Stranger Meetup Review (2020)

Stranger Meetup

If you are searching for a convenient platform to start a love affair with the total strangers by sending messages through chat or email as well as arranging meetups, then Strangermeetup would be one of the best websites to look out for.


  • The site is legal and all the network demographics are safe, sound and secure for the users out there.
  • The registration process is easy and convenient.


  • Strangermeetup offers a pretty unusual layout and is not properly aligned with the design.
  • There are annoying advertisements and redirects to other sites.

This review will provide you with an extensive overview of the features and customization of the website to help you gather a better understanding of its performance.

Read this review to know more about our expert’s recommendation. This will be your guide in choosing a perfect platform for you.

It feels great when you get a chance to talk to strangers on the internet. It could even, at times, lead to long-lasting relationships or get a story for some entertaining gossip. You could maybe go out for dates, or you may proceed for hookups!

Several platforms on the internet offer you to chat with strangers. But among them, offers by far the most user-friendly platform. The website provides you a free platform where you can contact strangers randomly. It connects you with anyone in the world, which is online then. offers you space where you will get a separate chatroom to chat with other people.

The most exciting thing about this website is that you can chat with absolutely random people without exposing your identity. You go even go on to inquire about personal details- you could ask the name of the person and or even their kinks!

At first, you might feel weird to chat with a stranger without knowing their identity. But you can trust the website on making you genuinely enjoy it after a certain point of time. Here, we are reviewing Further, you will get to know about some exciting features of this website in detail.

What makes different? 

You might have come across different websites which offer you random chatting services. is a class apart from them. On most sites that provide the chatting facility, it is quite evident that you would need to register with your name, email id, and all other requirements.

Surprisingly, does not ask you to do so at all! You can directly enter the website and click on the button where it says 'chat with strangers.' As soon as you click the button, you will be connected to a random online person from any part of the world.

You will be provided a private chat room, where you can chat with him or her. If you are expecting to see a profile pic of the stranger or his/her name, calm your curiosity. The person with whom you are chatting is entirely a stranger to you! Isn't it interesting already?

This site is an entirely free website with no hidden charges. The brand of Strangermeetup created a reputation among its users since the last decade. There are numerous success stories available on the site as an example.

These stories describe the positive interactions, and how many of those have led to successful relationships. The website of Strangermeetup is immaculate without any adult content. Everything is straight and simple on this platform.

There are no additional features; the website entirely specializes in random chatting services. There is no option to download from the website.

There is no information stored on the site. It means that if you are chatting to a random guy, you should not expect that your chats would be stored in a particular memory. You are not going to find your chat once you are out of the chatbox.

Performance Scores (out of 10)

Usually, people say that they can judge a website by just seeing the home page of the website. But by no means, it can be applicable to The website layout is quite simple. But even apart from layout, the performance of a website depends on numerous criteria.

Here is the performance score of in various aspects.



Ease of Use

9 / 10

Filtering option

7 / 10

Variety in contents

6 / 10

Web design

9 / 10


10 / 10

Global outreach

9 / 10


8 / 10


6 / 10

Website management

9 / 10

Service quality

9 / 10

Overall Rating

8.5 / 10

Website Statistic

  • Daily Unique Visitors: 2,646
  • Daily revenue from ads: USD 12
  • Daily Unique Page view: 11,781
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 79,380
  • Monthly revenue from ads: USD 33
  • Monthly unique page views: 3,53,430
  • Yearly Unique visitor: 9,65,790
  • Yearly revenue from ads: USD 4,300
  • Yearly unique page views: 43,00,065
  • Current Valuation of the website: USD 25,800
  • The website rank in global internet engagement: 92,147
  • Average daily time on Site: 18:02
  • Last 3-month traffic reach: 1,00,837
  • Bounce rate: 11.6%



Estimated views per day: 2500+ is one of the most popular sites for random chatting services.  It comes under the top 1,00,000 popular websites of the world. 

