Tainster Review


Tainster can be considered as the hub of porn websites. Here you will get some fantastic genre and videos.

If you want to see some hot babies on party mood and later getting fucked by some hunks, then this website is perfect for you.

The majority of the contents feature young girls partying all night and getting loose with some handsome guys.

The contents of this website are updated regularly. The membership plans of the site are quite expensive while compared with other sites.

Apart from this, English is not clear by the models.

Moreover, subtitles are also missing. This article will provide you with a clear image of the Tainster website.

Further, you will also get to know about the features of this website in detail.


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Tainster is a cumulative website which has horny and porn content from several sites. You can call it an aggregator website, but the availability and diversity of content on Tainster is surprising and fucking awesome.

I mean who wouldn’t want to look at sexy babes partying hard and then being fucked by super high dudes. Tainster is more prevalent in this genre. Most of the content on the website is related to young girls partying, being in an orgy, sex games, swinging parties, and much more.

I visit Tainster almost every day, and there is a fuckload of the content present on it every day. The babes are super hot, and some videos are even real party videos going in either the dorm rooms or fraternities. Well, I have always dreamt of being in one such party, but too bad I was busy at that time.

But Tainster has given me fucking full access to such videos where I can at least imagine myself being there. The sheer number of pussies, tities, and cocks flaunting in these parties can get anybody going let alone a horny guy like you and me.

And to top it all, these babes are European. We all know how alluring and awesome these European babes are. Come on, man, think about it, the fucking Germans, Swedish, redheads, french, and even Italian, everyone is there on the website. They are leaving fucking Tarantino behind when it comes to horny and hardcore sex right on the screen.

I wonder from where does Tarantino gets all these ladies to suck cock and get fucked in real-time in the film. He must also be watching videos on Tainster.

And it is not that they only have European babes going all hardcore,there are videos from porn stars too. Because for me also, all college party vibes and everything else gets a bit mundane and consecutive.

What makes Tainster so Popular?

Do you have to ask? I mean sexy European babes and world-class pornstars are not enough for you. Well, if you have to ask, here it is.

First up, this website has a huge presence of content and that too right here on its homepage. And this will give you an idea of how big the website is.

Just imagine, all the content of 16 porn websites accumulated on one single platform. 

The sheer scale of diversity and choice that you will have with it is amazing.

If that were not all, all the videos that are under the banner of premium studios are coming from their original DVD versions.

This means that there won’t be even a single speck of blurriness on the screen. 

Every fucking thing will be clear, and you can also see the last uncut hair on an Italian college going girl’s pussy and trust me they are pretty rare.

tainster LP 2-min

The website is easy to navigate, but the porn on it can get a bit messy sometimes. I mean some college girls who are looking to have fun, end up in such parties where they won’t even understand the difference between being naked and clothed, messy is the least it all can be.

Finally, the popularity meter of Tainster is also rising due to its regular content updates and not to mention the super HD quality of it. Tainster has made it their mission to provide original, HD and hot videos to the user and they do not compromise on them, that’s for sure.

Some people may also say that Tainster has up to 18 websites under its name, but we can leave all that aside and focus on this hardcore party sex video: https://www.tainster.com/Partyhardcore/movie/1446/party-hardcore-vol-45-part-4-main-edit.

Psst! You will need to login to your account for gaining access to it.

Overview of the Website

Website Link: https://www.tainster.com

Tainster is a massive website with a simple design, and that is what I love about it. For a site that has terabytes of content, managing it isn’t a piece of cake. Even so, these guys have developed a fantastic website that has given you access and not to forget easy access to all their content.

Well, it does come at a price, but given the huge amount of content and that too in full HD quality, that price seems fair.

On the very outset, you will see a bunch of videos on the homepage. The videos have a big thumbnail, and the in-video images change randomly to give you an idea about what to expect inside. On the top bar, you will have four options, Home, Videos, More and Search.

All the tabs are easy to get into. They have one-click access, and you will be taken to the desired pages. Searching for your favourite fetish genre is also good, and the relevancy of videos that you will see is also top-notch.

I am saying this because I have searched for a lot of content and every fucking time I get the best videos from that category.

tainster vid search-min

Moreover, the website is fully responsive. This means that you can use it on a mobile, tablet or your desktop, the screen size and content organization will automatically adapt to that screen size.

The speed is also good. And one thing that further cements my positive opinion about Tainster is that there are no advertisements on the website. Almost every porn site has ads that only disrupt the view and frustrates the user.

Some free websites need these ads so that they can keep the website running, and that is fair. But others are fucking taking a whole lot of money from you and still giving ads.

If you’re looking for the categories, you can go to the search page and find several categories of porno present on the website. And this is where you can also search for your favourite videos and much more.


While we are on the topic, let’s talk about the pricing part. Tainster is not a free website.

What did you think that 16 fucking websites will come together and won’t charge a single penny from you? Well, not everybody is like the good guys at XNXX, who are doing the best social service to mankind. Love you guys.

The prices for becoming a member at Tainster is given in Euros. But you will get the dollar equivalent amount right beside it. A one-month subscription at Tainster will cost you $35.90. And if you would pay for two months together and that too at a recurring rate, then the price is $63.37.

Well, that is it, and once you start paying for some service or anything, then I guess you start respecting that shit some more.

Here too, you are going to really like what you see, but not because of the money you had paid, no. But because of the fact that the content on Tainster is actually fucking awesome, especially for those who are into Europeans gals partying and getting naked in clubs and discs.


There aren’t many websites that could resemble Tainster’s diversity and a butt load of content. But if you want to know one then there a website called 21st Sextury. Clever naming, huh!

