SHAGLE Review (2020)


If you are searching for a convenient platform to start a love affair with the total strangers, send messages through chat or email, then Shagle would be one of the best websites to watch out for.


  • The site is legal and all the network demographics are safe, sound and secure for the users out there.
  • The registration process is easy and convenient.


  • The site doesn’t serve the purpose through its design and layout.
  • Some great features are only offered by means of a premium subscription.

This review will provide you with an extensive overview of the features and customization of the website to help you gather a better understanding of its performance.

Read this review to get to know about our expert’s recommendation statement which guide in choosing the best platform for your entertainment.

Do you like chatting with people? Want a web portal where you can chat with people randomly without surfing through the list? Then, Shagle is the one for you. In the year of 2015 in august, was created, and in a snap, the website became one of the most popular chat sites on the internet.

It appears to be that Shagle as a website  runs independently, but on the other hand, the owner of the trademark of the site is Brentwood Holding Group Inc; this adult entertainment company is the owner of,,

Plus, this company also has affiliate gay chat and cam sites for adults. Shagle is a chat site, which connects its users to other random users; it's not a conventional website. This is also the reason why they don't charge for conversational minutes to the users.

Why is Shagle popular?

Shagle is a big hit, because of its anonymous experience, which allows the people who love to chat with people online to stay anonymous. This is also the reason when Shagle was launched, and it became a big hit in a concise period. The website thus claims itself to be the world's best live chat site.

Shagle match system works in a way that the user is placed in a pool of 100 people so that you can choose anyone from the 100's, but you also can't keep on pressing the next option because at the end you will start seeing the same people.

Shagle offers free video chatting, and the users will have access to a broad spectrum of audience. Now because shagle has a worldwide reach, it has language translation tools so that they can address the possible communication barriers among its across-the-globe members.

There are virtual masks too, which will keep the identity of the user a secret if they want to. The website also has chat filters available that are present in the settings page so that you can sort out according to your interests.

Because of all these features, Shagle has about a membership of 16 million members scanned worldwide.  Majority of the members are men. Moreover, it is popular because creating an account will take about 2 minutes of your time.

The website also gives you access to register through Facebook Google+ you can also register by your email address and a password.


The filters include gender filters, location filters, chat filters. In the gender filter, the options include "couple" "female" "male" "other", but the downside of this is that it is available only for the members who have a premium membership.

In the location filters you can choose one country out of the 70 countries you want to connect through, plus you can change the countries from time to time. It has an option of Chat filters that includes, gender, match filters, face connect and face filter.

But the information that you add in the chat filter can be visible to the mates whom you are chatting with. The gender proportion in the app is distributed at 32% and 68%. So, whenever you open the chat and hit the start button for a new video chat, you are going to meet a new member.

Shagle is available in over 70 countries. So, if you want to meet someone from a particular country, then you can adjust the country with the help of the location filter. All you have got to do is select the country of your choice and you are done.

There are times you will feel that there might be some users who are radaring and are not from your country. This is the algorithm of the website that is trying to introduce you to different people from your neighbouring country. The age distribution ratio is that  majority of the members are male.

The age range is between 25 to 34 years. Since its launch in the year of 2017, shagle has grown from 50,000 to 1.6 million members. The frequent visitors on the website are from the united states — the United Kingdom, India, Germany and Italy.

The most attractive feature of Shagle is chatting because it's free until or unless you choose to upgrade, you can spend your day talking to people without spending any money. The chat features of Shagle include sending intro message, tags, face filter, face connects.

In the intro message option, the user can opt for sending a right opening message and compose it themselves in the text box that is provided and then click on the button that says Save Setting. In the gender option, the user can select on the opportunity like Female, Male couple etc.  

Apart from the users that are solo, the members can also come in pairs. In the tags option, the user can choose tags like, chat, dating, fun, flirt, make friends, hookup, flirt, love, etc. in shagle you can meet members who are interested in the same tags that you are.

In the face filter, the user can blur their face when the face of the person with whom they are chatting can go undetected in the face connect the user can connect with users whose face has been detected. Based on your profile, shagle will scan the users.


Website Link:

Estimated Visites: Total Visits 1.11M

If we look at the statistics worldwide, shagle has been the 69,332nd most visited website.

In the US, shagle has been the 6135th most websites in the category of arts and entertainment.

The Alexa ranking of Shagle is 15,116 worldwide, and the Alexa ranking in the united states is about 3, 797. 


The users of shagle in us constitutes 12% to be US citizens, 10% to be Indian citizens and lastly 7% to be citizens of France. The website has about 1.6 million members throughout the world. The monthly logins on shagle are over 3,000,000.

Majority of the members on shagle are men who belong to the US. The algorithm of Shagle is in such a way that you won't be able to speak to the same person twice; the platform of shagle is also straightforward which means the user will have an experience which is comfortable and secure.

The members can also cover their faces if they don't want to show how they look.

Pricing & Membership Fees

As earlier stated, this web site is not a traditional CAM site; It is a chat site that connects the users on a random basis with other users. This is the reason why the website doesn't have per minute chargers.

The users signing up with site can initially start with no membership fees, or they can opt for the basic or the free membership. You also don't require a webcam because the site also comes with a text chat option.

On the contrary, the site allows users to click on next, so if you don't have to use a webcam, the other user might disconnect the chat with you. The basic membership of Shagle is free, but the cost of VIP membership is about $17.99 per month, or you can pay $4.99 per week.

The members who have paid membership will get an ad-free experience and will have the option of gender filter that can get random matches. The location filter will show from which place the user is from. The member who has VIP membership can send virtual gifts to other users.

