What is a Sound Kink? A Beginner Guide for Auralism and Sound Fetish

I am sure that you might have been turned simply by a sound and you might be wondering is it even possible? If not, try listening to “Music of the night” in the movie Phantom of the Opera, especially on the big screen using the Chrome cast feature of android interface.

You will witness the magic of the Phantom who transforms into a Svengali and Soprano through his oratory skills.

This article will help you to explore the what, why, who, how and the basics of voice kinks to help you tick the option of voice kinks in your manual.

In this article, the discussion will be made on the topic linked with sound kink and what exactly is sound kink. The brief explanation you will get in this article.

What is Auralism? Sound Kink & Sexual Sounds (2022)

What is a Voice Kink and what different types of Sound Kink? 

A voice kink is the human fetish of getting aroused by any voice. A fellow voice-lover called Lemon has poetically described voice kink as-
“I’m rarely sure what audio I will decide on until I find the right one. Could be a narrative story style experience, an engaging one where I feel you’re talking directly to me, or just listening to you fantasize as you get yourself (and often me) off.

Sometimes, it’s the bookmarked list of my trusted favorites. Maybe it’s a particular user whose voice I’m craving, but I’ll know when I find it.” So, basically it is the voice which is considered as the human fetish which is aroused by any voice.

Some different types of sound kinks are-


A popular sex educator and sex coach with Blex Technologies, Tatyannah King, argues that "Auralism is a legitimate sexual fetish, defined as sexual arousal or excitement caused by sound," That’s why it has the pen-name of “sound kink”.

These sounds can range from sexual voices, like grunts and moans of orgasm, to mundane sounds like music, talking or even natural sounds.

Hence, just like “voyeurism” is sexual arousal by sight of person, “auralism” has the same aim but with the different mechanism of using audio.

However, it should be noted that the choice of sound varies from person to person.

The arousal is a cause of mindful sensuality which people don't even realize. But, an increased interest in voice kinks has occurred due to a general trend of finding ways of what turns a woman on. 


Acousticophilia is quite similar to Auralism or it can be better understood as a specific variety of auralism.

It entails sexual arousal by any auditory stimulus like talking, moaning, heavy breathing, panting or even the sound of opening a zipper. 

Language Kink

This form of kink arises from accents or ways of speaking any language that make people feel a gush of emotions throughout their bodies.

Different people have different accents so it changes according to each individual. So, in language kink the main focus is towards the accent. 

How will you know if you have a Sound Kink? 

Some people lose attention to sound kinks over visual distractions. That said, voice kinks are not that uncommon now a days as we are surrounded by a multitude of sounds which provides an infinite opportunities of sexual turn on.

Lemon again has poetically helped our readers to identify their sound kinks through these lines-

“The finding is the foreplay. It builds toward the fantasy and release I am chasing.

The feelings I’m craving that only seem to come when there’s a voice in my ear that fills my body with the tingle of anticipation and pleasure, a naughty secret in a moment I can carry with me time and again to recapture the fantasy.”

Top ten ways to explore Auralism 

The means to reach your goal of sexual arousal by voice are as much important as understanding the features of auralism. Some of the ways are-

Audio Porn and Right Headphones

Audio porn is extensively available on various porn sites to allow the possibility of listening to sexy audio content.

For instance, Aural Honey website provides a range of audio porn options like dominant honey, submissive honey, office kink etc. Moreover, they are completely free without the need for subscription charges.

Similarly, Quinn goes a step further in providing both female and male aural content, ranging from co-workers, dirty talk to fingering, overheard sex. They charge a small fee for their unique services which are definitely worth a try.

King recommends urban ears as an excellent investment for your voice fetishism as these headphones provide refined sound with deeper base effect.

Listen to Audio Books

Audio books has flourished in the age of digital revolution ranging from romantic stories of bereft couples to racy porn books which will up your serotonin by chapter one.

Sarah Deysach, sex educator and owner of sex shop Early to Bed ", says "It can be an audio book with sexy parts, or it could be a tale designed specifically for the purpose of getting you off ".

For instance, Audible has a huge collection of content which can help you get hard. Even non-erotic content like Greenlights, when narrated by Matthew McConaughey, can do wonders since magic lies in voice.

Try ASMR Content

ASMR stands for autonomous meridian sensory response. It is not essentially endowed with sexual arousals, but they can definitely help you in getting physical sensations like tingling in scalp, neck and most importantly even below the belt.

This is because ASMR has the ability to stimulate your brain and sensory nerves into emulating the feelings of touch. This effect has a dual purpose of either evoking a peaceful sleep or for arousal during sex/masturbation.

Many people can experience arousal from sounds like squishing bubbles, the clanking of glass, tapping on a box, and more.

These sounds, particularly the whispering voices, are easily available for free on YouTube.

Make Love and Make Sound

Sex noises can be a huge turn on for you. It is a common myth that louder noise can intimidate your partner. Then there is the constant stress of trying to avoid making weird grunting noises.

