tighter, which means you will get a similar feeling like having sex with a real woman.

  • It looks pretty, tight, and gives lifelike experience.
  • It has a ribbed inner canal that gives you extra stimulation.
  • The kit includes an instruction guide for care and use.
  • Stamina Training Unit is best for those who would like to enhance their sexual experience and last longer in bed.
  • This fleshlight is made of good quality material and is perfect for beginners.
  • The pussy of the Stamina Training Unit imitates the real pussy lips and is tight, making you feel like you are having sex with a real woman.
  • The best part about the Stamina Training Unit is that this device is easy to clean.
  • If you use the Stamina Training Unit regularly, it might get deformed.
  • Only for the beginners and might not be idle for all girth sizes.

4. Dillion Harper Crush

Price: $79.95

Dillion Harper, another famous porn star, is here with her Dillion Harper Crush. This product was launched in 2016, 24th November.

The fleshlight looks fantastic and attractive, and all credit goes to its unique textures.

It has an impressive central part and also has bumps that make the penetration part amazing. Once you reach the end of the texture, you will start having an intense feeling.

There are five chambers in Crush. The first is the opening part and is large so that your penis gets inside it quickly. 

Dillion Harper Crush

Then comes the final chambers, which are much tighter, giving you an incredible feeling. Crush has definitely become our personal favorite because of its five unique chambers with new texture in each chamber.

The first chamber is tight, while the second has more ridges, then comes the third with more intensity and will give you the sensation that you need. The fourth chamber has four rings, and then the last one will let you cum.

  • Many chambers to give you the ultimate experience.
  • It is safe to use and non-toxic.
  • Made of incredibly soft material, it is flexible and also durable.
  • Dillion Harper Crush has super soft openings and comes with five chambers in different textures.
  • It gives you a lifelike entrance, for example, clitoris, lips, and more. This is perfect for those who are away from home and want to please themselves.
  • If you use a good lubricant, the result will be phenomenal. The lips of this men's toy are molded perfectly. The texture is soft and very inviting.
  • The toy is also suitable for those who enjoy having a more extended session and gives you a fantastic explosive climax.
  • The most significant disadvantage of Dillion Harper Crush is its cleaning part mainly because it has many chambers. You need a significant amount of time and effort in cleaning it. .
  • Just in case if you are on a girthier side, the first few experiences could be a little uncomfortable for you.

5. Ice Lady

Price: $64.95

Voted as the hottest male sex toy, Ice Lady is the best when you compare it to the other fleshlights.

This male sex toy guarantees to take your sexual experience to a whole new level in giving you a lifelike pleasure.

This fleshlight is made of Super Skin which is not harmful to your penis. Once you start stroking your cock using Ice Lady, you will begin receiving realistic sensations.

And trust us, you would like to have it again and again.

Ice Lady

It comes with a transparent exterior and has a stretchy canal that can be stretched further as per your requirements. Ice Lady is not hard to clean, which means once you are done, you only have to rinse it with water and use some mild soap to clean it.

The internal length of Ice Lady is 9 inches, and opening feels like a real vagina, the material will feel like soft plastic. Ice Lady is waterproof also. The sleeve is incredibly soft and gentle which givesyou the feel of penetrating a real vagina.

The Ice Lady is different than most of the fleshlights, but it's worth a try.

  • Clean material for extra joy and viewing experience.
  • Ice Lady has an ultra-soft super skin texture.
  • It is easy to carry and very compact.
  • If used with warm lube and warm water, Ice Lady will give you a tremendous feeling. The noodles give you different, but an excellent feel.
  • This fleshlight is by far the easiest one to clean. All you need to do is clean it with some water and use a soapy lotion.
  • Ice Lady lets you try different sensations to explore. The clean casting makes it fun to use, as well.
  • For some people, the transparent look of Ice Lady might be a little intimidating.
  • Ice Lady is not good for a blowjob.

Where to buy them?

We are living in a digital age, which means you can literally buy them from anywhere. They are available online Amazon, any Fleshlight website, and different adult sites as well. Your sex toy will be discreetly packed. This means no one will get to know what you have purchased.

Even though they are available all over the internet, we recommend buying them from reliable sources only to ensure its authenticity.

How to clean your fleshlight?

So, you are done using your fleshlight, and now comes the hard part. Here is a step-by-step guide to clean it effectively.

  1. 1
    First things first, separate the sleeve and case after removing the sleeve from the case. Clean the case first by pouring water over it. It would be better if you use warm water.  You should clean it both internally and externally. If you think you need to use soap for extra cleaning, use it.
  2. 2
    Hold the sleeve upright and let the warm water run through it properly and allow the water to exit through the bottom end. A steady flow of water will help dislodge any cum and lube that is stuck inside.
  3. 3
    Empty the water, give it a good rinse, and let it dry. If you have an isopropyl spray, you may spray it too to disinfect it even further. This will make your sex toy ready to be reused.
  4. 4
    Use it once it is completely dry. Use a paper towel or a clean towel to dry it and keep it aside.

Parting words

Overall, fleshlights solve one useful purpose, and they are meant for that only which is Masturbation! We recommend these sex toys to every man because everyone deserves to feel love. Even if you have a better half, sometimes they will be too tired or out of town.

And that's when you need a fleshlight. Do remember that fleshlights are not a replacement of your partners, so don’t expect too much from them.

That being said, try one of the tightest fleshlights that we have mentioned here and have a good time! We hope you will find your favorite fleshlight from our list.

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