Top 10 Single Parent Dating Sites (2020) – Review & Comparisons

Single Parenting sites provide a new beginning for people craving for a new beginning in life. A lot of people  get divorce at  a very young age and life becomes hell for them.

Your world turns upside down once you face  such a situation. Slowly with time, things tend to heal and parents might think to date again.

Though online dating has become a norm these days, single moms and dads have to be careful with the dating game.

Now let us browse through some of the popular dating sites in the last few years.

single parent dating sites

1. eHarmony

eharmony is a dating site helping users to locate the best matches for them. 

With the help of a compatibility system, it is possible to narrow down the choices easily.

The site aims to provide long-lasting relationships. Now, are you going  to find the love of your life on this site?

  • With every match on your list, you can send out a smiley icon under every profile picture. The moment you click this smile, it would be sent to the person.
  • On this site, you can send out questions to initiate conversations or to keep it going. Sending out questions is free and there is no limit on the number of questions you can send out in a particular day.
  • The paid feature allows you access to 30 extra matches who are outside of your preference list. It means you are given extra matches adding up to your possible choices.
  • Just like any other site you can add favorites on to your list. You can figure out whether your match is on site.
  • This is an ideal site for someone exploring the possibility of a serious relationship paving way for marriage.
  • Your time and effort is saved in going through hundreds of profiles to locate a match.
  • The site is not going to allow you to undertake any search at your end. You can only interact with people that the site presents to you. For some people, the feature might be limiting.
  • In comparison to other dating sites, it is expensive.
  • A free account allows you to formulate a profile but you cannot communicate with others. You can only go on to review their profiles.
  • For a 3- month paid plan you have to shell out $ 39.95 a month, when it is for 6 months it works out to be $ 29.95 per month and for a year it is $ 239.95.

2. OurTime

People Media is credited for the emergence of the site in 2011.

The objective of the site is to allow men along with women who are above the age of 50 years to interact in their regions.

A user can search for a long- term relationship on this site

  • By the option of Promote Me, you can make your profile more visible to others on the site. The moment you avail this feature your profile will be placed on top of the search results.
  • More often  the person to whom you have dropped in a message  might have also received messages from other users. By virtual gifts, you can assure that they have taken note of your messages. To grab their attention, send out virtual gifts.
  • The moment you get to know someone better, restrictive functions of the chat come into prominence. Now if you are looking forward to take the next step and do not want to provide your phone number with a virtual phone number in the form of connecting me is provided.
  • The profile fields in combination with the boxes are part of the site. You can express yourself in a freeway distinct from the other members... But if you are not accustomed to expressing yourself, then you can soak in the Profile Pro features of the site. Here a group of professional writers are going to depict your information and the profile would be done on your behalf. The whole exercise is to make your profile unique.
  • Free membership includes registration, flirting and browsing.
  • The layout of the site is simple which makes it fairly easy to flip through the profiles.
  • If you are looking to upgrade, it is profitable.
  • The free members do not have access to any premium feature.
  • Some of the users might not love the weekly payment process.
  • For 1 month- $ 23.99 monthly
  • For 3 month- $ 17.99 monthly
  • For 6 month- $ 11.99 monthly

3. Match

The site is a perfect platform for singles to meet people.

This site is operated by the Match group that runs a variety of dating sites worldwide.

The site was launched in the year 1995 and at an initial level provided lifetime membership to the users.

The site aims to provide all the users with a worth of their time and money.

  • Boost is one of the value-added features of this site. Once you avail this feature you are on top of the search results for an hour.
  • Reverse matches help you to figure out your compatibility levels match or not. You might want to browse through your reverse matches list and  can interact with them if you feel they are different.
  • Catch me is another feature that puts you on top of the search results. Though, this is a paid feature..
  • Matchmaking ceases to be a premium feature where you can go on to make voice calls to other members. The feature assigns you with a custom code where you can anonymously make voice calls.
  • A matchmaking guarantee is another feature where you are given 6 months to find a match. Though this feature is only available to those who subscribe for 6 months.
  • A diverse user base active in 25 countries.
  • Based on your match preferences, daily personalized matchmaking suggestions.
  • Numerous ways by which you can reciprocate your interest like winking, yes rating, etc.
  • If members are tired of online dating they can attend local match events
  • An active customer support team that is available round- the- clock to address all your queries.
  • Only paid members can flip through the list of people who have gone through their profiles.
  • It is a time-consuming task to go through all the profiles, matches and choices.
  • You cannot see who is a subscriber so you will be sending out messages and you may not be aware whether the person is going to respond back or not.
  • Privacy model is available only to paid subscribers.
  • For 3 months $ 27.99
  • For 6 months $ 23.99
  • For 12 months $ 20.99

4. Single Parent Meet

To be a single parent does have its own set of challenges.

