SwapSmut Review

Swap Smut

Swapsmut is typically based on the ideology - ‘sharing is caring’ and is a popular porn site that has a vast range of users and premium members with the freedom to upload the related porn content.

It has achieved a lot of fame by providing some hardcore pornographic content at their best.

Furthermore, Swapsmut provides an enhanced user interface and has a great customer support service to give the users a hassle-free experience.

The following review covers everything related to the site’s uniqueness, statistics, content it offers, performance ratings, pros and cons as well as our recommendation to this site where you get an idea of whether the site will fulfill your expectations or not.


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Swap Smut is indeed a different kind of website and the name typically suggests having your fetish like swapping of the spouses. However, Swap Smut is more than that because it delivers some exclusive porn beyond different fetish lovers.

What if I tell you the site offers some wife swapping action for people who are fed up with their old ladies, will you believe us? Swapsmut is all about being in the moment w/ your sex doctor and what if the medicine that they will be giving is a right one or not.

This is the reason why SwapSmut deserves a try.

Today, we are going to get down and provide a detailed review of the Swapsmut and tell you whether the site is for you or not.

We will also cover how this particular website acts different from other major popular brands and whether it will be a fit value for your time and money or not. So, let us begin.

What makes Swapsmut unique from other sites in the same niche around the world?

Swap Smut is quite easy and simple looking. The site acts as a hub and gives you a unique experience to keep you glued to the site and lets you enjoy a lot of free stuff on the network.

The left side of the site is filled with the top porn sites that brought us to question if the Swapsmut team has anything to do with it. It is like  having sex with your girlfriend but inviting her 50 hot friends over at the same time.

Such fancy upselling techniques is a poor idea and the site looks like a site made in the 1990s. 

The content that Swapsmut has amateur, as well as homemade porn and you have to keep up to the fact that the niche offers a platform to spouse swapping but you get to see a whole list of mature ladies, fat chicks, mature dudes, interracial, cuckolds, and many more.

You get to see tons of pictures that people upload on the site and a variety of other things as well. The porn videos in here are quite basic in quality and the site lets you stream with the option of few full- length videos.

However, once you register on their website (which is free of cost), you start seeing the content in a bit organized manner where you can watch videos as well as browse the picture galleries. But still we didn't get it, the site is overall free, then why it is necessary to create an account?

Maybe because of using their platform for swapping and stuffs. Overall, the website looks good, and the user cannot have any complains, seeing all the free stuff it brings to us.  

Site Statistics

  • Best Swapsmut inclusions - Videos, Galleries, Upload, Categories (Anal, Babe, Big Tits, Mature, Redhead, Lingerie, Lesbian, Interracial and many more) with lot of other menu options.
  • Links of Top Free Porn Sites (Leftside links) - Best Amateur Porn, My Porn Library, Cuckold Interracial, Hot Girlfriend Sex Videos, Dose of Porn, Sexy Girlfriends, and many more.
  • Total number of members - 569500+ total
  • Total number of porn videos - 10000+
  • The average length of videos - 8 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos - 800 x 600 pixels (Usual quality)
  • Download limit - No
  • Total number of photosets - 296,000+
  • Photo slideshows - Yes
  • Watermark on Photos - No
  • Maximum resolution of photos - 800 x 600 pixels (Usual quality)
  • DRM protection - No

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Content Updates


Quality of Videos










Value for Money


Exclusivity of Videos


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score


This is indeed a great score and we really think you should try out this website to really see how it turns out. However, there is a lot left in this review in case you want to sit back and see whether SwapSmut is bound to fulfill your expectation or not.


Website Address: www.swapsmut.com

Swap Smut is a site which is built on the aspect of 'sharing is caring' and passes on the same philosophies as well.

You can say that the corresponding site is a porn site of the people, for the people as well as by the people. You can upload your content only after creating your profile on the website. 

Whenever you upload any content, it goes for approval of the concerned team and only then it can be posted. Eventually, you get a free VIP status which means a higher level of enjoyment.

The website is something that is built around the community where people can upload, enjoy each other's videos and do more stuff.

Everyone featurinbg on this site is an amateur and love filming themselves by enjoying the deepest pleasures of thrusting pussy- cock action.

As such videos purely comprise of amateur content, these clips tend to be shorter in length and would get in together to show the good content and skip all the building up content.

