Swinging Heaven Review (2020)

Swinging Heaven

Are you a self-proclaimed swinger? Oh well, fortunate enough, you are not the only one!

There are many promising sites available, ready to serve you with a platform, where you will be lucky to meet some great swingers like you.

One such name goes to Swinging Heaven, a dating site, which started in the UK and has gained popularity globally now.

Everyone, from New Zealand to Australia, Ireland, South Africa, and even Canadaare just hovering over this site to get an entry and meet new people.

No matter wherever you reside in this world, the site is meant for swingers like you!

Well, this site is known for its active swinging community, well-designed with message boards, forums, and chat rooms.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you looking for a member structure? Well, let’s get some help on that, shall we! Once you log in, you will get the opportunity to fill in a personal profile. If you are a cute couple and want to join this center together, you are most welcome to do so!

You and your partner can join hands and log in as a couple. Here, the primary target group is swinger couples! Most of them here are eyeing for active swingers that they might meet up or chat up with. In case you are one with your partner in a joint account, be prepared to share the same inbox!

The best part? Well, you get the chance to perform nudity on chat rooms and forums! Swinging Heaven is all set and active with people in some of their populated pages, like public chat rooms and forums. Be ready to jump in anytime you want!

Most streamers out here are couples (just like you) and ready to mingle! In the chat rooms, you will come across more male members. However, to your surprise, most streamers are female. Say whaaat!

What makes Swinging Heaven popular?

With quick and easy registration and a vast photo gallery of videos and stories, Swinging Heaven is now at the top of the ranking panel! Right from its inception, this dating site has done its part to address loads of communicative channels

That’s not all! If you have some plans to spend some quiet time in a warm company, you are most welcome to write an ad. Just state the place, time, and some other essential details, and now the waiting game begins! To top it all, the basic features are free.

If you need, you can even create messages, which are limited to 3 per day. Your profile picture is up and opens for everyone to check. The best part is that the account remains safe. So, keep that worry out of the bay, of course!

So, whether you are looking for a platform to find some swinging partners, or want to give yourself up for some swinging related activities, you have come to the right spot! Free to join, this center is already known to invite more than 1.9 million members.

Get the opportunity to personalize your profile now and get complete control over the privacy settings. That’s not all as Swinging Heaven is here with a comprehensive search tool. Willing to enjoy instant messenger and mailbox? Oh well, then, don’t waste your precious time and log online right away!

From erotic stories for thy to enjoyment with a partner to global chat rooms, you will be bombarded with exquisite dates all around the globe. Moreover, the swingers keep on getting added, making this platform even more ravishing.

Whether you are all fired up for clubs and groups, or willing to host an event, book for Swinging Heaven right away! If you have a bit of pornography in mind, why not check the adult videos and pictures available here!

Website Overview

Website Address: https://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/

Estimated visits last month: 1.9 million

Join hands with Swinging Heaven for free and get the opportunity to come up with some of the best swingers and their unending erotic actions, just on your screen.

With a worldwide chat of over 3.3 million swingers, you may come across someone you will like.

Join this Global chat room to get in touch with swingers from all over the world i.e. Australia to UK and what not!

swinging heaven lp

You can easily share your stories, pictures, and even more personal details with like-minded people. So, what are you going to get here? Let’s get into details. First of all, you get the golden opportunity to watch around 7 HD live cams.

It means seven different female swingers, all ready to help raise your testosterone level. But, remember they are not professionals!

They are just playing the role of swingers. To top it all, you get the chance to create private rooms as well, where all your exotic and erotic fantasies are going to take place in real life.

If you want, you can join as a couple with your highly sexual partner for a threesome action or can act it out individually, to have fun  all alone. You have the liberty to create not just global chat rooms but also can choose some on a regional basis under regional chat rooms.

You can make the rooms private or public, according to your sweet will. Some rooms might get the chance to share images from your gallery, or you can even invite other members to share theirs with yours. Well, Well, Well!

Hey, Swinging Heaven!

Let’s not forget that you can enter the realm of erotic novels and stories, too, once you join Swinging Heaven. With some best erotica on the internet, this place is perfect for all the creative minds and writers, who're willing to share their kinky thoughts!

Just write your mesmerizing stories, and get indulged in more than 44,000 stories. Put your research cap on and search through either by Community Tags or Genre, to find what your mind is looking for! So, waste no time further and join now for addressing your thoughts well.

Swinging Heaven is discreet, secure, private, and honest (sshh)! It means you are the master of your profile. No one but you will be able to control your profile. Looking for the tools to determine who can and who cannot enter your account? Swinging Heaven has that for you.

If that’s not all, this swinging site takes data protection rather seriously. They use 256 bit SSL Encryption for making it completely GDPR compliant. So, enjoy peace of mind in the best ways possible.

You will further come across community moderators who are no doubt trusted parts of the swinger community. They will be on the front line, supporting you all the way, to find your feet.

Pricing & Membership Fees

When it comes to pricing, Swinging Heaven is free to join. It is not just the joining task that comes handy as a free tool, but you will be bombarded with so many other valuable propositions as well. Do you need to message someone within your chat room?

Get the chance to send three messages or replies every day if you are on a basic account.

Not only that, but you will be happy to see the profile picture of the person in question. Right from creating your attractive profile to view the number of people that come your way; everything is done without costing a dime.

Whether you are making plans to send a “quickie” or willing to view people’s profiles, you can do that free of cost!

