Sin VR Review (2020)


SinVR is a popular virtual reality roleplay game.

It is indeed a porn dream come true. It has excellent 3D graphics embedded in it with some dark and edgy settings.


  • The interface of the game is easy to allow users to discover different modes
  • It is even compatible in non-VR supporting devices


  • The limited trial period time doesn’t let the user decide if they want to buy membership or not
  • The number of virtual girls is limited too.


  • SinVR gives great sexual gaming experience.
  • It is a delight for people who are horny and love playing video games.
  • The review underlines its features and drawbacks to help you decide.

SinVR is a popular adult virtual reality roleplay game which offers a premium experience to those who seek VR game with plenty of sin. It is a software which runs on PC and android with both VR enabled device and has compatible settings for devices with no VR support.

The non-VR mode can be accessed using a keyboard and mouse. SinVR offers virtual adult roleplay with various parody characters and hatful of scenes where you can explore exotic and exciting sex positions and sexual activities with super animation and graphics quality.

The female characters are derived from popular TV shows and comic characters that you are familiar with providing you additional entertainment. The female characters act interactively and are provided with scripted dialogues that are intimidating and add flavour to adult virtual gaming.

The game is simple enough for a newbie to try out and doesn’t need a complicated manual handbook.

Due to several reasons like its simplicity, superior 3D animation and graphics, scripted voice interactions, multiple scenes and exotic hardcore sexual activities, as well as user-friendly menu and settings, its popularity is increasing in adult VR gaming world.

What makes SinVR so popular?

SinVR is a newly developed adult VR game which provides excellent 3D graphics and animation and the effort and imagination put into creating the characters, scenes and positions in the game is at a different level. The skin tones and facial expressions are well rendered.

This is backed up by the stunning music, sound effect and realistic voice. The sound and audio in other 3D VR games are unrealistic and annoying, but this is not an issue in SinVR. SinVR offers a wide range of BDSM activities as well.

Whips, floggers, strappers and canes are some of the inclusions with dark and edgy settings. The characters are virtually real and hottie parodies which make it even engaging and entertaining.

The effort put into developing the animation and the detailing of the characters and their sexy body and the location is an award winner. SinVR is supported in most of the VR devices available in the market.

Another reason why the game is gaining popularity among the adult VR gaming is it easy to use interface which is suitable for both the new users and veterans of such genre.

Also, the pricing of the paid offer is cheap and affordable as well as it provides a good value for the money spent based on its performance.

Pricing & Membership Fees

SinVR can be downloaded directly from the website free of cost, and it will give access to some of the trial settings and scenes to get an idea how SinVR works and whether it is compatible to your VR device or not. To access complete settings, scenes and modes of game, a complete membership is a must.

The membership plan of SinVR is cheaper and affordable, and it is available in different plans to fit your budget. SinVR can be subscribed on a one-month basis, six-month basis and twelve-month basis with the price $19.99 for one month, $79.90 for six months and $119.88 for one year plan.

The price for the membership is a bargain considering the entertainment and the hardcore adult VR gaming experience you gain. The payment method is simple and easy too. Payment can be done via Credit Cards, PayPal and Pay safe card and you can cancel the subscription whenever you wish to.

Another mode of payment is Patreon via Patreon website, which is a crowdfunding site where you can donate a $10 to the site and win 1,000 points in the game with each donation. The points can be used to buy a character for a lifetime and enjoy the adult virtual reality activities in the game.

Website Overview


Estimated users: 100,000

With more than 18 major parody characters like Dragon queen from Games of Thrones as Dragon milf, Wonder Woman as wonder Slut from DC Universe and many more similar parodies are the game’s drawcards.

The graphics and animation and the detailing of the skin tone and the body as well as facial expression, are even surreal. 


This is even backed up by the extraordinary music, sound effects and voice and scripted dialogues that will make your hardcore VR fantasy even more exciting. The detailing that has been put in the location and scenes are equally excellent.

The plenty of scenes available which is about twenty in number is enough to fill your quest for fantasy.

Moreover, there is BDSM with detailed effects like bouncing boobs, shaking ass and erotic expression and scripted voice dialogue of high definition and more realistic audio that you can expect from a VR based adult games.

All these characters, scenes and fantasies can be accessed via a subscription at a price that is a bargain relative to the value it offers.

Site Performance Score



Design And Layout

9 / 10

Animation And Graphics

8 / 10

Music, Sound Effects And Voice

9 / 10

Script And Dialogues

10 / 10


9 / 10

Location And Scenes

9 / 10

Device Compatibility

9 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Customer Support

10 / 10

Pricing And Plans

9 / 10

Overall Rating

9 / 10

Site Statistics

  • Female characters: over 50
  • Scenes: over 20
  • Payment option: Credit card, PayPal, Pay Safe
  • Parody characters: yes
  • Local characters: yes
  • PC compatibility: yes
  • Android version: yes
  • Subscription cancellation option: yes


