Teeny Black Review (2020)

Teeny Black

Teeny Black is a porn site that belongs to the Team Skeet Network and is one of the 29 sites that belong to the network.

Teeny Black is a site that focuses on featuring black porn stars and actors who are petite.

The site has a small but exclusive collection of videos that are made entirely accessible for the users of the site, post membership.

It provides high-quality videos on the site that can be streamed and downloaded by the viewers without any restriction.

It is the most appropriate site for people who like watching petite and amateur black girls in action on the screen.

This website provides several features in terms of download and streaming options as well as the variety in videos.

What makes Teeny Black popular?

Many people are drawn towards black porn, and it is rather exciting for them to watch black women on the screen, indulging in sexual acts. It is a fact that black women are not included as much in the making of porn videos as white women.

But, it is an even sadder fact that black women who are included in porn videos are all big because that’s how black women are portrayed. As a result, viewers lose out on content that provides for petite and small black women who are as good on the screen as other women, either white, brown or black.

Teeny Black is famous among its viewers because it focuses on producing and sharing videos of petite black girls in action. Further, the content at Teeny Black is great in terms of quality, lighting, make-up, etc.

Also, the site produces good and unusual content because the videos often include interviews of the actress or actresses featured in that specific video, which builds up excitement because these interviews reveal and capture the women stripping or playing with themselves.

The women in these videos are gorgeous. The site is also popular because the content on the website is exclusive and comes with multiple streaming and downloading options.

Website Overview 

Website link – Join Teeny Black

Estimated Visits – 81.05K

Teeny Black is almost a new porn site, belonging to the Team Skeet Network, with several black porn videos.

The videos include young and petite black girls who are somewhat new to the porn industry, which is why most of the videos at the site are amateur. 

teeny black-min

Most of the videos at Teeny Black are filmed with a storyline, which involves an interview of the actress, being taken in the form of a porn audition, which then escalates to stripping and further sexual foreplays and actions.

The videos at Teeny Black are exclusive and are filmed with new actresses who do not have a long experience in the porn industry.

The main highlight of Teeny Black is that the platform includes videos of black girls who are rather small and petite as opposed to the big women who are mostly seen in black porn videos. The women in the videos are beautiful and gorgeous, as well as great performers.

They not only have good bodies but are also cute, which adds a charm to the watching experience and is a rarity in black porn videos. Teeny Black offers two options to their viewers, wherein they can choose to watch videos or view different pictures or even both of them.

The videos are HD quality and are created by using good lighting, visual settings and interesting plots in the starting. 1080p and HD versions of the videos are not only available for streaming but can also be downloaded by the viewers.

Teeny Black does not impose a limit on the downloads and streaming of videos, which means that the users receive all-time unlimited access to the site and its content. The site also includes a significant amount of POV footage which is interesting to watch.

The site not only provides full length or long-duration videos but also provides the option of watching short clippings of such videos. Hence, if a person only wishes to watch the initial interview and stripping scenes, they can watch shorter clippings of those scenes.

At the same time, if someone wishes to watch the real action towards the end of the video, they can do the same. This option of selected, short clippings of a video is also available for download and not just streaming.

The videos are available in high-definition formats for laptops and desktops as well as mobile versions, so that the viewers can access videos whenever they want, and on whatever devices they want.

For those who are not interested in hardcore videos, pictures are also available on Teeny Black and that too in great quality. Different shots from the videos and otherwise are available in high resolution, and the viewers can download these pictures without any cap on the downloads.

There are more than 90 models who participate in the videos and pictures that are shot and uploaded on the site. The number of such models is consistently increasing. The site is available for members who pay a membership fee to gain access to the site.

Though paying the price for membership is value for money because the membership is not limited to Teeny Black. The viewers also get access to the other 20+ sites of the Team Skeet Network.

The site of Teeny Black has been created and designed with great thought, making it easy to access and use.

The site is redirected from the Team Skeet Homepage. It has a dedicated dropdown menu that can be used to select different options such as videos, pictures, different categories of porn videos, etc. The web pages instantly show several video thumbnails with beautiful women performing in them.

Once any video is opened, the webpage shows several short clippings from the video as well as picture thumbnails, that can be seen by the viewers before watching the video.

There is a huge gallery of pictures that can be accessed by the members, and these pictures can also be downloaded in high resolution in a zip file format.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Pricing is important while accessing any porn site. Various sites provide content for free and hence, the viewers always look for the best possible value  that they can get out of a paid membership of any porn site. Teeny Black is a porn site that does not provide the feature of a trial period to its users.

This means that the viewers cannot try the services and content of the site before paying for membership.

The membership of Teeny Black is divided into monthly and yearly plans. The membership for one month at Teeny Black costs $17.87 and is auto-renewed every month unless a user cancels the membership manually. Further, the yearly membership of the site costs $95.87 and is not auto-renewed.

There are no quarterly or six-monthly memberships available. Anyone who chooses to pay for the membership at Teeny Black gets access to the site itself as well as the 20+ other sites that belong to the Team Skeet Network.

Through this membership, users can get unlimited access to the videos and pictures at the site as well as the videos and pictures at the other sites, all of which can be downloaded, without any capping or limit.

