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If you are searching for an efficient niche dating platform that offers to connect with single Thai men and women, ThaiCupid would indeed prove to be a fascinating website.

ThaiCupid is one of the dating platforms in Thailand, which allows people from all over the world to connect with Thai men and women. 


  • The site is user-friendly, and the interface is easily understandable for users who may not be very tech-friendly. 
  • It ensures the safety and security of the members.


  • However, most services are required to be paid for. 
  • Free users cannot interact with all the means available with paid members.

Despite being simple to use, the site offers no innovative features or designs. 

This review shall provide an extensive overview of the features and customizations of the website and offer you a better understanding of its performance.

This is the 21st century, and dating sites are the modern-day cupid, where people find each other, connect and fall in love. And it’s somewhat fair because why shouldn’t we find love the modern way in the modern world?

ThaiCupid is one of such dating sites that is focused upon the people in Thailand and is providing a great platform where people belonging to Thailand can find connections of their choice. At the same time, there are several dating sites today. So how to choose one that is worth investing your time on?

Read further as we review ThaiCupid for you and then decide if you wish to invest your valuable time and effort in joining this platform to find a partner of your choice.

What makes ThaiCupid popular?

Some dating platforms are available to people all across the world, where they can find matches of their choice and meet them. But ThaiCupid is one of those specific niche dating platforms that has been created to suit the requirements of Thai people. It is specific for Thai dating.

Yet, despite the focus on Thai men and women, the website is open for men and women from across the world who may be interested in finding a Thai man or woman.

There are numerous men from foreign countries who are interested in getting connected with Thai women and ThaiCupid makes it possible. Not many generic dating sites have the option to filter matches based on their ethnicity.

As a result, niche dating sites like ThaiCupid make it possible for people to find matches of their choice. The niche of the website and good quality matches are what make ThaiCupid popular amongst its users.


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Estimated Visits Last Month – 1.56 Million

ThaiCupid is a Thai dating website, with about 1.5 million users who have registered themselves over the website.

It is one of the niche sites of Cupid Media that is currently focusing upon the dating needs of people in Thailand.

The site aims to ensure that people have a platform to meet people of their choice and find love and connections as per their preferences and likings.

With its unique platform, Thaicupid is helping men and women find love and soulmates.

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The best part about the site is that while it has its focus on Thai men and women, it is also allowing men and women from other parts of the world to connect with Thai people. Why? Because soulmates know no boundaries.

A majority of the subscribers and users of the platform are from Thailand of course, but also from countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, the U.S. and even France. A sad part about the site, though, is that there are more men than women on the site.

About 85% of the users of the site are males, which makes it difficult to find many women to connect with. There is likely to be intense competition amongst the male members of the site to gain the attention of female members and connect with them easily.

Women, on the other hand, have a benefit because they have more and more options of local Thai men as well as foreign men to talk with. The sign-up process at ThaiCupid takes about a minute, and the site requires no email-verification.

The members of the website must be 18 years above. The users have the choice to sign-up and login through Facebook.

Basic information such as gender, age and name are required to be entered in the process of signing up, and after that, the users can directly start swiping and flirting with people of their choice.

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A large number of accounts on the site can be found as de-active or terminated because ThaiCupid is taking strict measures to block out spam and fake accounts from the site. Safety and security are one of the most essential features of a dating site, and measures must be taken to maintain them.

It was also found that the site terminated some accounts with no reason. Still, in a way, this only shows the dedication of the platform to ensure that their users do not have to deal with fake profiles as a part of their experience at ThaiCupid.

The user interface of the site is rather simple and attractive. Several features have been provided to the users. The site provides the option of talking to matches through live-chat, and the active or inactive status of the users is shown in real-time.

Interest can be shown in the profiles of other users by favoriting them. A chatroom is also available where the users can connect with multiple people at once and then chatting with them. ThaiCupid also has both iOS and Android apps available so that the site can be accessed by the users remotely.

Free services of the site are rather limited, and most features that increase the chance of an individual to find their ideal match are required to be paid for. The site layout is neatly organized and is easy to use even for members who may be of 30 years or above.

The users at ThaiCupid can also block and report contacts if they are facing issues with them, such as receiving offensive texts. ThaiCupid is by large one of the biggest dating sites in Thailand and has a huge number of users (about 1.5 million so far) who are growing and increasing each day.


ThaiCupid is also one of those dating sites, which offers most of their services to users who pay for membership. The features that are available for free users are limited. Such users can match with other users or send an interest.

They can also communicate with users who are premium members of the site.

The users who pay for the services at ThaiCupid instead, get access to a large number of features such as being able to communicate with all members, who may or may not be paid members, sending and receiving messages, being able to communicate through live chats and avoiding advertisements in the process.

Also, paid members can use filters to conduct their search of matches and get a chance to rank higher on the site as compared to others. They can also anonymously browse or hide their profiles while still using it.

The plans and fees at ThaiCupid are higher than a few other platforms, wherein plans of longer durations cost cheaper than those of smaller duration. A one-month plan at ThaiCupid costs about USD 39.99. The three-month plan costs USD 79.98, which is about USD 26.66 for each month.

Reviewing ThaiCupid.Com

And lastly, the yearly plan costs USD 159.99, which is about $13.33 for each month. These charges are applicable for the users who wish to opt for the Platinum Membership. Another category of membership is the Gold Membership which is slightly cheaper than the previous one.

