Sneaky Sex Review (2020)

Sneaky Sex

Sneaky Sex deals in bringing a close attention to your wildest and freakiest fantasies in different sneaky places.

The site offers many clips of various beautiful porn stars featuring in these videos and links to their info pages.

Besides this, Sneaky Sex has some incredible and attention grabbing navigation as well as filtering options.

This review is all about covering the site’s statistics, content and top categories, performance score, pros as well as cons, pricing, support assistance and the recommendation points from our experts which will help you decide whether this would be a good match for your needs or not.

Imagine a thrilling, wild sex adventure behind an unsuspecting partner's back or a lustful sexual encounter in a crime scene-setting. Does this freakiness what gets you on? Then look no further than Sneaky sex.

Sneaky sex brings the best reality porn in an intense descriptive scene-setting delivering wonderful sexual encounters and endings you would certainly not expect! The wild settings are guaranteed to get your juices flowing. It is one site offering a real experience combined with wild fantasies.

Videos on this site are sure to bring your wildest and freakiest fantasies and fetishes alive. Even though many sites are offering similar experiences, the dedicated theme and nature of the videos provided by Sneaky sex will give you the ultimate satisfaction like no other.

Sneaky sex is part of the Reality Kings network, which is one of the best pornography content providing networks and obtaining a membership to sneaky sex gives you access to an additional 30 or so such network sites associated with Reality Kings.

You can certainly live out your dream fantasies through these videos. You are not supposed to be sneaking around this site, yet here you are. They are certainly a dream to cum too! Let us see why Sneak sex is a dream and what makes it more special in the review below…

What makes sneaky sex so popular?

What could be more thrilling than something outrageous that you are not supposed to do? Or a sexual encounter with someone you are not supposed to have with? Or having sex at a place you are most certainly not supposed to be? Pretty sneaky…right? Who could resist such material?

Sneaky sex has an immense assortment of videos to just the perfect toe-curling sexual adventure you are seeking. Aside from the fact that the site has been dedicated to freaky experiences and sexual encounters, what makes the site unique on its own is the website’s design composition.

The website allows you to focus only on the videos without any distractions whatsoever. Also, to mention is that the site is designed in such a way that the first impression you get when you enter the site is fresh, sexy previews of attention-grabbing videos and pictures of hot, sexy girls.

There are links placed strategically on those attention-grabbing pictures and videos directly to them. On the bottom of the page are clips of various beautiful porn stars featuring in these videos and links to their model info pages.

Sneaky sex has put in a lot of effort into making their website as user- friendly and diligent as possible.

Website Overview

Website address:

Estimated views last month: 600K +

Coming from the stems of the popularly acclaimed reality kings' networks, Sneaky sex has tried to pave the way and create a brand name of its own.

Launched in 2017, it has positively become a well-defined website in terms of freaky porn content.

The majority of popular videos on this site include beautiful models having a scintillating sexual encounter with a person (usually a lover) without the knowledge of the third person in the room (usually the husband or boyfriend). 

sneaky sex lp

This underlying sensational content is what makes sneaky sex popular. The adrenaline rush that you gain while watching freaky sex videos is enhanced by the layout of the website, allowing users to be engrossed in the video with no other distraction or disturbance.

As this website is the brainchild of the most popular (rated no.1) porn network, reality kings, it is expected that the quality and standard presented on this portal would match the same. True to its name, it does not disappoint you.

Sneaky sex is the combination of sexy and beautiful models who are most popular porn stars such as Ashley Adams, combined with enchanting, hair-gripping storylines and not to mention, HD videos.

The homepage presents itself with huge thumbnails of sexy babes flaunting their best features, absolutely trying to tantalize you. Click the thumbnail, and it leads you to the model’s information index or the video featuring the model.

All of the videos presented on the site are 100% exclusive content, which cannot be found anywhere else in the porn network. The constant updates also make users wanting more and more from this site as this exclusive content is fresh and not the mundane hardcore sex like other usual porn sites.