  • Simple design and easy interface. The design of the game menu is simple enough to figure out the different modes of the game. The interface is user-friendly too with which a beginner in such genre can navigate through the game and its menu easily.
  • Compatible in non-VR supporting devices. If your device doesn’t support the VR effect, then that is not a problem with this game. You can access the game and its fantasies by using a keyboard and a mouse too. This feature has made it easy and affordable for the ones who are interested in exploring hardcore adult fantasy through VR gaming.
  • Outstanding graphics and animation. The graphics and animation of the game are of excellent quality. The is so much detailing and accuracy in creating the graphics and animation of the skin tone, body shape, facial expression, outfit and even the location. The game probably has the best 3D work that has been put in a VR gaming.
  • Advanced voice, soundtrack and music. The effort put by the developers to create and develop the voice dialogues is more realistic, and the script is even more exciting. The playback sound in different location adds flavour to the game to make it more exciting. The voice of the characters is realistic and clear compared to the other games where the voice sounds false and artificial.
  • Wide range of exotic parody characters. The characters in the game are developed in a very creative way. There are various parody characters of different variety which you can imagine. From zombies to vampire to mouthwatering dragon milf, you can satisfy your fantasy of having hardcore sex with popular parody character in SinVR.
  • Variety of scenes and locations. There are different varieties of locations in the game which you can choose. The sound effect that comes with those locations and the visual effect is even more mesmerizing.
  • Interactive parody character excellent and voice dialogue script. The parody characters deliver their special dialogue to immerse yourself into the game. Also, the script is designed interactively and interestingly that you will find more entertaining.
  • The game can be played in all types of PC as well as supports VR devices available in the market. Due to this property of this game, it is gaining more popularity.
  • The detailed graphics like boob jiggling, hip control, etc. adding more flavour to the game to make it more exciting.
  • Wide range of sexual activities. The sexual activities available in the game is of a wide range, and one can access the activities according to the individual taste like blowjob, boo job, spanking, etc. the large stack of the activities is also suitable who want to simulate and experience new activities that he has never experienced before.
  • Variety of sexual positions. The sexual positions in the SinVR are found in a variety of number. The users can choose any popular sexual positions like cowgirl, doggy style, machinery, reverse cowgirl and many more and enjoy the different pleasure of the different positions in VR.
  • BDSM is available. The game also encourages who loves hardcore BDSM fantasies. There are a lot of equipment that is used in the process like whips, floggers, strappers, canes and many more.
  • Affordable pricing. The pricing of this game is even cheaper compared to the competitors. It has different monthly plans, six-month plan and a yearly plan that can be chosen by customer basis the requirement. The value provided by the game is incomparable to the price.
  • Excellent customer support. The customer support of this gaming community is even more mesmerizing. There is a customer support group to solve customer problem available 24 * 7 throughout the year. Customer satisfaction is a major focus of the game developers.


  • There are still some areas where the detailing in the Graphics can be enhanced like mouth movement while speaking. Although it is a common problem in VR gaming, it needs to be addressed in the future.
  • The limited access in the trial period is not enough to help in deciding whether to buy full membership or not. A short-term free trial can be provided to test the features in detail before spending money.
  • The limited access in the trial period is not enough to help in deciding whether to buy full membership or not. A short-term free trial can be provided to test the features in detail before spending money.
  • Limited scripted dialogue of the characters should be improved too. The dialogues are repetitive, which can be improved and made more interactive to enhance the user experience.

Competitors of Sin VR

There are some popular and strongly established games that SinVR has to compete with. Some of those top competitors are Fallen doll and Happy manager PS VR. The fallen doll is a dominant adult VR game that is based upon hentai storyline and offers stunning high-quality realistic graphics.

The storyline and script are designed and developed in more advanced way, and the graphics and animation are best in the category. But the price for subscription is way much expensive, and the mode for various hardcore activities are not available that can be found in the SinVR.

Happy manager PS VR is another adult VR game that also offers stunning graphics and the storyline is based upon the soft porn. It is available in the PlayStation, and the gaming experience is enhanced using different features that resemble real-life situations to make it more exciting.

Still, it lacks the multi-dimensional property of porn like hardcore, BDSM and is tamer compared to SinVR.

Customer Support

One thing that is best about SinVR is its excellent customer support. There are customer support teams available to solve any kind of problem regarding the membership and the functionality of the game. They are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week throughout the 365 days a year.

They are ready to assist you with any kind of help and support regarding the game. If you have any queries regarding the game, you can visit the customer service of the game anytime.


After you open the site using the link above, you can click on the message icon and can send queries. Minimal information about yourself is needed like full name and email address, and you will be able to send any queries or complaints regarding the game.

YouTube Videos on SinVR

Several videos are available on YouTube about the basic layout and the graphics and animation of the SinVR game, which is reviewed by the best gamers. You can check out the YouTube videos to gather an idea of how it works and how good it looks. 

Final Verdict

SinVR is a popular adult VR game which offers premium hardcore sexual gaming experience to those who are seeking  pleasure through virtual gaming. The variety of characters and plenty of scenes and sexual positions will surely make your adult VR gaming tour more pleasant and entertaining.

The parody characters with dialogues will immerse you deep into the character, and you will find yourself addicted to the game in no time. The excellent 3D animation and detailing in the skin tone and facial expression are one of the best works in the world of adult VR gaming.

The single-player game comes with various subscription plans where you can subscribe according to the budget in your pocket. If you ever get bored or uninterested during the tour of your subscription, which is very unlikely, you can still cancel your subscription and get your money refunded.

The payment method is easy and also available through a crowdfunding site called Patreon where a $10 donation will provide you 1,000 points in the game which you can use to buy and own your characters for a lifetime.

It is recommended that you go through the free trial to check the compatibility of the game and decide whether to spend on the game or not.

Parting words

SinVR is an adult VR game with some pros and few drawbacks. If you want us to review any other adult VR games, feel free to contact us. Adult VR games are a little bit expensive these days but with games likes SinVR you can have a hardcore VR gaming experience at a relatively lower price.

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