Gold members can pay $34.99 for one month and $69.98 for three months. The twelve-month membership is $11.67 per month and $139.99 in total. There are multiple ways through which the users can make payments such as Credit Cards, PayPal, Bank transfers, as well as PaySafeCard.

Also, the subscriptions of the members work on an auto-renewal basis unless opted out of manually. It is also recommended that the users should opt-out of their subscription 48-hours before its expiry. 

Site Statistics

  • More than 600,000 members of the site belong to the U.S.
  • About 3000 users login on a daily basis
  • More than 1.5 million users have registered at the site
  • A majority of members, i.e. almost 85% are males
  • Females members constitute only 15% of the total users
  • Members at the site are frequently active and respond quickly
  • Visitors of the site are from different countries like Thailand, U.S., Germany, France and U.K.

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Competitors of ThaiCupid

As we mentioned earlier, there are multiple dating sites available for use these days and people from across the world can access and use them to find a partner of their choice. As a result, ThaiCupid has to face competition from several similar sites.

It not only has to face competition from sites that cater to the dating needs of people in general and across the world, but also from niche dating sites that are specific to Thai dating. Thaiflirting is one of such sites that is considered as the second biggest dating site in Thailand, post-ThaiCupid. 

Thaiviewer is also one of the competitors of the company. But, ThaiCupid has established a strong base in Thailand and has a large number of users who prefer the site more than other Thai dating platforms.


  • ThaiCupid allows people from all over the world to sign-up and connects if they incline Thai men and women.
  • ThaiCupid is one of the biggest platforms connecting Thai men and women for dating.
  • It has a simple to use the website, and the interface is easily understandable for users who may not be very tech-friendly.
  • It ensures the safety and security of the members and ensures that the fake profiles and spam accounts are weeded out of the site.
  • Identity verification is necessary for users to access the site and continue chatting with their matches.
  • The site has a chatroom where users can connect with multiple members at the same time.
  • The site also has mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • The site provides the live active or inactive status of the users.
  • The site also translates messages and content based on the language chosen by each member, making it easy for members from different countries to communicate with each other.
  • Two categories of paid memberships are available to choose from, and there is a difference in the costs of each membership.
  • All users, paid or free, have access to look at profiles of other users and send their interests.
  • Customer service is available through email as well as a toll-free number.
  • Members can make use of advanced filters while searching for profiles.
  • Multiple payment methods are available to pay for the membership.


  • Most of the features that are necessary to find ‘the one’ are required to be paid for.
  • Free users can only see profiles, send their interest and connect with profiles that are paid.
  • The prices of the site are higher than other dating sites.
  • The site is simple to use but offers no innovative features or designs.
  • The members are required to manage their subscriptions manually because of the auto-renewal feature.
  • Very less female members available on the site to match with.


The support at ThaiCupid is available in multiple ways.

The users can connect with the site through toll-free numbers which have been provided on the site.

These numbers are different for different locations such as the U.S., U.K. or Thailand and calls are accepted within 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. only, according to the time of Queensland, Australia. 

Apart from toll-free numbers, they can also be contacted by filling up a support form available on the website. 

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Once such a form is filled and submitted, users can expect a quick response from the executives with a resolution to their queries. Lastly, FAQs and commonly asked questions can also be referred to if the problems being faced by the users are mentioned therein.

All in all, ThaiCupid provides strong support and customer services to its users.


ThaiCupid is a niche site that has been created mainly to connect Thai men and women with others across the world who may be interested in them. The site allows and accepts sign-ups from people across the world but is dedicated to suit the dating needs of Thai men and women.

The site is one of the biggest platforms today, with more than 1.5 million users. One of the positive points of ThaiCupid is that it has an app available for both platforms, making it easy for the members to stay up-to-date with their matches.

Also, the site is highly strict about safety and security of the members, which is a huge plus for anyone who feels reluctant about joining such platforms because of safety issues. A chat room is also available through which the members can connect.

Different categories of memberships are available that can be chosen. ThaiCupid provides great customer help and support through multiple means of communication, which shows that the platform is dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of its users.

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On the other hand, the site does not provide any unique features as a dating site. Most of its features are only available for members who pay a certain fee, which is higher than most dating platforms.

Also, the biggest problem can be for men who wish to join the site because the percentage of women members is extremely low. Hence, matching with a woman and finding a suitable match can be a tough job.

This is beneficial for Thai women though, because they get the chance to connect with a large number of men.

If the high cost is not a problem and you are interested in connecting with Thai men and women, as a local or a foreigner, you should join ThaiCupid.

The site has several features that will help you connect with a member who can turn out to be your soulmate or at least a partner of your choice. 

You can connect with several Thai men and women and chat live with them while receiving real-time updates about their online or offline status.

The subscription charges are high, but there are also several members active on the site to connect with. 

Give ThaiCupid a chance if you want to match with a Thai man or woman and if not satisfied, simply cancel your subscription.

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Parting Words

ThaiCupid is one of the most popular dating sites in Thailand, and yet, many users still feel hesitant in joining such a site.

Such concerns are valid and we understand them, which is why we bring you several reviews from different dating sites that are catering to the dating requirements of people across the world. We hope that this review was beneficial for you and removed some of your doubts and hesitations.

Stay connected with us for more of similar dating site reviews.

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