But just like other myths, this is not entirely true as sex sounds can also boost your partner’s confidence on bed.

Moreover, these moans and screams helps your partner knows what makes you feel good so that he can up his sexual game accordingly.

Listen to Every Sound whilst Sex

Take my advice, the next time you engage in sexual intercourse, pay attention to the sound which helped you to reach your orgasm or simply the sounds that you enjoy.

You can also get blindfolded to avoid visual distraction and direct your senses to the auditory sense.

Moreover, you can try experimenting this technique with different sex positions as some of them provide better sound than others.

Use Lube and play intense

Lube can enhance the wetness of vagina thereby making its natural sound even louder or like a “macroni in a pot, as Cardi B would say” said by King.

Silicon based lubes, like Uberlube, will be particularly useful as it doesn’t dry for longer periods and provides a heavenly velvety texture to your genitalia. It is also hypoallergenic towards you from allergic effects.

Involve Nature

If you have endulged in sex on the beach or rainforest, you have experienced the sensuality of nature. This is because nature has a tone of calmness as its inherent feature which de-stresses our body, mind and soul simultaneously.

This takes us one more step closer to or sexual arousal.

People find refuge in nature because cacophony of sounds produced by boisterous children, traffic, factories, railways etc can be utterly confusing for the brain and divert your focus away.

Listen to Sexy Music

Some of you might agree with me that Drake’s music has a special quality in his tones that makes you feel pleasurable, content and turn on simultaneously. They are like jack of all trades.

It is not essentially the artist’s voice that turns you on, you can have the same effect even by Language kinks like lyrics of the song or by the melody.

Moreover, some songs take you back to past sexual encounter and you get aroused just by revival of same feeling.

Dirty talk may be your Fet

Phone sex is booming the aural adult industry due to effect created by dirty talk and sound of the speaker. You just need to find your phrases that help you get turned on.
For instance, some people turn on by dredging words, some prefer descriptive phrases or some might go for words related to dominance and control.

Reading Eroticas

This option is especially useful for couples pulling-off long distance relationships. Your partner can record your favorite erotic content or book in their own voices.

You also have the option of using audio erotica apps like Dipsea from which you can listen to erotic stories just like any other podcast.

List of different resources for Voice kinks and fetishes 

Online media is filled with resources to help the fetishers and voice kinkers explore their exemplary sound. These include-

Audio porn platforms:

  • Quinn
  • Literotica (widely available in various accents)
  • Audiodesires (professionally produced stories with different voices/accents)
  • Voxx (French or English audio porn platform)
  • Aural Honey (audio platform with moans, dirty talk and stories of erotic ventures)
  • Sounds of Pleasure (a forum for users to submit erotic audio clips)
  • Mr. Racy (samples of sexy audio clips)
  • Vanilla Audio (performers and artists you can support and tip)

Voice kink subreddits:

  • Gone Wild Audio Reddit
  • GWASapphic
  • Gone Wild Audio (Trans)
  • Gone Wild Audio (Male/Gay)


  • Gibi ASMR (ASMR artist)
  • Pelagea ASMR (erotic ASMR artist)
  • ASMR Glow (ASMR artist)
  • ASMR Zeitgeist (ASMR artist)
  • ASMR Darling (ASMR artist)
  • Way Past My Bedtime Audios
  • Jaye Wilde Audios
  • Siren Saintsin
  • Cookie Crumbles Audios

What is a voice analyzing and how does it work? 

You might want to thank the Greeks for relating the effect of sounds on human emotions. Fast forward to the 21st century, we have the invention of a company called Jobalign who created a technology to predict how a person’s voice will make someone feel.

Jobalign performs voice analytics by looking at the interplay of different features like pitch, energy, amplitude over a period of time. These will be combined to give a unique voice signature to each voice.

Hence voice analysis is essentially about finding a person’s core voice signature that is made of a series of things. For instance, Leonardio Di Caprio’s voice is on the whole engaging whether he uses high pitch form in Wolf of Wall street or his soothing young voice in Titanic.

Whatever be the difference, the underlying essence of the voice will remain the same.

How to describe a sexy voice and voice fetishism?

A 1979 study, whose results were confirmed by a recent 2018 study, showcases that both men and women lower the pitch of their sound when asked to depict their sexy voices.

On the other hand, a 2013 study reveals that men prefer women with high pitch voices, while the desire is the opposite for women who find deeper voices sexier.

However, both these scenarios are true as there is an element of subjectivity in human feelings and emotions. What matters is the realization of your voice fetishism and trying to find its origin.

For instance, lust for Serbian accents can be traced to a love affair with a Serbian person in the past. 

After exploring the world of sound kinks, it is now time for you to take this enlightenment and find the voice that is perfect for the pleasure of your genitalia and that enables the release of serotonin. 

After all, finding your desire is just like a rare gemstone which needs to be dug out with patience. But the fruit of your efforts will definitely be sweet. So, it is important to show your efforts so that positive results can be achieved easily. 

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