Site Statistics

  • More than 100 videos
  • More than 100 pictures
  • High-resolution pictures
  • HD porn and 1080p video quality available
  • Unlimited downloading is available
  • The average length of the videos is about 40 mins each

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

4 / 10

Image / Video Quality

9 / 10


9 / 10

Content Amount

7 / 10

Download / Streaming

10 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10

Value For Money

9 / 10

Overall Performance

8.5 / 10

Competitors of Teeny Black 

There are so many porn sites on the internet today that none of them are without any competitors. Teeny Black is specific to black porn, and hence, the sites that compete with Teeny Black are Round and Brown, Tanda Ebony and Ghetto Gaggers amongst many others.

These sites are also specific to porn videos that include black and brown women. The highlight for Teeny Black that makes it different and exclusive from other sites is that the videos on the site are exclusive and not available on the other sites.

Also, Teeny Black specifically involves black women who are small and petite in size as compared to other big black women who are mostly the actresses of the videos produced by other sites.


  • Access to exclusive videos, shot by Teeny black and available only over their site.
  • The women at Teeny Black are beautiful and have great bodies. It shows that these women maintain themselves properly; and are a treat to watch.
  • The women at Teeny Black are young, petite and cute, which is pretty much the opposite of the kind of women that are shown in black porn videos on other sites.
  • Both videos and images are available to be explored by the viewers.
  • Videos are available in 1080p and high-definition quality, whereas the pictures are also high in quality and resolution.
  • The content is mostly amateur because the women performing in videos are new and not highly experienced.
  • A variety of full-length videos are available on the site and can be accessed by the members.
  • The members who are not interested in full-length videos can access short clippings of each video as per their preference.
  • The users can download both pictures and videos in high quality to save and keep with themselves for a lifetime.
  • There is no cap or limit on the streaming and downloading that a user can do within a particular time limit.
  • The videos are well scripted and contain interviews in the form of porn auditions. Such interviews in the starting of the videos are rather intimate and show women stripping and masturbating.
  • The site is easily accessible and easy to use.
  • The browsing tools on the site are great and easy to be understood by the users of the site. There is a dropdown menu and advanced filters on the site that can be used to find videos according to specific choices of the users.
  • The membership provides access to not only Teeny Black but also to the other 20+ sites of the Team Skeet Network.
  • The site is also mobile-friendly, which means that it can be accessed through mobile phones; and videos can be watched in good resolution and quality remotely on a smartphone.
  • The users can leave remarks and reviews on each video, and other users can refer that before watching a video.
  • POV footage is available on the site and can be accessed by members.
  • The membership fee is not very high and is value for money, considering it provides access to multiple sites of the Team Skeet Network.
  • The speed of downloading and streaming the videos is great, and there is no lag experienced by the users while using the site or playing videos.


  • The site is specific to petite and amateur women performing on screen, which means that the users cannot access any other kind or variety of videos as per their choice.
  • The site is not updated regularly, which is a big disadvantage of the platform. It is common for the users to visit the site often and find no new content uploaded thereon.
  • The membership plans are not available on a quarterly or six-monthly basis. Either the users have to pay for the site each month or a whole year. There's no middle ground.
  • There is an auto-renewal payment process for users who choose monthly plans. This means that even if a user is not accessing the site, a monthly deduction would still carry on unless the membership is cancelled manually.

Customer Support & Other Services

The customer support at Teeny Black can be accessed through a form as well as email.

The users who may be facing any issues with their membership or the site as a whole, can contact the executives of Teeny Black through a form available on the site, which requires them to fill in their email and details about the issue that they may be facing.

Lastly, there is also an email ID which can be used to send any queries or questions to Teeny Black. The problem resolving process via the email and form is a tad bit slower than resolution through calls. Teeny Black is also available, yet not very active on Twitter.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/_teenyblack?lang=en


Teeny Black is a great porn site that is exclusively focusing upon petite and small black girls, to break the common ideology and perspective that black women are only large and big.

The women at Teeny Black are cute and beautiful as well as new to the industry, which is why the platform is great for those who like to watch amateur porn videos. Teeny Black is a site of the Team Skeet Network and is producing exclusive content that is only available over their site.

The videos and pictures are available in high-quality formats, which can be accessed through desktops as well as mobile phones.

These videos and pictures can not only be streamed but can also be downloaded in high-quality formats without any download limits. The women at Teeny Black are great performers and are great to watch in action.

The site has limited videos for now, but they are available in full lengths and high-definition. Also, short clippings of the videos are available for members who wish to watch only specific parts of the long videos.

The membership fee is not very high and paying for a membership at Teeny Black means that the users also get access to the other sites of Team Skeet Network. It is a value for money experience because the users get to access a huge variety of porn videos of different genres.

The site is very easy to use, and advanced filters can be used to find a video as per a person’s choice. The only problem with Teeny Black is that the site does not update its content regularly and a limited number of videos and pictures are available for the viewers.

Also, there are no quarterly or half-yearly plans that can be bought by the members. If these issues do not bother you and you are interested in watching cute and petite black women having sex, you should hop on to Teeny Black and get a membership today.

Parting Words

This review on Teeny Black has been written to introduce you to a porn site with a different vision; and to review its services.

The features and services provided by Teeny Black are great, and we hope that this review provided some clarity to you with regards to the kind of content that you can find on the site. Stay tuned for more honest reviews of similar porn sites.

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