Skout Review (2020)


If you are looking for an avenue that is enjoyable and exciting, but not filled with suggestive contents or pictures, a site which allows you to meet prospective dates and find new friends,

Scout is the name you must remember.

Initially, it was a social networking app just like Facebook through which people could get an opportunity to make friends, create new relationships, and establish a favorable network circle.

It is an app that is based on location, although it is spawning across the world. Are you still in two minds?

Well, the site brings together users from about 100 countries and allow them to coordinate with each other.

What’s more, the site is feature-rich. 

Some of which are premium and the rest free, which ensures that users can finally come out of the humdrum of loneliness.

Furthermore, the site has about ten million users from different parts of the globe.

With over a million messages exchanged through this site every day, Scout will never leave you disappointed. So, if you are planning to run into a dating app, you are free to explore this site and enjoy the freedom of making new friends and date  people.

There are plenty of convenient features available on this site, such as using Facebook or Gmail account to register with this wonderful dating app and the best you can get is  quick time required to complete the process of registration.

Alternatively, you can start a fresh account if you do not have a Gmail or Facebook account. Even though the whopping messages coming from other users can keep you on your toes, this is only the icing on the cake. All this happens to you without revealing a great deal of information.

So, are you still waiting to connect with new people? However, the downside  of using this app is a lot of incomplete profiles, as the users do not need to reveal complete information while starting the process of registration.

Often life comes to a dead end, and the only thing you look forward to is meeting friends. So, what better than using

Scout, which is a popular and prominent dating and social networking app. Even though a lack of information can put your desires on hold for some time, there is no shortage of thrill-seeking and bold opportunities this dating app can provide.

What makes Scout so popular?

 Scout is one of a kind dating app that has been working to bring people under one roof since 2007, and the results demonstrate how it has been empowering the minds of users. With about 46,000 fans on Facebook, does this site require any introduction?

There is no denying the fact that it is a conspicuous site in the market today that lets you make friends like never before.

From matchmaking, friend-finding to the chat-style messenger, the app is a hub for people seeking a companion and earn the best chance to find people who have similar personalities.

The app is not only for pure dating between men and women, but it is one of those options that are accessible for many purposes, and this is one of the reasons  that makes the app popular.

As one of those apps that is based on location, it is just right for people who are entirely new in a place and frantically looking for the hand of a companion.

The approach of Scout to promote community building makes it popular as well as its primary goal is to assimilate people in one place for those who want to find friends abroad or in their hometown.

For people who are always in the go and need to travel to new places, Scout is the best app to find company. In comparison to a few odds, such as an incomplete profile of members or too many members signing in from different locations, the positive aspects of the website surpass them sufficiently well.

The site encourages building relationships among people, and that is what can change your mind and make you eager to join it.

Website Overview

Website Address:

Estimated visits last month: 1.28 million

The global rank of Skout is 28,800, which is incredible enough for people who are interested in creating a fun atmosphere with chatting and making friends.

With the USA topping the list of traffic by countries and standing at 30.27%, followed by Taiwan at 7.74%, Brazil 6.38%, India 5.45%, and several other countries to follow suit, there is little you can doubt while choosing this friend-finding and dating app.

The category rank of Skout is 157. 

skout lp

No matter where you are and the way your life shapes, the chance to do something that you would prefer is a thing that most people want. If meeting new people is the latest avenue you wish to explore, Skout facilities the idea of connecting instantly.

It is not about merely making friends; the site also aids the idea of romancing with like-minded people. If you are walking on the trail of discovering new people and partners, you can trust this site as it has been mediating opportunities for connecting people since 2007.

As you are aware that Skout is not a new kid on the block, the option of chatting and meeting new people is the essence of this site. Depending on the age you enter while registering on this site, which is 13, it assigns different groups to adults and teenagers.

The moment you turn 18, you will be shifted to the adult group. However, you will not be compelled to enter your real birthday, so you can enter a fake one as well and pose as an adult at the time of registration as the site does not verify the profiles.

In 2012, the app came to a brief halt when the security protocols were made stricter due to which the location of a teen cannot be revealed. However, the only change to observe now is monitoring the posts. Apart from this, teenagers cannot send across private messages.

A good thing is the ability to earn points while responding to the advertisements and utilizing this app. The users can also redeem points for divulging those profiles who have already checked out and also connect with users based in other geographical locations.

The posts reveal evocative pictures and irreverent language. You will come across plenty of features on this site, and one of them is the option of hiding pictures on the backstage and allow members to unlock them for a process of 10-10K points.

With every new user opening your photo, you can get a few of the points earned. There is more to it you need to know; that is rating the photos from 1 to 5 stars. Buzz is another part of this app wherein you let people explore your personality besides what is already included in the profile.

You can make it more exciting with photographs that indicate fun and frolic and post contents that excite them or involve them in conversation. Both Android and iOS users can download this app.

How to Use the Skout Dating App!

The profiles included here can go beyond what you prefer, and you can view it in the recommended section.

However, the hitch here is the profiles that show up when you click on search can come from the sister app Skout, which is called “Meet Me,” you may be suddenly induced to download the sister app for connecting with its users, which can be annoying as well.

There is one significant Shake to Chat feature available in the Skout app. You can find this feature in the Chat option.

However, the good thing is yet to come. As you click on this function and shake your phone, you can get a suitable match with the casual users in the surroundings, although it is no more than trying your luck as you do not know anything about the person with whom you connect.

