Complete Guide to Sexual Teasing and Denial (2020)

Sex is all about fantasies and helping you to get your emotions wild.

You have been watching porn videos for a long time and seriously loved every bit of it.

Do you know how it feels to share those same experiences with your loved ones?

Do you know what it actually mean to reach the edge of orgasm over and over again, and then heading back to the starting point?

Well, that’s called tease and denial, and there are some tricks available to help you become a pro in this section.

Increasing tension and erotic arousal is the main goal of tease and denial, and there are multiple ways to do so. 

strip tease

If you are planning to tease your female or male partner this Valentine’s Day, be sure to read up on the steps involved. Making your partner cum in the first go is nothing special; there’s no fun in it whatsoever.

But, if you can just tease them right up to that moment of orgasmic delight, and then stopthat helps in prolonging the fun. A wild night awaits you, so why not take full advantage of it?

How to Turn On Your Partner with Teasing

Learn About Tease and Denial First

You may have heard about teasing and denial from your friends or the internet or wherever, and may be eagerly waiting to try it on your partner.

First, let us understand what it actually means. Prolonging the time taken to climax by periodically suppressing it with the objective of achieving a longer lovemaking session and greater orgasms  is what we call tease and denial.

You have every right to have your partner’s sexual desires in control and make him suffer (in a good way) for long. This act can be anything from working on any specified positions, or role-play, whatever attracts your partner the most. When you feel like he is about to cum, stop what you are doing.

Don’t fuel up his fantasies at that moment. The more he begs for your participation at that crucial moment, the more it shows how desperate he is for relieving himself. So, when the time finally comes, his ejaculation will be massive, and the satisfaction following the release will be just over the top!

Working on the Practices

Now, the art of teasing and denial is pretty vast and comprises many methods for you to try out. So, let us run through those points first, to get a glimpse of those ideas. Once done, you can try these methods out in the bedroom.

Total Denial

As suggested from the name itself, total denial means doing nothing to stimulate the male or female genitals.

Here, you have the much awaited physical devices or barriers, like a chastity belt or so.

These locking devices are perfectly designed for both genders.

You could accomplish sexual arousal even with the physical barriers on, but that solely depends on the ways you are using those products.

penis cock ring-min

Cock Ring

Tie and Tease

Have you ever visited an adult sex toy store? You have probably seen a whole aisle dedicated to physical restraint devices.

Well, these products are for those who really want to take the art of “tie and tease” to a whole new level.

Many bondage toys are available in the market, which will intensify your lovemaking session.

A significant part of erotic denial, you may have seen these practices in the movie 50 Shades of Grey.

STRICT Bondage Board

Bondage Board

BDSM partners are always seen using these bondage items and inventing various activities with it. Not just known for physically addressing erotic fantasies, but the tie and tease method is perfect for intensifying psychological needs too.

So, the stronger sexual feelings will escalate into a sense of that helplessness, leading to ultimate satisfaction in the end.

Strap-on Harness Designed for Men

Do you want to suffer pleasantly and still provide ultimate pleasure to your female partner? Well, a strap-on dildo is your answer.

A man can wear it around his waist and use it to penetrate his partner’s vagina or go for anal sex, without using his gun for that.

You can feel her warmth across your body, and her moans will definitely drive you crazy, but you are still restricting your penis from entering her warm holes!

To intensify this moment a bit more, why not use a chastity belt with it.

That means your dick is literally under lock and key, while you are thrusting that fake dildo inside her, making her cum over and over again. 

Sometimes, strap- ons are perfect kinky partners for those who want to prolong penetrative sex. 

Bondage Boutique Unisex Strap-On Harness with Realistic Dildo 6 Inch-min


So, if the male partner is unfortunate enough to suffer from premature ejaculation, that won’t affect his sexual life with his partner. She will enjoy penetrative sex more than once, thanks to adult sex toys!

Tease and Denial Games

(To Make Him Wild and Go Gaga Over YOU)

Are you looking for some ways to improve sexual tension between you two?

Well, why not try out some of the tease and denial games, which will make your partner beg you for some more.

Tease him right into frenzy, and then just at the right moment, deny him orgasm.

