Swing Lifestyle Review

Swing Lifestyle

SwingLifestyle is a platform for people who are looking for some talks and has been one of the favorite websites that allow users to send private messages to others.

It offers tons of features with the unimagined depths of getting wild with each other.

The site is full of great features and outstanding user engagement tools to draw your attention.

SwingLifestyle is completely safe for everyone and has huge members to experiment, get intimate and interact at the same time.

This review covers everything related to its popularity, uniqueness with the other sites, features it offers, pros and cons as well as our recommendation.


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Have you ever heard of the term Swingers? Well, these are the people who are engaged in multiple sexual relationships. Not only the ordinary people, but the celebrities, public figures, musicians, and movie stars are rumored to be swingers.

They are in huge demand and can be found anywhere. SwingLifestyle’s popularity is increasing enormously as a secret society that somehow is becoming a mainstream. Since 2001, SwingLifestyle has been making several clients.

Talking about the website, it has a basic format, and you can say an outdated interface. Moreover, it also does not support advanced features used for video chatting or webcam broadcasting.

SwingLifestyle is considered to be one of the oldest website which is still doing its job of matching the swingers at best. As compared to others, SwingLifestyle charges less than around $150 for lifetime membership sign-up.

You will find the dates and events to search for those who share the same interest. Around 5000 people log in at the same time and interact with each other via instant messenger, chat, or other kinds of forums that are previously sorted as per region and different criteria.

What made SwingLifestyle so famous?

SwingLifestyle, at present, has been one of the favorite websites that allow users to send private messages to others. No doubt, it has a large user base, and due to certain advantages, Swingstyle is catching everyone’s glimpse.

Some of the advantages include affordable membership terms, easy access to cruises, and trips that comprise of numerous clubs and groups, and one can look into the date and events calendar. Numerous couples are found giving their genuine reviews and mostly talking about its benefits.

Introducing: SwingerLifestyle.Com

As society is getting modernized, so the reputation of SwingLifestyle is also at hype. Now, there is no secret hidden when it comes to getting intimate, as people are open about it and like to do experiments, especially when they are in long relationships.

Doing swinging is a way of gaining back the confidence and trust. The couples who are a part of SwingLifestyle have gone through a lot of pleasurable experiences. According to them, it takes lots of untainted trust between the partners when they are into such activities.

When we talk about swinging, it is all about out-of-the-box enjoyment that  makes people come out of their comfort zone shared with their life partner.


Website address - https://www.SwingLifestyle.com/

Estimated visits last month - 123,369 unique visitors every day

The best thing about SwingLifestyle is that it is introduced for both single people and couples who are in search of some excitement in their life.

There is a long history behind SwingLifestyle coming in action.

It started to give a platform or a way to the swingers to get attached to others to share special moments.

But, now, this thing has become common, and a large population is accepting the truth. 

swing lifestyle sign up-min

The swingers only have to join a reputable club like Swingstyle that opens up the gate for more opportunities and events to take part in erotic parties and events. Indeed, SwingLifestyle is a great tool to kill the cloud of boredom in a relationship and get socialized with others.

Basically, it is like giving fresh air to your relationship. The truth is that SwingLifestyle came into action to completely revolutionize the relationship that a couple is sharing. It is open for all open-minded people who are ready to be in an open relationship.

Many young couples are taking membership and have started enjoying their interest of taking their relationship to a different level over a period of time. As time passes, the couple can easily decide whether they want to go further as swingers or not.

The lifestyle that people have today, has got them stressed and brought sourness in their relationships too. The Swing lifestyle is a well-thought way to allow them to get involved in sexual activities outside their courtship.

More and more users are joining SwingLifestyle every day due to reliability and one year of free membership.

But, it is essential that the profile should be approved before starting anything. Prior to using the website, one can be sure about the SwingLifestyle as the best choice when they are looking for swinger parties.


SwingLifestyle is a platform where the users can have their own rules and have a good time with unknown people.

It’s among the few websites which don’t make a hole in the pocket of the users.

Most of the members of SwingLifestyle are enjoying their life, and for that, paying a scarce amount is nothing.

There are great plans you can find while signing up on SwingLifestyle. The plans are divided monthly as –

  • For 1 month: It is available at $14.95
  • For 3 months: SwingLifestyle membership can be taken at $9.66/month (35% Savings) for 3 months.
  • For 6 months: The plan is obtainable at $8.16/month (45% Savings.
  • For 12 months: You can get a membership of 12 months at $5.75/month (62% Savings).

Get the latest offers of SwingLifestyle at - https://www.SwingLifestyle.com/public/signup/new/

Site Statistics

  • Members getting online everyday – around 100 thousand
  • New member added – 8554
  • New pictures this week – 25585SLS members
  • SLS chat rooms – 210
  • SLS member groups – 15137

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Value for price


Quality of members


Customer satisfaction




Ease of use


Overall Score


Competitors of SwingLifestyle

SwingLifestyle advertises itself as an ‘alternative lifestyle dating’ website that is true to the taboo surrounding it. The members of this website are quite active and know their way around to find the people without facing much trouble. If you are also a swinger, then this website is a true friend of yours.

Either you are looking for swapping, threesome, or single relationship, SwingLifestyle offers you all. Still present as the longest-running website, it is the most searched one among the swingers who are willing to parties, events, or travel in cruises.

