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Side effect of being a Virgin for too long? The recent revelation

In the present era, there are a majority of the people who choose to be virgin until their marriage or till the time the decided goal is not achieved.

But it is important for them to know that there are many side effects if you have decided to stay virgin for too long! 

To lose your virginity after marriage is good but the decision should be taken soon so that side effects of being virgin cannot be faced by anyone!

This article will highlight the points that are linked with the side effects of being a virgin for too long!

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5 Side effects of being a virgin for too long (2022)

Consequences of being a virgin for long are:

You Become Slower

It has been reearched that, when people have less sex or if they decide to remain virgin for too long than they become slower with their own thoughts or we all their views. The reason behind this is that your neuron functioning is impacted which directly affects your thinking capacity. The ideas or the views which are kept in front of others are not so good as your neuron functioning is directly impacted. So, this is one of the consequences if you have decided to remain a virgin for too long!


Pent Up Frustration

There are very few cases presently in which someone is A- sexual! You can easily maintain control of yourself but still at last your lower abdomen will surely hurt! If a person has an orgasm, then there is a high possibility that people release their frustration and also help to release the same! By analysing this point, it is clear that frustration can be more if a person decided to stay virgin for long!


Bladder Weakening

It is true that sex is beneficial for your body as it helps to keep your muscles strong. People who decide to stay virgin for long can face the issue of weakening the pelvic muscles. If the muscles are not strong then it would create issues in your health and also you will not be able to hold your pee for long! Therefore, it can be said that people who decide to stay virgin can face the health issue linked with Bladder weakening, so we do not consider this decision as good for your health!


Loss of confidence and dull ideas

The other consequence that is linked with it is loss of confidence and also the ideas which are thought to be dull. When a person does sex in a right manner than confidence level enhances but when you have not done the sex, then there are chances that you will lose the capability to do it again as your organ loses its overall mojo. The confidence level will only be seen when people are indulged in doing sex as it creates a positive mindset among the individuals. The dull ideas and loss of confidence are seen when people decide to stay virgin for a long time!


Less active Immune system

The impact of staying virgin for long can also be seen on the immune system as it has been examined that regular sex is considered as the immunity booster as it assists in enhancing the abilit to fight with all sorts of illness. It is also researched that individuals who are invovled in regular coitus have the high concentration of the antibodies if compared with the people who are not doing sex. So, staying virgin for too long can impact your immune system which will not be good for your health!

Bad impact on a sexual organ

If you have thought to stay virgin for long than you should also accept that this decision of yours an also negatively impact your sexual organs. If there is no moment and your vagina muscles are not relaxed than there are high chances that when you will do sex in future, it will definitely be very painful. So, staying virgin for long can negatively impact your vagina and if negative impact is seen that it can also affect your overall sexual pleasure! This is one of the major consequences that can impact your sexual organs directly.


Impacts Sleep cycle

If you do sex than the hormone which is released after sex gives relaxation. But on the other hand, if an individual is not haing sex than release of such hormone is difficult which directly impact the sleep.Many people face issue in maintaining their sleeping hours as they are not able to sleep for long time. So, it is important for the individual to indulge themselves into sex so that it would be easy to maintain the sleep cycle. So, one of the negative impacts is linked with the loss of sleep if you maintain your virginity for a long time!


Tolerance for pain will be low

If someone is indulged in to sex than by doing it neurochemical oxytocin is released which helps in giving pain relief.  It is also called the natural aspirin.  If any individual is suffering from pain or issue linked with painful mentrual cramps than sex helps to eliminate such issues.  So, to have sex is good for your health as it will help you to tolerate the pain and also you can face such problems easily. If you want to be a virgin for long than tolerance for pain will obviously be on the lower side.

 Other Psychological troubles

There is a study in which it has been stated that regular sex in rat has made them smarter and also it has enhnaced their mental stability with the increase in neuron production. If you are not focusing towards having sex than it is seen that your neuron function will get slow and also it will directly impact your health. So, staying virgin for long can also impact your mindset which will not be good for your health. Always focus on losing your virginity at the right time so that you can easily eliminate such issues from your life.

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