Well, that will teach him to understand your value more, don’t you think?

couch sex

Simple Tricks to Tease Your Man for Good

So, the same old boring sex life is driving you insane, and you really want to spice things up a bit. He gets what he wants and cum faster than usual. You want this night to be an extended period of fun game, especially when you have the next two days off!

So, why not take this opportunity to turn this 15-minute sex session into a night-long endeavor? Well, tease your man using some simple tricks, and enjoy the pleasure of denial more than what you have anticipated.

How to Drive a Man Wild in Bed

Dressing up in a sexy outfit will do the trick for sure!

Put on a tight body-hugging dress, which will show those smooth and delicious curves well. Those breast exposing dresses will surely rush some blood into his penis. But wait! Don’t let him touch you.

Show him your wild body from a distance. Try stripping down every bit of your clothing one by one. That will tease him for good! Additionally, as you are not letting him touch you, that doubles up the teasing factor too.

How about a lap dance in a sexy tight nurse outfit? 

Well, be prepared to drive him nuts! Tie up his hands behind his back and get your tight butt to touch his willie. That soft butt on his hard dick will make him jump with pleasure. Let him beg to enter you, but don’t give in to him.

Let him go wild with the thought of it first and then slowly penetrate his rock hard dick. Did you get the chance to sneak into the loo at your office? Strip off when no one’s around and take a close-up picture of your boobs in that sexy lace bra you wore to work.

Send this snap to him when he is in his office working, followed by a titillating message.

Maybe a husky voice mail will work wonders too! 

If the lunch break is approaching, ask for phone sex. He  would be bound to say yes! When he does, let him wait till he gets back home. But be prepared! He is all set and ready to jump on you the moment you open the door!

He is all set and ready to go to bed. Oopsie, you flash him pretty much “accidentally.” (get it?) 

You just forget to put on your panties or just let him see you naked when you bounce those soft butts while entering the shower! That move will surely get his nerves hot and high and be prepared for wild sex in the shower!

Why not try to masturbate just in front of him? 

That’s when he would like to participate and help you with that by fingering. Don’t give in to that temptation and deny his entry! That will tease him pretty hard for sure.

How about quick oral sex? 

But, always remember not to end this make-out session. Use your tongue and mouth to get his engine going, but when he is about to explode, just stop! Yes, it might sound harsh a bit, but the extreme pleasure that follows will make up for it.

When you are cuddling, rest your hand on his crotch and give it a little pressure. Or, you can brush against him while moving to the next room or lean over to him, so that your soft breasts get to rest on his hard chest. These are some pretty effective to get him hard and longing for your body.

Get Some Items by Your Side

To intensify the idea of tease and denial, there are some items that the adult industry has in store for you. Adult sex toy shops have dedicated aisles for that as well. So, without wasting any further time, let us get a bit of knowledge about these items first.

  • Haven’t you seen bondage gear when you first visited the adult sex toy store? Surely you have! Cuffs and similar other devices are there for you to apply to your partner. It means, even if he wants, he won’t be able to touch any part of your body.
  • You can obviously get your hands ion those chastity devices. Yes, it might seem a bit old-fashioned, but as the saying goes, “old is good”. Those cock cages are perfect to be placed on your guys, and then you have chastity belts for women. These belts look more or less like those dildo harnesses and not quite that same old traditional ones. There  are plenty of choices as the adult industry keeps coming out with newer products.
  • Do you think that your partner is just at the brink of orgasmic release? If so, then using a vibrating sex toy can help elevate that moment and feeling to a whole new level! Markets have remote-controlled vibrators as well, which allows you to tease your partner without letting him cum. The vibrating feel will add pulsating sense throughout the entire body, the experience of which is hard to describe in words!
  • Want to increase that level of anticipation in your partner? Nothing beats the importance of blindfolds for that. Your partner is just sitting stark naked in a chair with his hands cuffed behind him, and with blindfolds on. He has no clue what’s happening or what to expect from his partner. He is just feeling your soft boobs and butts brushing his body once in a while, and sometimes  your warm mouth around his dick. But these touches are for a few seconds only without any clue what’s going to happen next. These simple touches are enough to make your man go crazy! So, blindfolds are a must for that tease and denial game.

Want to take teasing & denial games to a whole new level?