It is the shadowy function that excites you unendingly. With Skout Travel, you can buy a ticket for 24 hours to travel to several cities across the globe and set the phone to that city, which implies that the entire set of features become local related to the city to which you travel.

This option allows you to experience different cultures and meet people in various cities.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The pricing structure of Skout is rather easy to understand. For one month of premium membership, the amount you pay is $13 per month, for three months, you have to pay $10.67 per month, which makes a total amount of $32.

For the same membership option, a one-year subscription costs you about $7.50 per month and a total of $90. Besides this, for Skout points of 500 credits, it is about $0.01 per month and a total of $6.

Similarly, for 1000, 1200, 2500, 3,000, 7500, and 8,000 credits respectively, the amount per credit comes to about $1 for all and $10, $13, $22, $26, $54, and $64 as total. The payment on this site takes place through Credit Card, PayPal, and mobile phone.

There are free and paid services for users with identifiable features of each. While the free version allows you to register at first, you can find out those who viewed your profiles. Apart from this, you can also search for profiles, and comment or like the public photographs of members.

On the other hand, the paid service contains no advertisements, and you can send a message into the inbox of your chosen profile and check whether you are among the favorites of users. Finally, you can get useful insights about the prospective matches on Skout.

The free version of this app may entice with its plethora of attractive features,  but the premium membership option offers lots of upgrades, which can improve your experience on this site and satisfaction as well.

With the new in-app currency, also called Skout points, you can send simulated gifts to other members using this app. For instance, Roses cost 100 points. Heart Balloons cost 400 points, and Candy Hearts cost you about 250 points.

Site Statistics

  • Number of countries with Skout users: 180
  • Number of languages in which Skout is available: 14
  • Average number of new Skout users registering daily: 42,000
  • Amount for which MeetMe bought Skout: $54.6 million
  • Amount that Skout raised through finding before the buyout: $22 million
  • Number of connections made on Skout in 2015: 680 million
  • Number of journeys taken using travel feature in 2015: 16 million
  • Revenue in 2015: $23.8 million
  • Usage rank social: 17
  • Usage rank by others: 214

Website Performance Scores



Image Quality

7 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

8 / 10

Ease Of Use

8 / 10

Content Amount

9 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10

Quality Of Members

9 / 10


10 / 10


8 / 10

Competitors of Skout

Skout is one of the resourceful dating sites where you can get the option of chatting with people who are in the same location as yours or based in any other corner of the globe. Believe it or not, but it is one of those sites where  exchange of millions of messages takes place daily.

On this website, you get to meet  a lot of people  through this app, you can make instant connections with people near you or far away. You can make friends with strangers, date with the members on this site, and who knows you might get the opportunity to meet your life partner.

If it is to find out about people who are talking about you, it is easy to make connections within the community through Buzz. With this app, you will come across more features than what is available in the other dating apps, the messaging option for all members come without a price.

Furthermore, you can preview the messages at first before accepting or rejecting them, and the function of commenting and liking the photographs is also free. Finally, you can set a few profiles as your Favorite.

Like the rest of the dating sites, this one has a few competitors as well, such as Plenty of Fish, Tinder, and OKCupid.

Plenty of Fish: This is one of those dating sites comprising of several members and offers advanced search features and offers free membership. There is no doubt that the site provides you with the opportunity to enter the dating world quickly.

Tinder: This is another dating site that caters to young singles containing a vast and active user base. It is a location-based dating platform where you can find people with in-person hookups. The user-friendly interface can synchronize with an easy and quick registration.


  • The site is user-friendly
  • The environment is safe and includes a lot of fun
  • Promotes the option of community building
  • Contains lots of features when compared with  other dating apps.
  • Provides free features of messaging, photo commenting, and liking
  • Opportunity to set the profiles as favorites


  • Rejected messages can block users
  • The interface is huge and confusing
  • The free version comes with several advertisements
  • The minimum age to join the website  is 13
  • Numerous messages pour in from users in the nearby locations

Customer Support & Other Services

The dating app Skout creates an opportunity for users to meet new people, but it also offers support to all those who want to cancel their subscription or membership.

If you have any concerns or questions or facing trouble with any aspect of this site, you can get any assistance you need from the support team. For cancellation of the subscription, you can read the terms of use

For all kinds of detail you want to get about Skout, you can contact Skout Member Services at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can also deliver a mail or send a signed and dated notice that states that you want to cancel the agreement.


Are you ready for another round of dating and chatting with like-minded people living nearby or in some other corner of the world? With numerous active members and features, using Skout will leave you in an exalted state and allow you to enjoy the fun.

However, the site is not for those people who want to focus their attention on hookup or dating site.  

The advertisement for this site centers on dating and it is popularly called a dating app. However, the site also opens avenues for those who want to shift their focus to something else than dating or romantic involvements.

You must not have evasive ideas while connecting with people through this app; instead, have a clear concept about this site and its offerings before establishing a connection with the members.

There are several features you can choose to find out how locals engage in chat or to know how people from other communities or any other part of the world can chat. The site promotes the idea of building relationships, and young users starting from the tender age of 13 can register.

skout banner

Parting Words

Skout is a site that encourages the idea of building a community.

It can involve people living in the same town or from the other corners of the world. It is a highly safe and secure site through which you can find a suitable companion to chat, but there is no scope for finding suggestive content here, and it is deleted right away.

If you are trying to meet new people, you can make instant connections through this site. You can scroll through users' updates similar to news feed-like steaming or check the photographs of people who are willing to meet strangers. If you find our review interesting, you can watch for more on this site.

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