Single Parent Meet Review (2020)

Single Parent Meet

Being a single parent is never natural and has its challenges.

A single parent knows that they have to maintain their relationship with the child, and being the only parent, they have more responsibilities on the shoulders.

However, every single parent deserves to live a happy life too because even single parents are individuals, and when it comes to finding love, you might feel that there’s a lot of hurdles to cross.

But, that’s when sites like SingleParentMeet come into play. It's a dating platform that is designed for only single dads and moms who are looking for someone special and not a temporary fling.

SingleParentMeet wants to become a social discovery network for everyone, where singles will not only be able to find someone they would like to spend the rest of their life with, but friends as well to have a quality fun time.

This community site will set you free from explaining what your current status is because whoever joins SingleParentMeet, they already know that everyone is a single parent. You can be a divorcee or a widow, SingleParentMeet is the right platform for you.

The dating site promises to find a suitable partner in a safe and secure environment. As per the report, SingleParentMeet has become the reason for many couples’ happiness. Well, thanks to its easy-to-use features and non technical website, more and more users join this platform to find their right match.

Currently, the site has over 9.4 million members, mainly from Canada and America. If you are done living your life as a single parent, and now want to find someone ready to take the next step, you should consider joining SingleParentMeet. 

However, wait before you jump to the site right away, let us analyze SingleParentMeet for you, and take a look at all of its features, weighing its pros and cons, discuss its membership plans, and more so that we can give you a detailed report about this dating application.

What makes SingleParentMeet accessible?

We know that single parents go through a lot when it comes to finding a better half who will love you and your kids equally. People with kids have double the responsibilities because they need to raise them too.

You need to look after your job, send your kids to school, feed them, take a break in between, and finally, the added stress of finding true love.

Well, SingleParentMeet can’t help you find a caretaker for your kids or someone who will take your kids to the next school camp, but this dating site can undoubtedly support you finding someone special.

This dating site is one of the largest community platforms, allowing single parents from all over the world to find someone special that will make your life colourful and is willing to share the responsibilities.

Being a dedicated unique parent dating website, SingleParentMeet has one goal, and that is to offer you a fun, safe, and open-minded space that will connect you with like-minded people. Everyone is free to create an account. Once you visit the website, you will be asked a few basic questions.

Be honest while answering them to find someone most suitable. After you are done with it, you will be all set to create your profile. The about us section of Singleparentmeet will let you add your interests, a short personal essay about who you are, and there will be a few personality questions, as well.

Singleparentmeet offers different ways to search for people. You can click on the search icon to look for people, or else, there is a filter option too to sort your preferences accordingly.

If you don’t want to work too hard, you can select the “I’m interested” option to explore the members via favourites, views, and by yes votes.

After you create your account, you are free to add as many details as you would like, or as little as you prefer.

However, the more information you add, the better option you will have at finding someone.

The good thing about SingleParentMeet is its robust features. The main page is overloaded with its impressive features. 

single parent meet

On top of the website, you will get to see inbox, search, matches, tokens, and finally, settings.

The sidebar includes settings like inbox, connections, which I like, and search. Right in the middle, you will get to see an array of profiles of different people, and that will include new members who have recently joined the platform.

There are various ways to connect with the users, though, for example, messages, flirts, you can save someone as your favourite, you can like their photo, comment on them, and much more.

Website Overview

Website Address:

Estimated last month’s visit: 4,10,000

Website Layout and Design 

You will find the website of SingleParentMeet uncomplicated and very simple. Even though the site has a mobile website, you will enjoy the computer version of SingleParentMeet better. This platform is ideal for the not-so-tech-savvy people.

Navigating the site is easy, and you shouldn’t encounter any kind of glitches. There is no overpowering graphic design, and the website has easy-to-read fonts. What we liked about SingleParentMeet is that we didn’t see any sexually explicit content popping-up on the screen.

All the pages of this dating site are responsive, and the user-friendly experience that this site boasts is commendable.

SingleParentMeet app

Fortunately, SingleParentMeet has a friendly app, and it is free to download. If you don’t want to use your computer to explore all the members' data, you should better get the app, and have a more convenient experience. The app allows you to find someone quickly with just a few clicks.

No need to depend on wired computers, just take out your mobile phone and start looking for reliable singles near you. The app is available both in Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store.

A mobile dating application always has its added advantages because this will allow people who are still busy, find someone right at their fingertips.

SingleParentMeet signing up process

SingleParentMeet gives you a hassle-free signup process. If you have a working email ID, use it to register with the platform. You will also have to enter your password and username. The site is fantastic for new members because they don’t need to enter a lot of information.

It is totally up to you how detailed you would like your profile to be. New users will, however, are asked a few more details, so that SingleParentMeet can suggest correct matches for them and allow them to have a better online dating experience.

Try to create an exciting story about yourself that will sound interesting to others and enable you to find better connections.

SingleParentMeet making contact process

Once you are done creating your account, and you are set, now is the time to make the first move. If you find someone that you like, you can send a private message to that person. Private messages can be sent by those who are the subscribers of SingleParentMeet.

Which means you will have to buy one of their memberships. This could be a little disappointing for those who don’t wish to upgrade their account. But, don’t lose hope so soon, because there are many other features to try that will let you connect with the other person.

For example, you can send a flirt to your match to build an instant connection. There is a search option for you as well; you can add your preferences, for example, location, age, weight, and height.

Profile Quality of Members

The new members don’t put many details. Members are free to update their profile anytime they want. The profile pictures of the members will be visible to everyone. It is better to fill in all the details to create the right impression when someone visits you.

Setting up a profile is not at all complicated, you just need to answer a few questions, and you will have a stunning profile ready to impress the right matches. Remember, a person with a new pattern has better chances of finding a better match.