Well, some simple tricks and tips can definitely help you to take this tease and denial game to a whole new level. These tricks need not be  restricted to your bedroom if you know what that means!

Any place, with a little bit of privacy, can help you enjoy your sexual adventures well, and you can always take the chance to drive your partner crazy with some of these tease and denial game points. These tips are seriously worth it, to say the least!

Time to Help Your Partner Get Prepared

Get your partner ready for a round of denial game, and from that moment, everything will starts working in your favor. If you really want to enjoy a fascinating experience, your partner needs to know every bit of her body well. Give her the chance to experience some new arousal techniques.

Some respond well to adult sex toys, and then you have others, who  crave the touch of the bare hands of their partners..

  • It would help if you always encouraged your partner to masturbate. But you should keep a close watch on to it. She must masturbate but shouldn’t relieve herself. Keep a strict restriction on her orgasm. Give her the chance to explore enough just to know more about the limits, but don’t let her reach the climax.
  • Always make her stimulate her genitals, but that does not mean you should not pay heed to other parts of her body. Right from her thighs to  her butt, nipples to even her mouth, every part of her body matters and you must work on every point to help her get aroused.

This entire process might seem easy, but it isn’t because each woman has different erogenous zones. So, you should learn more about your partner first and then start working on her erogenous zones. Take your time and then start the tease and denial session with ease!

How about dirty talk?

If you are a bit shy to talk dirty to your partner, it could be because it is your first time. Well, don’t bother as you can always talk about the most taboo and deepest fantasies with your partner, without thinking a single bit about orgasm.

Even if she wants to cum, you must stop right there and don’t help her to masturbate.

  • Not just talking dirty but try getting naked together and tease one another to the point where you can’t contain yourself any longer. But just at the last moment, stop it and wait till she can’t keep it within herself any longer!
  • In the end, she will turn as hot as fire and will beg you to release her. At that moment, when you enter that juicy hole, you will not only make her moan with satisfaction, but her warm hole will send a tingling sensation throughout your entire body.
  • To make this situation more interesting, you can take help of the bondage devices. Tie her hands at the back and then blindfold her. Anything that will make this situation more challenging will work in your favor. Once she has mentioned that she has reached her limit and can’t  wait any longer, penetrate deep within her and let her enjoy the real meaning of satisfaction!

Denial Numbers to Keep Track of

Be sure to choose a number of teasing and denial tricks. For example, make her reach the level of ecstasy five times or ten times before you help her cum. Once you have decided on the number of cycles, make sure to tease her till she is all set to erupt within that number.

Back off every time and she will definitely crave for you to enter her. She will keep beggingbut, do not n’t show any sign of mercy and you must not give in to her. Always remember that if you can make her wait longer for that orgasm release, she will be stronger than usual.

Setting up a date is really important

You can try to be a bit strict with your lover when it comes to orgasm. She might find it a bit rude at first, but when the time comes finally, she can’t thank you enough! So, try picking up one date on the calendar. And make sure that your lover does not relieve herself before that!

Try getting through that normal day of yours, and then book for a romantic dinner with your partner. This moment calls for some dirty talk. Don’t hurry and take all the time you need to take her to bed. The real reason is to kill as much time as you can and make this situation unbearable for her.

So, when the final moment arrives, she will explode (in a better way of course!).

Turn orgasm into that reward

Based on the level of relationship that you are in, there are multiple things which you can target as criteria for procuring those rewarding points.

Play a little game with her. Let her do some things to earn her orgasm. There must be a final score of say 50. Now, to reach that goal, she must cover up some tasks beforehand.

  • For example, give her 10 points for a satisfactory blow job. Keep 5 points in the bucket if she is able to pull off that sexy nurse outfit, and so on.
  • These games will not just make it harder for you to give that orgasm but will help you enjoy your wildest sexual fantasies at the same time. Dressing up as a sexy nurse or giving you a blowjob will tingle your senses too! So, it’s a win-win situation for both!
  • Once you have successfully covered all the tasks and earned the final points, it is time to get a reward, and that calls for a perfect orgasm she’s been waiting for! Try to set the bar high and make it harder for her to collect the points.
  • The harder the games get, the higher will she craves for an orgasm. Making the games way too simple won’t give her the urge she needs for that finest orgasmic pleasure in the end. The climax will be mind-blowing only if she has to wait for it long.

