Swirlr Website Review (2020)


Interracial dating with a tinge of difference!

Numerous people are interested in this form of dating and are aspiring for something beautiful.

Dating has become rather easy, and the site is a testimony to the fact.

Plenty of couples have settled down through this site as it has provided a base for their relationship to become stronger.

A misconception exists that it is forbidden to date individuals from different cultures, race or backgrounds.

It is unfortunate when these issues hog the limelight once you are looking for a partner. This site breaks the shackles, and you can find the love of your love without any barriers—a service bringing people together and is credited with numerous success stories.

What makes Swirl Popular?

Based on visiting the site, it emerges that a lot of people are always looking to date someone. The design, along with the layout of the site is mind blogging and provides you with a kind interracial dating feeling. The striking feature is the home page entitling you to matches straight away.

On this page itself, you can search for the singles in your area. The opportunities do not wind up here. A closer look at the search function reveals it is proximity-based. You have a chance to choose within your desired age, gender or ethnicity. This is important as you can avail instant results.

The moment you hop on to the site, you will find hundreds of singles online at any given time of day. It increases the chance of meeting up with someone. You can plunge into action as there is no need to wait for their messages.

Website- https://www.swirlr.com/

Estimated number of visitors – 59.64 million

If you are trying to figure out what interracial dating means, then you need to take a look at the website. A free option to register in this form of niche dating throws weight on what are your expectations from a relationship.

To register on the site, it takes a few clicks. Just you have to provide gender, credentials, and email id and specify your preferences for which you are looking for. The moment you complete this step, you are welcome to the world of interracial dating.

The user interface and the design of the site are simple; most of the primary functions are visible as you only need to navigate on the site. The vendor is not going to provide you with an option of chatting on the go.

But you can use the mobile version to stay in touch with the other members round the clock. From a functional aspect, the site has not gone overboard with unnecessary instruments, just like another site functionality depends upon the subscription you have availed.

If you are using a basic model, you can flirt with other members but restricted in terms of chatting or messaging options. For access to chat, message or email options, you need to have a premium account. With such membership, you gain access to developing your profile page.

Though the site is comprehensive and straightforward, you never know the doubts you may have. To clear the doubts, you can get in touch with the customer care department round the clock. This site encourages meeting people of two race types.

Pretty much as the name of the site indicates this site stands for all those who understand the principles clearly and are comfortable with it. Numerous users join the website to interact with like-minded individuals and develop a relationship.

Though the site has more females as compared to men, it does not mean that female attraction is lacking. To increase the chances of catching up with someone looking for someone online or someone who has recently been active.

This prevents you from wasting time on people who have discarded their accounts a long time back. You can mark favourites and check out who has gone on to view your profile. The moment you enter this site, you are aware the singles are looking out for partners of a different race.

A while lady might swirl with a black man, or it could be vice versa. An essential fact is that the competition is specified on the profiles. But any other pages do not contain any details apart from the basic facts.

Swirlr Review - Is it a Good Dating App?

If you are looking to make your profile stand alone from the others, you should not only fill in mandatory fields but try to add something extra. Do not even miss out on an opportunity to upload 26 odd photos.

The moment you flip through the site, not only you are going to see the name or the age, but even the location and where they reside, followed by a small description of the person. With such a profile, it becomes easy to understand whether you need to pay attention to the particular user.

The profile is an area where people would know better about you. Though you cannot incorporate all essential details, you can provide a snapshot of someone who is trying to know better about you. You can sign by using your Facebook account or even your email.

To sign up is free and it is going to take merely a few minutes of yours. When you are picking a photo, you need to keep specific points in mind. First, you need to showcase your best features by highlighting your beautiful hair or your amazing eyes.

Always try to choose a profile picture that has a sense of originality. There are numerous people on the site as it can be confusing. If you are planning to add other photos, do ensure that the profile picture does look exactly like you.

If the image does not match with your original painting, then the chance of finding a match diminishes. It is possible to formulate your chat room and interact with multiple people at the same time. You cannot consider this site to be a dating platform but a community as well.

Once you become a registered member of this site, it shows that you are interested in interracial dating and for this reason, the members are there. You can share your ideas and beliefs with people who get you going. No one would mind saying high to their new friends.

Site Statistics

  • Signing up: Less than a minute.
  • Profile Quality: Members are mostly between 20-40
  • Members: 55% men, 45% of women
  • Live Cams: Yes
  • Website Quality: Great
  • Making contact: Easy. Need to create an account.
  • Hookup chances: Very high

Website Performance Scores



Quality of Members

9 / 10


10 / 10


6 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

7 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Bonus Material

5 / 10

Overall Score

80 / 100


  • Complete privacy is assured on all counts. This points to the fact that you need to include all details, like your name, place of work, phone number, address with a host of other personal details
  • Safety tips are provided on the site. When registering it is suggested that you go through the safety tips before dating
  • A user has an option of reporting a user with an offensive post. This means that you would be dealing with a mature person who is bound to have the same interests as you
  • Superior levels of customer service with chat support round the clock. It points to the fact that whatever issues you might have, there is reliable support.
  • Without any charge, users can search for their dating preferences.


