Tenga Egg Review (2020)

The World had already experienced many types of male masturbators and sex toys over the years until a product named as Tenga Egg was introduced to the people.

It was dramatically different from the fleshlight sleeves, female anus and pussy simulators, and other sex toys when it was compared with their looks, functionality, and cost.

It is an artificial egg which is slightly bigger in size than the natural eggs of a hen. However, it has some really useful stuff inside which lured us to try the product for our readers. 

The Tenga Eggs come in a package of six eggs and each of one of them is supposed to be used only once.

However, you might be able to use it a few times more if you are one of those people who prefer recovering every penny spent by cleaning and using the product again and again. 

Tenga Egg

Each of these eggs has a penis stroker in it. Moreover, the texture of every stroker is different and it will make your penis feel nice and special in a different way. 

The total cost of the package was approximately $34 when we purchased the entire set and its cost hasn't varied much since it was launched some years ago by Tenga.

The best thing about a Tenga Egg is its compact size and lightweight. Therefore, you can carry it in your bag conveniently while commuting to and from any place. Moreover, it can be used while masturbation and even the couples can use it when they begin with foreplay. 

Our female readers can present a set of Tenga eggs to their boyfriends or husbands and our male readers who can use it for enjoying a heavenly experience at an economical price.

If you are thinking that you will be required to stroke inside the egg to reach an orgasm then you are completely wrong. The egg is only a cover and the main product is placed carefully inside it. Inside the egg, you will find another egg that is made using elastomer and silicone material.

The squishy and soft interior of Tenga Eggs will make you feel great when you will be using it for a nerve-wracking handjob from your partner. You can also use it for relieving yourself as its jelly-like material will give you a tantalizing effect like never before. 

We will reveal more about this egg in the upcoming sections. It has got some amazing features that need to be described in detail for explaining the sensualizing effect offered by the Tenga Egg!

What Is Hidden Inside The Package?

Once you order the packet of Tenga Eggs, a fancy packet of 6 eggs will arrive at your doorstep. Each of them has a unique design and the labels and color differ slightly from each other. 

When you open an egg, you will find a small egg inside which appears like a condom. Each of these smaller eggs contains a unique pattern and texture inside it. 

For example, one egg will contain a wavy pattern inside it whereas the other egg will contain bubbles inside it.

The pattern of one egg resembles a spider web whereas the pattern of another egg resembles tiny droplets of mist.

Tenga Egg Package

Tenga has also recently launched a special egg for lovers. This egg is ideal for couples who want to indulge in sensual foreplay before jumping for sex. These eggs have unique names and colors as well which will help you in identifying them.

Moreover, different users have different preferences and it depends on the users on how they want the experience to be. Even though these eggs need to be disposed off after use, you can wash them and reuse them also.

Tenga Eggs are so small that a man or woman of moderate build would be able to hide them inside their palms easily. 

Design of Tenga Eggs

The exterior of these eggs is made up of plastic and covered in a wrapper. You can remove the wrapper easily to discover a plain white egg.

The egg can be opened in the same way as an Easter egg is opened by separating both the halves. Inside this plastic egg, there is another soft pouch that is already described as a smaller egg in the above paragraphs.

This egg or pouch contains a small tube that can be opened to remove a small packet of lube. This lube can be used to make the strokes convenient and friction-free.

The simple design and functionality of these eggs make them ideal for men who lack the experience of handling male masturbators earlier.

Tenga Egg Look

The interior sheath or small egg is made of a rubbery material. As a result, you can easily stretch it over your penis. The material is much thicker, softer, squishier, and flexible than a condom. 

Therefore, you will be able to use it for stroking your dick in different ways and styles. We will discuss about different stroking patterns that can be adopted while using these sex toys.

The compact size of this sex toy enables you to hide it in the pocket of your trousers, inside your backpack, or anywhere else quite easily. Moreover, the discreet packaging of these eggs will save you from the mean looks of your friends or family members when they spot one of your sex toys.

How to use a Tenga Egg?

Using a Tenga Egg for masturbation is no rocket science as anyone can unpack the egg to remove the small pouch. Moreover, you can place the pouch on the tip of your penis i.e. glans and pull it downwards for covering your penis with it.

You can stretch, pull, and push this pouch (smaller egg) to masturbate yourself using different stroking patterns. However, first, let us see the preparations that are required for enjoying a hassle-free stroking experience. 

Get in the mood

For many men, the mood is everything. If they are in the right mood it might take a couple of minutes to pop out the semen. However, if the mood is not right then they might need long and tiring stroking sessions for satisfying themselves. 