Time to check out some of the physical restraints

Some couples have gone through teasing games more than once and are always looking for ways to make these moments more exciting. So, it is not uncommon for them to try out physical restraints for a change. Some couples are head over heels for these mechanisms and can’t just get enough of it.

  • Sometimes, these teasing games, which come with restraints, will be stated as “tie and tease.”
  • The market has multiple physical restraints items for you to try out. Using these products for a certain period of time will help you to control orgasm better.,
  • Moreover, these physical restraints will help you to take teasing to a whole new level by adding extra time to it. Even it helps in increasing dominant control.
  • So, using these products will eventually help in increasing the intensity of sexual arousal and orgasm on both sides, to say the least.

It isn’t that hard to come across physical restraints these days. You can always visit an adult sex toy and grab the latest model that the market has in store for you. If you are a bit shy and don’t want anyone else to see you purchase these items, online stores have many promising choices for you to make.

Get your partner beside you and start scrolling through the online pages. You will not believe how many options you are going to find! Try getting one at a time and use that product first. When you are satisfied and completely bored, you can head towards another one.

The market has plenty to choose from so that you don’t have to restrict yourself to just one.

Fueling up her wildest fantasies

She does have some fantasies, right? Why not try fueling those out for extreme pleasureFind out about her fantasies try watching porn together and the rest will be history! Tie her up to the bed and play the wildest porn video, which will tickle her fantasies well.

Tease her while she’s watching that video but never enter her. After a specific time, she can’t take it any longer and will beg you to enter her. No matter whatever the reason might be, don’t fall for her requests. Let her wait for a long time before you give in to her desires.

Touch her all over, and that will make her feel helpless. When you are all done, it is time for you to decide if you are looking forward to total denial or a short term one. You can help her reach climax then and there, or pick another date when you are planning to end this game.

Tease her more with a chastity belt

No matter how hard you try, she might find some ways to finger and relieve herself. When she can’t control it any longer ,  you can prevent her  from  fingering by providing her with a chastity belt. This belt is what you need to seal the deal, in the most literal sense possible.

  • Try stroking her body, tease her by kissing her as passionately as you can and even get to put on an erotic video to leap her with excitement. But, don’t forget to put this chastity belt on so she can’t get near her vagina, even if she wants to.
  • Thanks to this amazing invention called chastity belt; she will not be able to climax no matter how hard she tries. It will be a pleasurable sight for you to see her squirm.
  • More fun than what you anticipated!
  • If you search thoroughly, you will come across multiple ways to deny orgasm. You might make a plan for a short denial or a one that takes time. But, learning the types of orgasm denial beforehand can help you big time.
  • You can try out edging as one important point to consider. When you think your partner is about to climax, stop or slow down the stimulation. You can work out on this mechanism through genital or even clitoral stimulation. Sometimes, you might try out a blowjob, prostate massage, and some of the other sexual acts.
  • Sometimes, you can work out on chastity play as well. Some might even try out the submission and dominance play for a change. This orgasm denial tactic will help you to be in total control of your partner and his orgasmic pleasure.
  • Another type of orgasm denial will be the climax challenge. It is one random challenge that some couple drools for! For example, introduce the world of gambling into sex life. You must be wondering how. You can roll a dice or flip a coin to decide if you are likely to have the orgasmic pleasure this night or not. It is fun and exciting, and will always help add that extra level of spice into your relationship.

The Perfect Way to increase intimacy

People have mixed emotions when it comes to teasing and denial. Some couples think it to be extremely rude, but only because they haven’t tried it yet. Once you do, you will realize the importance of it.

Many couples find this art of teasing and denial to be a great way to increase intimacy between two people. They feel more connected while having sex after a solid round of denial. It will help them to realize each other’s worth and how they cannot stand to be without each other!

Playing hard with this submissive or dominant control will help foster feelings of commitment and devotion among both partners. For some, this mechanism is an example of a therapeutic manner and helps increasing self-control.

No matter whatever the scenario might be, it is unquestionably one of the best ways to add some spice to your love life. If you truly want something different and unique, every time you hit the bed, working on tease and denial might serve you right.

Try researching the techniques now and you won’t regret this decision at all.

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