Shentai Review (2020)


Shentai has been reviewed many times, and it stands out amongst all despite its limited content features.

It is the site with best in class adult comic porn for the users who wish to experience a change in their porn taste.

There are many other sites that provide Hentai Porn comics, but stands above them all. It is a must-click site if you are a Hentai Lover.

As soon as you click on the homepage of Shentai, you will find an organized 'categories' section that elaborates on the content present on the site. Look around the site, and you will find 3D porn comics along with an animated video library to add more fun to the Hentai porn watching session.

Some of the archived categories are Y3DF and MILFTOON that have the maximum hits on the site. The site goes for fresh content updates every day, so the users will not have to go through stale content over time.

The contents are highlighted with tags, author names, and the time of upload to keep the users aware of the freshness of the comics.

Shentai started delivering Hentai gold  to the users back in 2011 and has earned a significant amount of reputation over the internet to become one of the best comic pornography sites globally. The popularity and the demand for Hentai has made a successful website since 2011.

The site is still in its growing phase and has acquired millions of visitors to date.

What makes Shentai Popular?

The popularity of Shentai lies within the demand of the audience for Hentai porn. The craziness of the global audience towards porn is now changing and they are now expecting to see a lot of creativity in pornography movies that is only possible in Hentai comics or porn.

The real porn movies with real porn stars are equally famous, but people today are willing to taste the different flavors of fun and has it all for them. There are regular releases of new content comics that keep the users busy throughout the day. plans to keep the users busy with the best quality comic porn to bag in good reviews. As soon as you log on to the home page, the thumbnails will attract you the most without any need to explore the website.

There are certain website flaws that are usually neglected by the users as they get stuck in the seductive thumbnails and great comic stories.

The site is free for use, and all the content is available for download without any additional charges but there is an option for a premium account for the users to support the website on financial terms, to grow and bring in more features.

The website of is easy to navigate and is very decent as the officials have saved the team's efforts in bringing quality content rather than building the website. It is one of the drawbacks of the site as appearance also plays a significant role in highlighting the reputation of the site.


Website Address:

Estimated Visits Last Month: 1 Million was set on a rumor that it is a scam, and people are getting lured into a fraud, but it is not the case.

Shentai is a legitimate website with reliable offerings as per the trusted norms. 

shentai lp

If you are a toon porn lover, then is the best place that you must visit to fulfill all your comic porn cravings. Shentai offers all the content on comic porn for free to the visitors and members without charging them a single penny.

Though everything is free, the download speed of the site is slow for normal users. There is a premium version available at a reasonable price that has not much additions but just an improved download speed. Everyone knows how bad it feels when the mood gets killed.

So, Shentai looks forward to reducing your waiting time and increase the download speed at a minimal price. The site design of is very decent and has nothing to be complimented about.

The officials are looking into developing and publishing more content on the website rather than designing and enhancing the look of the website. They are right in their point of view as people get lured towards the content primarily.

Some of the people from all across the world also look for an appealing interface and website design to trust a site for their porn needs. It is one of the major drawbacks of Shentai, but it still manages to attain a high count of visitors every month.

When you click on any of the content on the site, you will find the best possible quality story plots and other arousing characters to seduce the visitors to get aroused within just a few minutes on the website. The content of Shentai is vast, and you can check the size before downloading the file.

5 Best Porn Sites

If you are a true Hentai lover, then you can finish the entire story within a few hours of starting it. But if you are new to the Hentai world, then you can take your own time to attain the pleasure you seek.

There are other redirecting links that direct the visitors to other such comic porn links to add more fun to their exploration hunt for the right comic pornography.

One major drawback of Shentai is that there are major contents available on the site but not in a similar understandable language of English but in Japanese, Chinese, and others. People do not give much stress on the language barrier due to the graphic 3D realistic scenes.

They put more focus on the thrill and enjoyment of the Hentai comic porn over Shentai keeps in mind about covering all the bases by putting different tags on the website, starting from busty Hentai comic porn to big boob stories.

Undoubtedly, Shentai offers the best possible pornography experience over all other similar themed sites.

Pricing & Membership Fees

All the content available on the site of is free of cost, but you can buy the premium version at a reasonable price with maximum discounts to support the growth of the website. There is no difference in the features of free and premium versions.

The only difference is that you do not get any download interruptions or prompts, and the download speed will also be increased beyond limits. It is for those members who believe that the mood gets killed in the path of waiting. The reduction in downloading hours might spoil your mood.

Enjoy super-fast downloads with the premium version and get your comics ready for your next travel plans. On the first time you visit, you won't be asked for payment, but instead asked to create a new account for availing the features of the site.

The premium version can be purchased from multiple third-party hosts at a monthly price of 11 Euros.

Immense content categories are starting from big boobs, fat ass, teen chick, and a lot more that will make your mood instantly, and speed download can help you make the mood right away without much waiting.

There are several third party banners available for buying the premium version at the best available deal. If you do not opt to buy the premium version, still, you can enjoy all the content of the site for free but with a slower download speed.

