Tagged.com Review (2020)


Tagged is a wonderful dating site that provides exceptional features with the ability to make friends, dating, and hooking up.

The site is specially designed for the people above the age of twenty and up to the age of 40 providing you with all types of fun and even more.


  • With easy registration, you can enter the platform within a few minutes.
  • The site is well-designed and its algorithm is quite effective.


  • Lots of annoying advertisements and redirection to other sites.
  • Search parameters are limited.

This review is all about covering the detailed aspects of the site’s statistics, performance score, pros and cons, unique features.

With the help of this review, you will be able to find out whether this site has something incredible to offer you or not.

Tagged.com launched back in the year 2004 and became one of the hottest websites that enables the users to create profiles and interact with each other by sending virtual gifts and playing games. The social dating website Tagged.com has evolved beyond imagination by the end of the year 2011.

The recent update in the most popular dating site increased the hype amongst the users, and the total user count went up to 330 million. Tagged also introduced its mobile application that helped users keep track of their dating application in hand anytime-anywhere on the go.

The mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The recent updates say that Tagged get over 20,000 new members on a regular basis, and more than 10 million chats are exchanged in a single day.

Tagged.com became a complete social dating website after the recent update in the year 2017. With the latest addition of features, making friends, dating, and hooking up became easy. You can connect to Tagged with your social media accounts such as Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

You can do a fresh log in with your email or phone number if you do not want to let your Facebook friends know about your profile in Tagged. For creating a profile, you need to add a photo primarily, after which you will be able to send or receive messages from other profiles.

What makes Tagged so Popular?

The best thing about Tagged is the features of the website are categorized into separate five characteristics of the site named MeetMe, Live, Chat, Pets, and Browse. Every feature has its distinct efficacy towards enhancing the dating experience of the individuals.

The Browse feature allows an individual to search the nearby members and display them on your screen in a gallery format with their profile pictures as thumbnails. The search filters are limited, and you get to select the ideal match from the streamlined results on the screen.

MeetMe is the latest upgrade of Tagged.com to compete with Tinder’s features. MeetMe allows the users to swipe right or left on the profiles that they think as a match or pass. A match is made only if both the persons like each other’s profiles that signals approval.

Once a match is made, Tagged will notify either user about it, and they can start their conversations through the messaging feature of Tagged. The chat is the section that holds all your conversations and stores them for you to search your latest messages to your Tagged matches.

Introducing - Tagged

There are several additional features of Browse and MeetMe that come with the VIP paid premium version of Tagged. Live feature is entirely upon the video conferencing and is one of the most successful features of Tagged.com. It allows the user to start live broadcasting anywhere and anytime.

The members of Tagged who are not blocked can view the live broadcasting and also chat in real-time live video broadcasting. The users are not only restricted to talk to streamers but also other viewers commenting on the live stream.

Live feature comes with virtual gifts that can be converted to real cash after collecting ample amount of it. Pets are more of a social game that brings all the members of Tagged together to interact with each other.

Under the Pets section, the members can collect or buy any other members for playing the game with him/her. The game goes on, and you need pets cash to play the game that you can purchase with Tagged gold.

Website Overview 

WebsiteAddress: https://www.tagged.com/

Estimated Visits Last Month: 40,000 visits per week in last month

Tagged.com is specially designed for the people above the age of twenty and up to the age of 40.

There is no nudity on Tagged.com as it is a purely legalized dating site for genuine matches with single people looking for heartfelt companions to hang out with. 

tagged lp

If you are eyeing towards live video streaming with real and genuine people as per your gender priority, then you must check out Tagged as it is a one-stop solution for all your needs. The signing-up process takes very little time irrespective of whether you do it from the official website or application.

You can also avoid the usual methods of signing up by just logging on to your Google or Facebook account for quick verification by omitting several processes. The mobile application is the prime source of access for most of the Tagged users.

The only difference between the app and the website of Tagged is the live streaming feature in the website. Following the primary signup method, you will be asked to enter your name, birthday, gender, and ethnicity.

After you do that, you will be redirected to the page where you have to enter the Location specifically with the country and zip postal code. You can take as much time you want to fill those details, but if you fill it in one go, you will take not more than one minute to finish it.

Explaining Tagged - The Other Social Network Site

Now the interface will take you to the browse section where a pop-up will ask you to rate the website or the application. You can skip that for a start but can surely rate it later on if you like the service offerings.

The next step that you must initiate is to search for other members as per your likings and interests. Make sure you upload your profile photo to let others check you out and send you a match request.

You can add more than 25 pictures in your profile that will give clear information about your personality, dressing sense, looks, and other attributes. You can also add text description highlighting your skills and specialties that you think will impress the opposite genders.

Mention your interests such as books, movies, TV shows, and others to make your profile stand out amongst others. You can also add your current relationship status to make the other members on Tagged aware of your intentions towards a virtual meet up.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Though there are several free features available in the official Tagged website, they are limited to some extent. In Tagged, some things are pricey, and people love to spend on things they like. Therefore Tagged also comes with a VIP section that has unlimited benefits without any restrictions.

The free version allows you only to do streaming, send or receive messages, and other basic stuff. The premium features are yet to unlock unless you purchase the VIP plan of Tagged.com. Tagged consists of specific features that are Gold and Diamond.

You can use Gold currencies to purchase certain features or virtual gifts from other members. The members can earn Diamond currency by doing live broadcasting on Tagged.

The free membership that you get on signing up with Tagged includes Profile creation, use the browse feature, like and comment on photos, send or receive messages, use MeetMe, enjoy streams of other members, live broadcasting, and pet games.

The VIP paid membership includes all the premium features of Tagged. It consists of every feature of the free membership along with ad-free interface.

