Sugar Daddy For Me Review (2020)

Sugar Daddy For Me

If you like the concept of sugar daddy where hot girls want to date rich sugar daddies, then SugarDaddyForMe should be a great platform for you.


  • The site offers dating services in the US and other countries as well.
  • The site has an easy sign-up process, impressive website design, numerous features provided to free users, and many other features make it good enough for the members.


  • The regular premium plans do not offer access to all the features. You have to further buy other packs.
  • The site does not perform any background checks; as a result, the site has a lot of fake users.

This review covers the detailed aspects related to the site’s statistics, advantages and shortcomings, performance score, unique features, and more.

Read this review to get more insight about the site and whether our experts recommend you to this website or not.

SugarDaddyForMe is a dating site that is used by sugar babies,' i.e. hot single women or milfs that want to date sugar daddies for monetary benefits or gifts.

Sugar daddies are rich men who are willing to pay or give expensive gifts to the sugar babies, and in exchange, they want to enjoy a close and personal relationship with them. SugarDaddyForMe offers sugar dating services in the United States and some other countries.

It has a vast database of members and thousands of members log in every day, which makes it one of the biggest sites in this niche. This dating platform can prove to be useful for many people. It is mostly meant for men belonging to the wealthy and affluent class of society.

This site also works for women who are young and willing to date older men who are mostly millionaires.

In our day-to-day lives, we see many young women who are not happy with guys of their age because they are unable to support them financially, or they cannot afford to give expensive gifts to them. Some girls do not find the men of their age mature and get attracted to older men.

SugarDaddyForMe can prove to be a perfect site for these girls as well. It is a feature-packed dating portal, but it has a few drawbacks as well. However, it is suitable for sugar mommas, male sugar babes, and men and women who are looking for extramarital affairs.

Therefore, anyone who wishes to enjoy the perks of sugar dating can register on this site. Easy sign-up process, impressive website design, numerous features provided to free users, and many other features make it good enough for the members.

We will be discussing all the features of the site in the below sections.

What are the noteworthy features of this site?

Some of the unique and noteworthy features of this site make it worth visiting. Customizable profiles, permission to send limited (3 to be precise) messages in the free version, etc. are some of the unique features of SugarDaddyForMe.

The good thing is that you can create a detailed and comprehensive profile on this dating site. You can view profile pictures of everyone irrespective of whether you are a free user or not. Also, you can refer to your friend's profile to someone else, which is an exclusive sugar dating feature.

Some people might find its design a bit old fashioned, but that does not hamper its performance. It also does not deteriorate the overall experience of the users. We usually see that sites that focus on the sugar dating niche offer expensive premium plans.

However, the premium plans of SugarDaddyForMe are quite affordable.  The payment for the premium plans can be made through a credit card or cheque. Moreover, SugarDaddyForMe is wholly secured with HTTPS encryption, and it claims that the information of all the members is entirely safe.

Most of the profiles are real, and the matches are of high-quality. It allows the members to keep their profiles discreet by hiding them whenever they are not online. Premium members can send and receive a text, and they can also indulge in audio and video chats.

Also, there is an option named 'PowerMatch' which enables you to send bulk emails to other users.  Apart from these, dozens of other features enhance the overall usability and efficiency of this site. Let us discuss these features in the overview of this site.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

7 / 10

Ease Of Use

9 / 10

Quality Of Members

9 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

9 / 10


9 / 10

Search And Filter Options

10 / 10


9 / 10

Value For Money

9 / 10

Real Members

8 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

8.8 / 10

Site Statistics 

  • Most popular features – Kiss, Video chat, Saving notes on profiles
  • The average number of users at a time – 2K
  • The average monthly visitors on the site –  446.60K
  • Is video uploading possible? – No
  • Transgender profiles - No
  • Bisexual profiles – Yes
  • Gay & lesbian profiles - Yes
  • Dating niche – Sugar dating


Website address –

Estimated visits per month – 446.6K

The registration process on SugarDaddyForMe is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete.

You can create a profile as a sugar daddy, sugar momma, sugar baby, sugar baby-male or gay sugar daddy.

Also, you create a profile seeking an extramarital affair. 

sugar daddy for me lp

After that, you need to select the type of profiles that you are looking for from the options mentioned above. After entering your birth date, user name, password, and email details, you will have to provide features like your zip code, country, etc.

After that, you will be asked to upload a photo after which you can choose whether you want to keep your profile private or visible to everyone. One shocking thing is the poor layout of this site.

The design and fonts are minimal by default, and we had to enlarge the page by zooming in to use them conveniently.

You can search members according to their names and member-id. The advanced search option is available where you can look for members of a particular country, city or zip code. Also, you can prefer to view only the profiles that have profile pictures.

When you find a suitable profile, you can click on the name to explore that profile. By doing this, you will find details like name, age, marital status, body type, height, and dating preferences of that particular member.

Some members have a much detailed profile, whereas some people like to keep their profiles simple. You can also check the online members and new members of the site directly. Moreover, you have the option of saving your last searches so that you can find them easily when you log in after some days.

The number of profiles depends on the country in which you are searching for the matches. For example, you might not find many profiles of India because the site is not very popular there, whereas the site enjoys a massive following in the United States.

Brief Review on SugarDaddyForMe

Therefore, you will enjoy a lot of options here.  There is a separate page for mails wherein you can check the emails that you send and receive. In the page called 'Browse', you will find the most viewed sugar babies by default.

You can also check the other options such as hot locals, new members, and members who have uploaded their photos recently. Similarly, you can also change the category from sugar baby to sugar daddy, sugar momma, etc. as per the dating preferences you had selected while registering on the site.

Also, there are regular pages like contact and support, which you can use whenever you have some issue with your premium package or if you are facing any technical glitches while using the site. You can check social media pages of the site at the bottom of your homepage.