Well, 21st Sextury has huge European porn and combined with its sister website Sextreme, they can match the level of porn present on Tainster. But they are not that close to it.

Both the websites have content resembling Tainster, for instance, you can see videos ranging from BDSM sex, hardcore, fetish and much more. Plus, all the videos are in full HD, which means there are videos present in 1080p. The download options with them are better and more.

Another one of the competitors of Tainster is DDF Prod Network.

Even though this website is a little bit notched down than previously mentioned websites, it is good. For it has a good amount of content and yes, there are sexy European babes all over the website with their naked hairless vaginas teasing you to come and join them.

Site Statistics

  • Number Of Videos: 5440+
  • Update Frequency: 1-2 Updates Per Day
  • Max Video Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Video Playback Time: 20-40 Minutes
  • Video Streaming Options: Streaming
  • Video Download Options: MP4
  • Number Of Photo Sets: 5440+
  • Update Frequency: 1-2 Updates Per Day
  • Picture Max Resolution: 4000x2667
  • ZIP Files Included: Yes
  • Slideshows Included: Yes

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Ease Of Use


Content Quality




Site Updates


Download Options


Streaming Options


Bonus Features


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User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score



This is going to be a long list, so be sure to stay tuned if you want the real and authentic Tainster experience, as there is no other website such as this. Let’s begin:

  • The very first thing and this is what I like the most about Tainster is that all the videos are of HD quality. Whatever you watch, the video quality is of utmost importance. Be it the last part of the Avengers or be it a wife and husband giving it a go in the car, the video quality speaks volumes about the studio and the type of content that they want to distribute.
  • Then you can talk about the sheer diversity of porn on the website. I mean, I have been a member of Tainster for the last three years, and I am a pretty horny guy too. For a guy who prefers watching porn before sleeping every day, even  I have not been able to explore Tainster in all these years. Yup, that’s true, I watch porn every night before I go to sleep. It helps me sleep and think better. Believe it or not, fapping before you sleep sorts of helps you drain out all the stress and worry. Just give it a thought.
  • The content on the website gets updated on a regular basis. Well, due to the reason that Tainster does not put a date on its content, I cannot tell you exactly  how frequently new videos are updated. But from what I have observed, you can expect updated content almost every week, give or take a couple of days.
  • Here comes another good thing about Tainster. Out of the 16 websites, you can also visit one specific website if you want. On the top left side, you will find a tab named “All Websites”. And, this is where you will get to see all the websites which are associated with Tainster. The benefit of this is that whenever you want to see videos coming from one specific website, that is where you can go directly.
  • All the videos are downloadable. Yes, they are. And not only this, Tainster has also added another good security measure to ensure that the content on their website is not shared all that easily. When you click on download, a new link for the video will be generated that will only work for the next 24 hours. This prevents unsafe sharing of the links. And no, this won’t cause a problem for the members, as they can again download the video and generate a new link even if you miss it the first time.
  • I have figured it out a bit and found that there are more than 5000 videos that are exclusive and selected just for your pleasure. So, just take your dick in hand and start to explore fapping along the way. These videos have a lot of variety, but if you are looking for more, just go to any of the websites, and you are fucking set.
  • How can I fucking forget it? Bloody me. Did you notice that all the videos on Tainster also have a dedicated picture gallery? And I am not talking about a couple of images from the whole video. These are the pictures that depict every single frame that you can watch in the video. For some videos, if you like them all and start a slideshow, it would be near to watching a motion picture. I am serious, just try it once.
  • Since I am a regular at Tainster, I have seen that they have redesigned their website from top to bottom. I have observed all the changes made gradually to this website, and to be honest, I like what I see now. The whole website is more navigable, it is easy to get around, and it has become faster, there is no doubt about that.


Well, everything is not perfect in this world, expect the perky, bubbly, and round-shaped titties of a young European babe. They are just perfect, and you will find a lot of such boobies on this paradise of a website. But until then, let us look into what makes Tainster, a not so good website:

  • The very first thing is the date stamp of the videos. Well, I know this won’t make a difference, but for some people it does. I mean even though we are fapping to some random but sexy chicks and then just continue with the work. But if the videos were dated, we would have the exact idea when the new content gets updated. And this way, anyone, especially me, would not have to waste any time looking for new content.
  • You sometimes encounter a babe who is so beautiful that your cock just wants to climb onto her ass the moment you see her. That is the kind of babe whose name you would want to get tattooed on your cock. But you cannot do so on Tainster, as it does not have a separate model list. I know it pains you to hear that, and it pains me for writing it, but it is what it is.
  • Now, let’s talk about membership plans. They are a bit expensive, to be honest. For an average guy who just has to rely on porn websites for getting some pleasure, paying up to $40 per month is a bit of a stretch. I know that you would get access to 16 websites, but still, it is a bit on the unreasonable end.
  • The videos are of HD quality, but I have experienced some turbulence in them at times. Like, for a few videos that I have seen, they were broken, the English was not so good, and the subtitles were also missing.

The Verdict

The verdict is simple: Tainster.com is an amazing website with loads of content which can get you all horny. The videos are good, the quality is amazing, there is diversity, and everything else is just fucking awesome.

Of course, there are a few things to be disappointed, but it all turns out to be a good experience, and I really enjoy watching porn on Tainster.com.

A few parting words

Ok, guys and gals (assuming there are a few beauties reading my reviews) this is it for Tainster. I will be back with some other such detailed reviews and sharing my work with you. There is a lot of porn out there that still needs to be looked at and scrutinized, and I am on a mission to complete them all.

So, stay fucked and keep on fucking until the next review arrives.

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