You get to see the list of members who like your profile in MeetMe, ability to change your vote in MeetMe, profile viewer’s list, read messages list, attractiveness filter, and access to famous members of Tagged and at last is the priority customer support facility.

The price of the VIP premium version of Tagged costs 12.99 USD for a monthly plan. If you buy a plan of more than a month, the price becomes discounted, which totals up to 26.99 USD for 3months VIP plan and 38.94 USD for six months VIP plan.

All the VIP membership plans are auto-renewal that will seek permission only once at the time of purchasing membership, and after the end of every plan, the renewal price will be automatically deducted. You can cancel the membership plan anytime.

Site Performance Score 



Website Design

8 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Video Quality

8 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


8.5 / 10

Image Quality

9 / 10

Overall Performance

9 / 10

Site Statistics 

  • The site is distributed in five top features Browse, MeetMe, Chat, Live, and Pets. These five features handle the complete functionality of the Tagged social dating site.
  • Contact making is easy with Tagged.com as the users are enabled to send or receive messages even in the free version of the application or website.
  • The matching is done by filtering the Gender, age, city, proximity, and country, as mentioned by the member.
  • Tagged has a feature of uploading an animated profile photo to add more impact on the overall profile presence.
  • Members can also add their YouTube videos on display in their Tagged profile.
  • Tagged allows a user to perform several actions on a liked profile to try and interact with the person.

Competitors of Tagged 

There is massive competition in the market for becoming the best social dating website or application. Along with Tagged, Tinder is one of the most hyped social dating sites most likely installed in every other phone.

Some of the other competitors of Tagged.com are The Meet Group, Badoo, my space, wish dates, bumble, and a lot more. The list of social dating sites is endless, but Tagged has managed to stay on the list of the top-performing dating sites with its quality feature outputs to the members.

The Meet Group is another popular dating site that has numerous active members with positive feedback that makes it one of the top competitors of Tagged.

The interface and the features are mostly similar, but the games launched by The Meet Group generate a great hype amongst the members of the site. It organizes dating competitions that give another opportunity for single individuals to find their companion.

Similarly, Badoo is another social media website for making new friends with strangers and also give them a chance for casual dating. Most of the members of Badoo are adults or late teens looking for a date partner for long term or short span relationship.

It is also one of the top competitors of Tagged as there is an extremely high percentage of active members of Badoo. The member count of Badoo is a scary number for Tagged. Tagged is nevertheless behind as considering the needs of the members.

Tagged keeps on updating its features to hold on to the existing customers for a long time.


  • Tagged provides a feature of sending and receiving messages to and from other members for free without the need for a premium VIP membership plan. This feature makes Tagged stand out of others.
  • The live stream viewing feature is also free for all members without the need for purchasing the VIP plans.
  • Tagged enables people to interact with the live video broadcasters over comments, stream chatting, virtual gifts, and emoji stickers.
  • Tagged gives you full access to the tools used for viewing the profile of the matched member. You can also check out the photos of the person, followed by sending a message or friend request.
  • Tagged displays high-quality photos, even in the large version. You can also like and comment on the pictures to gain the attention of your virtual crush.
  • Tagged provides a video calling feature by tapping on the camera icon on the profile. If the end member accepts the video call proposal, then you both can go on a video call date to know each other better.
  • The Pets feature adds new dating games on to Tagged that gives another interacting platform to the tagged professionals.
  • By purchasing the VIP subscription, you can even view the list of people who likes your profile.
  • Tagged gives you the ability to filter your match results concerning age, range, location, and gender.


  • The free version of Tagged will irritate you with advertisements all over the screen. The ads will obstruct your user experience in almost every step, starting from viewing matches to scrolling through the gallery.
  • The functionality and the features of the website and application of Tagged are different that have a great impact on the user experience.
  • The website landing page holds a bunch of advertisements that make it look clumsy for a first impression. You need to buy the premium version to get rid of those ads permanently from your profile.
  • The search parameters are functional but limited in the MeetMe and Browse section of Tagged, which makes it basic search functionality.
  • You might get a response from several members asking you to pay for other sites to meet up there, which might be a fake chanel to draw your money.

Customer Support

Despite giving quality service to the members of Tagged, there might be certain queries of the members that need to be addressed by the customer executive experts of Tagged.

If you have any queries regarding your payment or other services of Tagged, then you can call on the official contact number of Tagged, 866-959-4918. The call will be picked up by a real executive who will listen to your query and give you the right solution accordingly.

You can call the customer support 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If for some reason, the calls do not connect, then you can reach out to the officials of Tagged through their official support email id, [email protected]

You can drop a mail 24 hours and seven days in a week, and you will possibly get a reply within the next 18 hours.


After all the functionality benefits of Tagged mentioned above, it is proved that Tagged provides the best features and services for online dating and friendship. People who are looking for genuine companions can switch over to Tagged to find a real companion for casual dating or long term relationship. 

If you are new to the application, then you can spend some time on the free membership of the website, after which, if you are not satisfied with the limited features, then you can opt for the VIP subscription plan that comes at a reasonable price.

Tagged also comes with virtual currencies that you can earn and use for in-game purchases. The diamond currencies that you receive can be converted into real cash that will help you make gold currencies in the game to improve your interaction feature on Tagged.

Tagged is on a mission to surpass all its competitors and become the number on social dating site. Therefore, Tagged is updating and evolving all the loose ends of the application and the website to leave no loopholes for people to comment on.

Parting Words

All the features stated above clearly indicate the efficacy of Tagged website and mobile application towards offering genuine dating services.

The multiple featured dating solutions are attracting the youth and the above 30 age group peoples to get rid of their loneliness and get along with a companion for casual dating. The free version comes with irritating ads that you can get rid of by purchasing the VIP subscription membership.

Tagged gets over 40,000 logins every week, which is an appreciating figure.

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