Adding to the entertainment factor is that the site also has a large quantity of humor content, which makes watching these videos fun as well as satisfying. This fact makes the subscription to the site even more alluring.

sneaky sex posster

There about 163 plus videos present, which are constantly updated at least three times weekly. You can expect new, sensational content almost every week. All your dreams and fantasies will come true, only in, of course, sneaky sex videos.

As you access the site more and more, you find out how user- friendly and user dedicated the site is. Each movie comes with a sneak peek trailer and a detailed description of the content. Users can also create a playlist to watch the videos later and favorite videos. ​

The navigation of the site is pretty much hassle-free and sleek. With the membership subscription, there are a lot of bonus perks. For example, you can access all the videos on the site in full HD streaming. Members get additional access to 15 other bonus sites.

Also, users can send the video to other devices as well. The videos also have a specific timeline feature where you can skip any part of the video and watch the part you prefer to watch. As mentioned earlier, this site has a dedicated user system of navigation and layout.

Users are also given an option to review their browsing history on the site so that you can go back and watch videos. They have truly transformed the porn-watching arena and aim to provide the best freaky content there is. The only drawback the pay to download element.

Users have to shed an additional $14.99 per month to have access to download videos, which other sites offer along with the one-time membership deal.

Pricing & Membership Fees

For the amount and quality of content that is available on sneaky, the pricing is affordable and fair. With 100% exclusive content and additional membership perks, sneaky sex subscription is not a waste of money if you are into bizarre fantasies.

With the membership deal, you have access to some 30 additional bonus sites and their content present on the Reality Kings network. With all these subscription fringe benefits, the trial membership starts at $1 for two days.

If you like what they have to offer, you can proceed to the 90-day membership deal of $59.99 or an annual recurring membership package of $119.99. As of November 2019, there are black Friday, and Cyber Monday sale offers, extending about 40-70% off on premium accounts.

Additionally, if you wish to download the content on the website, you are required to pay an added $14.99 per month.

This has been noted as a disadvantage by many users. If you avail the Black Friday and holiday offers soon, you will gain a distinct advantage when it comes to putting your money to good use. You can use your master or Visa Cards for payments.

They also accept payment in terms of cryptocurrency currently. Online checks and coupons are also accepted. For information on other offers and discounts, visit the following link:

Site Statistics

  • Most popular porn stars: Ariella Ferrera, Jessy Jones, Abella Danger, Vina Sky, Serena Santos, Carter Cruise, Brandi Bae, Riley Star, Ashley Adams, Seth Gamble, Ryan Mclane, Sean Lawless, Micheal Vegas, Aubrey Sinclair, and Joe Bonez
  • Total number of videos: 165 +
  • The average length of videos: 34 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos: HD 1080p, 4K
  • Download limit: Pay to download 10 GB per day
  • Photo slideshows: Yes
  • Picture sets: 165 +
  • Formats: MP4 1920x1080; 10000k; streaming
  • Zip sets: Yes
  • High resolution: Yes
  • Pictures per set: 385

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

6 / 10

Image/Video Quality

10 / 10

Content Amount

7 / 10

Download/ Streaming

8 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


7 / 10


9 / 10

Value For Money

9 / 10


10 / 10

Overall Performance

8.5 / 10

Competitors of Sneaky

Even though sneaky sex is a themed dedicated porn site, some fierce competitors are vying that top position sneaky sex is at.

Some websites, such as Reality junkies, Doctor adventures, and Nuru massage, promise the same freaky sexual content as Even though sneaky sex has 100% exclusive content material, the storylines might be repetitive. This is the biggest concern in regards to sneaky sex and is competitors.

Another important reason for the success of its competitors is downloads. Where other sites offer free unlimited and limited download with the membership subscription package, sneaky does not offer this benefit.

Instead, members are required to yield an additional 14 dollars a month to be able to download content. This is one of the major drawbacks that put sneaky sex behind its competitors immensely.