Therefore, we recommend you to watch a porn clip or romantic scene from a movie before you start using the Tenga Eggs. The porn clip will not only tickle your imagination but it might also help you in ejaculating some precum that will make things more seamless afterwards. 

Even a warm bath or shower might help you in easing out your stress and tension. Your tensed body will get the assistance of hot water and this will help you in relaxing your muscles and nerves in a better way.

Some men have also noticed that dimmer lights, a soft bed or resting place, and romantic music aids them in masturbating perfectly. Dimmer lights will ease you in shedding your inhibitions whereas a soft bed will make you feel more comfortable.

Moreover, the romantic music will help your mind to explore those lustful dreams where you will be making a passionate sex with your partner or crush.

Unpack the eggs

Once you get into the right mood, you will be able to unpack your favorite Tenga Egg to remove the white shell or pouch hidden inside it. Open the tube that has the lube and spread it evenly inside the pouch.

Squeeze the remaining lube from the lube packet and apply some of it on your penis also before you place the egg on it. If you don’t like the lube they are offering with the egg, you can use your own lube too. 

However, please remember that the egg is made up of silicone and therefore, you must not use silicone-based lubricants. This is because the silicone-based lubricants will react with the egg and this will damage its material or texture.

You can use any of the water-based lubes or regular cold creams and face washes that do not contain silicone.

You can pour the lube inside the pouch and gently knead it from the outside so that it spreads evenly in its interior parts. Some men might like to use it even without a lube because the material used is sticky and soft already.

As a result, you won't face any difficulty if you stretch the egg on your penis without using the lube. However, we recommend you to use the lube if your penis skin is sensitive.

You can watch a porn movie on your mobile or laptop while using the Tenga egg if you need some extra imagination for spurting out your juices. Many of you might not even require a porn movie for stimulating your urges as the material inside is capable of arousing your penis.

The stretchable quality of this egg will help you to stroke your schlong in different ways and you will be ejecting creamy spurts of pure delight in no time.

Different movements that you can practice with Tenga Eggs

As we have described earlier, the flexible nature of these eggs enables you to experiment with different masturbation techniques. Even the best Fleshlights and masturbators won’t provide this ease and flexibility to its users. 

Let us now see the different types of movements that you can practice with these cute and naughty Tenga Eggs:

1. Regular up-down motion

The most basic technique is the regular up-down or to-and-fro motion that people use for masturbating with their own hands. The same technique can be applied here as well but here you will feel another smooth and tickling layer of Tenga Egg that will wrap-up your dick perfectly from all the sides.

For that, you need to place the egg over the head of your penis first. After that, pull the egg down towards the base of your penis by using the power of your hands. Once it reaches the base, you can release the grip so that it reverts back to its original position. 

Now, repeat this process by holding the egg with your hand continuously for replicating the smooth gliding motion that you would achieve with your bare hands. 

Do not grip the egg too hard and don’t apply too much force as it would reduce the impact of the egg's original material and texture. Therefore, avoid using too much force or friction as you are using the egg for experiencing its magical texture and feel only.

A grip of medium force would be more than enough for stimulating sensations that will run throughout your entire body.

2. Magic of fingers

Now that you have mastered the art of replicating the usual masturbating techniques with the help of Tenga eggs, you must do the necessary experimentation with different tricks for upgrading your masturbating skills.

Another technique that can drive you crazy with sheer pleasure can be mastered with the help of your fingers. Place the egg on your penis as mentioned in the first technique.

Now, instead of using the grip of your hands to pull down the egg, you can push the material of the egg with the help of your fingers. Hold the egg using all five fingers in the same way as you use for picking up an object from the ground. 

However, let your fingers stay on the egg instead of using them for lifting the egg upwards. Let all your fingers apply force in one direction that will cause the egg to move towards the base of your penis.

Once it reaches to the bottom, loosen your grip and let it come back to its original position. Repeat the whole process until you are comfortable with a particular stroking motion or rhythm.

The benefit of using this technique is that even the palm of your hand comes into the picture. As you pull the material of the egg downwards, your palm shall also touch your glans. 

It manages to create a unique sensation that can be compared to the feeling of hitting an obstruction while penetrating a real vagina. The pressure and grip of the fingers can be changed according to your wish.

However, don’t apply any additional force as it might spoil the natural feel of the egg's cozy material. Also, you might be unable to reach the base of your shaft while using this technique especially if you have small fingers. 

