Sugar Daddy Meet Review (2020)

Sugar Daddy Meet

Are you rich and want to look out for sugar babies out there? Well, SugarDaddyMeet can be the most perfect platform for you.


  • It offers a dating platform where rich and attractive men engage in relationships with hot, young and beautiful women.
  • The platform provides a good set of navigation options to find the one you are looking for.


  • The features are a bit limited for free users.
  • There is also a lot of upselling, conning and scamming by some profiles.

This review will cover everything related to the site’s information which will act as your guide to know whether SugarDaddyMeet is perfect for you or not.

You will get to know more about its design and special options.

Sometimes the best things in life aren’t the most beautiful or perfect ones. Some relationships transcend boundaries of what’s acceptable or not acceptable in society. But they have a certain sense of excitement and aura around themselves, which is what makes them special.

SugarDaddyMeet is an adult dating website where rich, attractive and suave men engage in mutually beneficial, consensual relationships with young, beautiful and extremely sexy women.

With a tagline that says – ‘Sugar Makes Life Sweeter’, this website undoubtedly stands as a living testament to its mushy, yet sexy tagline.

SugarDaddyMeet enables sugar daddies and their sugar babies to have some fun together, handpicking each of them from amongst the top 20 richest countries globally.

Since all profiles are personally vetted by a team of moderators reviewing who signs up to become a part of this exclusive club, it is highly curated in terms of users, and they remove and reject all accounts that fall outside their given criteria.

Rich men can sign up using their email ID or Facebook account alongside photos and user bios also being personally reviewed, therefore a few things that you must refrain from including in your bio are – contact information, asking for payments and using fake profile photos.

If you don’t obey the rules of this community, you stand the threat of your account being suspended. Privacy and visibility control is another highlight from this website’s list of great features.

If you are afraid that you run the risk of being spotted by someone who might know you personally, you can shift photos to the ‘private album’ which is accessible only after you approve the person who wishes to have a closer look at you.

Having been around for a long 18 years now, this website has evolved meticulously with time, including a slew of web apps in its kitty, which makes this entire experience highly personal and pleasurable, away from the judgmental glares of this big, bad world.

Use of attractive typography and design elements is something that stimulates users to register immediately onto their site. Once you’re through with the first few steps, you can type in your information and choose from the list of rich countries, the one where you belong to. ​

Available countries and locations include countries in North America, parts of Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and even South Korea. Also since you will have to undergo phone verification for whatever country you choose, be aware of the fact that you can’t go on and add wrong information.

They even have mobile apps for both Apple and Android users, so you get a chance to talk to your sugar babies and sugar daddies on the go, without having to sit in front of a computer or laptop for a whole day.

Or if you are reluctant to add another app to your home screen, their mobile website works equally well, with minimum difficulties. Distribution of users as per a report reveals that 59.39% of their users belong to the USA, while 11.66% are from Australia, with 11.36% sugar daddies belonging to Canada.

Some popular sites don’t display the terms and guidelines associated with their service online in today’s age. Still, SugarDaddyMeet is an exception to this practice, as they lay out Community Guidelines to be followed to ensure a blissful experience for everyone on this site.

Apart from Facebook login, if you choose to register through email, it requires multiple levels of verification to ensure you are a legitimate user and not a scammer or underage.

A pro tip that sugar babies can follow to find the best match for themselves is considering an upgrade to the paid membership plans to filter out and choose among either a ‘Salt Daddy’ or ‘Splenda Daddy’.

What makes SugarDaddyMeet stand out?

A highly curated safeguarded community of sugar daddies and sugar babies from a selected assortment of countries (which are only the top 20 as of now) makes SugarDaddyMeet one of the best online websites for engaging in consensual, mutually understood relationships.

With over 1.3 million users actively using the service to date some of the hottest and filthy rich individuals, the website has been a well competent force in its chosen niche. As a basic user, without having paid a membership fee, you can still have a good time, albeit with a few restrictions.

They have also introduced what they call a ‘gold membership’ that allows you to see how frequently one replies to your messages, place filters as you choose who can view or even approach you on the platform, wink filter options, saving one’s searches and appearing at the top when those wealthy sugar daddies search for the girl of their dreams here.

SDM’s algorithm works on a roulette-like concept called ‘Let’s Meet’ which is akin to the ‘swipe’ feature you see on some popular dating apps today.

Another of its long list of features is the ability to propose first date gifts that can be chosen by clicking the button on a user’s profile, and as a bonus, you can send in 50 winks a day. All these features and more make SugarDaddyMeet a stellar performer in the luxury online dating space.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

9 / 10

Live Stream Quality

7 / 10

Quality Of Private Shows

8 / 10

Number Of Models

9 / 10

Streaming Options

8 / 10

User-Friendly Features

9 / 10


10 / 10

Value For Money

8 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10

Overall Score

87 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Users – 1.8 million registered users (with 600,000 being from USA alone)
  • Active users – 7,500 daily logins
  • Payment option – PayPal, Check Card, Credit Card
  • Age distribution – 18 to 55
  • Advanced search options – Yes (as a premium paid members only)
  • Mobile friendly site – Yes; it also has mobile apps
  • Media player – None
  • Bonus content – Filters, send ‘winks’, sending and receiving messages, priority emails, see who viewed or searched for your profile, view new members
  • BBW shows – No


Website address:

SDM’s design and UI are pretty attractive and to the point.

You won’t find a lot of clutter on their homepage itself, which gives you a vibe that these guys mean business and are thorough professionals at what they do.