  • Satisfactory quality of wild fantasies and fetish porn content
  • 100% exclusive content on the website
  • The content is updated frequently with about three new videos added to the library weekly
  • Dedicated theme and the content on the website surround only the themes and do not deviate
  • Website is designed in a highly user-friendly manner
  • The navigation system and movement on the website is very smooth and easy
  • Video focussed layout helps users focus on the video without any distraction
  • The videos are of HD quality and stream in HD
  • The website is mobile compatible as well
  • There is also exclusive humor content on the site, making the videos entertaining as well as satisfying
  • Users can create a customized playlist with watch later and favorited videos
  • The home page has huge thumbnails with links to the video and model info
  • Each movie comes with a detailed description and a sneak peek trailer
  • Each video has a set of thumbnails with beautiful model images
  • Users can skip to the part they prefer to watch in each video
  • With membership, users have a bonus to some 30 plus network sites on the Reality Kings network
  • As with any dedicated porn site, the videos can be categorically sorted and viewed to the user’s liking


  • The limited trial period of two days is seen as a minus by many users
  • The paid download is also a major disadvantage. As with many porn sites, downloading benefits come along with the subscription deal. But here users have to pay an additional $14.99 to download their content
  • Even after you pay the additional downloading charges, you are limited to about 10GB download limit per day
  • Also, the sleek layout of the website is overshadowed by the primitive search engine. The search option usually does not give you the video you are looking for
  • Some of the scenes are too fake and unbelievable, but it is, of course, a matter of opinion and may differ
  • Users should be careful while checking the pre-cross sales
  • There is no contact us or support page or any other kind of support provided by the website portal


There is no “contact us” or “support” page, as mentioned earlier. If users have a technical issue, the best way to resolve it is by either reporting them or just letting it be. The absence of a support/ contact page is a considerable minus.

There are no social media sites where you can follow them as well. The only thing to relate to this site is the trending hashtag on twitter which is: #sneakysex Other than this, there are no considerable means to contact or email them.

Final Verdict

Sneaky sex offers a dedicated library of thrilling, adrenaline-pumping sexual encounters up its channel. For starters, they have gotten the website layout right, with huge alluring thumbnails of beautiful, sexy women just electrifying you with their looks.

Sneaky sex rightly portrays what happens when you let everything loose and do something you are not supposed to do. You are not supposed to be sneaking around this site, yet here you are. If you are a thrill-seeker sexually, this site is sure to satisfy your instincts thoroughly.

Given that the subscription is affordable and has a lot of fringe benefits along with the deal, it is most certainly worth a shot. It is a quite refreshing website deviating from the usual hardcore content that usually porn sites tend to offer.

Apart from the material they have to offer, the video quality is also exclusive and in HD.

The website layout is to be much appreciated and deserves a clap. The website is designed in such a way that users focus only on the video and what is happening in it and are not disturbed by those pesky ad banners and other stuff. Another element adding to sleekness to the freakiness is the thumbnails.

The thumbnails are very tantalizing and have a link embedded in them to take the viewer’s to the model info as well as the video itself. The users can also create their custom playlist with “watch later” and “favorite videos”. A further detail added to enhance the viewing experience is the HD quality videos.

The exclusive content can be viewed in HD on a PC or a mobile device. Apart from all this, New content is updated every week. If all of this doesn’t satisfy you, there is more for you. Each membership subscription entails you access to additional 30 plus sites on the Reality Kings network.

The only drawback, however, is the paid download feature. Members have to pay an additional $14.99 to download content from the website. Even after the download payment deal package, users are limited to a download limit of about 10 GB per day.

This is seen as a dominant factor in terms of popularity amongst its competitors. Another sneaky point is that there is no contact or support page on the website, which may seem shady to some users.

Besides all the negatives, Sneaky sex seems to be the leading authority when it comes to sneaky sexual encounters and wild fantasies. Is it worth the subscription? For the 100 % exclusive content and bonus benefits, it is.

But our advice would be to try the 2-day trial package to see if you really like it and then move further. Nevertheless, it is worth trying sneaky sex and see if it satisfies you enough.

Parting words

With every review, we try our hardest to bring the most authentic and clear-cut reviews to the table. We aim to provide our users with information in aiding their decision on whether to use a service or not. With our honest critic, I hope the review helps you in identifying the necessity of service.

If the review has helped your decision and you in any way, do stay connected for more such outlooks and insight perspectives.

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