Supermen Review (2020)


If you are gay and you feel that your feelings and sexual drives are not being appreciated on the internet, feeling left out as there is not much gay content then hold your words right there because I have a fantastic destination for you.

Supermen is a website featuring adult gays who are living just for you! The live cam shows are enjoyed by most of the gay community.

The site has gay as well as a straight male who hosts their cam shows on this platform.

Supermen cover the viewers from not only the gay community but also a thin line of straight females who love to see these handsome hunks live, playing with themselves or working out.

Supermen website covers a large variety of visitors and bisexual or gay models. You will find several amateur males who like to showcase their erotic skills and hot moves. They tend to get to the good stuff if they get enough audience around them.

If they get enough support, they are free to share some of the bravest desires and intimate skills with an appreciative audience. Most of them seem amateur, but they do have well- built, jaw-dropping bodies. The overall layout and design of the website are quite user-friendly.

It is not flooded with obnoxious ads, notifications, pop-ups, etc. There is no such policy of updating the profile to be able to chat in private. The website is free from annoying chat-bots that spam with welcoming messages after you register.

So, I would say the first impression of Supermen, as for the visual aspect, is positive and satisfactory. It makes users feel that they can express their desires with confidence and without hesitation. Signing up requires only email, username, and password.

You can upload your photo and information later under the private account.

Why are Supermen better than most of its competitors?

I would say Supermen is a boon to the gay community. Because not only can you see gay males or couples, but you can also express your lust for the hot straight guys out there. So, to access any type of content, you need to first register to their website.

Signing up is very easy as mentioned above with just a few necessary personal details and registration is done in a few mins. The website's interface looks similar to what it was before registration. You will see some models with live sex videos that you can take into consideration.

The members can adjust the videos which are being displayed on the homepage. Not just that, but you can also set and prioritize the content on the website according to your preferences. The search option is always available to the new visitors, which helps users to find their desired content.

If you are broke and need to beat your meat, you can watch some videos for free without paying for credits. Supermen is a webcam-based site that allows people to go live and perform adult cam shows. They can also share their private content and find people with the same ideologies.

Hence, most of the features are based on cam chats, one-on-one chats, views, and others. Supermen's service is based on sharing gay content and videos that you might be interested in. So, to be clear, it is not a dating site for gay people.

The models are not at all serious in building any type of relationship, be it a serious one or a sexual one. But they do satisfy all the human desires that gay people can develop during their life.

Site Statistics

  • Total number of models – 75+
  • Typical online – 7
  • Private chats – Yes
  • Tipping system - No
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1920*1080 pixels
  • Download limit – N/A
  • Total number of photosets – 300+
  • Photo slideshows – No
  • DRM protection – No
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 2816*112 pixels

Website Performance Scores



Cam Quality

8 / 10

Content Updates

7 / 10


8 / 10


7 / 10


7 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10

Unique Males

6 / 10

Quality Of Videos

8 / 10

Quality Of Videos

8 / 10

Overall Score

76 / 100

Website Overview

Website address:

Estimated visits last month – 4.5K

So as we already learned somewhat about Supermen, we now know that the website features males doing adult cam shows, to satisfy the gay public and some women who like to try something different.

Let us talk about some of the features that Supermen provide to their public.

On top of the homepage, when you click on the button' live sex chat', you will find all kinds of live sex chats. 

The amount for the same varies from model to model.

You might be lucky to find it for free at times, but you can turn out to be an unlucky person too and end up paying more than your expectations.

Apart from the sex chat with the models in a group, you can get access to one-on-one sex chats privately. There are also some celebrity cam shows or videos produced by the models. Not just the videos and chat, but you will also find photo galleries, candy shops, and so much more.

Users have the option to select porn celebrities or standard adult content on the website. This service is available 24/7, and there are no shutdowns if no one is available to chat. If you have enough cash in your bank, you can try a one-on-one conversation.

It is one of the most intimate and hot features on the Supermen site. This can eventually lead to private talks, meetings and maybe even a good relationship if you are lucky. There are a lot of people who visit gay cam sites just out of curiosity to check what it is all about.

Most of the visitors buy credits, create accounts or watch the content for free. Along with the amateur male models out here, Supermen also features some of the professional models.

Their services are kind of expensive as they mostly provide services in private, like private cam shows or private sex chats. But you need not worry because amateur males on the website make you feel like they got great things to share and make the public horny with their skills.

The data on Supermen shows that there are almost 62 million people registered on this website. Indeed, it is an impressive number for a website showing gay stuff. This number helps the members find new and explicit adult content almost every day.

The toolbar on the homepage shows several sections that display specific content and stuff which might attract many users.


You would not believe if I told you that other sites provide the same services. Yes, other sites like Cam Soda, Chaturbate, Omegle, etc. provide gay adult content. Supermen have a lot of drawbacks even though it is one of the most crowded attracting sites.

The disadvantages of this website can be seen clearly on other sites. Take the example of Cam Soda. It is needless to say that the chicks on this site are sizzling hot and they are down to do anything that you ask for.

Be it playing with a toy, messing around, teasing, moaning or anything that comes to your mind. If you register, you can follow your favourite models and watch their shows whenever they are online.

The registered members are notified whenever their favourite model is online so that they do not miss even a second of the heavenly view. Cam Soda features both, amateurs as well as professionals.

Cam Soda will feature the best professionals for you so that you need not take many efforts finding the pros. Some porn stars do camming on Cam Soda. Another good competitor Chaturbate is a website where you can have fun on cams with individuals.

It connects you randomly to a person on the other side. They might be professional or just amateurs, but you are the only person interacting at that moment. It is not like a cam show hosted for all the people visiting the website. This way, you can have your private session free of cost.

Also, Camsters provide a large variety of content with more categories and genre than Cam Soda.

