Soul Geek Review (2020)

Soul Geek

There is something cute and sweet about the innocent little ‘geeky love’.

Geeks know all about the spammers and scammers who might infiltrate into the site and try and cause mischief. 

They love the good old horror flicks and cannot get enough of the Anime and Cosplay.

The reality about the geeks lies in the fact that they are a bit socially awkward and would require more than just a nudge to get going with the guts to approach the right person.

They also desire a fellow geek just like them, who can understand their need to be able to read ‘data’, someone who is never old enough for the comics, who can fall in love with an animated character and someone whose idea of a perfect weekend includes binge-watching the ‘Star Wars’ ‘planet of the Apes’ and more.

Well, there is hope for everyone in this world.

Everyone deserves to be loved. It is the basic fundamental right of every human and other creatures alike to find love in their way, just the way they like it to be. So do the Geeks. For people who are ‘Big Bang Theory’ fans would testify to the fact that the Geekdom is a place of its own.

Here the geeks reside, and yes, they are a little different from the rest of us. Geeks are special people, who have a slightly different take on things, a different perspective about the outlook and a whole new take on the things they find beautiful.

However, geeks are people who also need to be loved. They are humans like the rest of us and need to be loved like the rest of us.

Nevertheless, this can get a bit difficult if your entire ‘lingo’ is different from the general ‘norm’. You need a person who likes you would love to read sci-fi, comics, and fantasy. Nothing can be better than to have to spend an entire day with a fellow-geek who loves animation creatures just as much as you do.

Also, it is great to be able to indulge in an entire day playing video games with a geek you are in love with! Wow, that would be great, wouldn’t it? So, for all you geeks out there, we have the wonderful

Why is Soul Geek so popular? has been around since 2007. The site has gained much popularity and love over the years and continues to do so despite being slightly different in its theme. The reasons are pretty simple. This is a great site where geeks get to be themselves without being judged.

A website is a place where the geeks can easily express themselves and also be more accepting of their eccentricities. This site is a beautiful playground for the geeks to yell out on top of their lungs about their quirky likes and dislikes and their most unconventional love choices.

This site is a great place to be able to unleash your inner geek as well, in case you are one of those ‘ closet-types’. This site offers a great place to be and ‘come-out’ in case you are feeling lost about your geekiness. The site is cute, funny, adorable and very user-friendly.

The site is a free one mainly, to encourage the fellow geeks to finally come home to a place they can call their own. This site is a place where you can get as much of your geeky-love as you want. Everyone wishes to be loved like any normal human being, so do the geeks.

However, since they are a wee-bit different. Here, comes to your rescue. This is a beautiful site where you can get in touch with the other geeks from around the world. The site has grown much more popular, despite its overt ‘geekiness’.

As of course, it allows the geeks a bridge or a platform to reach out and make friends. Other than the promise of romance at the site, you can also form a part of the geek-community and be accepted for who you are.

Here you can make some great friends and also share your shared love for all things geek. A great treat surly!

Website Overview

Website Address:

Estimated visits last month: 2157

The site is cute. It is geeky from the word go and has all the things that a geek couple would love to bond over.

This site is an excellent place for geeks to get together and have some fun, make friends, fall in love and do all things geeky.

soul geek-min

The overall theme of the site is more inclined towards the geeky characters and animations, making it very different from the other online dating sites.

Recently the site was relaunched with new features in addition to the already existing ones — various new features like the customizable profiles, multi-media uploads and different exciting membership options to choose from.

The addition of the ‘Challenges of Zona’, a webcomic makes the site all the more attractive. The site is user-friendly, surprising considering that it is a site for the geeks to start with! This a new platform that is brimming with all activities and fun to be apart of.

There are Blogs, Groups and Forums that offer an excellent place for geeks to come together to exchange stories, experiences and explore the various ideas of life. The site is essentially a free one, thus, making it easy for you to access all the features and options of the site without any worries.

However, if you wish to access despite not being a paid member, you can do so, by utilizing the credits that you are allowed to buy and use for making contacts and much else. Registration at the site is quite an easy process and does not require you to spend too much time doing so.

Herewith a few details to go for and a couple of seconds to spare, you will soon be browsing away to glory. You need not have to be a paid member to create a profile or browse the site, and this can be done simply.

Once you have signed up at the site, now you are free to send and receive instant messages as and when and to whomsoever, you wish to. The regular free membership also can receive and send emails as and when required.

The site also has the added advantage of the features that allow the users to know how many and which users are currently online.

This makes dating all the easier as you can now make contacts with those users who are available rather than having to waste your time over those who might not even be ‘real people’.

soul geek-min

The site has the ‘Chat room’ facility, where the users and the members at the site can get together to talk, converse, share stories and ideas freely. Also, in similar planes, is the ‘Forum’ at the website, which is a great place to be where geeks can simply be what they are best at.

Finding other geeks at the site is one of the primary motivations behind the creation of such a site. This place, therefore, has various advanced search options. This makes the idea of self-expression all the easier.