Basically, it gives an idea to them about the place where such events are going on.

swing lifestyle banner 2-min

The awesome thing about this website is that the users get all the traveling options. At present, around 5000 members are meeting different people. The website offers excellent features for both paid and free members; just the paid ones will get better perks.

If we talk about the primary account, one can send 5 messages per day and can visit 50 profiles every day. On getting a membership, you quickly get access to the chat room and meet like-minded people. The members can send unlimited emails and can see erotic pictures as well.

Another feature that has made this website popular is refining the search based on age, location, gender, and sexual interest. You can even download the SwingLifestyle mobile app and can access anytime and anywhere without visiting the website.

SwingLifestyle also has competitors on the list. The major ones are LocalSexySwingers.com, SDC.com, and SwingerZoneCentral.com.


Is starting a SwingLifestyle is in your mind?

You are at the right place where you can easily break all the barriers and meet some exciting people.

Apart from this, you can take a break from your boring bedroom life. Don’t think it will trouble your relationship as it will not.

Honestly speaking, it is kind of making a relationship beyond your marriage with the permission of your partner.

SwigLifestyle is linked with various benefits. Let’s read out a few of them.

  • Find real swingers - When it comes to SwingLifestyle, it is about the active user base who are playing as real swingers. Based on your requirements, you can search out for one night stand, forever lifestyle partners, or friends with benefits kind of relationship.
  • Swingers having high profiles Here, you will find the mesmerizing swinger’s profiles, which can only be seen by the premium members. The task of finding people will be quite easy as this website is filled with those who share the same interest. By using the filters, people can be found based on relationship status and their quality of living. Thus, it is helpful in narrowing down your search and makes a good list of candidates in whom you show interest.
  • Attend lifestyle eventsOn becoming a member of SwingLifestyle, you have the authority to join any club, party, or various events happening around you. Not only this, you can enjoy the best time by living at impressive resorts and cruises. The high seas, magical night, and drinks on the rocks what else you want. And at the party, you will definitely get a partner and a beautiful companionship.
  • Get the radical privacy optionsThe privacy of the users is SwingLifestyle responsibility, and they take all the required measures. The team works hard so that no sensitive information leaks out to any third party. The website also provides privacy control features for the next level of privacy where the users can themselves manage their accounts without any interference.
  • Security and safety is important SwingLifestyle is also concerned about the security so that unauthorized access can be prevented. Steps are also taken to safeguard the users’ information from hackers.
  • Improve sexual communicationThere is no wonder that a couple gets the quality time in their personal space. When you are in an open relationship, it means you have a better understanding of communication, sincerity, honesty, and the way you speak. Swinging gives you the freedom to make your fantasies come true.

Selecting SwingLifestyle over others is an inventive step and gives you easy and quick access.

A computer and an internet connection is what you need to create a profile, become a member, and start surfing.


  • Keeping your other side a secretNot all swingers are open about their lifestyle; there are still many who feel hesitant to show their interest. The reasons behind this are their family, friends, jobs, religious beliefs, and many more.
  • Their partners do not agree with themThe noted one is when the partner of swinger finds this risky or not suitable for their lifestyle. Therefore, it is quintessential that both the partner should be agreeing with the fact. Many instances are there in which one partner is eager to swing, and another one doesn’t want to do it. SwingLifestyle asks you to follow just one rule, and that is both the partners should be comfortable.
  • Sometimes it is hard to search for play partnersJust because you are ready to try out new things, it doesn’t seem necessary that others will also like to do so. That’s why; it is difficult to find the play partners.
  • It’s a time-consuming process Yes, it is absolutely true that swinging is a time taking process as you have to devote your time there as well. A time will come where you feel like parting away, especially when you have tough luck in finding swingers suited to your needs. Patience is the key, my friend.
  • There is always a fear inside the mindIt happens when the fear comes in mind that your partner will leave you for someone else with whom he or she finds more happiness. If you don’t work on those fears, they will become more drastic with full of anxiety, jealousy, and resentment.


  • SwingLifestyle is a 24x7 running website to find interesting people.
  • The users can reach the experts by dialing (754)300-2436. For any queries and complaints, you can contact them and get the solutions quickly.
  • By getting online support, the swingers can enjoy the fast and user-friendly searching option. Not only this, but they also make their information secure until their membership.
  • The support team is always happy to hear the problems of users and give them instant help.


SwingLifestyle has completely changed the lives of people who are known as swingers.

Joining as a swinger is not a difficult thing; what matters is that you are connected with a trusted authority who doesn’t disclose your darkest secret. 

Start it slowly and understand what it is all about and how you can move ahead.

swing lifestyle banner-min

Always search for the right group of people with whom you do not feel any kind of harm in the future. That’s why; SwingLifestyle works to bring the right mind of people together in one place. 

They enjoy their life to the fullest without affecting others. By joining the right website, you will always be on the advantageous side.

Do proper research and make a list. Among all, SwingLifestyle is the most trusted one, according to the swingers. It helps in increasing the network of swingers and makes them come in contact. Apparently, it is vital that one should create an authentic profile to attract the interested group.

To join a swinger party, having a good profile helps you in joining them much faster as the other person will definitely invite you by seeing it. SwingLifestyle gives you the benefit of sending private messages to those who you liked.

Parting Words

Till now, you have already understood that being a swinger is fun. But, simultaneously, it is essential that one should contact a reliable websitewhile looking for one.. Just log on to SwingLifestyle and start finding erotic love for yourself. Stay connected to get more such reviews.

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