A profile usually has photos, mail messages, instant messages, flirt options, like options, favourites; you can receive or send virtual gifts to others, set reminders, and much more.

You can search for someone based on different filters, such as age, location, photos, appearance, relationship status, lifestyle, distance, today’s matches, new members, profile views, and my community updates.

Pricing & Membership Fees

There are different payment plans available for SingleParentMeet. One can pay by using a credit card or PayPal account. One-time processing fees will be charged for all the upgrades, and that will be $3.99. There are various monthly plans to choose from that suit your budget.

And the monthly payments are recurring unless you go to your account and deactivate your subscriptions to stop the payment for the future. Typically, there are two membership types to choose from, one is free, and the second one is premium. 

Premium memberships cost

  • One-month: $16.99
  • Three months: $39.07
  • Six months: $45.85

Members can use tokens to purchase extras to enjoy other features, like, promote me, notify me, and buy virtual gifts. The symbols will cost you additionally.

  • 280 tokens: $9.99
  • 110 tokens: %3.99
  • 25 tokens: $0.00

For free members, you are limited to only a few features. You can create a free profile. You can sign up for free and add your location, username, password, email address, and your birthday. You can write a little bit about yourself. You are permitted to complete your account.

There will be a few personality questions that you can achieve, you can add interests, and then add a few message ideas. You can add your profile picture, view matches, search for events, send flirts, like photos of other users, and get SingleParentMeet’s mobile access.

However, the premium members along with the features that free members get to enjoy, receive additional features, for instance, an enhanced search, and better match options, you can chat by instant messages, send and receive messages, and get to see who is interested in you.

Along with that, there will be features like Promote me, match me, notify me, and virtual gifts.

Site Statistics

  • Signing up: It will take around a minute or two.
  • Profile Quality: All the profiles have photos along with bios.
  • Members: 55% male, 45% female.
  • The total number of members: 9.4 million.
  • Live Cams: No.
  • Photo quality: Good.
  • Making contact: A lot of features are available that makes connecting with people easily.
  • Website Quality: Good.
  • Account Verification: Email link.

Website Performance Scores



Quality Of Members

9 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

9 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Bonus Material

6 / 10

Overall Score

87 / 100

Competitors of SingleParentMeet

Although there are quite a few dating applications available on the internet, they are mostly the usual ones catering to one main interest and that is casual dating. But when it comes to dedicated sites like SingleParentMeet, there are just a few that are designed typically for single parents.

We have found a few dating sites that you might want to try.

International Cupid

International Cupid is a dating app that is only for singles. Singles from all over the world have joined this dating platform to find a suitable match for a committed relationship. The site has over 5.3 million members.

Registration is quick and easy, and navigating the website is not challenging at all. The safe platform is created only for singles, and this dating site is for everyone.

Generation Love

Generation Love is another clean dating website only for people who are searching for serious people intending to commit to a relationship. The site has over 10 million people as users. The platform has allowed tons of people to do cross-cultural marriages, and find someone genuine.

The platform is safe to use, and you can easily create a profile within a minute.


Another good dating site with more than 8 million users from all over the globe is Lovetropolis. The platform provides you with a safe platform that will assist you with finding a long-lasting match and lets you send instant messages to people that you find suitable. You can have a live cam chat with the person you like, send virtual flirts, and much more.


  • SingleParentMeet has a mobile application for both Android and iOS users.
  • The website of SingleParentMeet is sleek and comes with a lot of features that you are going to enjoy.
  • Free members can avail many features, such as creating a free profile, upload a profile photo, send flirts, and more.
  • Premium members can send and receive emails, and messages, enjoy the instant message features, get to see who is interested in you, and more.
  • You can search for members based on their age, location, photos, lifestyle, activity, and much more.
  • The mobile app of SingleParentMeet is free to download, and it works seamlessly.
  • Both the mobile and computer version of SingleParentMeet is impressive.
  • This dating application has chat rooms, which is an excellent way to communicate with as many people as you want.
  • You can interact with different people by sending private messages.
  • You can create your account in just a few seconds by adding your email address.
  • There are personality questions that you can answer to make your profile stand out from the rest.
  • This platform is ideal for single moms and dads who are looking to connect with serious people only for a long-lasting relationship.
  • The subscription cost is comparatively cheaper than most of the dating sites.


  • Free trial members can avail only a few limited features. Free members can’t read or send messages to anyone they are interested in.
  • The homepage looks a bit crowded and redundant.
  • SingleParentMeet doesn’t have any direct contact number of the customer support team.

Customer Support

We don’t think you will encounter any issues with SingleParentMeet; however, if you feel like getting in touch with the customer support team, unfortunately, there is no direct way to call them or write to them. However, they do have a “Contact us” form that you need to fill.

Once you do, the support team will get back to you shortly.

Contact us page

Please contact this link for the contact page. Other than the contact form, SingleParentMeet is active in different social media platforms. If you want to follow them, you can check out the following links:




We enjoyed our time here at SingleParentMeet. The layout of this single parent dating app looks beautiful, and there are many single moms and dads out there that continuously look for people who they can trust and can share the rest of their lives with.

Commitment is a huge responsibility, and when a single parent comes with kids, it doubles the responsibility. That’s why sites like SingleParentMeet become helpful where you get to find the man or woman of your dreams and who would lovingly accept you just the way you are.

Creating a profile here at SingleParentMeet will hardly take a minute or two. Take some time to create an impressive account so that you get to impress others and find the correct match for yourself.

This dating site is not for amateurs looking for a temporary fling; this is a dedicated site that lets you connect with people who are serious about finding someone.

Parting words

We sincerely hope that our review of SingleParentMeet will help you find someone that you deserve. We recommend this site to every single parent who is struggling to find a partner they can rely on. Go ahead with this dating site because it is safe to use.

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