Being a parent you need to understand the relationship with your child comes into focus.

This is where the site makes its presence felt for single moms or dads who are looking to date, someone.

You cannot consider it to be a dating site but a social discovery site.

It has gone on to become a gateway for single parents to find the love of their lives.

It claims to be a site where you do not have to explain your status as all people are single parents.

This site is all about people who are trying to find matches and accept them the way they are.

  • Promote me is a feature where a boost is provided to your profile to become visible. Even you tend to be on top of the search results and tokens can be purchased by bundles.
  • You can explore your creativity skills by sending out virtual gifts to other users. Every gift item has an equivalent number of tokens taken.
  • Notify me online feature sends out an on-site notification once a member logs in. By alerts, you can even track them easily.
  • This is the largest online dating site for single parents. Every day, the site witnesses close to 50,000 visitors and 1000 profiles are updated daily.
  • By a token system, extra features are provided to the users who are looking for a deeper experience.
  • The members can communicate via calls or by texts without compromising their personal information.
  • The profiles could benefit more if details about the family or children are provided.
  • Without a paid membership, features are restricted.
  • The interface might seem to be a bit confusing to navigate.
  • 1 month- $ 16.99
  • 3 month- $ 13.02
  • 6 month- $ 7.64

5. Single Parent Love

Being a single parent or even go through the process of divorce is not an easy task.

Particularly when children are there it adds up to the love problem.

On this site, you can locate partners and the modus operandi is different from a normal dating site.

On this site, you will come across a substantial member base with superior features.

On the other hand, if you are looking for features like video chatting, instant chatting or be it chat rooms you have to upgrade to a paid membership.

Once you are a member of this site, you can  no longer  stay single. All members who are part of the site are aware of this feature.

The dating site has a large community of members who understand each other well.

  • This is a dating site for single parents.
  • The site has a simple design that is easy to navigate.
  • No fees are levied for registering and once you register on the site you can flip through hundreds of profiles online.
  • Numerous features are provided to single moms or dads to make the experience of dating a positive one.
  • Most of the profile members are active and looking for a serious relationship..
  • A nice looking  interface with an easy to use site.
  • The profile can be set up quickly in just a few minutes.
  • A diverse crowd of members who are part of the site.
  • The number of inactive members of the site is on the higher side.
  • As compared to the other dating sites, this site  tends to be not- happening.
  • One month membership is at $ 10
  • Three- month membership is at $ 25
  • For 6 months of membership, it is at $ 45

6. Just Single Parents

This is a website dedicated to finding a true relationship based on love.

This site caters to single parents who share similar experiences or backgrounds and who understand the challenges or difficulty to raise a child single headedly.

For a single dater, they will not understand the value of time and once you have kids the equation changes drastically.

On the site, there are thousands of members with a lot of profiles being added every day.

Just flip through the profiles and try to locate someone in your area today

  • The site enables you to find true happiness along with love. You can join in free and fill out your profile details and try to find a match in your area. On the site, you can locate thousands of members who are in a similar situation as you.
  • One of the remarkable features is user diary. Here you can flip through the user diaries and make a posting of your own.
  • There is an astrology report that provides inputs on how your day is going to be like.
  • A personalized profile page coupled with an encounter feature that serves as a matchmaking feature. You can nod yes or no to any approvals daily and if there is a mutual match you can secretly admire them.
  • The process of signing up is easy and you can flip around the site in an easy manner.
  • You can get to know the other members in a better way.
  • Lack of active members on the site.
  • A lot of single parents do not have the time to spend on the site  it is a quiet and deceptive site.
  • You can set up a free profile, and if you see something fancy you can always upgrade for a membership.
  • Three-Day trial membership of the site is on offer at $ 8.99, followed by a one-month subscription that is going to cost you around $ 59.95. Though this is relatively small and works out to be $ 2 per day you can reduce it substantially by opting for a longer duration package.
  • 3- month subscription package is $ 43.32 per month and 6 months works out to be $ 33.33 per month. There is a year’s subscription at $ 27.50 monthly.

7. Mum Dates Dads

This site is dedicated to all single parents who are residing in the UK.

If you are a single parent who is finding it hard to juggle between your personal and professional life then, this site is for you.

This is one of the popular dating sites in the UK and for a valid reason as they go on to provide you with a great service.

On the site, you are likely to come across all features that are reminiscent of a dating site.