SHAGLE Random Video Chat

But you need to keep one thing in mind, and that is Shagle will continue to debit money from the card on a weekly or the monthly basis. This also depends upon the length and the membership that the user has opted, and this will close until or unless the user turns off the payment settings.

The payment option is credit card the prices which are offered are in us dollars only. Also, keep in mind that shagle doesn't store anybody's payment information. All the transactions which are made are entrusted to a third party processor which are called as Segpay.

There are terms and conditions involved in the opening and the cancellation of the subscription. If the users avail the premium shipping and are not impressed with the services offered, then they can cancel the subscription anytime.

All they have to do is click on the tab that says my account and then click on the option that says cancel membership. The special features that the members can enjoy are text chat, virtual masks, they can reconnect, they can send virtual gifts and in cha verified badge.

In the text chat option, the users who are not interested in doing video chat can do online text chatting. The virtual mask option allows the user to stay anonymous during the video chat. The virtual masks are available in the chat options.

In the get reconnected option, the users can go back to their previous video chats and reconnect with whomsoever they want to. In the virtual gifts option, the premium member can send virtual gifts.

In chat verified badge, the premium members can get a badge of credibility, and they are found to be more reliant than the basic shagle users.

Site Performance Scores



Website Design

8.5 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


8.5 / 10

Overall Score

9 / 10

Site statistics

  • The age distribution is between 18. 24, 25,34,35,44,45,54,55
  • There are free as well as paid services
  • There is a registration process
  • The user has a video and a text chat option.
  • The user can choose any location with the help of a location filter that has 70 countries
  • There is an option for chat filters
  • The users can use the go to the next user option
  • There is an option for the test the website for free
  • It is a free based serviced
  • There is an option for gender filter
  • The users can send virtual gifts (only the premium members)
  • The users can get in chat verification badge that shows that they are credible
  • The premium users can send virtual gifts
  • The fees for one month is 19.99 USD / Month 19.99 USD
  • The fees for one week is 6.99 USD / Week 6.99 USD
  • The Registration process for shagle is free and easy
  • The user can sign up using their Google+ or Facebook account
  • It is not required by the user to share their personal information
  • Users can make an account as a couple
  • You can show the member by tapping the heart icon and tell them you like them.
  • If you want to change your gender, then you will have to upgrade your account.

Competitors of Shagle

Shagle, because of it becoming so popular amongst its users, started having a lot of rivals. These rivals include chat random, Omegle, FUnyO, streamberry, ChatrouletteSites. The chatroom has about 20,000 users, plus it is one of the most visited video chats worldwide.

ChatRandom is very famous for its gay chat, girls chat and the multi-chat chatrooms. ChatRandom has more features than the original ChatRoulette plus it has a humongous pack of terms and safety under its belt.

In ChatRandom, real people will sit and monitor the activity if they find anything illegal; they shut it down. Omegle is one of the biggest and oldest Chatroulette alternatives. The chat format of Omegle is basic but is loved by everyone, plus it has a random chat format.

Everyone also loves it because of its ability to connect with others who have the same interest. FunYo is the baby o Facebook and ChatRoulette. FunYo is very popular because of its user's popularity, FunYo is a website which is fresh as we all funky.

Plus the users have the option of social networking and have mixed fun. Streamberry is a newcomer in the market but has gained a lot of numbers. It is a straightforward website plus it is user-friendly. It has a cool feature of allowing the crows and the people to watch each other simultaneously.

Every website has its pros and cons, so does Shagle, so let's discuss some pros and cons.


  • It's a free as well as a paid service
  • The user can sign up using their Google+ or Facebook account
  • It is not required by the user to share their personal information
  • Users can make an account as a couple.
  • The user has a video and a text chat option.
  • The user can choose any location with the help of a location filter that has 70 countries
  • The website has unique features that are the members can enjoy are text chat, virtual masks, they can reconnect, they can send virtual gifts and in cha verified badge.
  • There is an option of the face filter, and In the face filter, the user can blur their face when the face of the person with whom they are chatting can go undetected in the face connect the user can connect with users whose face has been detected.


  • All the great options are available to the users who have obtained VIP membership.
  • The users aren't allowed to speak to the ones with whom they have chatted earlier, and this option is only available for VIP members.
  • If the user wishes to change their gender option, they will have to buy the premium membership.

Customer Support

Shagle has a great support system, the user can reach them out at, and they will answer all the queries.

Final verdict

The user interface for shagle is very convenient. It comes with a lot of features, (some of them are exclusively for VIP members). The video chat and the screen chat take up almost more than half of the screen, so this way you can chat with one user at a time or even two if you are speaking to a couple.

The user can move to the net user by clicking the next option.

The user can meet someone from a different country by just changing their choice of location. There is also a chatbox which is present on the screen which is behind the cam screen; the size of the chat screen is suitable for wringing as well as reading.

The chat box comes with an option showing your country and interests. The filters on the website are accessible easily, and the gender plus location filters are located on the top of the screen if the users which to look for different chat options then they can choose that too.

Overall, it's an excellent website for chatting, and you can speak to anyone from anywhere in the world.

Parting words

A free chatting that lets the user connect with different people from all across the world, Shagle will keep your identity confidential despite being a free anonymous website. The website is a great and fun way to meet new people if you like chatting and want to kill time.

So, if you are someone who loves to talk and want to have a friendly chat with other people through the online mode, then shagle is an excellent option for you. What are you waiting for? Go and sign up now!

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