You can create an account for free on their website, and the registration process is super easy and pretty quick. 

sugar daddy meet-min

You can quickly perform a search to find suitable sugar babies or sugar daddies once you complete the verification process.

Our recommendation to get maximum out of this website is via an upgrade to any of those paid membership plans, that let you do much more than look at people’s profile and not message them.

To ensure all parties, enjoy whatever their stay is on this site, you can even report if someone indulges in suspicious or rude, indecent behaviour with you on the platform and these moderators will ban that person from the community.

You can send ice-breaking questions, see what others are talking about on the blog and forums or upload your photos on your profile.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The SugarDaddyMeet dating community has different prices for availing subscription for both its web portal as well as for its mobile application. It is worth noting that the fee on their mobile app costs slightly higher than the website. The pricing structure for SDM is as follows –

On its website

  • Basic – Free
  • For 1-month: - $50
  • For 3-months - $90 ($30/ month)
  • For 6 months - $144 ($24/month)

On its mobile app

  • For 1 month - $65
  • For 3-months - $100 ($33.3/month)
  • For 6 months - $157 ($26.1/month)


  • Exclusive to only sugar daddies and sugar babies
  • Easy to use the mobile app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • Intuitive UI and design which is a pleasure to the eyes
  • They focus a lot on creating a safe, close-knit community and have a rigorous selection and vetting process
  • There are no ads on their website which is pretty impressive given that many sites today bombard their users with advertisements
  • Almost 2 million members from 20 of the world’s richest countries
  • Sugar daddies can be prominent and successful businessmen, bureaucrats, athletes, lawyers, policymakers among others
  • As a free user, one can reply to messages sent to them
  • Once you upgrade to a paid plan, users can not only send and receive messages but also visit a chatroom, send gifts or use advanced search for highly specific results
  • You can also use filters
  • Users can sign in using either their Facebook login or even their email ID
  • A community of 1.5 million sugar babies and 500,000 sugar daddies
  • You can swipe right to profiles that come up now and then similar to Tinder and start talking
  • Their support team is pretty dedicated and prompt at answering queries of customers
  • You can check online lists, view compatible matches, reverse them, send gifts and even view who visits your profile regularly as a paid member
  • View last login time when you opt for a paid subscription
  • You also get access to your Activity feed once you avail the paid membership
  • Search for matches by filters such as Advanced /State / Province or Zip and even Postal Code/City
  • You can meet new people from all around the world, irrespective of any distance between them and you
  • Being a paid member also gives you a top spot amongst the searches when someone queries for a sugar baby or sugar daddy
  • You can also block indecent, creepy users
  • SugarDaddyMeet recommends users to each other based on personal information provided by them
  • A behind the scenes look at who is doing what on your profile when availing the paid subscription to SDM
  • ‘Let’s Meet’, which is a roulette-like matching system where you can take either heart or swipe left on the photo of a potential match.
  • You can even write and publish blog posts.
  • Like and comment on fellow users’ profiles.
  • You can also become a ‘Certified Daddy’ after going through a simple process.
  • Paid users can also save searches and add favourites.


  • Some users complain that if you don’t avail the $50 gold membership, the site is pretty useless and doesn’t let you do anything
  • Free members cannot start a conversation from their side
  • As per some users, these folks have some uncertain privacy policies and how they use your data
  • In spite of its rigorous verification process, many sugar babies have complained about this site having many fake profiles
  • Sugar daddies have also complained about scam artists who only want prepaid gift cards
  • Sugar Daddy reportedly charges Sugar Babies some amount of extra bucks just to let them check when their profile was last active, which is bizarre
  • The company is charging a lot of extra fees from both sugar babies as well as sugar daddies
  • If some users are to be believed, often fake profiles are run by other sugar babies in a bid to extract money from other, unsuspecting women on the platform
  • Some of the profiles don’t look like they’re even slightly wealthy.
  • Unattractive men are also amongst the many complaints registered by sugar babies
  • You can only get the verification badges once you have upgraded to the paid membership, which could be a hindrance for those who are genuine and don’t find people who are trusting enough
  • There is also a lot of upselling, conning and scamming by some profiles
  • Your data might be passed to their affiliates without your permission
  • The subscription fees, especially on their mobile apps is pretty high

Competitors of Sugar Daddy Meet

If you are looking for an alternative to the likes of,,,, then SugarDaddyMeet can be the ideal choice for you.

The other sites which are similar to SugarDaddyMeet in terms of what they bring to the table, but this site stands out for its focus on safety and security of its users.

Customer Support

One of the most exceptional qualities that make Flingster a cut above the rest is the excellent customer support and services that it provides. They provide 24/7 service to resolve all your doubts and queries, and can be reached on the following links –

Final Verdict

SugarDaddyMeet is doing pretty well for itself, despite all the complaints and negative feedback they have received from a certain section of users. Its design and other functions are also pretty clean, and they don’t show up with ads every now and then.

Over the years, with their focus on providing a verified and highly curated experience to sugar daddies and sugar babies, these folks have had a good run so far. The quality of profiles generally tends to be good and has a lot of active members flocking to the site in large numbers.

While a lot of stuff is free as well, the entire experience gets amplified with their paid plans, and there is also an inbuilt email service apart from the usual instant messaging and one-on-one interaction tools.

Therefore, if you are someone who belongs to the elite club of society, you can shell out a few bucks for an upgrade to one of those plans as mentioned above.

Parting words

These were some positives and negatives about the SugarDaddyMeet elite dating website. We hope you liked this review of this amazing dating site and you must not forget to have a good time surfing through this treasure trove of a dating site. 

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