3. Rotating fingertips technique

We all have tried stimulating the glans of our penis by moving fingertips randomly i.e. in different directions over it. However, this time you can enjoy even more pleasure by  the use of egg's material as you rub your fingertips over the head of your penis. 

This technique does not involve the stimulation of the shaft. Therefore, it is advised that you should avoid making extra efforts to push the egg towards the base of your dick.

Just place the egg over the glans and push the egg slightly downwards. Do not apply too much force or you will end up stretching the material. Now, move your fingertips on the egg by maintaining a light grip on the egg. The light grip is necessary or the egg might fall off from the head of your penis. 

Try to explore different sensitive areas located on your glans and apply more pressure as you cross your fingertips over them. As discussed earlier, different eggs have different patterns or textures inside.

Some of these patterns or textures might not work with this technique because a restricted use of grip and pressure is required. For example, the egg with an interior filled with bubbles might not create enough sensations as compared to the egg with a wavy texture or pattern of small spots inside it.

Therefore, choose an egg that will aid this stroking technique for giving maximum pleasure to your penis. There are other techniques too that can be applied for enhancing your masturbation session.

For example, you can use the swirling technique or twirling technique for stimulating the frenulum or you can use a combination of the aforementioned techniques to create your own stroking patterns. The endless possibilities offered by the Tenga Egg have made it a popular choice among jerking enthusiasts.

Types of Tenga Eggs

Now that we have seen some mind blowing techniques that can be used to make your masturbation technique even hotter, let us see some of the most popular types of Tenga Eggs.

Tenga keeps launching new eggs frequently to keep its users interested. As of now, they have created 23 different eggs. You must keep in mind that each one of these eggs has a distinctive interior design and texture that enables them in providing a unique masturbating session to its users every time they use it.

Some of these eggs became popular as the users started deriving more pleasure and sensations from them. Let us see some of these popular Tenga Eggs now:

Types of Tenga Egg


It is one of the most popular Tenga Eggs because of the silky and sweet sensations that it provides to its users. It looks like the top of a cone ice cream which is covered with silky and creamy lines.

This Tenga Egg might look simple but it stimulates your entire penis evenly. You will experience hard erections due to the teasing lines that are spread all over the interior of this egg. This egg can be used while you are using your fingertips for applying pressure on the sweet spots of your penis.


This is perhaps one of the most commonly used Tenga Eggs because of its wavy pattern that provides unpredictable sensations all over the shaft of your penis.

The texture and pattern of this egg are designed to imitate the mouth of a real woman. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a life-like experience of blowjob while using this Tenga Egg.

The wavy ridges and soft material of this egg resemble the lips and tongue of a woman and you won’t be able to hold yourself for a long time while using this specifically designed egg for enjoyment. 

Avoid using an additional amount of lube while stroking your member with this egg as it might reduce the impact of its natural texture. Stimulate your glans with the help of your fingertips and this egg for experiencing a great orgasm in no time. 


Clicker is one of the most stimulating Tenga Eggs that we have come across. It looks a bit weird but is filled with big nubs on the interior side that could drive any lame dick crazy by providing it with all sorts of erotic sensations.

It is ideal for men who have a sensitive head or glans. Moreover, it also tickles the shaft directly which turns most of the men on. Therefore, it can be used for stroking as well as finger teasing techniques. 

It is also one of the very few Tenga Eggs that will allow you to stroke with extra grip and pressure.


Stepper is a sensational egg masturbator that titilates the head and the shaft of your penis gently. It has twisted lines and swirls placed on the interior of the device which interact with the right erogenous zones of the dick gently for reaching a gushing and steamy orgasm in no time.

It is ideal for beginners as it provides less intense stimulations as compared to other eggs that we have discussed above. It also complements the light finger touches more than the powerful stroking technique used in other eggs. 

Therefore, we would recommend the experienced users to avoid buying the product package that contains this egg or a combination of this and some of the other Tenga Eggs that have gentler patterns and textures. 

Tips for men who want to use Tenga Eggs:

  • Do not use one egg for too long even if you are washing it nicely because it might become less effective after using repetitive uses.
  • Wash the interiors of the egg with a light detergent and warm water after use.
  • Storing eggs in a hot and humid place must be avoided. Users must store them in a moisture-free and cold place for elongating their maintenance to an appreciable amount of time.


These were some of the important aspects of the Tenga Egg that you must check out before you zero down to buy it. There is no need to entertain any second thoughts about this product as they are economical and manage to provide powerful orgasms to its users. 

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