TGPersonals Review (2020)


TG Personals is a dating website  focused solely  on the transsexual and transgender community.

It brings a unique perspective to the stereotype, as finding the right partner for the transsexual and transgender community is very tough- as they continue to struggle for recognition and acceptance within the society.


  • The website might be for the transgender population, but it also offers a wide active base consisting of straight males and females as well who have registered here  for connections.
  • This site is ideal for users who are seeking casual relationships.


  • Most of the registered users are only from the United States.
  • Since it focusses on the transgender community, not many straight people register here.

Modern times and busy lives have increased the craving for finding connections on the internet.

Be it looking for friends, a hook-up, a romantic partner to have a relationship with, or simply to find like-minded people to chat with; online dating sites can offer all of this and much more. So many websites claim to help you find that one perfect connection that has indeed become difficult to choose. 

It is always a very daunting task to pick that one website or mobile app that will help you seek your true love or find a like-minded partner in your community. TGPersonals is one of those websites that you  will want to root for, and here's why!

It is a site that was founded and is maintained till date out of personal passion and a keen appreciation of the transgender and transsexual community, by the founder Mike Kasper. With TGPersonals,  one thing that is guaranteed,  a companion .

If you want to find that special someone sooner rather than later, and without the judgment and condescending views of the world, then you should  think about signing up on this platform.

TGPersonals can offer you a faster and much better way of finding love amongst your community, and ensure that your profile is entirely safe and secure on their platform. Join one of the largest transgender and transsexual communities of the US, and begin your hunt to find like-minded people with whom you can spend your life with.

What makes TGPersonals so popular?

If you search around for a safe, fun and very secure dating site for the transgender and transsexual community online, then we are sure that TGPersonals would be on top of that search list.

It is known as one of the best dating sites in the US, for matchmaking, dating, and finding long-lasting and genuine connections in the country, and it is growing internationally as well.

As far as the overall performance of the site and the mobile app is considered, there is a bit of dated look that the platform carries, similar to how social networking sites looked circa the 1990s.

Generally, such an outdated design would be met with criticism, but TGPersonals makes it work because of the various other features and services that it offers for free. The effectiveness of the website, its detailed matchmaking algorithms, and its user base will have a more significant impact on the people who sign up, than just going for the superficial appearance.

There is not much flair and fancy features that this site offers, but it does do the job of sticking to the basics very well. TGPersonals carries out searches based on location, range, age and sexual identity of the individual who signs up.

After your profiling is done, you are then shown a variety of potential matches, which you can choose to connect with by sending them a message. If both users are online at the same time, then the message portal can be used as an instant chat messenger as well.

It truly is a platform that allows the transgender community to express themselves, find love, and socialize at ease. You don't have to worry about what the world thinks anymore when you can find a platform full of people who are just like you and find people like you to connect with.

Website Overview

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If you still believe that there is love out there for you, but you just don't have the time to look for it, then TGPersonals can help you find your genuine connection. Since 1999,

TGPersonals has given a new ray of hope to all the trans women and men, wanting to seek like-minded people.

Mike Kasper, the founder of transgender platform TGPersonals, personally believes in the motto of their site. 

tgpersonals lp

From his personal experience, Mike realized than for the trans community, and online dating might be one of the best ways to meet people, explore other singles, and find connections.

One of the significant drawbacks he often thought that dating websites had was that they were often too costly for directly communicating and finding like-minded singles. This was when TGPersonals was born. ‚Äč

Mike Kasper has been a quote saying, "Running a free online dating site takes a lot of time to do, but it's a rewarding experience."

This haven for the trans community has grown by and large in the USA, and Mike has seen to it that till date, not a single feature or service on the platform or mobile app needs to be bought. He doesn't want to cherish the idea of turning over a profit by helping people find love.

Now TGPersonals manages to turn a profit by using the Google AdSense program. TGPersonals is very renowned as an online dating platform with over 189,000 users signed up and is dedicated to connecting the transsexual and transgender community in the US.

While some of the users are transgender men and women, there are other cis daters as well, who sign in for the experience and look for other trans men and women to date.

According to Mike, the straight men count on their website far outnumbers that of trans women, meaning that the women get the pick of partners.

Because most of these transgender individuals are often pigeonholed and stereotyped in public, TGPersonals set out with the mission to create a safe and secure platform for the transgender community and make sure that their uniqueness doesn't stand in the way of them finding true love.

Pricing & Membership Fees

As the founder of TGPersonals rightly mentions, one shouldn't be charged when they are merely trying to find love online! And keeping the philosophy upright, this dating website does precisely that.

Unlike most of its competitor websites, TGPersonals is a transgender dating platform, which is 100% free of cost. Not only the transgender, but also the straight men and women who sign up, can look for love, friendship, and more, for no additional price.

This website truly believes in creating a safe space for all the transgender singles, who want to find true love, commitment, a like-minded partner, without any prejudice or judgment.

There are a few advertisements that the platform showcases every once in a while, but that is more a way the site earns, and less about the users paying.

If you are looking for a dating website that has millions of listed singles, then TGPersonals is the ideal choice. Moreover, if it's your first time visiting one of these sites, then you're in luck because this one is entirely free, and offers all the services to every user who signs up.