There are many other features embedded on to the website that is commendable and is available for free as compared to other similar sites who charge hefty amounts from the users for access.

Do not waste much time now and log on to, create an account, and enjoy the best comic porn experience with a pinch of Hentai and Japanese storylines.

Site Performance Score: (out of 10)



Website Design

5 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Content Quantity

8.5 / 10


8.5 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


8.5 / 10

Image Quality

9 / 10

Overall Score

9 / 10

Site Statistics

  • The site is free of cost and has fresh content updated on a regular basis. There are 3D porn comics available on the website with realistic graphics to add more fun to the site and its contents.
  • The comic porn contents are vast and come in a series that will take an entire day to complete if a user sits for full fledged porn exploration. A true Hentai lover can possibly finish it in half a day.
  • Shentai has a partnering tie-up with MILFTOON, Y3DF, and other such sites that puts up fresh content on a regular basis. You can access their websites through the redirecting links present over the place of
  • The premium version of the site boosts the download speed to a remarkable extent that will help you channelize your mood and reduce the waiting time to enjoy comic porn.

Competitors of Shentai Review 

There are many competitors of Shentai that offers similarly themed services to visitors from all across the globe. Every website is somehow different in its attributes but provides the same services like each other. Shentai becomes the best of all sites due to its availability of amazing comic porn content.

Some of the likely competitors that are trying to cope up with Shentai's standards are UpComics, MyHentaiComics, 8Muses, and others.

Upcomics is the latest trending website that deals in providing erotic comics with Hentai animated characters for the interests of the visitors. 

It has different categories of videos, such as big boobs, thick ass, fat chick, teen girls, and much more. Upcomics is the latest addition to the race of comic porn sites and is all set to meet the quality standards

My Hentai Comics is another such site that competes with with the best quality content and the addition of fresh comics every day.

All the attributes of My Hentai Comics are the same as that of Shentai, and therefore there is a high chance it will soon surpass the visitor count of For now, Shentai is the biggest site for comic porn lovers from all across the world, and people love the way it offers happiness.

Comic porn is the new revolution of porn fanatics to enjoy sexual arousal in the most creative way. Let's see what else does Shentai brings in the near future.


  • One of the best positive aspects of is that it has regular updates without missing a single day that gives the users a chance to explore fresh content every day without the need to toggle through the old contents. The new members can spend their time exploring the old ones as well to learn more about the efficacy of the site.
  • The categories are clearly elaborated for the users to navigate through the website for their favorite content. The comic book tags such as big boobs, teen celeb, fat ass, anal, and lot more can also be used to find the right type of comic porn you are looking for.
  • The availability of 3D style comic porn makes it the best toon porn site amongst its competitors. The realistic graphics during the reading or enjoying hours can turn you on instantly and gear up your engine to handle the immense fun that is about to come.
  • Shentai is also partner with famous comic porn studios to get fresh content first for the loyal visitors of the site. Be the first to experience the new thrilling comic porn or Hentai animated videos first over


  • One of the few drawbacks of is that it did not put more focus on the website layout or design and gave all its efforts into refining the contents. It is good in a way as the users or visitors are mostly attracted to the contents. But most of the visitors to the comic porn site look for an attractive interface, where Shentai lacks a bit.
  • Another demerit , the last one, is that not all the comic porn content available on the site is in English. English is the common language understood by all the people globally. The language barriers might lower down the interest of the users and restricts them with limited options of comic porn over the site.

Customer Support

The site of has an efficient customer support team that allows the members to connect with the site officials to get their queries entertained and solved.

There is no direct mail id or number to contact the officials, but by going to the contact page on the website, you will find a form for filling the information related to your queries along with your member email id.

Make sure you mention your email id compulsorily to allow the officials to contact you back. The site officials of Shentai will reach out to you within 48 hours of your form submission. Mention the subject, message, and detailed information about your issues, and everything will be entertained accordingly.

The payment related queries are also entertained equally fast, without much delay. Payment related problems of the customers are dealt with them being a high priority to build a good bond amongst the members and the site officials of

Verdict is a big platform that is a hub for all the comic porn lovers to find their Hentai love here. But one thing that needs to be noted is that there are contents of various  languages and not just English. So, it somewhat restricts the visitors to stick to the comic porns in their favorable language.

It reduces the options, but still, there are loads of comics for all types of visitors from all across the globe.

Starting from big boobs to thick ass, you will find comics of all tags. The language barrier is not that big of a concern for comic porn lovers, so they can just manage with the mind-blowing 3D graphics.

Some of the comic porn even replicate the animated characters of real celebrities that pique the curiosity of the individuals, to download the comics right away without much delay. Though the free version offers free download of all the contents, it is slower in the process and might kill the mood.

So, provides a premium version of the site with a high downloading speed for the impatient Hentai comic lovers.

Parting Words is another addition to the list of websites providing countless comic porn content to its visitors.

It has an immense collection of Hentai and Japanese porn comics that gives a different experience of watching and reading porn. If you are new to the site, you can use it for free or take the premium version to increase the download speed to reduce the waiting time to get in the mood.

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