  • The design of the site intends to keep things simple. On the splash page, there is a welcome message which informs about all the services of the site.
  • Easiy accessibility as you can access the dating site on the go. This provides the much-needed flexibility for single moms or dads who are left with less time for themselves.
  • The registration process of the site is easy as you have to answer a few basic questions.
  • This is a great dating site for single parents online.
  • You can join the site free of charge. All you have to do is create a profile and you are ready to go.
  • With tonnes of profiles online you are likely to find a profile that matches up your needs
  • It is possible to upload photos with the help of your mobile phone too.
  • Round the clock support in the form of phone and an email chat
  • You can even go on to develop video profiles on the site. This provides a better way for people to be aware of the type of person  you are.
  • The site is not going to serve any purpose unless you have a subscription. Even when you subscribe there is an auto-renewal service, meaning that you figure out what you are subscribing.
  • The site faces minimal traffic online which also includes a lack of new users.
  • Free membership on offer.
  • If you are looking for additional features there is a subscription of $ 7.50 that works to be a bit steep in comparison to other sites on these criteria.

8. Single Parent Match

The site has been operational for 16 years and promises a unique opportunity for single mothers or fathers who want to jump into the dating pool.

Single parenting dating is not an easy task and the site helps you with a minefield of profiles to make your task easy.

The site has a databank of close to 200,000 members.

To become a member of the site all you have to do is to provide a piece of small information at the beginning.

  • Promote me feature provides a much-needed boost to your profile by making it visible, noticeable or  on top of the search results. You can purchase tokens in the form of bundles.
  • Express how considerate and sweet you can be by sending out virtual gifts. For every gift item, equivalent amount of tokens can be taken.
  • By option of notification, whenever one of your matches log in you are notified. By alerts, it would be easy to track them.
  • One of the new features of this site is lets- meet. Once you click on this page you would be presented with a profile picture of someone who matches your interest. Then a choice would be provided to you whether you want to like or dislike to initiate communication.
  • The site is user-centric and easy to navigate.
  • There is a single parent blog where you can write about the daily activities taking place in your life. It might provide a session of informative reading.
  • Several resources are paving way for a smooth transition to the world of dating.
  • The site provides an opportunity for a single parent who is not ready for a relationship but looking to make friends.
  • With a free membership, the site has virtually nothing to offer. Being a single parent you already have a lot of distractions on the number of features you can avail.
  • Another annoying feature of the site is there are a lot of distracting ads. For some of the people, it could be a pain and they feel upgrading to a premium membership is a better option.
  • Basic membership  is available on this site, though you might be limited  with whom you can get in touch.
  • Gold membership for 1 month is at $ 29.95 where you can email or chat with anyone without any form of restrictions.

9. Single Parent Passions

The site has been helping single parents to find someone special since 2004.

Being a single parent, it is tough in committing to a relationship taking into consideration the fact that your kids do take a lot of time.

With the site, you can go on to take some free time as per your convenience.

You just need to sign up to free membership on this site.

  • One of the features you are going to love is a video introduction on the home page. This video is a mere synopsis on what you can find on the site.
  • There is a commitment on the part of the site to provide you with every necessary tool once you enter the world of dating.
  • Even before you sign up on the site a splash page is a fair indication of what to expect.
  • The site is accessible on the mobile and even a desktop version. Though they do not promote Android or an iOs app, this should not stand in the way of choosing the site.
  • The process of registration is simple and is a single page. It is hardly going to take less than a minute for completing it.
  • A notable feature of this site is that it would go to any extent to protect the privacy of the users.
  • Though the site promises to roll out free features nothing is available on the site for free yet.
  • The profiles of the members on the site are not attractive. It reveals a lot about their character and you might need to think twice before you date them.
  • Most of the people on the site are inclined towards sex and casual hook-ups.
  • There are a lot of disgusting ads as part of the site.
  • Basic membership  is available on this site, though you might be limited  with whom you can get in touch.

10. Elite Singles

With nearly 80 % of the members holding a master’s degree, the site has gone on to become  a dating site for the educated class.

The best part about the site is that it is as professional as the members are. Thousands of singles join the site every month.

  • Compatible matches as you can locate your dream matches based on preferences, location age, etc. This might include your hobbies, age, temperament along with habits.
  • Wildcard matches where the premium members are entitled to 20 extra matches per day.
  • A free membership offer along with a host of subscription options.
  • Safety along with advanced privacy tools.
  • A top-notch customer team  with whom you can get in touch via an email or phone.
  • Helpful blog dished out by members where important tips about dating are provided
  • Close to 200,000 relationships emerge on this site monthly.
  • Not suited for someone looking for a casual hook up.
  • Since the personality test is a part of the signing process, it becomes complicated.
  • Only premium members are entitled to unlimited communication on the site. So being a free member on this site has no use.
  • For 3- month it is $ 31.95
  • For 6- month it is $44.95
  • For a year it is $ 57.95


Now say goodbye to the nervousness of dating as now you are presented with an opportunity in getting back to the world of online dating. Do take time to go through the profiles and wisely choose every profile.

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