The website is free and features more videos than Cam Soda on the homepage itself. They feature the 'model of the week' on the homepage so the users can directly choose the best out of the menu without hesitating. Best categories are displayed at the top, and there is so much to choose from.


  • If you are new to the world of gay cam shows, Supermen is the best place to seek. It provides free live cam shows and some of the best male models. If you like the content, you can always pay to experience the best of it.
  • The overall layout of the website is quite simple to understand and interact. On the very first page, you will see live models and some of the most famous males on the site.
  • Supermen provide an advanced search option in case you find it challenging to browse through the website. It is quite helpful in finding the kind of guys you are looking for without taking many efforts.
  • The models' age ranges from 18 to 40, makes it even more interesting to watch. Most of them are amateur and teenagers, which adds spice to your mood. The ethnicities are also varied, from white, Asian to blacks.
  • Supermen help interested people to participate in the gay cam shows by registering themselves on the website for free. If you have got those skills and passion, it is a fantastic opportunity to earn some cash.
  • Supermen feature the public who wants to start as a model. If you are bored of watching newbie cam models, you can always find some professionals to make you hot enough.
  • There are extra features on the top of the homepage where you can get access to live sex chats and different fetishes that are displayed on the website. Click on 'all men models' to see a page full of thumbnails having handsome hunks.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see various options for the people who want to explore more of Supermen. Like 'become a model', 'become a studio operator', and 'become an affiliate'. If you are interested in any of those, you can always help yourself.
  • The video quality and streaming quality is quite satisfying. The webpage is not that heavy to load, and you can watch all the videos very smoothly. Even the stream buffer fast and provide uninterrupted fun.
  • The customer support of Supermen is brilliant. They display the FAQs which help new visitors to get an answer to the most common questions without wasting their time to report their problems and wait for the reply. Users can also contact the team of Supermen via email.


  • All the male models on Supermen are not professional actors. Most of them are amateurs and newbies. So the videos are not so entertaining to the public who love to see something professional.
  • There are no options to set video streaming quality. All the videos and streams play on a default setting which generally depends on the speed of your internet connection.
  • Not many models are live at one particular time of the day. Due to the fewer models, you might not be able to see the models, which are your type. However, you can always access their pre-recorded videos if they have saved it on the site.
  • Users can access professional private cam shows or private one-on-one sex chats only if they are willing to pay them separately. It is costly as you have hired them just for yourself. So you need to be worth leaving their public cam shows.
  • Ads create an unnecessary distraction from the main content. Some ads even redirect you to various sites if you accidentally click on them. These sites can often lead to fraud or data stealing.
  • They do not have the tipping system like most of the adult cam sites provide. It becomes challenging to get the attention of the model with just chatting as various other people keep spamming in the chats.
  • There are no discounts given by Supermen if you try to buy or pay for stuff in bulk. You will have to pay the amount mentioned by the models unless you are buying tokens on which there is no discount either.

Pricing & Membership Fees

If you are the kind of person who is into seeing some big cocks cumming right in front of you, then you need to be worth it by having money in the bank. Some models provide private sex chat and intimate experience on Supermen.

But, the models decide the cost of that by their own will. Here is a rough idea of how the prices are distributed.

  • Private sex chats range from $1 to $5 per minute.
  • Group cam shows or candy shows range from 25 cents to $1.

You can also pay for the services in the form of tokens. The following table displays the prices and number of tokens provided.









This is pretty much how the pricing chart of Supermen looks like. So, the average cost ranges from $2 to $3 per minute for most of the average models. These are the only prices on Supermen unless users want to buy pre-recorded cam shows or videos.

As for the other things, there are no fees to be a member of the community.

Customer Support & Other Services

Talking about customer support, Supermen provides the ease of access by providing a list of FAQs which will show the questions which have been reported the most. This saves a lot of time and effort. On the other side, there is a list that will help you categorize your issue.

Just click on the type of problem you are facing and register yourself by providing details about the query. From billing issues to technical issues, they are always ready to help you guys. The separate option to report technical difficulties right away is one of the best features of Supermen.

We can say that none of the other websites helps their users the way Supermen does. You can have contact with some technicians or the team individuals to solve your problems. There are links to every kind of technical difficulty that users face or the most frequently reported difficulties

For more information about their customer support, please visit this link:

To contact them by email, use - [email protected]

Final Verdict

Alright, people, this is where it ends. I am pretty sure that you will enjoy all of Superman's features and what the site has to provide. You should visit them to check them out and have the full experience. I enjoyed almost everything that they have to offer and found very few cons.

They provide excellent benefits and bonus stuff. The features are cool and help the user throughout. The only thing which I think is a big turn off is the quality settings. You cannot switch between HD and normal quality.

But still, they are doing better than most of the websites out there who stream live cam porn. As far as the price is concerned, it is a free website as long as you just want to watch the videos of what others do. 

For access to more features, you need to pay some amount, which is quite reasonable, I think. It also allows performers to register as a model and start earning for themselves by doing cam shows now and then.

Numerous reviews on Supermen reflect that they provide good service and those who like to chill after a tiring day can find everything with a free or premium membership. No need to thank me, just go ahead and enjoy your visit to one of the best platforms for gay cam shows.

Parting words

These were some of the eye-catching features as well as some drawbacks of Supermen. It is a decent site for adult cam show lovers, mostly gay. The sexy and hot models will surely catch you off guard, and you won't regret the outcome at all.

If you have any experience surfing around the corners of Supermen, do let us know. I hope that I have covered most of the required features as well as limitations but if you are still curious to know more and wish to solve your queries, just look for customer reviews online.

Contact us if you want any other site to be reviewed. So, no need to look for gay cam shows elsewhere if you have got Supermen on your list!

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