Through the different search options, now, the geeks can search out the other fellow geeks concerning their country, region, culture or even the zip code. This goes a long way in ensuring that all the geeks do manage to find their ‘soul geek’ at the site.

At the site, you also get to check out those users who have been showing interest in you. This can be done by viewing who has visited your profile recently. This also helps to break the ice and have you going on a date in no time. ​

As the site is also careful about behaviour, there are manners and measures to keep the users safe. You can block a member at the site who has been showing mischief or bothering you in any which way.

As this is a complete online dating site, what can be better than to be able to send ‘virtual gifts or flowers to a loved one?

Site Statistics

  • Most popular porn stars (Female) NA
  • Total number of photosets – 7K+
  • Download limit – No
  • Photo slideshows – no
  • DRM protection – No
  • Watermarks on Photos – NO

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Quality Of Videos

10 / 10


7 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Value For Money

9 / 10

Exclusivity Of Videos

9 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

96 / 100

Customer Support

The site is a safe one, and the creators have gone the extra mile to ensure that all the users feel secure when using the site. However, in the case of a particular issue regarding the site, you can always reach out to the support group at the ‘CONTACT US’ page.

This is a support feature that allows the users to be able to place their queries and have it answered as soon as possible. Also, the FAQ section at the site is a great place to be, where you can go through the various queries and have your own answers likewise.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Soulgeek is a free site. The free user can access all the features of the site without facing any obstacle. However, an upgrade is always encouraged as it allows you to browse across the site with added features.

  • One month--$ 9.95
  • Three months--$ 39.95
  • Six months--$ 69.95
  • 12 months--$ 95.95

Competitors of Soul Geek

  • Geek 2 Geek
  • Otakubooty
  • Intellectconnect


  • The site is easy to use and navigate for all the geeks who visit here. The site is a simple one where the users are ushered to an entirely new world of communication, love, and romance.
  • This online dating site is exclusively for the geeks out there. As this entirely caters to the needs of the geeks of the society, therefore the site also has a suitable theme to it. There are various exciting animation cartoons all over, even the login details required at the site have a unique item to it, i.e. ‘Fan gal’ and ‘Fan guy’.
  • The registration is as simple as it can get, with just a few steps of details required and a couple of minutes and you are done. This way, you are introduced to an entirely new world filled with all things geeky, cute and lovely.
  • The site is essentially a free one without having too much of a complication to it. The geeks at the site can be easily entered here and get dating in no time.
  • This is a fun site with a lot of activities going on. There is a webcomic available for all the comic-buffs out there. The Blog section at the site is a beautiful place to share your side of the story. The Forum at the site is a lovely place for you to feel free and your geeky best when it comes to embracing your ‘uniqueness’.
  • The site is fresh and unique. Here the users receive a well-sorted email, where you will be notified about your potential matches at the site. In a way, this is a beautiful way to lead a sorted life online, where you are not bothered continuously with ‘too much too soon’.
  • The geeks can find love at this site using the excellent search options available. Here you can quickly type in your zip code to get together with the geeks around you.
  • Even the paid membership at the site is way less as compared to the other online dating sites of similar themes. This is one of the primary reasons as to why ‘Soulgeek’ is so popular amongst the geeks looking out for love.


  • There are a majority of features at the site that require you to have a ‘credit’ at the site. This requires you to upgrade to the Premium plan.
  • The site is excellent, but it is yet to get a mobile app of its own.
  • The site could update its interface and also the non-cohesive design.

Final Verdict

The geeks have a heart too, that needs to be loved and also has a lot of love to offer as well. There are communities for almost all the niches of our society, so it was high time the geeks got theirs too. At, you will be welcomed to a world where being a geek is the new cool.

Here you get to finally express yourself and shout it out loud for the world to hear. The site allows you to embrace your uniqueness and also to love it! Here the geeks can search out the other geeks who might share a similar taste in comics, video games, animations and much more.

The site is a great place to be if nothing else it is a beautiful playground where activity and fun never seem to end. Even if you are not a geek, you might still find yourself enjoying all those great features to engage you throughout.

The chat rooms at the site are a place where you can get together to have some great heart to heart kind of a talk with your interest.

The site is a buzz of activity with geeks from all over the globe getting together to find their love, friend or also sex. Of course, the geeks are humans too and need to have some fun as well, so why not do it with a fellow geek who will not make you feel awkward about yourself.

Parting Note was created out of love for all things different, unique and cute. The creator of the site, Dino, wanted to create space out there where people from the Geek community could also feel at home. This site makes it possible to be a geek and yet be all-cool too at the same time.

Here geeks from all over the place can try their luck to find fellow geeks who could date and have some fun. The site has excellent search criteria where you could hunt out your interest using the country, region or zip code. This way, you can know about all the cool geeky stuff happening close by.

The site also makes it quite clear to involve the other geeks to participate and have fun.

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