Strangermeetup has gained popularity since the last decade for its specialization in talking services.

However, the site has set up its function in a manner that is somewhat different from other websites.

When you open, you will find two options. One is the 'login' option, and the other one is 'talk to stranger' option. 

stranger meetup

If you click on the 'login option' on the website, then this is going to be a simple traditional chatting service where your username and profile will be seen to the other viewers while chatting.

If you click on 'talk to a stranger,' you will be forwarded to a private chatroom where your name and the random partner's name appear to be anonymous. For availing this service, you do not need to create an account with usernames and passwords.

You will be connected with unknown persons from any part of the world, who are strangers to you. You need to seek consent by asking their names, sex, gender, and other details. After that, if you feel comfortable, you could carry on the conversation.

You can crack any ice, breaking all lines of engagement with the partner. If the conversation goes well for quite a long time, you can also approach for social media links and contact numbers for a date or even hookups.  

Remember that there is no limitation or boundaries while chatting on Whenever you feel uncomfortable while chatting with the random person, you can leave the chat room at any moment, even though your entire chat and conversation will be lost.

Moreover, it would be difficult to reconnect with the same person again, since there are over  2.5k online visitors.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Strangermeetup is a completely free website. There is no registration fee or any hidden charges involved. You can chat with anyone at any time from any part of the world entirely free of cost. A question might arise in your mind- how does Strangermeetup earn their revenue?

As mentioned earlier, the website traffic of Strangermeetup is too strong. Hence lots of companies and products can promptly make their promotions through, helping the website fund itself.

If you visit, you will find various advertisements on the screens of various products and services. At times, it could cause interruptions for navigation. However, these advertisements do not appear while you are in a private chatroom.


  • If you are feeling bored or craving to talk with someone to share your feelings, this is the best way to share. It is an effective means to relax your mind and speak to a concerned 'other' about a particular incident. And many times you might get solutions to your problems. Even though these strangers might not be a part of your life, they can still play a significant role in helping you relieve yourself from stress and depression in many cases.
  • The majority of the website asks for money to access any service. The craziest thing about Strangermeetup is that it is entirely free of cost. You do not need to pay any fee to access the services of Strangermeetup.
  • Since you are chatting with a stranger, you can be pretty sure that the person with whom you are chatting doesn't know you. It offers the emotional security required for interactions. Your private information is in your hands.
  • Whenever you feel any discomfort while chatting, you can always opt-out of the chat at any time. However, since there is no downloading or storing facility on the website, none of your conversations would be saved. Hence, your chat history will be erased to your benefit or loss. Moreover, you can be pretty sure that the stranger won't be able to find you among 2.5k visitors daily.
  • If your conversation goes well, you could even exchange social media links and contacts. You can also approach for dates or even hookups. You can also make it lead to a successful relationship with your online partner after establishing adequate familiarity. There are many success stories that you can browse on the home page.
  • The Strangermeetup website is not at all complex. It is a simple, straight-forward website and is considerably easy to use. The buttons are convenient, so even if you are a first-time user, you won't be facing any trouble in navigation.
  • You might have come across different websites and felt difficult to deal with advertisements. You may also come across such situations when you are redirected to another website without clicking anything. When you are on the Strangermeetup webpage, you might face similar problems. But the annoyances are limited- you won't be redirected to other websites.
  • It is a global website, whatever the time. It will make sure you can find partners to chat with at any time.
  • These types of websites often contain viruses and spyware. You can trust completely. There are no viruses and spyware on the site.
  • You can access from any device or on a screen- desktop or laptop. You need to open the browser and go to the website. If you have a phone or tablet, you can access Strangermeetup via an application. You can get the app from the play store of iOS and Android quickly and free of cost.
  • The layout of the website is too simple and hence, does not take much time to load. The entire performance of the site is fast enough to meet your satisfaction level.