Also, you can check the messages you receive from the 'Important Message' option present at the top right corner of your screen. Moreover, you will see some city names towards the bottom part of the homepage.

When you click on a city, you will see the popular sugar daddies of this site. These are the premium profiles, and you can also find other popular cities when you click on a particular city name. This covers pretty much everything about this site.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Right now, the site is offering a free trial for new users which provides free access to all the features of the site. The standard premium plan known as silver membership provides access to limited features. However, you can easily connect with all the profiles through this plan.

This plan is priced at $39.95 for one month. If you want to access all the features of this site, then you will have to subscribe to a slightly expensive plan. This plan is known as silver membership plus total access, and it is priced at $54.90 for one month.

The gold membership offers its own set of features which are slightly more exclusive than the silver membership.

This membership will cost you $44.95 for one month. If you want to subscribe to a gold membership with access to all the features, then you will have to purchase the gold membership plus total access plan.

It is the most expensive premium plan of SugarDaddyForMe as it will cost you $59.90 for each month.


  • Registration is completely free on this site. They are providing a free three-day trial offer right which includes access to most of the premium features for free! Therefore, you get to analyze all the features of this site before opting for the premium plans.
  • You will find many testimonials of the users on the landing page of the site. You can read them to observe the experience of other users on this site.
  • There are over two thousand logins every day. Therefore, thousands of people are online at any given time. Moreover, hundreds of new profiles get registered on this site every day, which means that the database of users will grow from strength to strength.
  • The quality of the matches on this site is excellent, especially if you are a sugar daddy or sugar mommy.
  • You can suspend or delete your profile whenever you want.
  • The site allows you to protect your profile with a password. Moreover, you can mark all your favourite profiles to connect with them seamlessly in the future.
  • You can send kisses or likes to the people that you find interesting. The site will also notify you whenever someone sends a virtual kiss or like.
  • SugarDaddyForMe sends regular recommendations of matches to its users. Moreover, when someone who lives near you signs-up on the site, then you will be notified via an email.
  • SugarDaddyForMe sends regular recommendations of matches to its users. Moreover, when someone who lives near you signs-up on the site, then you will be notified via an email.
  • Premium profiles get highlighted more than the necessary profiles. Also, there is a unique premium fee that enables the premium profiles to let even the free profiles contact them.
  • Individuals who subscribe to the premium plans get the option to scribble notes on the other profiles to remember the things that impressed them when they visited their profiles.
  • Sugar babies can use the instant messaging feature to connect with the sugar daddies. Similarly, sugar mommas and sugar daddies can utilize messaging and several other options to contact their ideal matches.
  • There are genuine sugar daddies and sugar mommies on this site. Therefore, sugar babies can expect to receive a lot of cash and expensive gifts here.


  • The site does not have a mobile app yet. As a result, you can access this site only through a desktop or laptop.
  • There are some wannabe sugar daddies on this site as well. Therefore, you need to be careful before meeting them in real life, and we recommend you to analyze them closely before you agree on any deal.
  • The overall look and feel of this site are not impressive. This can be a bit of a turn-off for some individuals.
  • Some individuals, especially the men and women who do not belong to the affluent class, might find the premium plans a bit expensive.
  • The regular premium plans do not offer access to all the features. Therefore, you will have to pay extra for enjoying additional premium features.
  • Users who use the free version can only view up to 3 profile pictures per day. Also, those running a free version can send only three messages per day. This limits their ability to access features of the site.
  • Premium profiles are highlighted separately, and the kind of premium plan they have subscribed for is mentioned in their profile. Some premium users might not like this thing.
  • The site does not perform a background check of the user's profile through their email id and other information. This might sound beneficial from the data privacy point of view, but that also means that there aren't entirely verified members on the site.

Competitors of Sugar Daddy For Me

Many free and premium sites offer dedicated sugar dating services on the internet.

Some sites operate in certain countries, whereas some sites are relevant across the globe. Among the premium sugar dating sites, Seeking Arrangement seems to be one of the best since it has an attractive website and numerous user-friendly features.

However, its premium plans are slightly more expensive than those of SugarDaddyForMe. Sugar Daddy Meet is a dating site that has been around for many years. Moreover, its premium plans are also quite affordable.

However, this site only entertains sugar daddies and sugar babies. Therefore, SugarDaddyForMe certainly provides more options to the members. Ashley Madison is another website that is dedicated to sugar babies and daddies. This site has a massive database of rich men and young women.

Also, it provides a lot of features to the free users. Therefore, you can see that SugarDaddyForMe is quite an affordable dating site with fully functional features. The only thing that makes it less competitive is its ‘not so modern’ website design.

Moreover, it should launch its mobile version soon if it wishes to be a frontrunner among the sugar dating sites.

Customer Support

SugarDaddyForMe provides dedicated customer support service, and you can click on their 'Contact Us' page for more details. Here you will find separate pages for technical, billing, and other types of issues.

For every issue, you need to enter your username and email. After that, you need to select the category of the issue, and after choosing a few minor options, you can type your detailed message.

You can send your message afterwards to their customer support team, and they will get in touch with you via an email.

Final verdict

SugarDaddyForMe is one of the coolest options on the internet if you are into sugar dating, i.e. dating with benefits.

The only thing that hampers the user experience is its ancient look. However, the options and features are fully functional, which means that you can connect with your matches with ease. Therefore, we would recommend this site, especially if you are from the United States.

Parting words

We found that this dating site is mostly beneficial for sugar daddies and sugar babies of the United States. You also stand a fair chance if you are from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or some of the Asian countries.

The premium plans are quite good and allow you to access the exclusive features of this site. However, we suggest you check some other sites if you do not like the appearance of its website.

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