As you are the master of your profile, you can easily “hide” some activities from specific users. You get to see the profiles which match your specifications and even get the chance to check out some photos in the community gallery.

swinging heaven poster

Under the fee-based category, you will be happy to ingress unlimited messaging, multiple chat access for the couples, and get in touch with some adult videos and photos (steamy, right?). With a few extra bucks, you could adjust activity feed settings and check who’s interested in your profile.

With seven chat rooms' webcams and full chat rooms access, every single dime invested is worth it!

Under the premium membership, for one month, the cost will remain at 16.95 £. On the other hand, if you are looking for a long term investment like for a year, then be prepared to pay 56.95 £ / Year. A whole year of fun and exotic dreams! Nothing seems better, right?

Swinging Heaven has special premium and extra membership accounts as well. For a month, you have to make payment for a sum of 19.95 £ / Month and 74.95 £ / Year for a long term commitment. The payment mode is credit card, making it super easy to pay for your fantasies discreetly.

Want to learn about the payment mode in detail? Well, why not click at https://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/ and get some ideas on it, NOW!

Site Statistics

  • Global chat room and erotic stories: Yes
  • Privacy and security: Of top-notch quality
  • Latest swingers: Over 1 million
  • Parties: Around 47 as of now
  • Clubs: 135 in number
  • Groups: Around 2532
  • Adult videos and pictures: over 270,000 amateur videos and photos, uploaded by the community, shared on gallery
  • Present database: Over 1.9 million users

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

8.5 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Video Quantity

8.5 / 10


8.5 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


8.5 / 10

Image Quality

9 / 10

Overall Performance

9 / 10

Competitors of Swinging Heaven

After starting its journey in the UK, Swinging Heaven is now all over the place. Even though it started its journey in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, right now, it has been well associated with other parts of the world like South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and more.

With its active swinging community, erotic stories and novels, and even full HD videos and images, there is no need to look any further for secondary source of entertainment. But, in case, Swinging Heaven is not your pleasant cup of tea, why not try out some of the other popular names?

You can quickly come across Ashley Madison, eHarmony, or Adultfriendfinder for a change! With an ultimate privacy policy to help you remain discreet and unique features for frequent travelers, Ashley Madison is one name to consider.

The security has been beefed up right from the 2015 data hack, and the site never looked back since then.

Another dating site, which is winning people over in huge numbers, has to be eHarmony! The matching method is absolutely magnificent and precise. With a top-notch premium account and millions of global members, it is one source to at least give a try!


  • Why do you think people are inclining more towards Swinging Heaven? Below are some pointers on why you should give Swinging Heaven a try. Get the golden chance to watch around 7 HD live cams, giving you more options than what you imagined!
  • You have every right to create chat rooms and make them public or private. If you need or want, you can add nude pictures and videos as per your preferences.
  • This dating site is not just for greedy alone time only! If you have a partner, as sexually aroused as you are, then you have a couple joining option here as well.
  • For facilitating perfect communication, you have Quickies. These pre-written texts will help you get the upper hand and make people fall for you.
  • Clubs and events are waiting for you to visit them. Regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced swinger, get the opportunity to learn more about the parties and swinger clubs within your area. Well, rely on Swinging Heaven for that entirely!


  • Not all services are free of cost, and for some advanced features, you might have to open up your pockets!
  • Unfortunately, this section has no app for you. More people use computers only for work, leaving excitement for their smartphones to handle. But, without the app, you won’t get entertained as often as you want.
  • There are hardly a few single women. But beware! These women are not for lovey-dovey moments. They want some exotic hardcore sex moments with you! Prepare your mental ground accordingly.

Customer Support

Support is always available for the users, whenever they log into Swinging Heaven. Whether you want support requests or facing some technical problems, don’t forget to contact the team right away! There are separate support pages, dedicated to press and media.

You could even join the live support from the Swinging Heaven’s admins. You are most welcome to enter chat rooms and talk to the user with a star on their avatar. For that, click on the link swingingheaven.co.uk/chatroom/ and get instant help.

Details about the support service are now just a click away! Click at https://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/main/contact.html and get instant help!


Experience is always towards the positive side whenever you log into Swinging Heaven. With a real-life review of 4 out of 5, you can blindly trust the services that this erotic dating site has in store for you.

With so many sexually arousing stories to tell and amazingly steamy videos to check, Swinging Heaven will never let you down.

If you have high hopes for this site, then you are in for a treat! To top it all, users get the most excellent opportunity to create ads for swinger needs and specifications and; in no time, find new names hovering your way. Right from adding the profile picture to create a site, you could do it all!

You have the liberty to control your profile, making it all the more important.

Swinging Heaven makes it somewhat more straightforward and easier for the swingers to connect with one another. For that, unique; features are offered your way! Dogging is one noteworthy feature you cannot overlook here. Willing to know more about the location or site of predominantly British activity?

If so, then get involved in outdoor exhibitionism in wooded areas, car parks, and more. Tell them about your swinging or dogging escapades and let others enjoy your fantasies as much as you did.

Yes, this site indeed has its downsides as well, as seen in the cons section. But that doesn’t stop it from being that one source that millions of people would like to try out at least once. There must be some reasons for 1.9 million monthly users.

So, why not try it out on your own before parting from this verdict. You will love what you will get from this source. It is one site that will genuinely make you get addicted in no time!

Parting words

Once you have gone through the review of Swinging Heaven in detail, it is time to make up your mind. Do you want to be a part of their erotic chat room or not? If you ask us, you should at least give it a try once! Why don’t you taste every flavor offered to you?

And if you like this review, keep up with us as more reviews are yet to come to rock your world.

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