All the Reasons Why Sniffing Dirty Panties is Kink For Some Men

Well, if you think that sniffing dirty panties is bad then you might be wrong. Let us tell you why. Sniffing dirty panties is considered as kink because we have been trained to think that vagina is dirty. But this is incorrect at many levels.

 The lingering scent of vagina incites a wild sexual response which makes many people go crazy. To know more why sniffing dirty panties is kink for some men, keep reading.

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Sniffing Panties (2022): COMPLETE GUIDE on why its such a Turn-ON

Why sniffing dirty panties is such a turn-on?  

The reason why some men get amped up sexually by sniffing dirty panties is pheromones. Pheromones are chemical scents which are released by animals to attract partners, communicate and reproduce.

But humans do not have any organs to process these pheromones. The reason is still unclear in science.

But somehow humans subconsciously acknowledge the pheromones produced in bodily secretions such as oil, sweat and vaginal fluid. A study at University of Texas showed that pheromones affect sex drive.

In the study, men were asked to sniff women’s T-shirts worn during different phases of the menstrual cycle. In the results, men claimed that they found the T-shirts more sexual and pleasant which were worn by women during ovulation period.

This is why sniffing dirty panties is such a turn-on as men get attracted to the pheromones produced in vaginal fluid. 

How do Pheromones work for humans?

As mentioned above, pheromones secreted in the bodily secretions, hence, these increase the sexual attraction. These pheromones have strong match-making abilities which is why they act as manipulating pheromones.

Due to these match-making abilities, many dating sites have started using these pheromones to find the perfect match. Pheromone parties is a new dating technique in which worn old t-shirts are used as a tool to find the perfect match for the user. 

The users come with their worn t-shirt in plastic bags. Then all the bags are numbered and scattered in the party. Now, people will sniff the t-shirts and find their partners with the help of that smell.

This is how pheromones work for humans as people get attracted to the scent of another person. 

Perfumes work in a similar manner. Each person likes a specific kind of scent in a perfume and this helps the other person to get attracted to you because of that scent.

The perfume advertisements always endorse their product in the same fashion. A man sprays the perfume and women get attracted to him like bees are attracted to honey.

What are the secrets of Panty Sniffing?

Well, the secret why men like panty sniffing this much is scientific. Even though males and females both emit pheromones, the pheromones emitted by females in their vaginal fluid are much more intense and powerful than males.

These pheromones are called copulins and this name has been derived from its function of inducing copulation.

Research has shown that these pheromones called copulins have mind-altering effects on the males which make them weak to resist anything. In simple words, we can say that if any love potion would exist in the world, copulins would be the major component.

These pheromones are more intense in fertile women and they cause men to act differently as these directly affect men’s hypothalamus.

Females secrete these pheromones near the ovulatory phase (15 days prior to next period date) which makes them even more desirable and beautiful. 

Men tend to ignore the physical attractiveness in the females and behave in a different manner as these copulins make it difficult for men to resist those fertile women.

 Most of the perfumes for females are made specifically by adding the pheromones which makes men go weak on knees. And poor men keep on thinking why they are attracted to some females so much.

So, this clarifies that the reason why some men find sniffing dirty panties is scientific as copulins play a major role in this process and affect men’s behaviour. Hence, if a person likes to sniff panties, this could be all because these copulins have controlled his brain. 

Is being turned on by sniffing a problem?

It is not exactly a problem if you are being turned on by sniffing dirty panties but it might become a problem if this kink becomes an obsession or addiction.

A study by Dr Yeo says that this addiction might result in the disruptive behaviour in the individual who develops addiction to such kinks.

The individual will develop strong urges to sniff dirty panties due to addiction even though they know that this act is condoned by society.

This act will make them feel guilty and depressed as they know what they are doing is wrong but they can’t help it.

 If this behaviour is not intervened by a responsible adult at the right time, it could create a lot of problems for the individual who has developed this addiction and the individual tends to repeat this behaviour.

For example, if a person casually sniffed a dirty panty and liked it, he might repeat this action many times and hence could develop an addiction. 

To satisfy his craving of sniffing dirty panties, he could do something inappropriate like stealing someone’s used panties, excessive viewing of pornography.

This would create a lot of problems for the addicted person in the future as people tend to feel a lack of social support and try to isolate themselves as they feel ashamed in social settings.

This sexual fetish addiction could be treated but it is challenging. Psychological therapy is proved to be effective in treating this addiction.

The patient is given therapy and his behaviour is recorded to understand the trigger points which lead that person to perform these kinds of inappropriate actions.

But, the success of this therapeutic treatment majorly depends on the motivation of the patient himself. If the person would want to get better, the results are seen faster.

This is why psychological therapy is more effective in these cases as the therapist helps to motivate the person and helps them be comfortable. 

Do not think that every person who likes to sniff dirty panties becomes addicted to this. Sniffing panties and other fetishes are very common in normal people but only a few people act inappropriately and offend. 

Is Panty sniffing predominantly male-related?

Studies have shown that most of the fetishes that are recorded and studied shows that male practice them more than females.

And most of the fetish disorders are also observed in males. Dr Lim in his studies has reported that he has found many young males confessing to doing inappropriate actions like stealing undergarments because of their uncontrollable urges. 

Most of the males who develop these kinds of fetishes like sniffing panties or stealing undergarments tend to be awkward in a social scenario.

They do not feel comfortable making friends and are introverted in nature. As they do not have any real friends or anyone to talk to, they indulge themselves in prosocial hobbies which are antisocial or criminal.

But this study does not imply anywhere that all people with sexual fetishes have prosocial hobbies or socially awkward.

Some of them have pretty normal lives, are married and even have kids too. It all depends on the individual how he is reacting to these fetishes and how much he can control his desires and urges. 

Also, if any male develops these urges or addiction and he seeks intervention and treatment at the right time, he can very easily manage this addiction and get back to normal life in no time. 


This clears the fact that sniffing dirty panties is not illegal unless you develop a major addiction and indulge yourself in offensive crimes.

If you have a simple desire to sniff dirty panties to get more aroused then it will do no harm to you and your partner. The reason why men like to sniff dirty panties is entirely scientific and there is much research to support this fact.

We hope you will find this article helpful in clearing all of your doubts regarding sniffing dirty panties and how to overcome this addiction.


  • Why do people sniff dirty panties?

People sniff dirty panties because the vaginal fluid secretes pheromones called copulins which affects the hypothalamus section of men’s brain and they find women’s secretions irresistible. These pheromones make men even more aroused sexually.

The vaginal fluid secretes more pheromones during the fertile period in the menstrual cycle and men find the females most beautiful and irresistible at that time of the month. Hence, the reason for sniffing panties is scientific. 

  • Is sniffing panties against the law?

Sniffing panties is not against the law. There are many websites which sell used panties to satiate men’s fetishes. So, unless you develop an addiction to sniffing panties and indulge in prosocial activities (criminal and offensive), you do not have to worry about this.

It is only against law if to satisfy your urges, you do something inappropriate like stealing undergarments.

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