  • The moment you register on the site all personal information is collected
  • The site promises to conduct a host of safety measures. Still, scammers are there who try to extract maximum information from the users.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Even if you do not intend to become a member, the site has an option of free profile service where you can develop your profile to perfection. When you sign up this feature becomes accessible. On the other hand, if you want a premium membership, you can choose among the below-mentioned plans:

  • A 1-month membership for $ 19.95
  • A 3-month membership for $ 13.17
  • A 6-month membership for $ 11.66

Being a premium member does have its benefits. You are notified whenever someone lands on your profile page. Another feature that exists on who is looking at me gives you a chance to talk to singles you have viewed your profile and are interested in initiating a conversation with you.

Being a primary member, you can avail a free profile review via a basic chat. For basic membership, a user can view their full profile coupled with their photos. A paid membership of the site is something to admire. This eradicates all the loopholes associated with being single at all times.

The price that you pay is in exchange for all the benefits that you can avail from the site. One of the outstanding features of the site is that you can video chat with any person with whom you are interested in. This goes on to save a lot of time along with money before meeting face to face.

Once you are notified, a particular member has tried to establish contact; you can interact with them before others. Emails instant messages can be sent and of course who can forget video chat that is a lifesaver.

Another saving grace is you can notify by yes or no with whom you are interested in chatting with. Just see when you mark someone do they feel the same about you. It is not only about video chat; you can interact with others via private calls as there is no need even to exchange your mobile number.

No need to worry as your phone number is safe with the website—now no need to worry about annoying calls or texts any time from their end.

Competitors of Swirlr

Now coming to the main competitors of the website, Interracial cupid tops the list.

The focus of the site is more on searches and not from a community perspective. There are no message boards or chat rooms for you to comment that does not work out to be good news for online dating. coupled with the fact, there is a lot of limitation in terms of video or audio

Being a subscriber, you can chat a conversation with a fellow member by instant messaging or chat. But if you do not subscribe to the premium plans, you cannot interact with others. There are a couple of subscriptions like gold or platinum where you can interact with users.

There are only a handful of members at any given point of time that makes the site a bit creepy. A lot of members are likely to find only a few members in their region. The best part about the site is that creating a fake profile is a difficult task.

As per the security terms and conditions, nearly a couple of days are spent to check out the reliability of the pattern. If the company feels that the profile is not accurate, they can take steps to shut it down. Suppose even if any passes off the profile the website is not going to leave any stone unturned.

The site is known to provide profile verification, as it offers the opportunity to find out more about you and be it about your profile photos. You can scan a copy of your ID, and the site is going to show a verified tag against your profile.


It is even possible to set cupid tags that come along with profiles matching your keywords. This works out to be a handy feature.

The other competitor of the site is Black cupid. This site seems to be functional, and the prices are at a reasonable price range. An alarming trend is that a lot of members are not active in the last few months. In most cases, you might not even find 20 members online.

As far as membership is concerned, there are three types of packages. The first is the standard package where you can send out interest to other members, but it is suggested that you go on to avail the different membership packages.

The moment you view a profile, the comparison is made to what the other members are looking for. You can even go on to choose a field that is important for you. Ideally, it is eight fields, and if you are observing someone else’s profile, quick view is a handy bet.

On careful analysis of the profile option, a lot of people do not cash in on the benefit of being open about themselves.

A vast majority of the profiles just have a few words, and this is all about it. Now if you are interested in interracial dating, the site might throw up a question on how receptive you are in meeting a person from a different culture.

Even you can avail the feature of cupid tags as they could be specifically targeted keywords that are going to emerge in searches. The objective is to carefully craft words where others can find out details about you. Also, the site offers profile verification.

Customer Support

Once you are on the site, do not expect your intentions or personality to tamper. To a large extent, your private life is kept away from the prying eyes. In the midst of this, there is no guarantee that you are not going to interact with fake profiles which might be trying to take advantage of you.

The site provides the right to report any suspicious activity or a user. If you are sending out a warning about dubious members, they would be checked by the vendor. For a matter of fact, no background check is going to allow you to preserve such a lot of information in private.

But if you feel that you have gone on to share a lot of information on the profile and want to hide some stuff, you could incorporate restrictions on the access rights of other members. Once again, this option is available for the paid members.

You can update your profile whenever you might feel an urge to do so.


To be in an interracial relationship eradicates the misconception that you can date people of specific origin, race or colour.

This culminates love, and if you are trying to search for such a relationship, the site is an ideal bet. Exposure to like-minded singles is provided where you have an opportunity to be happy. It is a perfect way to find a match without any harassment.

Parting words

No form of discrimination exists here as all members who are part of the site are well aware of the rules. This is an interracial dating platform where black people like to meet white people and conversely white like to strike a chord with black-oriented people.

Though this site is not known to have a video chat feature like the other dating sites, a host of exciting features are there. You can upload photos; watch the videos that are uploaded by other members, for resolving any issue round the clock customer support.

So why this wait jumps into the world of interracial dates at the earliest.

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