  • If you are chatting with a person and suddenly you come across some internet issues for a few seconds. You will be out of the chat instantly. You won’t be able to continue chatting with the same person from the same point of conversation.
  • There are more than 2.5k users active every day. Once you disconnect or quit your chat with someone, it becomes tough to find the same person on this platform. You cannot save a particular name or conversation for further approaches.
  • Sometimes it becomes weird to chat with a stranger whom you do not know. Moreover, you won't be able to see the profile picture of the person, unlike many dating and online chatting websites like Tinder. In most other platforms, you can see the profile picture and the name of the person, which can make you comfortable to chat. However, in Strangermeetup, you won't be able to see the profile pic or the name of a person until and unless you are approaching social media links.
  • The web layout seems to be quite dull, with a white background. There are no images present on the website. It appears to be an essential chatting website with basic minimum features. However, the buttons and elements are identical enough, even though they are not very catchy. If you are a first-time user, it won't be surprising if you feel unimpressed with the look of the website.
  • There are several advertisements on the website. If you are hovering on the site, you need to be careful before clicking on a particular element, until and unless you do not click on any advertisements, you won't be redirected to any other website.
  • There are no bonus features available on the website. The website only specialized in chatting services. If you are searching for any adult images or pornography, then this is not the place.
  • You need to type and chat with strangers. There are no such facilities for webcam chats and other means of communication. Moreover, you cannot share any form of media via the Strangermeetup chat.

Competitors of Stranger Meetup


Omegle is a free chatting website that does not require a registration process. This means you can hide your identity and personal information while you chat. Omegle offers a space for random chats with strangers in a private chat box.

It allows users to socialize with other users without revealing identity and information. It creates one-on-one pairs in private chat rooms; Omegle also provides video calling facilities. The users need to have a microphone and speaker to access this facility.


With meow chat, you can connect to random people all over the world via the internet. You can chat with them via text only. The website layout of meow chat is considerably impressive and attractive. On this platform, you can set your focus on a particular area of the globe for chatting.


It is a free messaging application available on Android, iOS, and Windows phones, where you need to open an account for chat services. This application is sincerely the best substitute for text messages. However, if you are looking for a dating app, this application might be a little awkward for you.


Camsurf is similar to a social media platform, designed in a way that it allows you to communicate with random people via text as well as video chats. It is an excellent way to make new friends and meet new people.  

There are applications for mobile phones and tablets. You can also access the website via a web browser on a desktop or a laptop.


It is an excellent specimen of a combination of dating and social media platforms. Your privacy and information are, however, exposed to this platform. Badoo creates a unique format of interaction - you can choose your partner after seeing the name and profile picture of the person.

Here, you need to open an account to make more friends and meet new people.

Customer Support

If you feel any issues regarding the performance of the website or any other similar problems, you can contact free to mail your issue in the given mail ID.

Email: [email protected]

The support team of Strangermeetup is not too prompt. However, your issues will be resolved within a particular period. You can also send your feedback about your experience on this platform. This will help them to improve their facilities.

Final Verdict

Strangermeetup is one of the most significant platforms to meet new people in the world. You can chat with random people and share your feelings. The most exciting thing about the website is that you won't be disclosing your identity even if you are in a private chat-room.

Your safety is not compromised if you wish to publish your name or any other information. The chatroom does not display any profile picture or name; they are strangers to you. However, it is an entirely safe platform to make new friends.

The site of Strangermeetup is designed in a very technical way to avoid uncertain circumstances. If you are in an uncomfortable situation, you can quit the chat at any moment. After leaving the chat room, you won't be able to reconnect with the same partner again, and your privacy will remain intact.

Parting words

There are the unique privileges of using Strangermeetup, in spite of its considerable ill features. Nevertheless, by providing a reliable private conversation space, Strangermeetup stands unique in our assortment of dating websites.

It is a fascinating site for chat-room services, and we would sincerely like to hear your opinion! Feel free to connect with us anytime for a site review, or for specific questions you'd like us to address.

Explore your comfort to the fullest, and when in need of a reliable, safe space, what better than Strangermeetup!

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