Much like a guy who has uploaded a 21-second clip of baptizing his babe with his jizz sprayed up all his face. The clip was indeed short but quite hot. 

swapsmut porn 3-min

So, this is pretty much what we a re talking about, and the site offers a similar kind of content which are amateur and homemade. 

If you think the site is all about videos and short clips only, then this is certainly not it. Swap Smut dedicates an entire section to pictures where you can expect all kinds of fuzzed-up content.

There are lots of pussy close-ups, outdoor stuff presenting topless girls having a good time around in the sand, tons of nude selfies, and much more. If you click on one set of pics, it will populate submissions similar to the pics underneath that section.

This is indeed a good way to explore things up on the site and other than this, there are many categories and sorting options to ease your navigation.

Most of the content is offered free of cost, but there is a special VIP section that puts you ahead in the game by uploading more videos, seeing featured contents and much more. This may require a price where you need to upgrade your account. 


The porn industry has been at its top and has seen some amicable growth from the last two decades.

With most of the first ten spots featuring premium quality websites offering you the content at premium prices, Swapsmut is something a bit unique. 

It is the porn site for the people where they upload their stuff and see other people's videos as well as images. User engagement has always been high as the content is updated regularly by their members.

There are tons of freaky stuff but with a downfall that it is amateur made at home. 

Swapsmut is not in the race with the top porn sites in the business but has something unique concept where people are the boss of the website.

The major competitors who are lying on the top spots include Brazzers, Reality Kings, 21 Sextury, and many more.

swapsmut porn 2-min


  • Swapsmut offers tons of videos and photos from other members at 100% free of cost.
  • Swapsmut provides tons of content with a lot of varieties including videos of hardcore thumping in less than a minute clip as well as thousands of pictures.
  • You get a link to access the top free websites on the left side of the homepage.
  • Swapsmut is easy to navigate with all the sorting and searching options on the top.
  • The site works on every platform including laptop, desktop and mobile as well.
  • Their customer care assistance is good and takes out the resolution of your queries.


  • Poor website design and layout.
  • Swapsmut contains a lot of annoying ads.
  • A lot of other content is there on the website entirely for promotion purposes.
  • The content is not at all well equipped with the quality as all the content is a poor homemade collection.


All the content that lies on Swapsmut is available for free with absolutely no hidden charges. You get to see the top free websites which is full of people's way of getting horny and posting stuff of banging their wife and a lot more than that.

With more than 500000+ members posting their stuff, it is a great place to give your dick some fizzy action. By offering you everything at free, Swapsmut has taken the game at an another level. Besides this, there is a section of paid membership that gives you access to a few websites.

However, these prices are not yet disclosed. You need to ask their customer support team for the prices, but we do not recommend you take their membership after checking their build quality and the content of the website.    


  • The Swapsmut network offers a reliable and full-on satisfying customer experience using their 24 x 7 online assistance to the members. You can always count on them if you have any queries or have some complaints about their services. You are free to visit their support page at any time if you come across any queries at http://www.swapsmut.com/contact-us/.
  • Their customer care service is friendly, quick and 100% secure where the professional team takes a full account on maintaining your confidentiality.
  • They have a great team of expert who provides you with a quick resolution against all your queries. You can also view all the FAQs linked to their site. You can also view their billing support. For more information, you can see this link: https://support.ccbill.com/
swapsmut porn 1-min

Final Verdict

SwapSmut.com is indeed giving pleasures to people who are looking for some amateur and free content. They are giving back to the people who are contributing to it and this is probably the magic of Swapsmut. 

Apart from the community creating their own content, there are a ton of blogs on the site for people who are looking for sex partners as well as some of the stories of their sexual experiences and much more.

All in all, SwapSmut is all about amateur/homemade porn that revolves around some couples, interracial sex and cuckolds, older men and women. There are a lot of varieties, while some of the stuff is too good, other ones are too poor, but you gotta deal with it.

In the Last…

So here we are at the end of our detailed review of Swapsmut after having gone through a lot of statistics, pros and cons.

The site is perfect for individuals who are looking for free amateur porn action. This site provides a lot of regular homemade content with the ability of members to post it by themselves after having obtained approval for it. This way, the site acts for the community and by the community.

Besides all the low website design and a lot of ads, we can only tell you to try this site by yourself and tell us how your experience went.

Also, in case you want us to review any more of such porn sites that you are particularly not so sure about, do send us your query and we will surely take serious note of that. Till then, have a great life!

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