Website Performance Scores



Mobile Design

7 / 10

Content Updates

8 / 10

Image / Video Quality

7 / 10


8 / 10

Content Amount

8 / 10

Download / Streaming

9 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Overall Performance

75 / 100

Competitors of TGPersonals

Modern times have paved the way for gender equality, and then there are dating sites like TGPersonals, which give trans men and women a platform where they can be themselves, and find other people who cherish them.

This trans-friendly site, which has been running successfully since 1999, has cultivated a very niche US-based membership already and is on the brink of growth. However, like any other successful website, even TGPersonals has its share of competitors.

Some of the other well-known dating sites that could give a fierce competition to TGPersonals are sites like, AdultFriendFinder, and eHarmony, to name a few.

Many of these websites offer free services for their users and see to it that their website has protection and the highest level of security to protect the information and photos of users.

Then there are other transgender dating sites like TransSingle, MyTSDate, and TSDates, to name a few, which offer exclusive dating services to the transgender community.

The platforms are all quite simple to navigate, user-friendly, and have a lot of fun and exciting features that helps transgender singles find like-minded people. However, frankly put, the variety of features, connecting mediums and services that TGPersonals offers, it is a robust dating site to beat.

The founder of this site believed in 100% free transgender dating site because according to him, no one should have to pay when they are only trying to find love online.

This continuously updated and competent platform has managed to become a trans favourite in no time and remains to be one even after two decades.


  • Gay sharing is also readily available on the website
  • One of the best things about this website is that the members are highly open-minded and very vocal about whatever it is that they're searching for
  • The gender proportion of this site's users is 50-50 for male-female
  • It might be a website for the transgender population, but there are also a whole lot of straight males and females, who register here to find connections
  • Majority of people who sign up on TGPersonals are between the age group of 25 to 44
  • It's a mere 5-7 minutes of the registration process and an email verification, which is all you'll need to sign up with this dating site.
  • Matches made on this site are based on personal preferences set by the users
  • There is a blog feature also that makes this site fun to use and explore
  • Even their mobile application if free to download and use for all
  • The site is ideal for users who are looking for casual relationships
  • You get your profile to fill out in detail, which helps you decide how you want to portray yourself and what kind of a partner would you like to meet
  • When you love someone on this platform, you can either add them as a crush, send them a message or even add them as friends
  • Users can access the Photos tab and easily browse through new photo uploads
  • There are tons of search filters available, which can help you quickly find your friends or look for connections on the platform.
  • Interactions buttons are accessible on the left sidebar of the site
  • Their mobile app, 'transgndr', has the same features as the website, and is very neatly and cleanly built as well
  • There are some advertisements on the platform, but they aren't very intrusive
  • To make things more fun, there is even roulette type matching available


  • Not many straight people register as users because the site caters to transgender as well
  • Profiles of the users are poorly detailed and don't have much to go on with.
  • Most of the registered users are from the US, leaving very little room for trans men and women from other cities or countries to join and find singles to mingle with.
  • Your profile picture and information would be visible to all users, and that doesn't leave much space for privacy
  • Their mobile app has all the features as their desktop version, but it is most incompatible with most of the mobile devices
  • There are a lot of bugs that are often reported by desktop and even mobile app users at times
  • TGPersonals offers fundamental features, and that can get boring after a while

Customer Support & Other Details

TGPersonals is managed mostly by the owner itself, and that is why you can expect to have some kind of contact with the owner if there is ever any need.

If you have any type of problem on the portal or need to send a message to the admin, then worry not as the platform offers different ways of doing just that. Ideally, it's a free website, so that eliminates the entire pricing, discount, payment and refund related queries right away.

If you want to connect with their support team, ask questions, or get specific details, then you can write to them as well. You can look for more information on their contact page here-

And if you have some questions, then you can search for answers in their FAQ section before you shoot a message to their admin or get in touch with the founder on social media platforms. You can check out their detailed list of FAQs and seek answers here-


Despite the dated design and above-average user experience, TGPersonals has a perfect mix of features that goes from seeking out friends to finding a love connection. There is something to satisfy the need of every single transgender person and all the other singles out there as well.

All in all, it is a free dating website that allows people to find other people of their choice, without any kind of judgment and prejudice from the world! What's very cool about this website is that it even displays the preferences users have on this site.

So, you will know just by looking at their profile if they are on TGPersonals for friendship, love or sex! This is a great way to make sure that both the singles are on the same page even before they begin chatting.

Busy times like this call for active and straightforward dating websites like the TGPersonals, which can get you one step closer to finding your true love. Furthermore, this is a completely free dating website, which means that there is not much to lose if you just want to give it a shot.

And as far as your valuable time is concerned, this website will make it worth your while with the millions of users that have registered, just like you, to find a like-minded connection.

Parting Words

Now that you have an overview on TGPersonals, and detailed insight into its desktop and mobile platform, and the various features that make it better than its competitors, we bet you are all too eager to register and start looking for your ideal matches.

It might seem like a bit of a challenge to look for a perfect date, but it is because of websites like TGPersonals that finding a perfect match is not just a dream anymore; you can get online and see one for yourself!

If you liked our review of this transgender dating site, then stay tuned to our page to check out our other reviews of dating sites, and know if they are worth signing up to or not.

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